Saatva mattress Comfort Scale & Additional Features

“Sleep is the Golden Chain that binds health and bodies together” according to Thomas Dekker. Saatva reviews on its very promising luxury firm – ultra premium firm mattress is worth knowing. Sleeping well is an essential part of our life and an inevitable process. A comfortable mattress is like a sleeping pill. When a body gets a comfortable base to lie on it become more relaxed. But the definition of comfort is different for every individual. If some feel comfortable on firm mattresses, then some find soft mattresses more comfortable. To provide customers with their desired level of comfort, Saatva created three most sought after comfort levels.

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  • Plush soft
  • Luxury firm
  • Firm

Saatva’s Plush soft comfort level

If you enjoy the soft hug of the mattress while you are asleep, then this is the comfort level of your choice. The plush soft level of Saatva mattresses is prepared out of softer bio-based foam.

In the plush soft comfort level, each coil is enclosed with soft foam, to offer the mattress the plush feeling.

The level is not excessively soft, so the customer will not experience a sinking feeling.

Extremely soft plushy mattress can be highly uncomfortable for the body to lie on. The user’s body may experience a lack support on overly soft mattresses. Saatva plush soft offers a properly balanced softness.

Soft plush mattresses are best suited to side sleepers.

Saatva luxury firm mattresses

This is the flagship level of Saatva’s comfort levels. You will find a balanced equation of firmness and softness in this mattress. This level can also be called as the ‘luxurious comfort level’ as this is the comfort level that the luxury hotels prefer for their mattresses as it gives the user a soft friendly comfort embrace with a firm support.

  • This comfort level is suitable for any side sleepers. It is just perfect for all side sleepers.
  • The firmness used in this mattress is not as soft as the plush mattress and not as firm as the foam used in the firm mattress.
  • The level is neither too hard nor too soft, it stands somewhere in between.
  • Ultra premium classification has rated this level as ‘#1 comfort choice’.
  • For partners with different comfort needs this level will be like a settlement.

The Saatva’s Firm comfort level

Some people like firm sleeping surface. The firmness needs to be of the right level, otherwise it can prove to be troublesome. When it becomes softer the level cannot be called as firm and when it becomes too firm it actually becomes hard. Saatva offers firm levels gracefully without loosing its firmness and without being too hard offers its users a gentle firm support.

The Most Comfortable Mattress
  • This level mattress consists of coils wrapped in firm foam.
  • Gives perfect support to the back and stomach sleepers.
  • The firm mattress may alleviate the problem of back ache in users.

The structure of the mattress of any comfort level is same only. The main features of Saatva mattress:

  • Coil-on-coil advanced innerspring designed (coils made with recycled steel)
  • Use of ‘Spinal Zone’ sleep technology.
  • Bio-based memory foam (CertiPUR certified)
  • Top cover made with 100% organic cotton.
  • Free of chemicals
  • Safe to use for you and your family
  • Excellent quality at low price
  • 15 year warranty
  • 45 days trial offer

Saatva Mattresses Comfort level

Comfort is an ingredient with which the Saatva mattresses are built and without which Saatva mattresses do not exist! Saatva offers the three perfect levels of comfort that the users need. Saatva follows the rule of ‘nothing in extremes and everything in moderation’. Whether its Saatva’s plush mattress or Saatva’s firm mattress, it follows these rules. Saatva doesn’t want to confuse its customers by offering too many comfort levels, so it has designed three levels of comfort that will satisfy the needs of the customers, without putting them in a state of confusion.

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Saatva’s comfort levels:

  • Plush soft
  • Luxury firm
  • Firm

According to the mattresses’ comfort scale, the plush soft mattress by Saatva shows level three (3). The Saatva luxury firm comes between 5-7 and the firm mattress acquires the position 8 on the mattress comfort scale.

Comfort level – Saatva Plush Soft Mattress

Be ready to get the loving and plushy hug at night in your sleep with the Plush soft Saatva mattress. Saatva plush soft gives its users an embrace of comfort and support. It is soft but not to an extreme where the user get the uncomfortable feeling of sinking. The Saatva plush soft mattress is comfortably soft, a softness that the user will love to be in and to be embraced with. Every coil is wrapped with comfortable soft foam to set up a great comfort offering mattress. For people who love soft mattresses and are side sleepers, Saatva plush soft mattress is perfect for you.

Comfort level -Saatva Luxury Firm

The flagship level of comfort of Saatva! This comfort level is the most sought and the most loved by users. Luxurious hotels use this comfort level mattresses for their hotel room because of their perfect balance of softness and firmness. The luxury firm mattress offers soft firmness and perfect contouring support, relieves the body of its pressure and tirednes. If your and your partner’s comfort levels are different, then the luxury firm mattress can turn out to be your ice breaker. It will offer you a sleep experience that you will love to have again and again. These firm plus soft combinations allow the mattress not to be too hard nor too soft on the body. It helps your back to be in perfect alignment preventing it from getting painful. Whether you are side sleepers, stomach sleepers or back sleepers, the mattress goes well with any type of sleepers. It will surround you with a luxurious feeling and will envelop you in a comfortable embrace leading you restfully to the world of sound and comfortable sleep.

Comfort level -Saatva Firm Mattresses

A type of firmness which will not be hard on the users. Usually firm mattresses are not liked by people because of its hardness, but in the case of Saatva, the firmness of the mattress is kept at such a level that the mattress offers comforting firmness and not of the hard type. The firmness that Saatva offers in its firm mattress is really good for those who have an issue with their back and those who sleep on their back or stomach. Initially when you rest your body on the mattress, it gives you a soft welcome which is followed by a firm supporting embrace. It will give you a floating feeling. People who love firm mattresses will actually fall in love with the Saatva firm mattresses.

Saatva Luxury Firm Mattress

Saatva Luxury Firm mattress can be defined as a luxurious experience at an affordable rate! The first thing that someone looks at before buying a product is the reviews, as reviews are the personal experience of the users with the product. If the reviews are good then the product passes the first test. So, if you will look at the reviews of the Saatva luxury Firm mattress then it has passed the first test with good grades! People have found them to be very comfortable, true to the promise given by the company.

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Saatva luxury firm mattress like all the other Saatva mattress is made of eco-friendly materials. The luxury firm mattress of Saatva has an interesting combination of softness and firmness. It is soft enough to give you a slight cozy feeling but at the same its firm enough to support your whole body and not allow it to completely sink into the bed. Favorite among the users, it provides the comfort and support to the tired body to relax and chill out.

