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Online market is like a vast shopping sea inside which the options are simply indefinite! When it comes to mattresses, it becomes very difficult to decide which one is the best and which to go for! Here the reviews come to the rescuer! After going through various reviews on mattresses, the one which caught the attention was the Saatva reviews. Good, awesome, will recommend it to my friends, is the best etc were the remarks given by the users in the Saatva reviews, every customer was simply happy! Saatva reviews proves the mattress to be ‘the best mattress online’! And why would it not be? The price at which it offers an luxurious mattress is simply commendable. Now many WHY’s? and WHAT’s? Might be coming into your mind, give a halt to your skeptical run and Lets get to know what makes Saatva ‘The best mattress online!’

Avocado Green Mattress

The Saatva Mattress in Detail

A mattress is rated mainly according to the comfort it provides. If a mattress is expensive but provides great comfort, then the owner may not regret spending his hard earned money. Price does play a role but then comfort tops the list! Saatva offers great quality comfort, actually luxurious quality comfort to be precise at an affordable price. Saatva mattresses are awesome in the feel , luxurious in their look and cheap in terms of price (cheap as compared to other luxurious quality mattresses!). Now here a ‘HOW’ pops up! How is this possible? Let us have a step by step look into what exactly Saatva is, in the process you will get the answers to all your ‘WHY’s’, ‘HOW’s’ & ‘WHAT’s’!


The meaning of the word SAATVA is ‘Truth’ and the company like its name tells every truth about its product. It is very transparent about its transaction and every other detail. It wants its customers to hold no doubt about the company or its product. Saatva has clearly stated the truth about its ‘high quality low priced product’ on its website. No one opens a business for charity purpose and Saatva is no exception , but what sets Saatva apart from other business-profit driven companies is that it alongwith its profit thinks about the welfare of its customers. (But yes Satava does indulge in a lot of charity works, whenever its fellowmen need its help, Saatva’s helping hand is always present for the service. One of its works include the donation of its 50 luxurious mattresses to the ‘Sandy’ hit victims.)

Why is Saatva mattress cheap? Or how is Saatva offering a luxurious mattress at an affordable price?- because no physical store, no middlemen and no unnecessary expenditure on advertisements.

Saatva does not exist in a physical store state. It is an online business and it consists of only online stores. The Saving process starts from here. Imagine there are multiple physical stores, each store will need multiple employees, a sales person, an accountant, cleaning staff etc. Now salary will have to be given to all these people. Then there is electricity bill, rent of the place etc all these are expenses, expenses that Saatva saves! No physical store, no employees that means no salary, no electricity bill and no such kind of extra expenses which a company with physical store has to incur. These expenses are also one of the reasons for a product’s expensive price.

No middlemen, No middlemen commission!! Saatva don’t use middlemen to reach its users, it don’t believe it needs a mediator between itself and its customers. All the dealings are between the manufacturer and the customer. The customer also finds it very comfortable not to have to go through a second person to reach the company. This has two benefits. Saatva does not have to spend from its pocket for the middlemen commission and the direct interaction will strengthen the relationship between the company and the customer.

Saatva does not use expensive advertisements to promote its products. It follows the verbal advertisement technique. The people who use Saatva are sure to recommend it to their near and dear ones. Saatva speaks through its product. Saatva save the expenses from the advertisement sector also.

All these savings that Saatva is incurring is reflected on the price of the product. Setting up a physical store, then its maintenance, then the salary of the employees, bills, middlemen, commission, advertising charges everything adds up the total price of a product. Business people inorder to get profit, doubles the price of a product, whereas in reality the real price of the product might be half of the selling price. Reaping profits by cheating the customers by selling cheap quality product at a high price is not what Saatva believes in. Saatva saves its expenses and helps the customers to save theirs! Saatva is America’s Best priced mattress.

The Most Comfortable Mattress

Sleep Quality & Comfort

Saatva offers exceptional quality sleep. It is soft at the same time supportive. Saatva mattresses contours easily to the body’s shape and helps the body to get a restful sleep. The quality of the sleep Saatva mattress offers can be described in three words:- sound, restful and peaceful. A sound and restful sleep will refresh you and will give you the energy to deal with the day in a positive attitude. A restless, disturbed sleep has a very negative impact on your personal and professional life. If your mattress fails to provide comfort to you then a good night sleep will become a distant dream and insomnia a close reality. With Saatva mattresses sleepless nights will be gone like the wind. You will not get up in the morning with an aching back and sprained neck.

Saatva mattresses has been made in such a way that the mattress provides a soft touch with a supportive base to the pressure points of the body. Too much pressure on the pressure points cause pain in the body since Saatva mattresses easily contour, the pressure points get lot of relief and are able to rest. Saatva has given special attention to the lumbar area of the mattress. This area is where your torso region rests, your lumbar area of the body is a part of the torso region and one of the important and delicate parts. If this region does not get the proper support and comfort then it results in back pain, sometimes of severe type. The middle portion of the mattress is given an additional padding so as to provide extra comfort and support to the lumbar area. So when you are sleeping on Saatva mattress, you will never have to worry about back pain or ache.

Saatva mattress’s Construction

Saatva mattresses are handcrafted in USA by experienced and talented craftsmen. The are constructed using the coil-on-coil technology. The base layer is made of bonnell coils and is in the hourglass connected shape. On the top portion of the mattress is prepared using pocketed coils that are wrapped in bio-based foam. Saatva has incorporated the patented ‘Spinal zone’ sleep technology in its mattresses. The edges are also encased in foam to make the edges more supportive and soft. The dual edge support system used in the mattress prevents the edges from sagging and offer extra sleeping space. The mattress is covered in organic cotton fabric.

