Why The Brand Matters While Buying A Mattress – 5 Things You Never Knew!


Are you a crazy person for dresses, modern trends, cosmetics and everything? Then why not for mattresses. How much time do you give in choosing the right bedding’s. Just look into the mirror and answer this question. Obviously, the answer will be a sharp no… who am I to blame, even I used to do the same thing. I used to go for branded clothes and everything selective. But a big mistake was my bed. For that I suffered in the form of disruption of my spinal cord for a long period. 10 years back, I decided to go for a cheap bed costing less penny. But, the bed really played pranks on me. The result was, I had to spend a large amount of money in the hospital. In conclusion, the incident made me feel has if I have seen death near to me.

After all Hippocrates has said “ When in the sickness look to the spine first”

We cannot think sometimes what we consider as silly becomes our enemy.

Spinal cord injury

This affects our day to day regular activities. Spinal chord sends impulses from our brain to all parts of the body. Also the reverse action of sending messages from body to the brain takes place. An injury near to the neck leads to paralysis in the whole body.

Why to choose a branded mattress

  • Happens in many cases: Mostly, we will be in search of a low cost mattress. Usually the shopkeepers take advantage of the situation. They bluff us by giving a mattress which almost costs the same amount to the expensive types.
  • Physical components might not be good: The inner springs and the coils are the ones which give support to the body. In cheap mattresses the coil patterns might be of low quality.
  • Low branded mattress wont support for back pain: A best mattress supports natural curves. Gives alignment to the spinal health. We cannot hope for these qualities in cheaper mattresses.
  • Offers worst damage to the spinal region: Spinal chord is a combination of nerves and other related tissues present in the vertebrae of the spine. This vertebrae are the bones placed on top of each other making up the spine. Resulting in complete loss in mobility and sensation in the affected area.
  • Affects pressure points: We spent our maximum time on the bed. Cheaper mattresses is bounded with thinner padding. Back pain arises due to unbalance in the areas of pressure points.

What a good mattress will offer you

  • Enhances the immune system
  • Relieves back and neck pains
  • Lowers the chances of allergy
  • Exceeding attention skills


There are different kinds of mattresses available in the market namely latex, memory foam, natural waterproof etc etc…. Some people say that foam will be the best option. While, others say that something else will be best. Whatever, the choice is up to you. But what I suggest is don’t play with your health. Bring a change until its too late.

Should I Swap My Mattress With A Hammock For Better Sleep & Back Pain? Studies Say Yes, What About You?

Mattress For Spinal Health

Who doesn’t want to relax in a comfortable mattress at the end of a day! Studies say that a hammock could give you better sleep & back pain relaxation than any expensive mattress. The rocking effects and relaxed pose could just be what we all need to ease the stress and strain of the day.

Hammock is one of the popular patio or garden accessory to relax. It makes one of the popular hosts for reading as well. Here is a mini analysis of what the experts say about the hammock being superior to a mattress to be used as sleep surface at night for better sleep & back pain relief.

  • Better reading better learning: Let us start with the common usage for hammock. Reading makes better while on the rocking hammock they say. It helps the brain waves to concentrate more and boost the memory. It says that what we read on the hammock could be stored well than what we read while anywhere else. Interesting, I should really try that.
  • Faster sleep deeper sleep: The slow rocking movement of the hammock starts the brain waves that lull us to sleep. People who have difficulty falling asleep can benefit from the hammock big time. It not only gets you faster sleep but a deeper one also. The deep sleep invokes the various healing processes that help the health improvement. It also works to alleviate the back pain. Experts tell you to expect a pleasant sleep at night.
  • Good for back pain: Have you ever heard about hammock back pain? I never had. Is it because it does not cause back pain at all? Could be, at least that is what studies are hinting at. Hammock could bring in the comfort that you are looking for in a mattress and thus provide you better sleep & back pain relief. The reasoning is that, a hammock can reduce the pressure points and let the body muscles relax better than lying down on a mattress. The hammock could conform to the body all over making a perfect cuddle.
  • Hassle free sleep surface: No more night time sweating with hammocks for sure. The tightly woven thread or rope makes an airy surface. There is no question of heat accumulating. But one must choose the right kind of hammock. The all traditional hammocks are difficult o adjust to the body. The cotton-nylon mix ones are considered the best.
  • No more mattress troubles: With a hammock, you no longer have the cleaning troubles, no need to worry about bugs, or dead skin cells getting accumulated.