The Saatva Luxury firm mattress uses an innerspring mattress with the coil on coil technology. This technology greatly helps in free flow of air inside the mattress which helps in keeping the inside of the mattress dry reducing the chances of fungi and small insects that is usually generated due to wetness. The Saatva Luxury mattress is designed in a way that the body weight gets dispersed equally on the surface. The Saatva luxury mattress is available in 12 different sizes and in two different thicknesses.

The 12 different sizes of Saatva luxury Firm mattress are divided into two categories

  • 14 ½” premium luxury mattress
  • Twin size
  • Twin XL
  • Full Size
  • Queen size
  • King size
  • California king



11 ½” Custom slim luxury mattress

  • Twin size
  • Twin XL
  • Full size
  • Queen size
  • King size
  • California king

The thickness

  • Standard 8”
  • Low profile 4”

The Saatva luxury firm mattress is an ideal choice for those who have the habit of switching their positions quiet often in their sleep and also for those who are having a trouble with their back. If your partner’s sleep need is different from yours then also this mattress is a best choice as it is a perfect combination of firm and soft. Get the expensive luxurious kind of sleeping experience that is usually found in five star hotels in your own home at less than half the rate!

The Most Comfortable Mattress

The Saatva luxury firm mattress is covered with 15 year warranty and customer service. Saatva also gives a 45 day home trial opportunity to its customer. So first you can try the product and then make the choice. Saatva is a complete online store, with every information about the mattresses given in detail on the website. The customer care service is also excellent, so if you are facing any troubles with the product or you have any queries about the product just give them a call and your doubts will be cleared and the problem will be solved:)

Saatva Mattress – Size Comparison Chart & Reviews 2014

Saatva Mattress Reviews 2014/ What makes Saatva Mattress the topper?

Saatva Mattress is 2014 – Google’s best reviewed mattress brand with over 3000 Saatva Mattress reviews 2014 and ranking higher with an average rating of 4.9 on 5. The excellent reviews makes Saatva Mattress a topper among mattresses.

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Comparisons is a prohibited word in the world of self improvement but, when it comes to products, the scenario completely changes and it becomes mandatory to compare! Comparing products helps to get a clear idea of the products and whether the product, one is thinking of buying is the best. Mattresses are no exception. One should be very careful while investing their hard earned money in products like mattresses as it is like a lifelong investment. You are going to spend a lot of time with this product, say about 1/3rd of your life! No kidding here! Seriously, an average person spends that much of time on a mattress!

Saatva Mattress Comparison Chart

While comparing mattresses many factors come into play like the most important ones are

  • Comfort providing capability
  • The materials used in the making of the mattresses
  • Price (now for many this is the main factor on which the decision depends!)
  • Durability
  • Warranty
  • Return policies

A mattress can be a sleep robber or it can turn out to be the best lullaby! Solely depends on the quality of the mattress! The information about the comfort and durability and how the mattress works can be clearly discovered from the mattresses review as these are experiences of the real users with the product and then details about the warranty, materials, policies etc. can be obtained form the official website of the product. Remember do not forget to read the policies and warranty details word by word! Because not reading the policies especially the return policy details properly is one of the common mistakes done by almost everyone!

Now if you are thinking why one should take the pain of going in detail about the materials, why not just look at the brand and price? Then my friends you are making a very big mistake. It is important to look at the materials used in the product because it is the matter of your health and that of your family. Many mattresses contains harmful substances in the form of fire retardants or insects repellents or durability enhancers. These chemicals can pose a big threat to your health. The body is in constant contact with the mattress when one is in sleep. A regular contact of the body with these chemicals can prove dangerous and can lead to various health issues. Then the other problem is off-gassing i.e releasing of chemicals into the air. This pollutes the air and make it unhealthy to inhale. So, when you are not looking in details at the materials of a mattress, you are actually putting yours as well as your family’s health in risk!

The Saatva Mattress comparison chart showcases comparisons between some top quality and reputed mattress companies including Saatva Mattress. The following are the Brands mentioned in the chart:

  • Saatva
  • Stearns & Foster
  • Kluft/Aireloom
  • Serta Iseries
  • Simmons BR

The Saatva Mattress comparison chart includes important comparison points that will give you a clear idea of structure and features of the various mattresses. The materials used in them and yes of-course the price are all in one place. You can check the mattress chart by going to the following link:

Happy mattress shopping!

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Queen Size and King Size mattress from Saatva

If you are living with your partner or if (no offense meant) you or your partner or both of you are big in size, then Queen size and King size mattresses are the mattresses for you! Queen size and King size mattresses by Saatva are strong and are well structured to hold weight and to provide comfort and big space!

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If you have a medium sized room, then going for a king size mattress will be a big mistake, as like its name, king size mattresses will take a king sized space of your bedroom, this will make your room look small and might also make it a little congested. The king size mattresses are but very spacious and you and your partner will not have to fight for space and neither will have to think of tricks or strategies of how to get more space while sleeping with a partner. And it is not only just the partner, even your size plays a big role in deciding the size of your mattress. If you are overly healthy then a twin size mattress won’t be able to accommodate you fully. In such cases also, a queen size and a king size mattress comes in handy. Queen size mattresses are the best options if you have a bedroom of a medium size, like not too big nor too small, as these don’t take too much of space and give enough space for couples to move freely on the mattress.

The queen size and king size mattresses from Saatva Mattress are available in three different comfort levels:

  • Saatva Plush soft
  • Saatva luxury firm &
  • Saatva firm

Saatva offers two different thickness options for its mattresses:

  • 14.5” premium luxury
  • 11.5” custom slim

With the thickness, the weight of the mattress also changes. Though not a big change, a slight difference can be experienced.


The Dimension of Saatva Queen size mattress:

  • 60” W x 80” L x 14.5” H
  • 60” W x 80” L x 11.5” H

The Dimension of Saatva King size mattress:

  • 76” W x 80” L x 14.5” H
  • 76” W x 80” L” x 11.5” H

The price of Saatva queen size and king size mattresses as compared to other mattresses of such quality and structure is very low. Saatva offers its luxurious and supreme quality material making the queen size and king size mattresses at the lowest price that one can imagine! The mattresses of Saatva are created using eco-friendly materials like 100% organic cotton, recycled steel, certified foam etc. Saatva mattresses has an coil-on-coil construction and the individually pocketed coils are encased in memory foam. Whether it is the queen size or the king size, the mattress offers super comfort and a guaranteed great night’s sleep. The easily contouring property of the mattress lifts a lot of pressure points and the lumber region, thus offering a relaxed and restful goodnight sleep to the user.