Saatva’s structure in a nutshell

  • Top layer of the mattress consists of individually pocketed coils encased in foam.
  • Bottom base is prepared out of bonnell coils designed in an hourglass structure.
  • Upholstery of bio-based foam.
  • Lumbar region padded with extra layers of bio-based foam.
  • All these covered inside a 100 percent organic cotton cover.

Materials used in Saatva mattress

  • Saatva uses eco-fiendly materials in its mattresses so as to make them safe for humans as well as for the environment.
  • Recycled coils
  • Bio-based foam
  • Natural fire retardant – plant thistle
  • Natural covering – 100% organic cotton
  • Saatva is not 100% organic but is safe. It has got certification from various highly reputed organizations.
  • Options at Saatva
  • Saatva offers only three best options:
  • Plush Saatva mattress
  • Luxury firm Saatva mattress
  • Firm Saatva mattresses


NO discount please! Saatva does not provide discount on its mattresses. So, no matter which time of the year you decide to buy a Saatva mattress, you will get it at the same price. Saatva mattresses price is same for every customer, no partiality here friends!

Customer Service

Saatva treats its customers like kings! Saatva’s customer care executives are highly efficient and knowledgeable. Every question of yours, every doubt of yours will be answered and cleared. Saatva customer executives informs you not manipulate you! They will clearly make you understand what the mattress is, every specification of the mattress. The customer care service has got a 4 star from its users!

Return policy & Trial offering & Warranty

Alongwith a 45-day trail offer, Saatva mattresses comes with a 15 year warranty. According to the 45 day trial policy you can return the product without any problems, if you find the mattress to be unsuitable for you. But you should try the mattress atleast for 30 before drawing any conclusion. The 45 day trial period starts from the day of delivery.

Tempurpedic vs. Saatva vs. Sleep number – Top 3 Premium Mattress Reviews

Tempurpedic Mattress

Here are the reviews about the top three best premium mattresses – Tempur-pedic reviews, Saatva reviews and reviews of Sleep number.

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Tempurpedic vs. Saatva Mattress vs. Sleep number

Tempur-pedic Mattresses – A review

Tempur–Pedic: for those who are looking for memory foam mattress, Tempur–Pedic mattress is undoubtedly the one gaining good words for its high quality foam among its competitors. One of the best features of TempurPedic is it contains high density foam which makes a person ‘stay still’ rather than keeping them tossing and turning through the night. When compared with Saatva or Sleep number, they make lesser noise as they are made out of foam unlike Saatva that contains innerspring system or air pumps like Sleep number that leaves you with squeaky and weird noises when in use.

Tempur-pedic also ensures long lasting quality and a good lifespan compared to Saatva or Sleep number. It even has the ability to ease away any body pain from your body especially back, hip or shoulder.

But on the con side, Tempur-pedic are quite pricey and also provide a “too warm” feeling when you sleep as it retains the body heat instead of releasing them to give you a cool feeling.

Saatva Mattress Sagging – A review

Saatva mattress’s innerspring and memory foam delivers a good combination that provides you excellent relief from pain. Saatva mattress has very good varieties of firmness levels for those with different tastes ranging from ultra firm to ultra soft. The best part of Saatva mattress is they promote ‘green’ products i.e. all their materials such as cotton are organic, steel are recycled and memory foam is bio based. They only have online website to shop from which also helps in less carbon foot print. Apart from an affordable price, they also give you a 30 day trial period so that you can return it if you don’t feel its worth it. Saatva mattress has also received its chiropractic seal of approval.

But on the con side, the individual coil construction makes their product less durable when compared to Tempur-pedic or sleep number. Product which has inner coil beds with pillow tops are the ones that pose problems to consumers such as sagging.

Sleep Number – A review

Sleep number mattresses are basically permanent air mattress. That doesn’t mean it works like an air mattress. In fact, they are quite comfortable by letting you adjust the firmness. This is one of the reasons people buy Sleep number beds so as to adjust their different levels of firmness as per their situation such as injury, illness or body pain. The best feature of the air mattress Sleep number is it contains its own air chamber that works solely to have fluctuating firmness. Sleep number also competes with its rival Tempur-pedics for reducing back pain or any other bodily pain by providing therapeutic relief. It is also the favored by pregnant ladies as it helps them move easily without any discomfort.

The Most Comfortable Mattress

The best part of Sleep number is they have a good life span than other mattress and the mechanical parts can be easily replaced. The air of the sleep number mattress does not compress easily over time and provides good longevity for your money and product. As they are air, it is light in weight and can be moved easily.

On the con side, unlike other silent mattresses such as Tempur-pedic or Saatva mattresses, it makes a noise because of the firmness level which requires an electric air pump. They are also a bit on the expensive side though only the highest level of mattress. The air mattress are quite fragile as even a slight hole can make you lose the air of the mattress. As there are partially made out of mechanical equipments, they can wear out easily and does not have a long life unlike Saatva mattresses or Tempur-pedic.


Basically, from the review of these three mattresses, one of the good products to choose would be Tempur-pedic but if you are on a budget or a hate-to-shop personality, then Saatva would be great. Sleep number is best for those who want firmness while they sleep.

Luxury Mattress: Types and Its Features

About one third part of a person’s life is spending on a bed. Therefore the overall health of a person is determined by the comfort and discomfort of the mattress. Mattress plays an important part in getting sleep and comfort. There are many different types of mattresses depending on the material, filling, and size.

