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Nolah Mattress Trial Period

The long free trial period of 120 days is another proof of the quality of the Nolah Mattress. After trying out the mattress for a minimum of 30 days, if the customer is dissatisfied, he can return the mattress and get a full refund.

The name sounds unfamiliar right! Well ChiliBed mattress is something out of the box and uses an entirely different concept. Turn it into the hot mode when you feel cold and turn it into the cold mode when you sleep hot. Is not it a health friendly combination partnered with the super comfortable memory foam?

In this article, we will give a detailed review about the ChiliBed mattress that has a profile of 14 inches and has a super plush effect.

Have you heard of a mattress that can turn cold and hot according to your needs?

If not then here is the ChiliBed™ Adjustable Temperature Memory Foam Mattress exclusively made for a comfortable sleep.

About ChiliBed Olympia Mattress – Dual Temp Layer Reviews & Features

ChiliBed is a premium line of mattresses from the chiliTECHNOLOGY brand. The brain behind this whole concept is none other than the nephew of the person who invented the waterbed. Todd Youngblood is the clever person who developed this unique system of heating and cooling of a mattress. He first utilized this technology in chilipads a special type of mattress pads that became a super hit among customers. Now he has come up with a line of mattresses with the heating and cooling feature. The ChiliBed mattress olympia is environmental-friendly, as it is made from 100% soy.

Construction of ChiliBed mattress

Top layer has a quilted cover with embedded designs, which gives a fine look. Below the top layer, you can find the chiliTECHNOLOGY layer resting on a waterproof layer. Temp xl memory foam (2.5 lbs eco-friendly visco foam) sits beneath the water proof layer to offer super comfort. Below the visco foam, layer the support layer, and foundation rests, both made of support foam and foam core respectively. Thus, the mattress attains a profile of 14 inches with all the above-mentioned layers. A quilted damask cover finely wraps the whole mattress to give a perfect look.

How is this ChiliBed different from other memory foam mattress?

Normal traditional memory foam mattresses have one problem to deal with and that is heat retention problem. To deal with this there are many hybrid varieties and technologies available right now. Most of them work pretty well and no wonder there is a huge demand for memory foam mattress across the industry.

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ChiliBed has a different take on its mattress make with its unique chiliTECHNOLOGY. The interesting fact about this mattress is that it is an ideal choice for couples. It supports both single zone and dual zones when it comes to temperature control. That simply means that you can sleep hot and cold at the same time at either sides of the mattress. This feature makes ChiliBed stand apart in the category of memory foam mattress.

How does ChiliBed mattress work?

ChiliBed works swiftly with the help of a wireless remote. Water flows through the coils inside the mattress and adjusts according to the temperature that is preset. You are actually setting an AC or a heater kind of stuff under your mattress with the help of plain tubes. The chiliTECHNOLOGY layer employs medical quality tubing that runs across the mattress surface. The mattress uses a patented hydrothermal technology to pump hot and cold water through the tubes. The tubes are waterproof and sit intact without giving any discomforts. The mattress is waterproof and you will experience the thermal sleep and pressure relieving support. Therefore, if you feel that you and your mattress have been sleeping hot then try the ChiliBed. Experience the difference with a wise decision.

Is it a healthy option to choose?

There are different kinds of technologies and innovations taking place in the mattress industry. There are great choices, ideal choices and bad choices when it comes to a mattress. ChiliBed bed belongs to the great choice category due to the unique technology it uses. Its technology is not only health friendly but also a proven technique for hot sleepers. This technology does not expose your body to unhealthy radiations, electromagnetic waves or any harmful procedures. The mattress uses thermal technology and you can sleep on top of it with full confidence. This mattress has appeared in the Dr.Oz’s show numerous times and customers love this mattress to the core.

What all sizes are the ChiliBed mattresses available?

ChiliBed mattresses are available in all standard sizes. The only difference is that the queen, king, and cal king come with a dual zoned temperature control system. All the three sizes have two different wireless remote control systems. This helps you and your partner to sleep according to individual preferences. The other sizes come with a single zone temperature control system and a single wireless remote.