The Most Comfortable Mattress

At Saatva you also get frames and foundation to match your mattress. The foundations and the frames are also available in good deals.

Saatva Mattress – Best Priced Luxury Mattress with excellent reviews

Saatva Mattresses:

It might be just another piece of furniture, but you cannot deny the fact that it is one of the best comfort and rest giving one, the most loved furniture especially during the night hours – The Mattress! Your back and the quality of your sleep has to do a lot with a mattress. The better the quality of the mattress, the less the chances of backache troubles and sleepless nights!

Avocado Green Mattress

When it comes to mattresses choosing one is not an easy task, for a mattress is something that once bought will be there with you for a long term. So while buying make sure that your partner of the long-term relationship is the best and a comfortable one. If you are searching for quality at affordable price then Saatva mattress is your destination. Saatva mattress is luxury at the least cost. It has been entitled as the ‘America’s Best Priced Luxury mattress’. Saatva mattresses are designed keeping in mind not only humans but also the environment. These has been created out of eco-friendly materials and thus poses no harm to the human or to the environment.

Saatva mattresses are available in three different avatars and their features:

  • Saatva Plush soft
  • Saatva Luxury Firm
  • Saatva Firm

The quality of each of the above types of Saatva Matresses atr the same, the difference is just in the firmness of the mattresses. The Saatva plush soft is for those who love the ‘mattress hug’. The Saatva luxury firm is designed for those who are neither a fan of softy touch nor love too much of firmness, the luxury firm comes in the middle, neither too soft nor too firm. The Saatva Firm mattress are firm but not to an uneasy extent. These provide firmness in a soft way that fulfills your desire for firm support at the same time won’t give you an uneasy feeling.


Saatva mattress has the coil on coil design which keeps the inside of the mattress ventilated. The airflow helps in keeping the mattress free of perspiration wetness. The circulation of fresh air inside the mattress will also keep the germs and dust mites at bay. Saatva Mattress has also used the patented “Spinal Zone” sleep technology in its design, thus reducing the chances of stiffness and pain in back. According to this technology an extra support is provided at the lumbar zone of the mattress. The lumbar zone of the mattress is the area where your lumbar portion will rest while you lie on the mattress. The Saatva mattress are so efficient and effective that the Healthbridge Sleep Clinic has chosen Saatva mattress as their official mattress

Still have doubt about Saatva’s quality? That’s understandable as almost every mattress company boasts about its product, but many times the end result is disappointing. The promises that the companies make are not fulfilled and the customer is left disappointed and feels cheated. So understanding this situation, Saatva offers 45 day home trial so that the customer can first check the product’s quality and can then decide about its purchase, that is a WOW! That is one of the best offer that a customer can get!

No wonders Saatva Mattress has been given the title the ‘Best Mattress’!

Saatva Plush Soft Mattress Reviews

Saatva Plush soft mattress is another gem from the house of the Saatva mattress with ultimate luxury features which has enabled the brand to stand out from the rest. To begin with Saatva is a BBB accredited company which means it is a genuine and trustworthy company for those who have trouble ordering online. Saatva plush soft is one of their brands which have created that mark in the luxury section and in the value for money section of the mattress market. Saatva Plush soft is designed taking one point in mind and that is the customers comfort and luxury. Saatva Mattress has received many reviews with over an 85 percent positive review rate.

Avocado Green Mattress

Saatva mattress reviews are genuine as the company website encourages comments and the company also apologizes for the negative comments in cases of dissatisfaction in any services. Some of the most interesting features of Saatva Plush soft would account for the positive Saatva Mattress Review are:

  • Support system: Saatva Mattress uses a coil style of connected hourglass shape along with a Dual torsion steel edge guards. The support base comes with loft pad and Fiber Pad bottom. There is an additional steel lumbar support Enhancement to increase the efficiency of the support system.
  • Comfort system: The comfort system is the next interesting feature which is enabled through individually wrapped coil system. It is also fitted with inner topper upholstery. The inner upholstery is formed through the combination of soft foam layer, Visco lumbar pad and super plush convoluted foam.
  • Quilt package: The quilt is the cherry on the cake and the company has gone lengths to give that ultimate feel to the customers. The quilt ticking is done through organic cotton circular knit top panel. The quilt fill is a combination of super soft foam, Dacron fiber and FR. It also comes with coordinated quilted border with organic cotton.

The Saatva plush soft rates a comfort level of three in the overall scale of ten set by the company. Saatva plush soft ranks a little lower than the flagship model which is rated at 5-6. Saatva firm is ranked 8 for its health features and also the nature of its built which is suitable for sleepers who prefer a firmer support.

The Saatva Plush soft is ideal for:

Features of Saatva Mattresses and Saatva Mattress Locations:

Some of the important features of Saatva Mattress which make for its excellent consumer reviews are:

The total height of the mattress falls in the ranges of 14.5 to 11.5 inches which can be selected as per the need and the preference of the customers. The size is selected based on the size of the room. The bed foundation is formed with waterfall pedestal which increases that level of comfort by bringing that cushion effect while lying down.


The company also provides a sleep trial for 30 days to know and feel the exact level of luxury that the bed provides for the customers. The bed also comes with a warranty for mind boggling 15 year with a ‘fairness replacement option’. Another fact about this particular model is that for extra sizes it may need extra legs on the frame.

Saatva mattress is also known for its low prices which are offered to the customers. The company is able to do this through its online medium of marketing. The online route of marketing helps it to cut all the intermediate costs which make the retail beds so costly. Saatva makes use of the fast and efficient reach of the internet to make their beds available to their customers. This has enabled Saatva mattress to give beds at a prices reduced to almost 70 % of the price of the beds found in retail outlets. Since the company does not have to set a physical unit it allows the company to cut costs on high expenses like rent, commissions, inventory inefficiencies and utilities which comes with setting a retail outlet. The retail outlets also come with brand value which now a days is much above the actual cost of the manufacturing the product. Saatva only charges a nominal value for their beds which enables the users to get one of the best in the bed industry.

