Why Your Mattress Is Ruining Your Life?


Sleep is a vital part of our life. We cannot think of a day without sleep. Hence, sleep is called as a golden chain that ties health and our bodies together. Choosing a right mattress for a good sleep is an important matter of concern. Many studies have been made on this factor. Showing how mattress is correlated to sleep quality, pain, and day time function. Most people suffer from health issues like pain in the neck, shoulder, back etc. Usually, we find it difficult to get adapted to a new bed when we are away from our home. We miss our personal bed very much. Kids are the one who finds such conditions very troublesome and began to cry.

Distinguishing the present from the earlier mattresses

There are different kinds of mattress available in the market nowadays. But the question is how to opt for the best one. Will it last for a longer term? Usually now it’s seen that mattress has a life span of hardly 8- 10 years depending upon the maintenance. A proper mattress is the one which maintains the hip position in an alignment. Earlier times had no modernization. Our grandparents used to sleep on mattress made of steel springs which can hold the hips in a right position. Such mattress offers good health and greater life span of nearly 25 years.

Importance of mattresses

It’s always better to sleep on a mattress which is not too hard and too soft. A firm mattress affects the areas of pressure points and aids in misalignment of the body. The soft one allows you to sink into bed leading to a bad posture during sleep. Back injuries are the most reported cases characterized by muscular and nerve problems. Such patients go for pain killers and other medications. These patients are advised to go for right sleeping patterns by the doctors. It’s difficult when you wake up with a pain and suffer for the whole day. Unable to concentrate on your days work.

Toxic chemicals commonly used in mattresses

Even the modern mattresses are made with the use of flame-retardant chemicals like boric acid, antimony, Formaldehyde etc. Such chemicals are mainly toxic and carcinogenic which interferes with our respiratory system. This is a major matter of worry. Since, bed is a place where we spent most of our time (around 8-10 hrs) sleeping. This might be a cause of sleeping disorders like insomnia, affecting the hormones causing pains in the joints and muscles. This is hazardous to the growing children. PBDE is another toxic chemical which were used in U.S mattresses to make it highly flame retardant. In order, to protect them from catching fire. Polybrominated diphenyl ether when inhaled results in reproductive and brain damage, low sperm count, problems associated with thyroid.

What can be trusted?

Memory foam – is it worth it or bad?

Many people say that memory foam mattress is good for sleeping. Since Memory–foam mattress have a foremost layer of temperature sensitive viscoelastic material. This mattress is given prime importance acting as a reliever against back pain. Memory foam balances the warmth of the body. Focuses on areas of pressure points and promotes great comfort to the body. But some say, the same bed is responsible for back pain. So, again the same issue comes in front. Could the mattress be good or bad? What will happen if instead of good health, we are sinking into a bad condition?

Water bed – is it good or bad for back pain?

Another type of mattress is the water bed mattress which also removes pressure from the spine. Back ache results in protrusion of the discs affecting the central nervous system. Doctors prescribe this flotation treatment to be effective against back and neck problems. But again the same worry comes, which to be chosen?

Changing People’s Mindset

Even people are reluctant to throw away their mattress after several years of use and somehow try to sacrifice by sleeping on the same mattress for years. One has spent a lot of dollars on the same. So it’s difficult for them to buy a new one. But this way we are damaging our health and end up with a bad neck and back. It’s not wrong to say that a mattress, which  we consider simple has a key role in moulding or ruining our lives.

6 Essential Oil Diffuser Blends That Will Help You Sleep

Oil Diffuser

Its not common that many people have trouble sleeping peacefully. There are many who fight with their pillows to get a proper sleep. While you may be having a luxury mattress, you will still find it difficult to sleep. Read on to know how essential oils diffuser can promote better sleep.

While bedding is one of the reasons for lack of proper quality sleep, there are other ways too to get a good sleep. For instance, aromatic diffusers are widely available in market and can be prepared at home as well that can soothe your mind taking away stress that will help you to get a quality sleep every night. Here are 6 essential oils diffuser that will promote better sleep.

Lavender with Peace and Calming

You can use Peace and Calming with the sweet flavor of Lavender together or diffuse them separately as well. Lavender oil is often termed as the “Swiss Army Knife” because you can use it for everything. Just make sure to buy genuine essential oils that have therapeutic remedies when used.