1. Size

The size of the mattress depends on the person who is sleeping on it. There are mattresses made for babies to those that can accommodate 3-4 persons on a single one. The child’s mattresses are made customized to the crib size. The adult mattresses come in sizes single, twin, double, queen size and king size. The length varies from 4 ft to 7 ft, while the width ranges from 2 ft to 6 ft. Mattresses have different thickness also. The thickness ranges from 4 inches to eighteen inches.

2. Types

  • Innerspring Mattresses are the type that has steel springs that support the body lying above it. The mattress has three layers. The foundation is made of a wooden or metal frame that supports the upper layers. The next is the spring coils and on top of that is the insulation layer that protects the top layer from the spring coils. The next layer is the middle padding made of foam and the top most layer is the ticking and quilting.
  • Foam Mattresses are made of memory foam or latex foam. The memory foam mattresses are made of visco-elastic foam over base foam. This type of foam is different under different climatic conditions, in colder areas the mattress is firmer, and in warmer areas it is softer. The mattress softens with the temperature of the sleeping person. Latex foam is made with a blend of natural and synthetic latex. The mattress can be heavier or lighter with the make.
  • Air mattresses are adjustable and can be stored. They can be stored flat when not in use. They are air pumped when in need of use. The amount of air depends on the requirement.

3. Features

  • Innerspring mattresses must be rotated and flipped every 3-4 months otherwise it will sag too easily. This is good for heavy weighed persons as they get a firm support. But the spring coils do not spread the body weight evenly and do not support the back or spinal alignment. This is not suitable for people with back pain.
  • Foam Mattresses is helpful in distributing the body weight evenly. They are heat sensitive and will adjust with the boy temperature to give comfort. The other advantage is that it need not be flipped over. These mattresses will weigh more with the material and can cost higher than usual.
  • Air mattresses are adjustable with weight but the body will need firm support. So if someone fails to make the bed firm may end up waking up with back pain.

Choose the right one that the body prefers. All types of mattresses have their own life span. When the person sleeping on the mattress does not find comfort or finds any discomforts it is no longer suitable for them.

Saatva Mattress King

A hectic day at office, a tiring day at school, the tensions in the workplace, the hangover of a breakup…all you will feel like coming home and throwing yourself onto the bed and bury under the quilt. But there again you may end up frustrated with your mattress making you so unconfortable. The solution to this is right in front of you. Check out our new ecofriendly mattress at Saatva Mattresses.

Avocado Green Mattress

Saatva is Americas best priced ultra-luxury mattress which has organic cotton covering with coil on coil design and spinal zone technology.

Reasons why you should go for Saatva Mattress are

  • Individual pocketed comfort coils – One of the most advanced coil system of Individual pocketed coils in the top portion of the mattress which helps in responding and contouring to every body shape is used here.
  • Dual Perimeter Edge Support System – For better durability and more sleep surface the foam is encased with anti-sag support. The foam encased is also used for the upper comfort coils making Saatva the most durable mattress in the luxury mattress market.
  • Lumbar Support Enhancement – For additional pressure relief and stress reduction a Lumbar support enhancement made of high quality memory foam layer is used. It provides additional support in the lumbar region.
  • Steel Coil Base Support System – A tempered steel support lower coil base is provided for a long lasting sustainable mattress. This helps in increasing durability and prevent sagging.
  • Organic Cotton Cover and Euro Pillow Top – For a neater look the euro pillow tops are offered than regular pillow tops that are sewn to the top of a bed which tends to shift and lose shape.
  • Best Customer Service – Saatva Mattresses provides the best customer service in town.
  • Reasonable prices – The prices too compared with other luxury mattresses with features like these are very reasonable.
  • Luxury coil innerspring mattresses breathe – It has the benefit of clean evaporation of water from nightly perspiration because of the presence of airflow between the springs.
  • Supplements your health – Those people who suffer from back, hip or joint pain will feel
    more comfortable on a mattress that will gently contours and nourishes all those pains.

There are three varieties of mattresses based on the comfort level:

  • Plush Soft – Just like cuddling a stuffed toy Plush Soft mattress helps you to hug them in a
    supportive embrace. It’s rather the feeling of the mattress hugging you and you can
    sleep comfortably and peacefully.
  • Luxury Firm – This is the standard comfort level strategy followed in all the big hotels in
    the world and this is also the flagship level of Saatva Matresses. Here the spine zone
    technology is used and is classified as top rated among all the comfort levels.
  • Firm – Though it gives you the cuddling feeling initially, it is quickly followed by the firm
    support you desire.

Awards and Recognitions

  •  Chiropractic Seal of Approval – This approval is given to mattress firms who strictly conforms  to a number of standards for the back and spinal health and Saatva Luxury Mattress takes  pride in getting the approval first among the others in the luxury mattress market segment.
  • Official Mattress of Healthbridge Sleep – The Healthbridge Sleep Clinic have chosen Saatva mattress as their official mattress for patients with sleeping issues and others.

Saatva’s Green Initiative

Saatva’s Green Initiative provides the healthiest mattress made from the finest eco-friendly

  •  The Outer cover of the mattress is made from organic cotton.
  •  The Inner springs are constructed from recycled steel rods.
  •  Safe, bio-based foam is used for Saatvas memory-foam layer.
  •  The problems of Allergy reactions which are caused from some low quality mattresses are sorted out with the help of Saatva introducing its Luxury Eco-friendly mattresses.
  •  Without stores, our carbon foot print is minimal as compared to our competitors. Our business model is not only healthier for the environment; it eliminates all the costs that drive up prices in retail stores. This allows Saatva to sell our eco chic luxury mattresses at incredibly low prices.