Another feather in the cap for Saatva Mattress reviews is that Saatva is also a winner of BBB’s award for marketing excellence for its innovative and transparent marketing activities and customer support. Saatva Plush Soft is a great product from a great company with many innovative and advanced features which has made the bed capable of delivering the ultimate comfort to the user.

The Most Comfortable Mattress

Saatva Mattress Reviews – Sleep Like The Dead

Saatva has not yet entered in the reviewing list of Sleep Like The Dead. Sleep Like the Dead is a sleep related product reviewing site. The products that are related to sleep are surveyed and reviewed and a detailed documentation regarding various features of the product is made available to the visitors. The company approaches a number of customers and summon their experience and views about the product and accordingly generates a report of the product.

Avocado Green Mattress

Positive Reviews of Saatva Mattress that could make it eligible for the Sleep like the Dead list:

From the way Saatva is gaining popularity, the hype that is being created about the Saatva mattresses and the positive Saatva mattress reviews, it is likely to come in the Sleep like The Dead reviewing list soon. One of the reasons of Saatva mattresses popularity is that it is completely transparent about its product. Saatva offers every single detail about its mattresses so that customers are very well informed about the product. On top of being transparent Saatva’s customer care executives when approached provides detailed details about the product. The customer care executives of Saatva are well trained and well knowledgeable. The best thing about them is are very friendly and helpful but are not sugar-coated tongue executives! They don’t force you to buy the product neither do they unnecessary boast about the product. They just put forth the real information about the mattress in simple words so that the customers can understand it and get a clear idea about the product. They politely and with patience answer to every question of the customers. Saatva plays both the roles of Creating and selling.

Saatva is the manufacturer and the seller. Saatva likes to keep a direct contact with its customers and is not in the favor of indulgence by a third party. So, in the Saatva business, there is no business of middlemen. The interaction is between the manufacturer and the customer. But Saatva mattresses have numerous distributors and around 11 factories where the mattresses are handmade by skillful craftsmen. Saatva’s store is of online type and you can get Saatva mattresses


only from their official online shop. Saatva does not have any physical set up for its mattress shop. Customers views are very positive about the Eco-friendly Saatva mattresses. From the Saatva reviews and the price at which Saatva delivers its luxurious mattresses, Saatva mattresses are definitely going to be on the best mattresses list of Sleep Like The Dead and might get a “A+” from them!

Sleep Like The Dead was created by Nick Robinson. His sleep related problems led him to create a website that deals with sleep related products. His insomnia gave him the drive to help people find the right sleeping product so as to help them sleep better. The Sleep Like The Dead Website was launched in 2008. the Reviews categories at Sleep Like The Dead includes

  • Mattress reviews
  • Mattress toppers reviews
  • Pillow reviews
  • Bedding Reviews
  • Sound Machines Reviews
  • Sleeping pill reviews
  • Sleep Hygiene products
  • Chronic Insomnia treatment

Buy Saatva Mattresses

Do all of us give mattresses the attention and care they deserve? Do we buy mattresses with proper care? Maybe all we do is buy something that “looks” thick and comfortable and let’s see, maybe they are. But for how long? By definition, mattresses are just a large cushioned pad on which we stretch out at the end of the day or maybe plunk down to read or talk. Admit it, when you were kids you probably bounced on it at times, too(or maybe a lot). They usually contain straw, cotton, foam or fiber and they have a lot of springs that form a framework. Mattresses can be inflatable, filled with air or water, too. The first thing that we look for before buying a mattress or any product for that matter is the reviews and if you look at Saatva reviews, then you will find that it is a big hit among its customers.

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Saatva Mattress Locations / Saatva Mattress Dealers / Distributors

Saatva is actually a brand that sells mattresses only online. To the question, where to buy Saatva mattresses, we have to buy Saatva mattresses online. Saatva mattresses are not sold in any particular location. There are queries where people ask whether Saatva Mattresses are available in the UK, Saatva in Australia, Austin or Canada. But Saatva is not sold in any particular country and there are no Saatva Mattress dealers or Saatva Mattress Distributors. Saatva mattresses are only available online. The benefit in buying Saatva mattresses is you save a lot of money by cutting out the middle guy and you can directly reach the manufacturers to buy from them. Apart from its 18 partner factories and 120 distribution centers, Saatva has now started a manufacturing unit at Canada and is distributing mattresses there.

Saatva mattresses have been around since 2010 and they disliked the idea of being a conventional and confusing mattress choice. They came up with the idea of letting us buy Saatva mattresses online, use organic material and by only selling online, they have succeeded in cutting around 70% of the cost that would have consumed this wonderful product. Saatva would have required stores and displays and that would have just spoiled the whole thing for us. This way they let the mattresses speak for themselves. And they do have a rather soothing voice that lures us to sleep. If you buy Saatva mattresses, you will have the best value for money in any mattress ever found. These beds are extremely comfortable. Saatva mattresses have a base support made of steel coil with pocket coils on top of them. The next layer is a layer of memory foam The mattress look neat because of the pillow foam on top. They go organic. Saatva is also trying to be Eco-friendly (though not as eco-friendly as Sneaky with his bunch of leaves, obviously). It isn’t exactly 100% organic and does not work on an adjustable base. If you buy Saatva mattresses, you will have a good return and exchange policy, in case you think you won’t find the mattress up to your expectations, which is actually not true. You would find that Saatva mattresses will exceed your expectations for the cost you pay and the unbelievable comfort you get in return. So the idea of you not being satisfied is laughable.


About Saatva Mattresses / Buy Saatva Mattresses online

Saatva Mattresses Sizes (Dimensions)  and Types

The Saatva Mattresses covers are made with organic cotton wool and they also try to use recycled steel for their spring coils. The memory foam used by Saatva is organic rather than the memory foam invented by NASA which was unsafe and was prudently not used for space vehicles. The one used here will give you no toxins. It is actually made of visco-elastic foam. Memory foam is notoriously known to heat up like a furnace at night. But these memory foam is not chemical based and doesn’t smell. They use very little foam in the lumbar area so that it doesn’t disturb your precious sleep. The pillow foam on top uses urethane and Dacron which is very Eco-friendly. They use soy plant based. The steel is tempered and oven based. The flame retardant is plant based. When you buy Saatva mattresses, you can be sure of these.