Peace and Calming is a blend of aromatic essential oils that are made with Orange, Tangerine, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli etc. This blend also works for babies who tend to wake up often at night as it can calm them to a great sleep.

Ruta Vala Essential Oils Diffuser

A blend of essential oils that relaxes the mind and body, Ruta Vala comes with a combo of Lavender, Ruta and Valerian essential oils. Diffuse them an hour before your naptime and get rid of any tension or stress. This blend is absolutely invigorating that leaves everyone crave for more. Many people even use this as a roll-on or even use it as an everyday use perfume.

Lavender and Bergamot

While lavender works perfectly in calming the mind and body, Bergamot helps in supporting the raging hormones and tones down the aggressiveness. The sweet citrus scent brings great deal in uplifting the moods. Want to sleep with a smile on your face, then better go with this flavor.

Frankincense and Vetiver

Many people use this as their ‘diffuser necklace’. Frankincense, also known as olibanum, is one of those pleasant fragrances that are used in incense and perfumes as well. The aroma brings a great relief for those who are fighting with stress and unwanted tension promoting a deep sleep.

Vetiver can be used both in aromatic and topically due to its myriad features. Vetiver works psychologically and targets the mind by stabilizing their aggressive mood behavior, be it children or adults. Since this oil tends to be of thick consistency make sure to use a glass dropper for easier use. These two oils when brought together delivers aromatic pleasure that is combined with quality sleep.

Lavender, Cedarwood, Peace and Calming Essential Oils Diffuser

As in the name, Cedarwood brings out the woodsy fragrance when blended with other flavors. You can either use this as an massage oil or as an aromatherapy diffuser. In either ways, it deliver optimum relief from unwanted mental stress that just won’t leave you. Bottomline, its all about experimenting using varied blends that will work in your favor.

Lavender, Romanc Chamomile and Vetiver

One of the most gentle oils is undoubtedly Roman Chamomile which is one of the major reasons it is safe on children as well. And when combined with two of the prominent essential oils, Lavender and Vetiver, you cannot ask for more relaxation. If your kids are having trouble sleeping, use this essential oils diffuser for better night’s sleep.

Best Mattress For Side Sleepers

Mattress For Side Sleepers

People sleep in different postures, which include sleeping on the back, side, stomach etc. Side sleeping is one of the most popular postures. Since the pressure for the side sleepers is mostly on the shoulder and the hips, a medium or soft mattress is preferred for them. Irregular sleeping postures can cause back pain and other problems. Since the right kind of mattress is essential for a quality and relaxed sleep, it ultimately has an impact on the health of a person.

Almost all brands have mattresses to suit side sleepers. Side sleepers need mattresses which both support and release pressure off the back. If your needs are specific, you can choose one that meets your requirements. There are many brands in the market which sells mattresses with small differences in the features. So it will be better if users go through many brands to choose a mattress which suits their needs. This is particularly important since some brands of mattresses are quite expensive and many users can afford to change mattresses only once in several years (average of 7 – 15 years).

Credits: http://drcrystaldraper.com/
Credits: http://drcrystaldraper.com/

Benefits of sleeping on the side and ideal mattresses for side sleepers

Sleeping on the side has a few benefits. One is, it relieves the pressure from the back. It also keeps the joints in a neutral position and a few people also get relief from snoring. Side sleepers also need mattresses that contours to the curves of the body. Soft mattresses like the memory foam mattresses are ideal for side sleepers, but some pillow top or Euro top mattresses also provide adequate comfort. Comfort is usually measures in a scale form 1-10. An average scale of 4-7 provides softness and the required firmness. If the scale is higher, then the softness will increase. Side sleepers are advised to avoid very firm mattresses. Most of the modern day soft mattresses are manufactured to provide support too.