The online store has also helped in reducing the carbon footprints which makes it more
environmental friendly and helps in reducing costs.

Best Gel Mattress Features vs Saatva Mattresses

Best Gel Mattress Features vs Saatva Mattresses

The arrival of gel memory foam helped greatly in removing the tag of ‘heat retentive’ from memory foam mattresses. They completely changed the feel of memory foam mattresses. Gel memory foam mattresses have some really good features. And Saatva mattresses are no less in good features. Saatva mattresses are one of those beds that not only make promises but put in every effort and succeed in keeping the promises they make. So, let us see which is the best mattress by comparing the best features of gel memory foam mattresses with Saatva mattresses
(comparison is not a bad thing when it is made between two products and when you are going to pay a good amount of your saving on them!)

Avocado Green Mattress

Best Gel Memory Foam Mattress features vs Saatva Mattresses

The competition is really tough but each one of them is great and performs their task really well. The main difference that can be said is SAATVA is safe, free of harmful chemicals and an eco-friendly mattress with the bio-based foam. Not all gel memory foam mattresses are made of bio-based foam. The bio-based foam is healthier than the gel memory foam. It was found that traditional memory foam mattresses sleep hot and the new gel memory foam mattresses are cooler as they are infused with cool gel beads that do not allow heat to build up inside the mattress. But it is not the case with Saatva. They are different from the usual memory foam mattresses. The Saatva memory foam mattresses are made using the bio-based foam and is designed in such a way that the mattress is able to breathe freely, it is well aerated from inside which prevents the building up of heat. That is why Saatva mattresses remain cool and comfortable.

When it comes to comfort both the types are great. Both have got great contouring feature and pressure relieving property. Saatva is so good in comfort and giving support and relief to the pressure points that it has got chiropractic seal of approval to its credit. Gel memory foam mattresses usually do not come with the tag of eco-friendly, but Saatva mattresses are eco-friendly and has been created using the best, supreme quality and environment friendly materials. Recycled steel, cotton cover (the cotton used in the Saatva mattress is 100% organic), the fire retardant protection shield is made of natural thistle and the bio-based memory foam.

Saatva is one of the top rated mattress manufacturers. Customers have declared it to be the best online shop of mattresses, whether it is the quality warranty, trial offer or price, Saatva offers the best offer available in the mattress industry. And not to forget the way they treat their customers. Their superbly knowledgeable, well mannered and helpful customer care executives make the shopping procedure really easy and comfortable. The customer is provided with every little detail about the product and is not tricked to buy the product. The company puts forth the truth and leaves the decision making to the customer.

The America’s pride which has been entitled with the honour of being “America’s best priced mattress”, Saatva Is considered the best mattress people have seen in the recent years.

Saatva Mattress reviews: Why they should be more popular

Why is it that Saatva mattresses are not creating the stir that they should be. For one thing, people do not change their mattresses frequently. Often, the same mattress is used for decades before tossing it. For another, people do not want to trust an online mattress website which could be spaming them.

Avocado Green Mattress

Let me tell you this, there is nothing remotely spamy about the Saatva mattress websites. They have a lot of information on the website and they have enough reviews saying that they respond great to customers. Try going onto their website now and you will find them on Live Chat.

You can tell them about your sleeping needs and they will find the perfect mattress for you. You can even give the room lengths and heights and they will tell you the size of the mattress you should by. There are also different softness levels. Plush Soft, Luxury Firm and Firm. You can again decide what you would prefer, something really soft that cradles you, if you and your spouse have different sleeping needs or if you would like something that is firm yet plush.

It is not very easy to purchase mattresses from showrooms as you usually get confused after you try tentatively bouncing on a few. You then choose something at random and end up with it for the next few decades and also with a back pain after a while. Admittedly, there are people who know how to choose their mattresses and there are people who can dish out wads of cash for the mattresses. People like me, fall in neither category.

The Saatva Mattresses have a good return policy: this had me excited. If I did not like it, I could return it and no questions would be asked! They promised that this transaction would be very smooth and friendly, although they did have a mischievous air about it. I later realized that this was because there was no way anyone would return these mattresses! If they wanted it back, they would have to take me along, clinging on top of it.

The Saatva Mattresses are not very pricy, given their lack of long chains. You get it directly from the manufacturers, assured about the quality and freshness. I’m perfectly happy with my Plush soft mattress and recommend that you soon find yours. Do read all the  positive reviews that are also available on the site from people who have used the product.

Saatva Mattress Is The Best Mattress

Saatva mattress is an online mattress store which is known for the green initiative. The company offers eco friendly, non-toxic mattresses of all sizes from twin, full, queen, king, and California King mattresses. Mattresses are the means to a good sleep. There are many ways to get better sleep and a soft and comfortable mattress is one of the sleep essentials. A comfortable mattress is required for stay asleep. Saatva mattress is made in 5 layers.

  • The comfort of the mattress is made by the individual pocketed coils. They are situated in the top portion of the mattresses. Each coil is individually wrapped so that movement in one will not affect the other coils.
  • This coiled part is covered by foam that does not sag at the edge and supports better. The technology used is the dual perimeter edge support that makes the Saatva mattress unique.
  • The next layer is the memory foam that lies on top of the foam covered part. The memory foam provides stress relief and supports the lower back.
  • The base layer steel coil system: The supporting part of any mattress is the coil base. What makes Saatva mattress different from other mattresses is that these coils are made of recycled steel. These coils make the mattress long lasting and increase the durability up to 10-15 years.
  • All the above layers are duly covered by organic cotton and euro pillow top. The euro pillow top means that the wadding materials are inserted under the top cover giving the mattress a smooth finish. It also helps retain the shape longer than any other technique.