Saatva Luxury Mattress is ideal being neither too soft or too firm. It is constructed very efficiently with the mentioned organic covers and have plant based foam. The coils made from the recycled steel which is individually wrapped and help the body get comfortable. You can buy Saatva mattresses in different thicknesses of 11 inches or 14.5 inches which are both great. The bed also has a wood bottom base.

Mattresses usually have a base made of wood or metal to hold them a little higher off the floor or they are used directly on the floor as well. The word mattress is derived from the Arabic word matrah which means something that is thrown down.

Gone are the days when mattresses used to be filled with straw and hair, though. Feathers were commonly used too and we still find many with such filings. But the most popular filling is polyurethane foam and other materials like latex or viscoelastic foams. Hybrid beds include both springs and foams like latex. These are also laid out in overlapping layers to make the sleeper more comfortable. The preference for the types of mattresses changes from place to place and country to country.

The Most Comfortable Mattress

A long long time ago, mattresses were used to avoid creepy crawlies and insects from walking all over us when we tried to get some rest away from trailing predators in our new found caves. Then, we got cleverer and started realizing that pampering ourselves wasn’t so difficult. We had already started knocking out poor mammals by banging hard on their heads with our new gadgets: clubs. The skin probably looked too good and strong to be wasted and we thought, hey, why not use it? We pulled out all the yucky organs and other slimy stuff and Voila! We found a bag-like thing that could be put to various uses, from preserving the highly organic food we sneaked away from our neighbors to being used as an oven to heat up some food. The uses were many and we weren’t lacking in creativity. Well, one day, let’s imagine, there was this guy whom everyone suspected to be a thief (let’s call him Sneaky). He saw one of his fellow Homo sapiens (let’s call this one Sleepy) stuffing surreptitiously down a skin-backpack with a whole reserve of yummy brains, kidneys, bits of flesh and such and his mouth watered. Sneaky stole into the Sleepy’s cave at night, felt about till he reached the skin-bag, which Sleepy had placed right next to him whilst he slept, apparently to protect it. That proved to be useless though. But, Sleepy also happened to be a big guy with bulging muscles and a record of snapping his enemies’ necks with a single twist-maneuver. Sneaky didn’t want to end up dead whatsoever. So he thought prolonging the discovery of the theft might help him get as far as possible from this herd of humans. So he collected leaves and grass from outside and filled the bag with it till it bulged. He then happily went on his way with his assortment of stolen goods in his own animal skin rucksack.

Sneaky needn’t have hurried as much as he did. Sleepy, dreaming of saber-tooth tigers attacking him while saving the pretty tree-woman next door, rolled over and fell on the skin-filled-with-leaves-and-grass. He slept surprisingly well that night and woke up quite late. Let’s just say it took him a few days to discover that his food was gone and he would have to eat dried-up leaves that winter. Or he needed to barter for food. He remembered the comfy animal-skin mattress and tried marketing it out. It worked! He became rich “overnight” and thanked the Sun-God for the angel who had starved him for a few days and also given him the best innovative product (innovation was quite common even then) of his life. If Sneaky had known he could have had a supply of food for the rest of his life with just a bag filled with muck, he would probably bang his head on a volcanic boulder for his foolishness.
Thus, the mattress was born.

Through the years, mattresses went through a lot of stuffing. There were early water beds made by Persians by filling goatskin with water, wool and straw-stuffed into bags in Rome, velvet, silk during the Renaissance, cotton, wool later on and by the mid-1700’s, mattresses get stitched forms and then, later on, a boxed shape. Foam is introduced in the 1920’s and from then on, the modern age of therapeutic mattresses began. Even NASA invented a type of foam called memory foam that has proved very popular. This list will go on forever, so we better see which one of these mattresses are really good for you. The prehistoric guys would probably burst into flames if they knew how perfect the Saatva mattresses are and how easy it is to buy Saatva mattresses.

At Saatva, they have the policy of over delivering so you feel like you made a good choice and they do the best for you. Encouraged to buy Saatva mattresses? They also have 6 factories and 18 fulfillment centers and the online mattress dealership is the largest in the US. The 30-day return policy proves that we can actually test the mattress for a whole month before we decide on it. A few minutes of sitting or lying down on mattresses at showrooms would show you nothing about the compatibility of your body with the mattress. If you buy Saatva Mattresses, it ensures that you can take your time in making a body-informed decision so you get the best sleep possible.

Saatva luxury mattresses

Saatva luxury mattresses acclimate to your body and align to it. It is designed to contour and mold perfectly to your body so that it can compensate for changing positions at night. Even if you turn to your side, Saatva mattresses fill up the gaps and curves and give great support to the spinal cord. The support is from the lower back to the lumbar area. There is good foam balance for without giving you a hard surface with foam resistance. Plush soft molds to the body but with a cradling effect for people who prevent that. If you decide to buy Saatva mattresses, you get to choose from these varieties whether you are a firm, soft or medium type, the user. These mattresses are made engineered using the advanced coil-on-coil method. The lower coil is hourglass shaped and this gives a steel support at the base. The uniquely wrapped top coil system that is designed to fit your body perfectly and it also removes the discomfort from a change of positions. The coils being separate will not affect each other, i.e. when one contracts, the other wouldn’t bend along with it. Saatva mattresses are long lasting and will continue to give you it’s the best performance in the long run. They would last for 10 or 15 years with a little care from you.

Saatva mattresses have an encasing system that prevents sagging at the edges. It uses a dual perimeter edge support system that enhances its durability. The steel coil support system also contributes to the durability. It uses euro pillow top for padding and so much more of the cushioning than in most other tops. This is what gives Saatva mattresses the neat look. It also has a lumbar support enhancement made of really good foam and this provides stress relief to the back, especially the lower back which often creates the most trouble. You can’t lose if you buy Saatva mattresses!

People are different. This calls for choices and people like having choices. And so, buy Saatva mattresses which have different mattresses to suit anyone’s needs. They thought of comfort and softness ranges which would help people decide which type of mattress they want even if they are not so sure of it themselves. They have three comfort levels ranging from plush soft to firm. The middle one is Luxury firm for people who like having the best of both worlds.

The plush soft Saatva mattresses are laid out with extra soft and comfortable foams to give it the extra softness you prefer. The cradle like the feel of this mattress ensures that you sink in just the right amount to feel the soft embrace of the mattress but not too much that you feel buried. It fits perfectly to each unique body. This will suit you well if you tend to sleep on your side or back. It will make you feel enveloped in softness and gives your body a uniform softness even with the cradling effect.