Some of the popular mattresses for side sleepers are,

  • Brentwood Home 13-inch Gel HD Memory Foam Mattresses provides very good comfort with four layers of foam. It also has a 3 inch gel memory foam layer for a cool and comfortable sleep
  • The Serta 12 inch gel-memory foam mattress too has gel memory foam for comfort and even weight distribution. It has good air flow and helps provide a relaxed sleep.
  • Sleep Innovations 12 inch Sure Temp Memory Foam Mattress is ideal for side sleepers which provide very good support and softness.
  • Dream Foam Mattress Ultimate Dreams Cushion Firm Latex Mattress provides the best value for money and is very affordable. This has three layers of foam with a hyper-flex foam at the top which is very soft and absorbent. It has a second layer of natural talalay latex and another two layers of foam for comfort and support. It cushions pressure points and allows natural spine alignment.
  • Signature Sleep Contour 8 inch mattress provides very good support for the vertebrae and distributes weight evenly relieving pressure. The mattress has independently encased coils which eliminate motion disturbance for an good night’s sleep.
  • DreamFoam bedding Ultimate Dreams Full Crazy Euro Top Mattress, 9 inch has medium firm convoluted high density foam mattress. It has dual convoluted foam core layers with TriZone support. This is a cotton mattress made in USA.
  • Sleep Master 6 inch smooth top therapeutic memory foam mattress is an ideal mattress for children or for guest rooms, where the usage is occasional.

Hence a good mattress will benefit side sleepers as the pressure on their sides and hips are considerably removed hence reducing pain. It is not good to use very firm mattresses for side sleepers. A number of options are available for side sleepers and with some research, side sleepers can find a mattress which is to their liking, budget and comfort. Some of the features and popular mattress options are given above and a number of variations are available from those discussed above.

When To Change Your Mattress !


Are You Missing Out On Your Sleep Because Of Your Mattress?

A lot of people are sleep deprived because of their mattress. When the mattress that they sleep on is uncomfortable, they wake up in the morning feeling tired. Many people experience aches and pains or numbness in their bodies. So if you are one of those who wake up in the morning feeling stiff and uncomfortable, then it is time to change your mattress.

When To Change Your Mattress !

  • Is your mattress looking old and worn out? Does it sag a lot? If you find visible signs of wear and tear, then it is time to replace your mattress.
  • When there are aches and pains when you get out of bed, and you feel miserable, then too, its time to change your mattress
  • If the mattress is more than 7 or 8 years old, then it is time to change your mattress. 10 years is the maximum time that you can use your mattress. Most mattress don’t provide the support and comfort that is required beyond that period. The quality of the mattress and the way a mattress is used, is also very important.
  • If you have made lifestyle changes like getting married or increased or decreased your activities, or gained or lost weight, then the old mattress may not be suitable for your new lifestyle. As a person ages, the body too undergoes changes. There then is a requirement for more body support. So if your old mattress is not providing you with that support, you may end up with a bad back. It is then time to change your mattress. New mattresses come with a number of enhanced features and it is easy to choose a type of mattress which suits your requirement.
  • If you are sharing your bed with your partner, then check with your partner. If your partner is not sleeping properly and is tossing in the bed all night, then your sleep too might get affected. This means that the mattress does not have motion transfer. So when both the partners are affected, its time to change the mattress . If space permits, a bigger sized mattress is also helpful.
  • If you sneeze a lot when you get into bed, the mattress might be causing you allergies. So it is necessary to get a hypo allergic mattress which suits you and makes you comfortable. For allergic people, changing mattresses will help. The other option is to use mattress pads, and change or wash those frequently to get rid of dust and mites.
  • If you find that you are sleeping better when you are away from home, especially in hotel rooms, then it might be the mattress that is the culprit. So go ahead and change your mattress.

Mattress Care

It is advisable to turn or rotate the mattress at least once a month. Single side mattresses cannot be flipped, but double sided mattresses can be flipped and flipping a mattress is useful even if manufacturers do not recommend the same

Children should not allowed to jump and play on the mattress, as it will decrease the firmness and also the life of the mattress

The mattress should be supported by a good bed frame. The center of the mattress especially requires good support. So provide your mattress with a good support to make it last longer

So, to get better sleep, always check your mattress for defects and aging symptoms like sagging and lumps. Replace it at least every eight years. Better sleep leads to better health and a comfortable mattress should be a priority for every person who values health.

Mattresses On Sale – Best Time To Buy Mattress


With many brands, hundreds of players in the field, and many different types of mattresses available, buying a mattress is no longer an easy task. The cost of mattresses too varies from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. So customers are always on the lookout for mattress sales. The best time to buy is of course when these mattresses are on sale.

What is the best time to buy Mattresses on Sale?