The Most Comfortable Mattress

Mattress Sizes

  • Twin mattresses that are 39” x 75” in size and these are the narrowest size fitting for day beds and kids room.
  • Full size Saatva mattresses are 54” x 75” in width and length. They are suitable as a single bed but more spacious.
  • Queen Size Saatva mattress is larger than the twin and full size mattress with 60” wide and 80” long, that makes comfortable space for two people easily.
  • King Size Saatva mattress is huge and even when there are two people sleeping in there is lot of spare space in the mattress. Comfortable, spacious and sturdy is what King mattress is. They are 76” wide and 80” long.
  • California King Size Saatva Mattress is a longer king size mattress but less wide by 4 inches. This is convenient for people who are taller than usual.

What makes Saatva the best mattress is that it gives same comfort as any expensive mattress but at a lesser rate and it is also eco-friendly and better for health. The ultra premium specifications make its quality higher. It can provide comfort, and sturdiness better than any other mattresses. Though it is available only online the 30 day trial helps one to be sure that this is what they really want.

Saatva Mattress – An Organic Mattress?

Mattress is made of foam that is made using chemicals. These chemicals are carcinogenic and cause many other health troubles. Saatva mattress is an organic mattress but the brand does not claim it to be 100% organic. Saatva has utilized reusable and plant based products for the manufacture of the mattress. It is a green initiative towards an eco-friendly approach for the mattress making.

What is an Organic Mattress?

An organic mattress is one that is made with organic foam. Here in Saatva Mattresses, the foam is made using 30% of soya or corn oil. This means, there is a 30% reduction, in the usage of the chemicals. The chemicals used in the foam making are toxic and emits toxic vapors polluting the air and causing respiratory problems or skin allergies. Soy is the most popular product used for foam making as it is a natural product and also biodegradable or reusable resource.

How is Saatva an Organic Mattress?

Saatva uses 30% of soy to make the foam, which is a very huge step towards organic movement. Additionally, there are other recycled items used in the making of Saatva Mattresses. The mattress fibers are natural thistle making it less allergic than the chemical mattresses. It also helps the mattress be fire retardant without using any more chemicals. The coils are made of steel that are recycled. This helps reduce a smaller portion form the earth’s burden. The memory foam also is made out of bio-based viscoelastic. The outer covering of the mattress is done by organic cotton making fewer chances of skin allergies. The cotton is backed with hypoallergenic fibers. All the bio-based components have a derivative of soy. The no-stores also play a role in being eco-friendly by reducing the carbon print.

Saatva mattresses have very low VOC emission and utilize no mercury or other heavy metals and no formaldehyde is used at all. Since it has lesser chemicals it surely does reduce the ozone depletion also. To avoid the risk of frequent exposure to the one third of the life – as a person spends one third of his life in bed sleeping, choose the organic Saatva mattress for a better health and greener environment.

Saatva Mattress – Comfort, Support and reliability

Saatva Mattress is one of America’s favorite that provides good comfort, support and reliability to you and your home.

Lack of sleep is often one of the ignorant things that we, humans forget to consider. Though sadly, your brain never sleep, but your body does without any doubt and that is one of the factors that lead to many issues with your health. Believe it or not, lack of sleep can make you stupid…!!! (no pun intended).


Saatva mattress stands in one of the top three positions in best mattress reviews for the sole selling point – quality. It comes in three different comfort levels known as Plush soft, luxury firm and Firm. You can choose the best suited for you as per the firmness level you desire. As an example, if you are a person to sleep on your back or stomach, then Saatva Firm is apt for your sleep.

Saatva Mattress also is an ambassador of green and the covers they manufacture is made out of organic cotton. Even the mechanical equipment’s such as steel are recycled and the foam is bio based and does not contain any formaldehyde or other irritants. Some of the features include:

  • use memory foam that are bio based that contours the shape of your body and retracts back into original when not in use
  • has a coil on coil construction. While the lower coil provides a hourglass shaped base, the top coil unit are individually wrapped to ensure healthy sleep and unwanted movements.
  • the gap between the springs also promotes healthy air flow and evaporation of water at night times when you perspire which makes the bed cool to sleep on. It also keeps away termites or germs.
  • has the chiropractic seal of approval for its therapeutic use
  • does not have any retail stores and hence reduces the effect of carbon footprint on our environment i.e. driving up to retailers that pollutes the climate
  • cures any problems in your body such as hip, back or shoulders
  • is affordable than other competitors such as Tempur-pedic or Sleep number

The best part of Saatva mattress is it fits easily with any standard foundation. The lower coil base is made out of bonnell coils as they deliver good lifespan. Though they do not deliver good comfort when used as a single layer, but they provide a strong core when used on two coil system and since Saatva mattress is made out of double coil construction, I need not say further.

Sleep well with saatva mattress that not only ensure good quality mattress but also saves you from shelling out extra bucks. If you still more convincing, you always have the 30 day trial period to try it out for yourself.

Saatva Review – Extra Firm Mattress For Soft and Firm Sleep

People who prefer to sleep on firm yet comfortable mattresses should definitely go for the Saatva Extra Firm Mattress. Firm mattresses have therapeutic values as well. The Saatva extra firm mattress is made of the same high quality materials that is typical in Saatva Mattresses. The Saatva extra firm mattress provides the necessary support to your body, especially the spine to take care of any back pains and also give a blissful sleep. Check some Saatva mattress reviews by the users and you will be able to see the exceptional results of these mattresses.