Top luxury hotels around the world prefer to buy Saatva mattresses as it can meet the needs of any person. The luxury firm mattress gives the perfect balance between firmness and gentleness. Guests at these hotels are basically looking for a good night’s sleep, but they get much more. These mattresses give the correct spinal alignment with the premium foam cushion layers for the ultimate dozing experience. Any position you prefer or any position you may get into inadvertently at night will be matched by this Saatva mattress and you will be comfortable. The Saatva luxury firm mattress has been awarded the “#1 comfort choice” in the ultra premium mattress category. The mattress suits your homely needs as well by being adaptive. Couples with different sleeping preferences could buy Saatva mattresses or if you keep shifting in your sleep. How does knowing that you are sleeping on the mattress preferred by the finest hotels, while not moving an inch from home, make you feel?

There is another category of sleepers who prefer staying on the surface of their mattress. The firm Saatva mattress gives you firmness without being too hard. Here, the individual coils are layered with firmer foam that keeps you floating. There will be an initial softness to hold you in but then the firmness creeps up underneath that and you get the hardness of your choice. This mattress will suit you whether you want to sleep on your back or stomach. There are people who get these mattresses on professional instructions and these have therapeutic values attached to them. In fact, Saatva has the Chiropractic Seal of Approval, the COCSA which stands for the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations. This was founded in the 1960’s and is a non-profit organization devoted to the promotion of the chiropractic profession. Chiropractic is a therapy that mainly focuses on the problems of the lower back. The COCSA have strict standards for the back and spinal health and the Saatva mattresses pay special attention to the spinal area. They add extra support at the appropriate locations. The COCSA promotes programs and projects that perform well in this field and they have clearly found these mattresses worthy of their seal. Would you not like a mattress that is spinal cord friendly as well?

When ordering online, all you have to do is select your comfort level first. You get the above-mentioned options for this. You can select the mattress size after that. The mattress sizes you get are quite a few. You can select from Twin size 14.5 inches premium luxury mattress, queen size 14.5 inches premium luxury mattress, full size 14.5 inches premium luxury mattress, full size 11.5 inches custom slim luxury mattress, twin size 11.5 inches custom slim luxury mattress, queen size 11.5 inches custom slim luxury mattress, king size 11.5 inches custom slim luxury mattress, California king 14.5 inches premium luxury mattress, California king 11.5 inches custom slim mattress and king size 14.5 inches premium luxury mattress.

The optional thicknesses of the Saatva mattress i.e. the 14.5 inches premium luxury ad 11.5 inches custom slim are only for aesthetic choice. They offer the same features and are identical to feel. When making decisions on the height required for the mattress you want to order, try to consider a few things. Do not just picture it. Use a tape measure and measure the bed you use now and also the different heights you would prefer when you buy Saatva mattresses. The Saatva 14.5 inches and 11.5 inches mattress are designed to feel the same and so are the 8 inches and 4 inches mattresses. The Saatva metal frames are 7 inches from the floor. So when you choose your bed height, you have to consider the frame of the bed as well along with the foundation the mattress will rest on. Now, select the height at which you will be comfortable while getting o and off the bed. Headboards and foot boards may pose a problem if you wish to leave a visible amount of each after you put on the mattress. You may have to choose a less thick version or thicker one based on your choice of this. Bed skirts available to you would require an attention as well. If you plan on continuing the use of the bed skirt, you will have to measure from the floor to the top of the foundation to understand the size you will need. The usual ones are compatible with these mattresses. Also, take into account the height of the windows in your room, corner stands, tables, footstools etc so that you don’t obscure this with your choice. These instructions are given to make the process of online shopping, or any shopping for that matter, an easier one. This will ensure that you do not have to be worried about what choices you make. The Saatva mattress dealers are extremely user-friendly and the rare chances of dissatisfaction can be easily fixed. But, knowing what you need will make life easier for you. Don’t you agree?

The next step you have to take is to select your foundation. You can choose from the given options. They are the twin size 8 inches Foundation, the split queen size 8 inches foundation, queen size 8 inches Foundation, king size 8 inches foundation, full size 8 inches foundation, full size 4 inches low profile foundations, king size 4 inches low profile split foundations, queen size 4 inches low profile foundation, split queen size 4 inches low profile foundations, twin size 4 inches low profile foundation, California king 4 inches low profile split foundations and the California king 8 inches split foundations. The thickness options, as you have seen are 8 inches and the low profile 4 inches. The twin and the full mattresses both use the same sized metal frames and the frame adjusts well with either size. The frames have a support at the center and this gives an extra support for the king split foundations and the edge to the edge length of the queen foundation. Thus, you can buy the California king frame. The delivery is quite fast. You will be contacted within 2 days of you making the order and you will get the Saatva mattress within 2 to 8 business days. Do not hesitate to contact their customer support for more information on any aspect of the mattresses.

Sleep, as we all know is an important part of life. Sleep has too many benefits to count. To name a few, sleep is an anabolic state in which the growth of the body is enhanced and also the immune system, nervous system, skeletal and muscular systems are refreshed daily. In addition to making you feel better, it improves your mood for better performance. Sleep has a surprising effect o memory. Memory strengthens during sleep and your brain can actually practice learned skills during sleep. An adequate amount of sleep will keep you healthy and live longer. People who sleep less are prone to inflammation leading to heart diseases, stroke, diabetes and premature aging. It can also impair learning and it can happen to children quite easily. The brain is in the building up process and it craves proper sleep so it can do its work on the growing brain. It is not your fault when you are not comfortable and receive less sleep because of this. That is a problem with an easy solution which is what we have been discussing. Good sleep also consolidates your memory and restructures it giving you better creativity, organization and also sharpen your focus. Sleep promotes metabolism. In fact, sleep and metabolism are controlled by the same portion of the brain and thus a healthy sleeping time will improve metabolism which helps in a very sensitive topic: weight loss. Yes, people who sleep well have been found to lose weight faster and have a better muscle mass. Of course, too much of a good thing is never good. Do not get lazy! Sleep reduces stress levels and decreases the chances of depression.