Is it really trouble free?

In a way it is but the same could not be said about the two-person hammocks. Couples will have trouble sleeping together in a hammock. Though it can accommodate two persons, chances are more than you both could end up squeezing together. Those who love to cuddle the entire night may find it more convenient. The other percentage who wants to have some free space will not be comfortable with hammock.

My verdict on hammock being superior to mattress

I tried sleeping on a hammock for a few nights thinking that I will be blessed with a better sleep & back pain relief. Let me tell you, it was no cake walk. Sleeping on the bare hammock is not comfortable period. You need to have a blanket spread over it to save your skin. With a blanket I would say it was ok to sleep on.

I was expecting that the sleep gods would bless me the instant I climb on it. But as usual I had to wait for about an hour before I got the blessing. Once I got the sleep I must say I slept like a baby and yes I got a deep sleep also. I’m happy on this regard.

I would say everyone should have a hammock at home to swap with the mattress once a while. On those sleepless nights you could just climb into the rocking surface with a book for relaxation.

But swapping the mattress with a hammock completely would be a foolish thing to do. Try it for yourself to make your own judgment. Have a nice time.

These Fast Facts About Mattresses Will Blow Your Mind – I Bet You Never Knew About It


Our mattress is one of the most cherished places. We share an emotional bond with our bed and why not? Almost all our emotions are placed on the mattress. Right from breakup sobs that call for a pillow hug to experimenting under the sheets with your partner to having a good night’s sleep, an average spends almost one-third of his/her life in bed. But your mattress is still a mystery to you. Here are some mind boggling facts about mattresses you never knew. I guarantee you will never see at your mattress in the same way again.

Famous mattress, least preference

Very much true. Innerspring mattress are one of the most sold and reliable mattress. Approximately 80% of purchase goes to innerspring mattress. But they also possess the lowest satisfaction ratings, says SleepLikeTheDead.com.

In fact, 63% of innerspring mattress owners report satisfactory when you compare to 80% of memory foam/latex owners and 79% of waterbed owners. The amazing part is this “satisfactory” rating are remaining stable for some time now even though “quality” mattresses such as memory foam and latex see continual growth in their sales.

Jeepers Creepers Where’d You Get Those Peepers? – Facts about mattresses

Yikes, but crawling critters are right there under your mattress. One of the grossiest fact still remains that used mattress has thousands of dust mites that place their feces within fabric materials and other crevices surrounding your mattress. Dust mites are everywhere where there are animals or people and love humid climates. They eat up shed skin cells and while they do not bite, they are certainly detrimental to people with sensitive body. This is because they trigger allergies, asthma etc.

Pillows are the best hang out place for them since they find skin oils, drool etc. on them. It is best to retire your pillow every six months or at least a year.

They cannot bear hot temperatures so make sure to regularly clean the mattress and pillow by placing them under the sun at least once a week. You can even wash the bedding using hot water every fortnight.

Is it Illegal to buy a mattresses?

Third on the “Facts about mattresses” list seems weird. And, it’s true too. Among all the states of USA, its only Washington that seems to put a ban on buying mattress. While weekend is the perfect time to go shopping, an old law in Washington state says, that it is illegal to purchase or even sell a mattress on Sundays. Heck, even televisions and meat are banned on Sundays.

Though the reason is still murky, many sites claim this rule. However, it is not a hard and fast rule so I guess you won’t be having a problem there.

Recycle your mattress

A general rule of thumb says that you should toss your mattress every eighth year or tenth – and that’s the max you get. However, majority of them don’t really know what to do with it. Here is an idea – recycle it. One of the best things you can do is to give it for charity (if in usable condition) but if not, recycle is the best option. Recycling is a growing industry. From the springs to metal to wood to fibers, almost all the parts are usable.