Avocado Green Mattress

The Saatva extra firm mattress have individually pocketed coils in the top part of the mattress and these help the mattress to shape itself to your body contour. This coil system is the most advanced in the coil market. The steel coil base support system of the Saatva extra firm mattress are made of tempered steel and oven baked making the Saatva extra firm mattress durable and also prevents sagging of the mattress.

Also preventing sagging of the Saatva extra firm mattress is the dual perimeter edge support system. There is more surface area and the coils are covered in foam. The lumbar support system of the Saatva extra firm mattress is made of the highest quality of memory layer. The memory foam used in the Saatva extra firm mattress provides more support and reduces tension and stress for the lower back of the body providing it therapeutic comfort. The memory foam is also adaptable to different body contours.

The Saatva extra firm mattress has a euro pillow top which gives the mattress extra wadding and cushioning materials than what you would usually find in normal mattresses. These materials are kept below the outer covering of the Saatva extra firm mattress to give the mattress a neater look. This will also prevent the pillow tops from shifting around and lose shape.

Saatva Mattress Is Cheap , this is why

The Saatva extra firm mattress has taken a green initiative. The outer covers are made of organic cotton and the inner springs are made of recycled steel. The memory foam used in the Saatva extra firm mattress are made of safe and bio-based foam. This makes the Saatva extra firm mattress allergens free. There have been no complaints of any allergic reactions typical of foam mattresses. The Saatva extra firm mattress are also packed in quality materials the moment they are manufactured to prevent foreign material from entering the mattresses and they are priority shipped as well.

The Saatva extra firm mattress are the right choice for you if you find ultra soft mattress to encaving. You get the feel of floating on your bed rather than sinking into it.

Saatva mattress reviews

Saatva Mattress REviews

Saatva mattress reviews indicate a strong userbase and a great product. Among all the products made in the United States of America, Saatva mattress is one of the few which does not have an outlet , yet performs great with the user base. Saatva mattress reviews are strong for the price and the quality. There are over 200 odd Mattress manufacturers who are prominent in the United States and Saatva is the only one of them which does not have a retail outlet yet performs out of the way to compete with the top players. the products are from organic base and some have synthetic content (mentioned on the brochure).

The Most Comfortable Mattress

Saatva mattress is cheap and surely one of the few mattress which comes at an affordable price. The product lasts for 3-4 years comfortably without sagging in and some do last a lot longer. With multiple variation of products to choose from, Saatva caters to a wider range of audience than many of its competitors. Saatva mattress is simply Cheap yet Good quality product. For more information on more Saatva mattress reviews, check the link Below.

Saatva Mattress Bad Reviews & Complaints

Saatva mattress have proved to be the most popular online sold mattress, although, like any other products, there are some complaints and cons attached. When going through the Saatva mattress reviews, I find that some of the complaints people have about the mattress is rather ridiculous, for example, one reviewer complains that the bed is so comfortable, their dog wouldn’t leave it, making it difficult for the people of the house to sleep on it. Understandably, I do not take this as a major complaint. Some people have complained about the sagging issues of the mattress, but these complaints are few and most of the customers seem to be satisfied with the product.

Saatva Mattress How organic is it in reality?

Though the makers of Saatva mattress have taken their green initiative seriously, users have found that the mattress is not exactly 100% organic. It is impossible to makes a mattress without some processed parts as the longevity would be affected by it. Mattresses are meant to last for a few decades. The cover is organic and the other parts are a mix of both.


Saatva Mattress Usage

The bottom of the mattress is not adjustable base friendly. They come in a standard form, thus customizing these mattresses is not an option. They have tried to remedy this by providing an array of sizes in foundations and frames and also different comfort levels. The extra strong coil construction makes the mattress strong, yet unchangeable.

Saatva Mattress Trials

Since the whole Saatva sales is online, there is no option of trying out the mattress before getting it. They do not have a showroom where you can test the mattress before buying it. There is helpful information on the website like Saatva Mattress reviews, but this cannot be compared to actually testing out mattresses at stores. The return policy remedies this problem to some extent and not having to store the mattresses reduces the cost of it as well.

Saatva Mattress Memory foam

Memory foam is used in Saatva. This foam has numerous advantages, yet a few disadvantages as well. It tends to heat up after some use and some forms can give out toxic VOCs. Saatva uses non-toxic forms of processing to avoid allergies, but the few drawbacks of memory foam mattresses are still there.

Saatva Mattress – What is Memory Foam?

You might have come across this word ‘Memory Foam’ many times while searching for mattresses and the same search might have ended you up here! So, friends stop scratching your head, for Memory foam is nothing but a type of foam that is viscoelastic in nature. It is polyurethane plus certain chemicals are added to it, to increase its viscosity and density. It molds easily into the shape of the object placed on it and the moment the object is removed i.e. the moment the weight gets uplifted from its surface it retains its original shape. This ‘fast recovery’ feature of memory foam is one of the reasons why it is very popular among mattresses makers.

So, simply it is just a type of foam that will provide your body with the comfort that your body always desire for while sleeping and the outcome is a sound and undisturbed sleep for extended hours! Even thinking about it is bringing a smile on your face:) right? You know what is the other interesting thing about memory foam? It is a NASA production! Yeah It was developed by NASA!

Saatva Mattress Memory Foam’s Origin:

It all started in 1966 when Ames Research Center of NASA decided to increase the safety of aircraft cushions and lower the effect of G forces on astronauts. Thus, as a result memory foam was developed. In 1980’s NASA introduced memory foam to the public .Though initially not many companies were willing to work with memory foam but then after 1991 there was no looking back!