Now that we have proved how important sleep is and have been scared out of our wits about the dangers of less sleep, let us find ways to make this beautiful process very enjoyable, smooth and easy. Saatva mattresses are good for you and your sleep. This is made obvious by the Health Bridge Sleep clinic which has chosen these mattresses for their official, clinical use. This clinic helps people with sleep issues. The use of these mattresses has been shown to dramatically improve the quality of sleep and has been experienced by many of their patients. they buy Saatva mattresses for their patients!

The Ultra Premium innerspring construction seems like just another technical term. But it is not. It has many benefits when it comes to helping you sleep. These are not all foam mattresses. Because it is interspaced with spring, there is airflow between the layers which helps to evaporate the nightly perspirations that are bound to soak into any mattress. This greatly helps in avoiding a lot of germs, dust mites and bedbugs. The beds have great airflow and you can experience cooler sleep.

Saatva has densified foam layering system which can provide additional support to the lumbar region of the mattress. The padding in the lumbar area is pre-compressed and this will prevent its breakdown. An extra layer made of the viscoelastic material is added to provide extra support to the lumbar area and this will also provide pressure relief. This deals with the pressure points located in various parts of the body.

The pillow top of the mattress is very beneficial to people with joint pains, especially in the back, neck, shoulders etc. It nourishes the body and fights these joint hazards. Allergic reactions occur when you use the wrong type of bedding. Saatva takes special care to address this problem and does their best to minimize the risk as much as possible. The foam used in these mattresses are not processed with formaldehyde or any of the other irritants that can trouble you. These meet the needs of the environment which indirectly meets your needs, too. The fabric for the cover is organic, as we already know, and is also blended with hypo allergenic fibers. There are laws regarding flame retardants in the fabric which are carefully met using a natural thistle barrier and it also remains gentle on the skin. The hand-crafted Saatva mattresses are immediately packed up in a plastic covering that has micro-openings which allow air circulation inside but prevents dust and other particles from entering the packaging. The packaging and shipping will all be done with special care in order to prevent any bed bugs from entering the mattresses. This emboldens them to guarantee that there will be no allergic reactions to the mattresses and there have been no reports or complaints so far. The carbon footprint on these is negligible as there are no stores thus eliminating the price hike from retails. Let us now go through a few of the features of the Saatva mattresses.

Features of Saatva Mattresses

The support system of these mattresses, for instance, has 416 connected hourglass-shaped coils that are 7 inches tall. The edges are protected by a dual torsion edge guard. The support base is half inches of loft pad and 7/8 inches fiber pad bottom. An additional street lumbar support enhancement is given by the chiro-guard.

The comfort system consists of 884 pocket coils which are foam encased. These are 4 inches. The inner top portion is upholstered. The upholstery is made of 5/8 inches of the soft foam layer and 3/8 inches of Visco lumbar pad. Let us look at the quilt packaging. The top panel is circular knit organic cotton. The quilt is filled with 1.25 inches of super soft foam, 1 oz of Dacron and 3-4 inches of fiber. A custom embroidered label is sewed on. The border of the quilt is coordinated with organic cotton as well. The top decking is done with color matched grip cloth and the corner protection is done with full height corner guards. The number of tempered coils varies from mattress size to size and also the different layers. The twin mattresses have 512 comfort pocket coils, 240 support base coils making it 752 on the whole. The full mattress size has totally 1040 coils with 704 coils in the comfort pockets and 336 coils in the support base. The queen size mattresses have 1300 coils in all with 884 comfort pocket coils and 416 support base coils. The king size mattresses have 1088 comfort pocket coils and 520 support base coils making it a grand total of 1608 coils. If we consider each of Saatva mattress features, we can see that it is unique. The best part is that the retailer in this dealership is Saatva itself cutting a lot of your costs practically in half. The mattress style is euro pillow top, the mattress has a height of 14.5 inches. The coil type is Pocket & Bonnell and gauges is 14.5 or 13 g. It has a lumbar support system, memory foam and comfort foam but no latex foam which may cause allergies. It has a 15-year warranty and also a fairness replacement option. Make sure you are aware of all these features and look for them when you buy Saatva Mattresses.

Where Can I buy Saatva Mattress?

Saatva Mattress is sold online at The only way to buy saatva mattress is through the sites which sell them. It’s available on but there are limited options. To buy saatva mattress you should check out the site

How long has Saatva Mattress been around

Saatva Mattress was established in the year 2010. The site shows a date of 24th February 2010. A relatively new company in the mattress industry, saatva mattress has gained prominence and is also one of the best selling mattresses online in the USA

Is Saatva Mattress good? Are Saatva Mattresses durable?

The only way to find if Saatva Mattress is good or not and to know about the Saatva Mattress durability is to check out the reviews by people and judge by their comments. Not all customers seem to be satisfied. Around 5% of the customers have had problems with the product and have not been satisfied. There have been complaints about the mattress sagging in some of their complaints. But in general, the remaining 95% of the customers seem happy with the product and have not had complaints! if that means its good, then it is!

Saatva firm Mattress

The saatva Firm mattress is not hard. it’s Soft yet firm and keeps you floating while you sleep rather than sinking in. If you are a person who sleeps on your back or prefers a firm mattress due to your doctor’s recommendation, you would find the saatva firm mattress your kind of thing. This is not a therapeutic mattress but it’s not lesser than one.

Saatva mattress discount coupon / coupon codes

Saatva Mattresses is one of the few companies which do not believe in the concept of coupons or coupon codes. Coupons for Saatva mattresses do not exist. Why raise the price to 20% higher and give a 15% off. I have seen that in many industries from clothing to furniture and sometimes even electronics. Saatva mattress discount and Saatva Mattress coupons and Promo Codes DO NOT exist. The company has a clear discount and coupon policy on their websites which states the same. With over 100 Search results on Saatva Mattress Discount coupons and Saatva Mattress Coupon codes and Saatva mattress Promo Codes on google, I was tempted to see if they work. I was sorry that none of them actually work. And even after not giving any discount offers or giving no Saatva  Mattress Sale offers, the Saatva mattress company is still flourishing, this is clearly visible in the Saatva reviews. Saatva Mattresses are really good and the quality is indisputable. The only discount that Saatva offers is a military discount of $50.This is for people who have served or serve in the US military. Saatva does not offer discounts for either Black Friday or Memorial day sale. Their prices are fixed.

Avocado Green Mattress

Saatva Mattress Prices – Is Saatva Mattress Good?