Choosing a mattress has become a complicated process. But getting it at a discounted price is not that complicated. Mattress sales start a few days before most of the national holidays in the US. The national holidays include, President’s Day, Labor Day, the Fourth of July and Memorial day. On all these national holidays, customers can find their preferred mattresses on sale.

Some of the other good months to buy mattresses on sale are in the months of May and January. In May, most of the mattresses are available at discounted prices. January is another month when ‘White sales’ are available. During white sales too, one can buy mattresses at very cheap prices.

Individual retailers also offer discounts on mattresses at different times in a year. So it is better to watch out for these sales before paying unrealistic prices for a mattress.

What to look for while buying a mattress?

Most of the retailers hike their prices in their showrooms. So to get a good price, some bargaining may be necessary, to get the mattresses at a reasonable price. If you do not bargain, you will be paying more for a mattress.

Some of the bigger brands charge a higher price for their brand names. Mattresses with the same comfort and quality are available with lesser known brands. So customers must remember that the highly priced mattresses are not always the best.

Customers must read the warranty and return policies thoroughly while buying any mattress, whether it is on sale or not. It is a known fact that it is very difficult to return or exchange a mattress. Most companies will charge money for returning or exchanging a mattress. A lot of research has to be done before buying a mattress. Customers can also, if possible try to lie down on a mattress to check the comfort level of the mattress before buying.

There are a number of online stores which sell mattresses online. Though these mattresses may not be available on sale, the prices in online stores are very competitive as online stores save a lot on advertising and physical stores. Most of them also offer good return policies. There are reports that a higher percentage of customers who buy online return or exchange their mattresses than those who buy it from physical stores.

So next time you miss out on Mattress sales, you don’t have to despair. Equally good quality mattresses are available online for the same price or lesser than the mattresses on sale. The only drawback is you cannot physically test these mattresses. You can of course go to a store to check on these mattresses before buying them cheap online.

Sleep Like A Celebrity – Luxury Mattress Hollywood Stars Love

Luxury Mattress – What mattresses do celebrities buy?

Want to sleep like George Clooney? Heck, why not? And how much would you be willing to pay? $15,000, $50,000? “Sure, coz once I am in the bed, I don’t want to get out“, says Steven Watkins. He is a sales rep at a retail store that has an Aireloom Mattress Collection. That’s where Hollywood celebrities sleep on. Check out luxury mattress here at Matracos.com.

Luxury mattress

There is something special about the brands celebrities opt for. It naturally creates a fascination for us to live like them. The luxury mattress they choose are not just handmade but are environment friendly too. For instance, Vividus from a Swedish luxury mattress company called Hastens is one of the brands most preferred by many celebs. In fact, rumour has it that Tom Cruise and Angelina Jolie is shopping for a $65,000 handmade horsehair mattress. An excellent craftsmanship, it takes around 140-160 hours to build each mattress. In fact, it is designed using only the finest natural materials.

Credits: http://gen-ark.com

If you have great space in your bedroom, go with the Tempur-Pedic’s memory foam mattress. Oh, did you know Kelly Osbourne gifted it to her brother, Jack, on his 26th birthday? When asked she quoted, “I got him a new mattress, its the same kind I use, one of those Tempur-Pedic kinds, it’s like sleeping on a cloud! I am sure he appreciated it”.

Handcrafted mattress

The handcrafted mattresses feature only the highest quality materials available that speaks of flawless craftsmanship. Barack Obama when he was president has allegedly got himself a Shifman mattress early 2015. Other handcrafted mattress such as Kluft mattress are favored by many celebrities such as Demi Moore, Cindy Crawford, George Clooney etc.

On the list of favorite mattress among celebrities also falls Hypnos that is termed as ‘the most comfortable bed in the world’. It has many clientele to its credit such as Queen of England, Oprah Winfrey etc. In fact, Hypnos claim themselves to be the only bed manufacturer to supply the British Royal Family and their Household.

Eco-friendly Luxury Mattress

credits: www.caribbeanvibe.co
credits: www.caribbeanvibe.co

Supporting the Mother Nature are few of Hollywood celebs such as Eva Longoria who gave a shot at Latex foam mattress from Simmons Natural Care and had it customized to suit her taste. Even the “Speed” star, Sandra Bullock is going Natura.

P.S. Before you go

Bottomline, Luxury mattress have gone past the recession and many consumers are wanting to indulge in the best mattress that money can buy. Its not celebrities but those who realize the importance of sleep and have the source to buy can definitely share a bed with their favorite stars.