Saatva Mattress – Uses:

Memory foam is widely used for preparing mattresses, blankets and pillows and even for the cushions of wheel chair. Many Hospitals uses memory foam mattresses for their beds for its ability in reducing body pain and providing a comfortable sleep for extended period of time. Inadequate sleep is considered as one of the reasons for stress and tiredness, so memory foam mattresses will also be very helpful for people having sleeping troubles. The benefits of Saatva memory foam mattresses are well explained in the Saatva Mattress reviews.

How does memory foam works?

Memory foam distributes the weight of the body equally and relieves the pressure from the pressure points of your body. The heavier parts of your body sink in nicely and the lighter region like the lumbar region of your body, the main region from where the back pain generates gets the required support and base. Memory foam is very responsive to the heat and weight of the body and accordingly it compress itself and contours to the body shape. But, once the weight is removed it sprints back to the same form in which it was before you used it.

Some Saatva mattress reviews also complain that the beds, once they arrive, seem rather taller than how they appear on the website. They say that some people found the beds too bouncy or hard for their preference.

Saatva Store Locator

Saatva sells their mattresses only online. There are no retail stores that sell Saatva. These mattresses can be bought only online from their official site, Saatva mattresses are also available at Amazon.

Saatva mattress cheap memory foam mattresses

Saatva has some of the Best yet Cheap  Memory Foam Mattress. Quality at cheap! Confused??!! Whether like the rate even the quality will also be poor? You might be wondering that why would a company provide a good quality product at such a lower rate? Your mind starts building up thoughts that there’s something fishy, there might be some problem with the product or the quality is not as good as it is being boasted about etc. etc.! My friends shoo away all these thoughts for SAATVA is a distinction! Like its name it provides true quality products to its customers as it believes in customer satisfaction . Want to know why saatva is providing its high quality product at a cheaper rate as compared to that of other mattresses? Read on!

Avocado Green Mattress

Saatva is a purely on line store so the cost of setting up a physical store or giving the rent , the expense of employees salary , maintenance, utilities etc is all saved and since the store is an on line one so whatever transaction occurs it takes place directly between the customer and the manufacturer, so there’s no role of the middleman . Here again the middleman’s commission is saved! All these factors affects the cost of the product , actually the cost of the product is determined by all these factors. So when saatva is saving all these expenses it is extending this benefit to its customers as well! Saatva provides the product at a rate less all these expenses.


So now you know why saatva mattresses are cheaper. There’s one more advantage to saatva mattresses apart from being cheap they come with a 30 day free trial offer. So it is like you can use and then choose .After using it if you don’t feel comfortable or feel like it is not the right one , the chances of which are almost nill ,then you can return the product! As I said in the beginning they believe in Customer Satisfaction!

Saatva Memory foam mattresses are comfort cum Quality at affordable price!

Saatva mattress Comfort Scale & Additional Features

“Sleep is the Golden Chain that binds health and bodies together” according to Thomas Dekker. Saatva reviews on its very promising luxury firm – ultra premium firm mattress is worth knowing. Sleeping well is an essential part of our life and an inevitable process. A comfortable mattress is like a sleeping pill. When a body gets a comfortable base to lie on it become more relaxed. But the definition of comfort is different for every individual. If some feel comfortable on firm mattresses, then some find soft mattresses more comfortable. To provide customers with their desired level of comfort, Saatva created three most sought after comfort levels.

Avocado Green Mattress
  • Plush soft
  • Luxury firm
  • Firm

Saatva’s Plush soft comfort level

If you enjoy the soft hug of the mattress while you are asleep, then this is the comfort level of your choice. The plush soft level of Saatva mattresses is prepared out of softer bio-based foam.

In the plush soft comfort level, each coil is enclosed with soft foam, to offer the mattress the plush feeling.

The level is not excessively soft, so the customer will not experience a sinking feeling.

Extremely soft plushy mattress can be highly uncomfortable for the body to lie on. The user’s body may experience a lack support on overly soft mattresses. Saatva plush soft offers a properly balanced softness.

Soft plush mattresses are best suited to side sleepers.

Saatva luxury firm mattresses

This is the flagship level of Saatva’s comfort levels. You will find a balanced equation of firmness and softness in this mattress. This level can also be called as the ‘luxurious comfort level’ as this is the comfort level that the luxury hotels prefer for their mattresses as it gives the user a soft friendly comfort embrace with a firm support.

  • This comfort level is suitable for any side sleepers. It is just perfect for all side sleepers.
  • The firmness used in this mattress is not as soft as the plush mattress and not as firm as the foam used in the firm mattress.
  • The level is neither too hard nor too soft, it stands somewhere in between.
  • Ultra premium classification has rated this level as ‘#1 comfort choice’.
  • For partners with different comfort needs this level will be like a settlement.

The Saatva’s Firm comfort level

Some people like firm sleeping surface. The firmness needs to be of the right level, otherwise it can prove to be troublesome. When it becomes softer the level cannot be called as firm and when it becomes too firm it actually becomes hard. Saatva offers firm levels gracefully without loosing its firmness and without being too hard offers its users a gentle firm support.

The Most Comfortable Mattress
  • This level mattress consists of coils wrapped in firm foam.
  • Gives perfect support to the back and stomach sleepers.
  • The firm mattress may alleviate the problem of back ache in users.