The Saatva Mattress Prices of its different categories are given below. The price of the mattress depends on the size of the mattress. Saatva Mattresses King, Queen, Twin, Full and Cal king. The table below gives a list of the various sizes of Saatva Mattresses.

The best part is that the Saatva Mattress prices are nearly half of most of the other competitors I checked through. They were the same product and literally had no difference from my point of view online. Yes, it’s hard. But surely not impossible to make the difference in quality. With 100’s of reviews all over the place, you can actually find a load of reviews for products which have a portion where they could leave comments. A lot of the research on products are held online and specifically on the social media. Amazingly, there was a customer satisfaction rate of 98% when it comes to Saatva while the nearest competitor had a small bit more than Saatva. What really opened my eye was indeed the price difference.

Saatva Mattresses do not have any dealers or distributors.  There are no Saatva Mattress stores. Saatva does not have an outlet and is a full online store. This also is the only online store to source mattresses to customers in the USA. Being a full online store has its benefits and drawbacks. The biggest benefit that Saatva Mattress is getting is the fact that they don’t need a large outlet. The cost of the outlet Is often shared with people who purchase the product. These products have a discount price far lesser than what most competitors sell already.

The question finally would be, Do you still need a Saatva Mattress discount code to Purchase? And even If you were desperately looking for a Saatva Mattress coupon code, do you think you would ever find one. From my knowledge, I doubt if there is any when it is clearly mentioned by Saatva mattress website.

You can check out some of the prices on the Saatva mattress and compare it with some of the key competitors in the Mattresses industry to check out if you could get a discount on them. Chances are you will but still end up in the margin where the competition stands a few percentage higher than the Saatva counterpart.

Recent comparison study among various companies indicates that the Products sold online are often priced a bit lower than those on the showrooms. Saatva mattresses are one of the few examples in the category to prove us right. With other Vendors having a small percentage of their product online, Saatva has their entire showroom online now and only catering to the online communities.

Saatva Mattress Discount Coupon

Saatva Mattress Discount Coupon is not the question of Liberty. It is now a Right to everyone. There are No Saatva coupons and you don’t have to ask for a Saatva discount. The discount is clearly set on the price. Welcome to Saatva and Merry Christmas.

The Most Comfortable Mattress

Bed Stores and Saatva Mattress Sale

All mattress companies and showrooms have similar comfort guarantee strategies that the customer might have to pay dearly. Any sale, discounted price etc can be misleading. Since not all mattresses can be the same, paying them the same flat price is not justice. Before falling for these sales one must be aware of all the features and comfort each mattress can offer before deciding whether it is the actual price or the tampered price.

Why No Saatva Mattress Coupons or Saatva Mattress Discount Code? Does Saatva have sales?

How is Saatva Luxury Mattress made affordable?

Saatva mattresses are less expensive than any other luxury mattresses, why? The main reason is that there are no third or fourth parties between the manufacturers and the customers. Any dealings are happening directly between them. There is no paying for the rent, advertisement charges, commission for the staff, maintenance, or insurance expenses etc. The customer will have to pay just for the making charges and the shipping expenses. This makes the price of the mattress down by almost half of what is available in the market for the same quality. These are some of the reasons which make Saatva Luxury Mattress affordable.

Another fraud happens when the purchased mattress needs to be returned. Since most of the customers are buying it from the retail shops they are unaware of the return policies of the manufacturers. Most of them have charges for pickup, penalty, and restocking fees. Whereas, Saatva is exclusively sold in online store and there all the terms and conditions, warranty, return policies are clearly mentioned. This helps the buyer to know exactly what to expect under certain circumstances.

All the specifications and features of the mattresses are clearly shown on the website. The customers just need to measure their rooms and doors to know whether the dimensions are compatible or not, that too without having to step out of the home. The dimensions shown are the exact measurements and will not change. The comfort level, size, thickness of the mattresses, the thickness of the foundation and the metal frames all can be selected easily. The metal frame will be assembled by the staffs who deliver it.

Apart from delivering the new mattress, there is an option to pick up the old mattress for a small amount from the customer. This will help them have a new mattress and the old one is easily gotten rid of. The 30 day home trial is an advantage for those who are doubtful whether or not it will be comfortable. If it is not up to satisfaction the mattress can be returned and the amount spent, minus the delivery charges, which will be reimbursed to the customer.

The above facts show us why Saatva does not believe in discount codes or coupons.


Firm or soft mattress from Saatva Mattress

Saatva Mattress are undoubtedly one of the best mattresses we have heard about. Their relatively average pricing is accompanied by the ease of ordering it (some people find the offer of being able to return the mattress with no questions asked within 30 days the better feature. Their return policy is definitely one of the best, although they claim the return policy hasn’t been used much). These are quite comfortable and they literally take the comfort to different levels.

On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being extremely soft with minimal support and 10 being extremely hard (for some reason, they call it table top) the Saatva mattress occupy three different positions along the way.

Saatva Mattress The Plush Soft Level

This level is ranked at in and around 3. These are for people who like to be hugged by their beds when sleeping. Just kidding, it happens to be a very soft mattress which contours plushly to bodies. The individual pocket coils used are covered with softer and more conforming foam. The core of the mattress is firm enough not to let you sink into the bed but forms to the shape of your body.

Saatva Mattress The Luxury Firm Level

Saatva Firm mattress level is marked from just before 5 and ends before 7 on the scale. This is the one which luxury hotels use to prevent brawls at night from their guests as it can be used perfectly well by people who prefer a soft sleep and also by people who like their sleeping base to be firm rather than concaving. It is called “cushion firm and contouring support”. It is also perfect for couples with different sleeping preferences.

It has other advantages as well. It gives a good spinal alignment and comfortable sleep at the same time. It is neither too hard nor too soft (too bad Goldilocks never knew Saatva).

Saatva Firm Mattress  – The Firm Level

This is ranked precisely at 8. in these, the individual coil layers are bound with firmer and conforming foams so that you float on the bed rather than sink into it. It is firm yet soft. There may be an initial tenderness when you lie down on the bed, but the bed will at once begin to support the body. Thankfully, it is not so hard that you feel like you are on a therapeutic wooden board.

Now, go ahead and choose your softness. A frank note from the manufacturers of Saatva mattress says that if you are looking for a comfort level of 1 to 2 or 9 to 10, you had better look elsewhere.