Researching spot for burglars

Ever heard of the adage – money under the mattress? If so, then you probably don’t want to hide your prized possessions under your mattress. It is one of the first places visiting thief will look into. Of course, sleeping on piles of cash is not good for your back too. Keep your valuables in bank, under heavy furnishings, inside clothes, attic etc.

Sleeping on ropes – Unknown Facts about mattresses

Our forefathers used to sleep on cross woven ropes across wood frames. That’s how the phrase “sleep tight” came into action because sleepers had to be vigilant enough to tighten their bed ropes or else would sink in.

As for the phrase ‘don’t let the bedbugs bite’, well, its still applicable today.

Flame proof mattress

As per law laid in 2007 by Federal law, all mattresses must be flame-proof if they are to be sold in US. Meeting these requirements can save up to 270 lives and approx. 1330 injuries a year, says Consumer Products Safety Commission. This is because smoking in bed, lighting candles and other possibilities can trigger off risk to innocent lives not to mention burning down the roof as well.

There are certain questions about using chemicals as flame retardant and their impact on people’s health. However, certain risky chemicals such as PBDEs are banned from using. Some manufacturers still use little other chemicals as flame retardant but are also turning to fabric as barriers or other greener as a safety measure.

Mattress Dominoes

You might have heard about Mattress Dominoes and its an actual record held by Guinness. If you haven’t know that its a game where it involves lining mattress and people up just like dominoes. The real fun is when they start getting knocked over as a chain reaction triggering amusement and excitement.

The current record is held by volunteers in Shanghai during the year 2012 where 1001 mattress and people set the record.

Shedding skins

Oh yeah, its true. There is a reason why dust mites settle beneath your mattress. They shed skin cells and sweat along with other fluids from your body.

Hard to believe, you shed millions of skin cells every day. As you spend one-third of your day on mattress, its viable that some of you wind up there. You also sweat when you sleep. So do your mattress a favor and use protective mattress cover. They will protect your bed from unbearable punishment such as shedding skin, sweating, spills. You can wash them regularly to keep your bed spic and span for a good life.

Messed up beds are good

Remember, when we were young and how our mom used to tell us to make the bed. Well, it’s time to prove it wrong. In fact, a study by Kingston University says that tidy mattress creates a humid atmosphere inside by trapping the sweat and moisture from your body. This is a great welcome for creepy crawlers. When you expose the bed to air and sunlight, it will kill the mites thus assisting in a good sleep.

Got any weird tips and mattress facts about mattresses to share? Leave us a comment below!

Master the Art Of How To Remove Blood Stains From A Mattress With These simple Tips

Mattress Stain Remover

Removal of old blood stains is a problem for most women. Especially, during the time of menstrual cycles, you will stain a lot. Even we feel embarrassed many times, since we spent our most of the time on bed. Like clothes, we cannot go for washing our mattresses. It becomes more difficult to remove the old stains which require lots of applications. Many cleaning fluids even damage the fibers. Nothing can be made easy with one try. But if we try to our maximum level we can reduce the stains to the large extend.

Some tips to remove the stains

There are certain preparative steps you should do before switching onto certain methods

  • Blotting: You should rub the area with cold water. Don’t use hot or lukewarm water for stain removal as this will set the stain in the cloth itself.
  • Follow the same pattern again: Once again you have to repeat the above step, but this time use a dry cloth instead of the wet ones to absorb the remaining moisture from the dampened garment.
  • Care should be taken: Do not rub; you have to just blot the area. Since rubbing might cause the stain to spread deep into the mattress.
  • Continue the same process: Repeat the same blotting process again and again until the stain is completely vanished.

Do the following steps if the stain still persists

There are different methods for stain removal. But initially it is always recommended to switch to Cold Saltwater method.

Cold Saltwater method


  • Mix 1 cup of cold water with 2 teaspoons of salt and pour the solution into the spray bottle.
    Care should be taken to use only cold water in this mixing.
  • Don’t get worry thinking there is no spray bottle with me. You can just wet a white cloth in this saltwater solution and clean it on the affected area. In case of large stains start from the edges and come to the center to prevent this from spreading.
  • Repeat the same process of spraying and blotting with a dry cloth until the stains are vanished completely.
  • Now rinse thoroughly with a cloth soaked in cold water to clean the remaining solution.
  • Again use the towel to dry the area.