Why Do Pillow Top Mattresses Sink In The Middle!

Signature Sleep Signature 13 Inch Independently Encased Coil Mattress

There are complaints that pillow top mattress sinks in the middle. So what are pillow top mattresses? A pillow top mattress is nothing but a normal mattress on which additional upholstery is stitched on top. It looks like a pillow is placed on top of the mattress. This provides additional plush comfort for the users of this mattress.

Why do Pillow top mattresses sink in the middle?

Newer mattresses last for significantly shorter time than the older mattresses which used to last for 10-20 years. Mattresses these days last for only 7-8 years. There are a number of reasons given for this sinking in the middle.

Credits: http://mamabee.com/
Credits: http://mamabee.com/
  • Mattresses manufactured these days are lighter and use less coil and more foam to make them softer. This foam may not be always of good quality making them sink.
  • When we lie down on the mattress, we tend to lie down in the same position or same place on the mattress, which makes an impression on the mattress. Due to these reasons, the mattresses tend to sink over time.
  • Inadequate center support for the mattress is another reason for the pillow top mattresses sinking in the middle. Since the queen and king size mattresses are pretty large, they must have a strong center support to prevent sinking.
  • The box springs that are used to support the mattress may not contain any spring. They could be just metal or wooden frames. In some cases, the springs may be broken or damaged leading to the mattresses sinking in the middle.
  • Thicker mattresses like the pillow top mattresses tend to sink over time. Sometimes, the coil springs also weaken and will not spring back to its original position causing the mattresses to sink.
  • Finally, the material that is there in the top layer may shift and create a ridge or hump on the mattress.

A few FAQs

Can we fix the sinking in the pillow top mattress that sinks in the middle?

One of the easiest ways to fix the sinking is to put a few flat pillows in places where the mattress sinks. Putting the mattress on the floor might also prevent the mattress from sinking.

What are the precautions that we can take to prevent the pillow top mattress from sinking in the middle?

Regularly flipping or rotating the mattress may help in retaining the shape of the mattress for a longer time though some manufactures claim that their mattresses do not require flipping. A good box spring or metal support under the mattress can protect the mattress and extend its life.

Are the warranty terms applicable for the pillow top mattress?

Usual warranty terms are for 10 years. It is the pillow top mattresses that are plush or super plush that have the maximum amount of sinking. The sinking in firm mattresses is relatively low. The manufacturers usually replace a mattress only if it has sunk 1 ½ to 2 inches. They will also not replace stained mattresses. So it is very important to go through the warranty terms thoroughly before buying a mattress.

Best Mattress For Couples – Guide On How To Buy The Perfect Mattress


This is a helpful guide in picking the best mattress for couples – based on you and your partner’s sleep preference. While differences exist in a relationship, lack of sleep is one of the vital factors that can make a person feel irritated and unconsciously disturb a good relationship. Let’s face it, it is more strenuous to be kind and patient when you are feeling irritated all the time because of sore back pain or stiffness in the body.

As per a research conducted in 2012 by The Better Sleep Foundation, it was out in the open that Americans crave for more sleep than sex. Yes, 6 out of 10 Americans are sleep starved and shout sleep more than sex when asked what they need the most. Saddest part is they doze off at embarrassing places they least expect. 8 out of 10 blame the mattress that robs them away of sleep.

Credits: http://tipsofdivorce.com/
Credits: http://tipsofdivorce.com/

That being said, it is important that you consider opting a comfortable mattress that can change your life for betterment. I hope this guide paves a way for you to find the perfect bed thereby a happy relationship level.

Consider this

Check the space. Before you buy a mattress, make sure there is enough room for you and your partner. Stating the obvious, couples sleep better on queen and king size bed than full size mattress. This is because full sized mattress are quite narrow for couples and changing positions in the middle of the night can actually disturb your sleep. This will without a doubt ruin the frequency of deep sleep.

Shout out. I don’t mean literally scream. Talk to your partner about buying a new mattress. Since it has a direct impact on your day to day lives, it is better to discuss this topic before making the purchase. Look at the common happiness rather than single satisfaction.

Compromise. If you both are NOT willing to adjust, then here is plan B. For instance, if you want firm and your partner needs softer, go with plush firm, cushion or medium firm mattress. If you are looking it economic wise, go with mattress pads on one side of the bed.

