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Helix vs Saatva Mattress – For Back Pain Relief

Basically a mattress is defined by the materials used to build it and the overall design. Therefore let’s steal a look at the design and the materials used to construct the Helix mattress.

If there is anything that has a real wrong side, it is the mattress. Not just that it has a wrong side but one could also get up on the wrong side as well. A change in the mattress is the first advice one gets while suffering from lower back pain and it is a must when it is chronic back pain. So which is the best – Saatva Mattress vs Helix Mattress
Saatva mattresses offer luxury, comfort and maximum sustainability with its distinctive high quality ‘coil on coil’ construction and uniquely combined top 5 innerspring features.

It is one situation where no one likes to be wrong or choose the wrong one. It is not easy to pick the right mattress but not impossible. There are so many choices of mattresses that are meant for the lower back health improvement. But here we are looking at the best two – Saatva Mattress vs Helix Mattress.A Mattress For Chronic Back Pain Should Be – Saatva Mattress vs Helix Mattress. Making a long story short, the best mattress for chronic back pain should be soft to feel, firm on support and better be a combination of materials rather than being a single material type.Back pain sufferers tend to sleep on their sides so the mattress has to have some softness in it. At the same time the mattress should have firmer lower levels so that the body would not sink into the mattress and also get a firm surface to sleep all throughout the night.

A medium firmness is what one must be looking for chronic lower back pain.As for the materials that make the mattress, the age old innerspring still tops the list along with the newbie memory foam. The innerspring brings the firmness and the memory foam makes the surface soft. Together they make a deadly combination for comfort that no one can deny.Well Chosen Materials, the reason to use memory foam is that it can adjust to the curves of the body. Though our body seems straight and rigid, the spine is in real with curves. For the right alignment of the spine it has to stay curved in the right areas. There is no better support than good quality memory foam to provide the same.Memory foam is also known as not too soft or not too firm which makes it ideal choice for the lower back pain conditions. The same applies for the inner springs as well. Good quality coils do not tend to sag and helps maintain firm support.

Latex foam is also known for its body conformity and makes a replacement for memory foam in many mattresses. The fact that memory foam has some off gassing makes it undesirable for many and latex being natural does not have this problem. Due to its ready conformity latex is not used alone for lower back pain and is used in combination with memory foam for strength. The latex provides the softness, memory foam strength and innerspring coils the support.Mattresses Compared Here – Saatva Mattress vs Helix Mattress. Tempurpedic mattresses and others with the tag ‘pedic’ are the first searched mattresses for chronic back pain. But here we will see two of those ‘other types’ that fare well for chronic back pain. These popular mattresses for back pain are Saatva mattress and The Helix mattress. Both of these mattresses have the expected memory foam, inner spring, and latex between them.

Let us find more about them – Helix vs Saatva Mattress. Saatva Mattresses comes with a high recommendation by orthopedics and other alternative medical practitioners to get relief from back pain. The major advantages of this brand are that it has good quality materials for the mattress, contains both memory foam and inner spring coils in it. The last point being it comes at a reasonable price.The peculiarity of Saatva mattress is that it has this coil over coil design. The mattress has a core made of double layers of spring coils. The base coil system is the open coils made of tempered steel. This layer offers the core support and avoids the sagging. The second layer of coil system is individually wrapped to counter the motion transfer.

The side strength is secured by foam encasement that makes the edges firm and prevents its sagging. The important fact about saatva is that it comes in different comfort levels. The most convenient comfort level for back pain is their luxury firm.The luxury firm mattress has the top layer euro-pillow top with 2 inch wadding under the covering material. Next layer is the laminated memory foam layer for the pressure relief. The third layer is the individually wrapped coils and next is the tempered coils. The mattress has 75 days of safe trial period.The Helix Mattress
Helix mattress is the customized mattress that is made completely to the user’s comfort and demand. The mattress comes with a 100-day trial so that you get time to try it without worrying about the invested money. The price is also an attraction which does not cost much for all the luxury it offers.The most attractive feature of Helix mattress is that the mattress could be made divided into different comfort for either half. It helps the couples who have different sleep requirements. This is great if one of the partners suffer from back pain and the other one love to continue the plush softness from the mattress.

As for how it works for chronic back pain, the comfort starts with the latex layer at the top. The 2 inch latex is responsive and cooling. The next layer is the microcoils of 1 ½ inches high for the pressure relief. They are not hard tempered so the comfort is still retained. Next is the 2 inch polymer foam for the comfort. The base layer is the high density support foam that is 4.5 inches thickness. All these layers are covered by the soft and durable cover.

The Comparison Verdict -Helix vs Saatva Mattress, Saatva mattress seems ideal for back pain support. The use of memory foam for comfort at the top and sides with the support of tempered coils in the base gives it a feel of reliability. It also fulfils the need for memory foam or the spring coil presence in the mattress.The extra softness of the latex in the Helix mattress is stopped by the coils underneath. The core support is by the high density foam. But the problem is in the latex which can be allergenic for some. Moreover the latex at the top followed by microcoils may not give the same support with the memory foam coming under the coils. The comfort it gives can be less than the medium form and could go more towards the plush feel. So the verdict is that the Saatva mattress fares better than the Helix mattress in some aspects yes, the Helix mattress can be made with the required firmness as per requirement. Try these mattresses for relief from back pain.

Helix vs Saatva



Foam Layers 7” hourglass shaped coil with 4” individually wrapped coil system, 5/8” soft memory foam layer & 3/8” visco HD memory foam lumbar pad, 1/2” loft pad + 7/8” fiber pad 2” polyfoam, 2.4” microcoils, 2” polyfoam, 4” support foam
Mattress Height 14.5” 10”
Cover Organic cotton, soft on skin, hypoallergenic, improves airflow 100% polyester, thin, good stretch, excellent airflow, soft
Firmness 5.5 out of 10 3.9 out of 10
Support Very Good Very Good
Motion Transfer Minimal to none Very Minimal
Price – Queen $1,149 $900
Price – King $1,599 $995
Warranty 15 year + fairness replacement option 10 years
Trial Period 75-days home trial 100 nights
Shipping Not Free Free shipping
Refunds & Returns Available Available
Discounts $10 OFF on purchase for customers who share their experience on Facebook $50 OFF – $75 OFF
Shop Online Only Available Online & Retail
Reviews & Ratings 9.6/10 (trustpilot), 4.5/5 (mattres sclarity) 4.5/5 (mattress clarity), 4.2/10 (yelp)
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