ChiliBed 14 inch Olympia is available in the following sizes:

  • Single Zone Sizes single 30 x 75, Twin 38 x 75, Twin XL 38 x 80, Full 53 x 75
  • Dual Zone Sizes Queen 60 x 80, King 76 x 80, Cal King 72 x 84

Features – ChiliBed 14 inch Olympia mattress with dual temp layers

Well equipped remote control units that allow you to control the temperature with just one click

  • Does not make use of electro-magnetic radiation unlike other mattresses
  • You can easily achieve a temperature range between 60F to 110 F along with comfortable sleep.
  • Regulates body temperature thermally
  • Saves pennies by reducing the use of AC and heaters
  • The mattress cover is removable and washable
  • The zippered and quilted cover uses breathable fabric, which provides extra cooling effect.
  • The mattress makes use of orthopedically supportive foam at its base layers.
  • The mattress side panels have a finite finishing due to the decoration.
  • The foams used are breathable, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal which makes it an ideal choice
    for health conscious customers
  • Unlike other mattress, this mattress does not make any sound and works quietly.
  • This is the only mattress that provides dual zone temperature control and that too across a varied range.
  • The mattress has an auto-shut off feature after 12 hours. This is an essential feature for those who are forgetful.
  • Consumes very less power and emits negligible amounts of VOC’s.
  • ChiliBed mattress is environmental friendly as it is composed of soy-based and natural oils.
  • ChiliBed mattress comes with a 10-year warranty period.

Where to buy chilibed mattress?

You can buy ChiliBed mattress from and other affiliate sites.

Does ChiliBed come with a trial period?

Like other mattresses, ChiliBed offers its customers a trial period of 90 days. Try this mattress for 90 days and in case, you are not satisfied you can return it without any inconveniences.

ChiliBed recommends its customers to sleep on the mattress for a 30-day time frame. This is because every mattress takes an accommodation period. If you still feel that, the mattresses is not up to your expectations then simply send across an e-mail to their customer care or place a call. You will receive a full refund minus shipping costs.

ChiliBed mattress Customer reviews

ChiliBed actually receives mixed responses from its customers. There are bunches of customers who say that it is better than electric blankets and other technologies employed. According to them, this is safe to use and does not cause any health hazards or you will not wake up finding ashes everywhere.

Majority of the customers opine that this mattress offers the right support and comfort. They say that apart from comfortable sleep you will not feel water running or any stuff beneath you. The water actually helps to create the right sleeping environment by heating or cooling the mattress. Couples love sleeping on this mattress especially those having different takes on temperature.

A couple had written in a review that “ ChiliBed is the only mattress that has allowed us to sleep peacefully and together. I love to sleep hot, my hubby likes to sleep cool, and nothing helped us to deal with the situation until I found my ChiliBed mattress. In addition, the remarkable feature is that it offers a wide temperature range where you can select from using your wireless remote. Now I sleep with my own setting and my hubby with his settings. The mattress is totally cool and hot as we like it”.

Merits Of ChiliBed Mattress

There are many merits when it comes to the ChiliBed mattress but I noticed one negative comment in most of the reviews. Most of the customers complained that they could not find enough data about this brand and mattress line, online. All they could find is the product with meager details. That is true to a certain extent, as I myself had to ponder over the internet and make a few calls to gather information. As far as the price is concerned, you will have to spend more than a normal traditional memory foam mattress. The price factor is mainly due to the technology employed.

Still, I somehow managed to put every detail about this mattress so that customers can make an informed decision. Overall, this mattress is worth recommending especially for those who love memory foam mattress without heat retention issue.


This mattress is one of the world’s first customizable mattresses when it comes to regulating the temperature. You can adjust, as you like by cooling below 60 F and heating above 110 F.

To attain restful sleep one has to sleep at temperature ranging around 60 to 68 degree. ChiliBed is the best solution to achieve this temperature range for a rejuvenating sleep. Also, make a note that this mattress is energy efficient and consumes very less power. It employs natural techniques and is a health friendly option. ChiliBed is the natural way to sleep longer, fuller and have increased energy level throughout the day. Make a wise and informed decision when it comes to a mattress. After all, you are going to spend a long time with your new buddy. You would not regret buying a ChiliBed mattress.

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