The Green bucks. Price is always a matter when it comes to new mattress since it requires good investment. For those who are living in budget, stick to a limit and hunt within that range. If you can’t find a mattress within that budget, wait a couple of months. A couple of months misery is always better than lifelong suffering.

Research. Do some studies about the best mattress for couples that are available in the market. If you have enough time at your hand, test the mattress. Lie down in the middle of the store and check its firmness and how the body vibes with it. I know it can be embarrassing to lie in the middle of store but that’s the only way to buy the best mattress for couples. Another trick is to book tickets and indulge in a romantic getaway. Many hotels offer luscious and soft comfy mattress that are loved by couples. It is a known fact that people ask hotels about the brand of mattress they use.

Types of mattress – Best mattress for couples

There are many mattresses available with various designs and base. Here is a little summary on how they work so that you don’t feel overwhelmed while gathering information.

  • Conventional inner spring mattress – a traditional system using coils and springs with layered upholstery on top. Higher the coil, better the support but it also depends on the design and padding that is used in sync.
  • Wrapped coil mattress – another type of coil bedding system where coils are wrapped individually using cloth so as to independently adjust with your body. This coiling system helps in inhibiting motion transfer i.e. your partner won’t be disturbed even if you toss and turn at sleep.
  • Latex and memory foam mattress – reduces pressure points and supports the body by alleviating pressure using advanced techniques. Memory foam are sensitive to temperature and tend to get heat while merging with body’s temperature especially at body parts such as head, neck, hips, shoulders etc. where body is pressed firmly. Latex foam are highly resilient and give amazing relief to the body by taking off pressure from vital body parts.
  • Latex hybrid mattress or memory foam layers – not only gives a traditional touch with its spring system but also delivers benefit by releasing tension from the pressure points. They provide comfort and support using both the technologies. If you are not comfy using foam mattress, then this is best for you.

Tips before buying best mattress for couples

Credits: http://cdn.diply.com/
Credits: http://cdn.diply.com/
  • Hundreds of brands and thousands of products available online make it difficult to choose a product. Check the make of the mattress such as number of springs, types of foam, construction etc.
  • You spend one-third of your life in bed so make sure to find the perfect one that meshes well with your body. If at some point, you guys are not fully satisfied with the mattress, then it will be a point of argument in the bedroom. So make sure you opt for the one that satisfies both your taste.
  • Test the mattress by lying down for several minutes and listen how your body reacts to it. Even online stores such as Saatva mattress have dealers at various locations so that you can check the product in person.
  • Therapeutic mattress are available that are designed specifically to get rid of back pain and provide good support. They might lean on the expensive side but at least you will be getting quality sleep for a few good years.
  • Almost all the brand mattress provide 10—15 years of warranty and offer trial period just in case you are not happy with the purchase.
  • A box spring, bed frame is a strict yes to keep your mattress durable and lasting. Simply buying off just the mattress is not going to work. You can use your old box spring if you feel it is in a good condition and can last a while longer.
  • To men, make sure to buy a mattress that you are comfortable with. As per study, 38% of men are not satisfied with their mattress selected by their better-halves.

Bottomline, healthy discussions always lead to easy solutions. Make sure to buy the best mattress for couples that will work well for both. For good peaceful sleep, it is also necessary to maintain a healthy regime. So make sure you eat right and work on de-stressing yourself for mental well being.

Pillow Top Mattresses Pros & Cons

Pillow Top Mattress

Pillow top mattress is an improvement on the traditional innerspring mattress which has been in use for many years. Pillow top mattresses add comfort to the innerspring mattress by providing an additional padded layer on top of the mattress. This layer is made from foam or feathers for that extra softness and comfort. But like all products, pillow top mattresses too have their pros and cons.