The structure of the mattress of any comfort level is same only. The main features of Saatva mattress:

  • Coil-on-coil advanced innerspring designed (coils made with recycled steel)
  • Use of ‘Spinal Zone’ sleep technology.
  • Bio-based memory foam (CertiPUR certified)
  • Top cover made with 100% organic cotton.
  • Free of chemicals
  • Safe to use for you and your family
  • Excellent quality at low price
  • 15 year warranty
  • 45 days trial offer

Saatva Mattresses Comfort level

Comfort is an ingredient with which the Saatva mattresses are built and without which Saatva mattresses do not exist! Saatva offers the three perfect levels of comfort that the users need. Saatva follows the rule of ‘nothing in extremes and everything in moderation’. Whether its Saatva’s plush mattress or Saatva’s firm mattress, it follows these rules. Saatva doesn’t want to confuse its customers by offering too many comfort levels, so it has designed three levels of comfort that will satisfy the needs of the customers, without putting them in a state of confusion.

Avocado Green Mattress

Saatva’s comfort levels:

  • Plush soft
  • Luxury firm
  • Firm

According to the mattresses’ comfort scale, the plush soft mattress by Saatva shows level three (3). The Saatva luxury firm comes between 5-7 and the firm mattress acquires the position 8 on the mattress comfort scale.

Comfort level – Saatva Plush Soft Mattress

Be ready to get the loving and plushy hug at night in your sleep with the Plush soft Saatva mattress. Saatva plush soft gives its users an embrace of comfort and support. It is soft but not to an extreme where the user get the uncomfortable feeling of sinking. The Saatva plush soft mattress is comfortably soft, a softness that the user will love to be in and to be embraced with. Every coil is wrapped with comfortable soft foam to set up a great comfort offering mattress. For people who love soft mattresses and are side sleepers, Saatva plush soft mattress is perfect for you.

Comfort level -Saatva Luxury Firm

The flagship level of comfort of Saatva! This comfort level is the most sought and the most loved by users. Luxurious hotels use this comfort level mattresses for their hotel room because of their perfect balance of softness and firmness. The luxury firm mattress offers soft firmness and perfect contouring support, relieves the body of its pressure and tirednes. If your and your partner’s comfort levels are different, then the luxury firm mattress can turn out to be your ice breaker. It will offer you a sleep experience that you will love to have again and again. These firm plus soft combinations allow the mattress not to be too hard nor too soft on the body. It helps your back to be in perfect alignment preventing it from getting painful. Whether you are side sleepers, stomach sleepers or back sleepers, the mattress goes well with any type of sleepers. It will surround you with a luxurious feeling and will envelop you in a comfortable embrace leading you restfully to the world of sound and comfortable sleep.

Comfort level -Saatva Firm Mattresses

A type of firmness which will not be hard on the users. Usually firm mattresses are not liked by people because of its hardness, but in the case of Saatva, the firmness of the mattress is kept at such a level that the mattress offers comforting firmness and not of the hard type. The firmness that Saatva offers in its firm mattress is really good for those who have an issue with their back and those who sleep on their back or stomach. Initially when you rest your body on the mattress, it gives you a soft welcome which is followed by a firm supporting embrace. It will give you a floating feeling. People who love firm mattresses will actually fall in love with the Saatva firm mattresses.

Saatva Luxury Firm Mattress

Saatva Luxury Firm mattress can be defined as a luxurious experience at an affordable rate! The first thing that someone looks at before buying a product is the reviews, as reviews are the personal experience of the users with the product. If the reviews are good then the product passes the first test. So, if you will look at the reviews of the Saatva luxury Firm mattress then it has passed the first test with good grades! People have found them to be very comfortable, true to the promise given by the company.

Avocado Green Mattress

Saatva luxury firm mattress like all the other Saatva mattress is made of eco-friendly materials. The luxury firm mattress of Saatva has an interesting combination of softness and firmness. It is soft enough to give you a slight cozy feeling but at the same its firm enough to support your whole body and not allow it to completely sink into the bed. Favorite among the users, it provides the comfort and support to the tired body to relax and chill out.

The Saatva Luxury firm mattress uses an innerspring mattress with the coil on coil technology. This technology greatly helps in free flow of air inside the mattress which helps in keeping the inside of the mattress dry reducing the chances of fungi and small insects that is usually generated due to wetness. The Saatva Luxury mattress is designed in a way that the body weight gets dispersed equally on the surface. The Saatva luxury mattress is available in 12 different sizes and in two different thicknesses.

The 12 different sizes of Saatva luxury Firm mattress are divided into two categories

  • 14 ½” premium luxury mattress
  • Twin size
  • Twin XL
  • Full Size
  • Queen size
  • King size
  • California king



11 ½” Custom slim luxury mattress

  • Twin size
  • Twin XL
  • Full size
  • Queen size
  • King size
  • California king

The thickness

  • Standard 8”
  • Low profile 4”

The Saatva luxury firm mattress is an ideal choice for those who have the habit of switching their positions quiet often in their sleep and also for those who are having a trouble with their back. If your partner’s sleep need is different from yours then also this mattress is a best choice as it is a perfect combination of firm and soft. Get the expensive luxurious kind of sleeping experience that is usually found in five star hotels in your own home at less than half the rate!

The Most Comfortable Mattress

The Saatva luxury firm mattress is covered with 15 year warranty and customer service. Saatva also gives a 45 day home trial opportunity to its customer. So first you can try the product and then make the choice. Saatva is a complete online store, with every information about the mattresses given in detail on the website. The customer care service is also excellent, so if you are facing any troubles with the product or you have any queries about the product just give them a call and your doubts will be cleared and the problem will be solved:)