Pillow Top Mattresses – Pros

Some of the positive points of pillow top mattresses are

  • The mattresses are quite comfortable and have a soft feel. The extra padding gives more comfort to the person using the mattress. Back and side sleepers are said to benefit more from this mattress.
  • Good support is another positive point in favor of pillow top mattresses
  • A number of users were satisfied with the affordability of the mattress. This is especially true since memory foam mattresses are quite expensive and many customers were able to get the same comfort with the pillow top mattress.
  • A few customers (about 10%) also felt relief from back pain after using this mattress.
  • Many customers were satisfied with the quality of the mattress and its sturdiness

Pillow Top Mattresses – Cons

Some of the negative points of pillow top mattresses are

  • Heat is one of the major complaints about the pillow top mattress. This problem is especially critical when the top layer of the mattress is made of memory foam or other dense materials which radiate heat
  • Price conscious customers or those with a fixed budget find the pillow top mattresses to be more expensive than innerspring mattresses.
  • If the top layer is not of good quality, the pillow top mattress develops indentations. All soft mattresses which contour to the body of the sleeper do develop indentations, but when they sink deeper than normal, then it is considered a manufacturing defect. The feather of foam on top layer may also shift and cause indents.
  • The pillow top mattresses also require deeper fitted sheets. Since the thickness of the mattress is bigger than the normal standard mattress, the fitted sheets too need to have deeper pockets for them to fit the mattress
  • A few customers found the pillow top mattress to be too soft

What are the precautions that can be taken to keep the mattress in shape?

Flipping the mattress is one option of reducing the indents or sinking effect. But pillow top mattresses cannot be flipped unless they are quilted on both sides. This makes the mattress very expensive. Also, manufacturer claim that the pillow top mattresses do not need flipping.

Are all pillow top mattresses good?

Not all pillow top mattresses are made from the same material and those made from cheaper foam make the mattresses sink faster. Pillow top mattresses’ top layers have to be made from high quality memory foam or latex for it to last longer. Double sided pillow top mattresses also last longer since the mattress can be turned over. One sided mattresses need to have quality material for it to last.

How do you choose a good pillow top mattress?

Most of the good and popular brands sell these type of mattresses. Some of them are Sealy Posturepedic, Serta Perfect Sleeper, Simmons Beautyrest Recharge, Restonic Comfort care etc. Most of the mattress makers rename the same type of mattress for different companies with very little variations. Most of the mattresses may have similar features under different brand names. So customers are recommended to go through user reviews and warranty terms to choose the right mattress to suit their needs.

Memory Foam Mattress – Consumer Report

Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress

Memory mattresses are made from polyurethane and some other chemicals are added to it to increase the density. Memory foam is both temperature and weight sensitive. Hence the mattress is firm in cool climates and soft in warmer conditions. The mattress is made of 1-7” of memory foam over supportive foam. We will see here some of the memory foam mattress consumer reports and analysis about these mattresses.

Memory foam mattress – consumer reports

Some of the positive consumer reports about the memory foam mattresses

  • The customer satisfaction for memory foam mattress is quite good when compared to many other mattresses
  • The rating for motion isolation in this mattress and also relief from pain is rated as above average. The mattress contours itself to the user’s body shape to relieve body pain. This feature is more suitable for heavy people than thin people
  • The mattress is easily available
  • There are many brands and models to choose from
  • The mattresses does not make much noise
  • The memory foam mattress is affordable
  • This memory foam mattress is hypo allergic
  • The mattress gets back to its original shape once the person gets off the mattress
  • The mattress do not require much maintenance and need not be rotated too often
Credits: http://cdn.shopify.com/

Some of the negative consumer reports about the memory foam mattresses

  • New mattresses often have the problem of off gassing and odor. Hence it has to be aired before the first use
  • Another complaint about this mattress is that it retains heat, although the heat retention can vary across brands
  • People have difficulty getting in and out of the high density memory foam mattresses
  • There are complaints that this mattress is not suited for romance
  • The rating for the longevity of this mattress is poor. Memory foam mattress lasts for a maximum of 7 years
  • The excessive molding of foam has resulted in poor blood circulation in about 3% of the users causing numbness in the fingers and arms
  • New beds require more time to break and become comfortable for use

Some of the average customer ratings for the memory foam mattresses

  • The support given by the memory foam mattress is just average
  • The edge support of the mattress is also not too good and hence sitting and sleeping near the edge is not too comfortable
  • There are firm, medium firm and soft variety of mattresses available, but some customers have complained about the excessive firmness of mattresses

The customers are advised to go through the warranty and return policies thoroughly before buying new mattresses. Also look for sales and bargains as very good discounts are available during sales. Go through all the brands and select the best brands with the most customer satisfaction before zeroing in on the mattresses.