Detergent and Water method


  • Combine both 1 tablespoon of liquid dish washing detergent with 2 cups of cold water in a bowl to form a detergent solution.
  • Dip a clean white cloth to this solution and apply this to the affected area.
  • Now brush the affected area with a toothbrush. But don’t scrub too much as this may cause the stain to penetrate into the deeper areas.
  • Blot the stain with a clean wet cloth.
  • Use a cloth moistened with clean water to rinse the remaining solution.
  • Make the mattress completely dry with a dry cloth.

Baking Soda Method


  • Mix one part baking soda and two parts cold water in a huge bowl.
  • Apply the solution on the stains with a clean cloth and allow it to sit for about 30 minutes.
  • Now use a cloth dipped in cold water to clean the remaining solution.
  • Wipe with a dry towel to absorb the moisture and ensure whether it’s completely dry.

Salt and Hydrogen Peroxide Method


  • Unite 2 teaspoons of cornstarch with 1 tablespoon of salt and ¼ cup of hydrogen peroxide in a paste form in a small bowl.
  • With a spoon apply the paste on the affected area. Allow it to dry completely and scrap away the excess dried paste with the help of a spoon.
  • After this step vacuum this area for the complete removal of the remaining dried paste.


  • Use protective gloves while handling blood stains which is not yours as a preventive measure to avoid any blood-borne diseases.
  • Inhaling of ammonia may lead to serious injuries.
  • Avoid using anything hot on the stains. Since the heat will fix the protein in the blood and will not remove the stain permanently.

7 Awesome Ideas To Repurpose Your Old Mattress

Repurpose Old Mattresses

The usual way to treat the old mattress is to dispose it off. The nest popular method is to have the delivery boys to take it in exchange for the new one. What they do with the mattress is no longer our concern isn’t it? Actually it is our concern. Yes, we get new mattress to sleep on. What about nature which will be choking to death every single day. The heavy mattress will be a bigger addition. Do we really need to do that? Why don’t we use the mantra- reuse and recycle? This article is on how to repurpose your old mattresses.

I know many of you are still doubtful as to how we can recycle the old mattresses. it is no rocket science, the mattress has got stuffing, a lot at that. All you need to do is to rip it apart layer by layer and find some way to reuse them each. Here are some ideas to repurpose old mattresses.

Ideas to repurpose old mattresses

  • Cushions: Yes, the old spring mattress will have enough cotton inside to fill in at least 5 cushions. Divide the cotton evenly and see how large the cushion can be and make it with what? Guess! The mattress cover! The cover is made with durable material so you can use it without fear. Only thing to make sure is that is that you remove it carefully and to wash it in hot cycle to kill the germs. If you are not a good fan of recycled, cushions, make some large ones to use as floor cushions. I have made 2 floor cushions with an old twin mattress. Couldn’t save much of the fabric, but made one cushion cover.
  • Floor quilt: The quilt top mattress will have enough layering on the top layer. Make good use of it to use as a spare quilt mattress. The quilt layer of king mattress can be folded in half to make a thicker quilt to be used on the window seats as well.
  • Pet mattress: Use the cotton or other stuffing inside the mattress to make an easy pet mattress. Foam mattress could also be used for the same purpose. Here you may need to cut the foam according to the required size. Another way to repurpose old mattresses.
  • Pillowcase mattress: Yes, this one I liked the best. It was an improvisation of the old pillow mattress. I used several old pillow cases and sewed them side be side. Then the old mattress( memory foam) was cut in rectangle pieces that went inside the pillow cases. Each case had two layers of foam. All the openings were closed tight and voila, I had a brand new floor mattress to simply lie down. The best part was that the mattress could be folded!

Additional tricks to repurpose old mattresses / repurpose box springs

  • Box spring: The spring could be reused to make wine rack, planter on the wall or to make a over the head lighting. All you need to do is to cut the spring area according to the size, paint, and make it look brand new.
  • Spring organizer: What better way to repurpose old mattresses than to take out the spring individually, paint, or cover it with anything that fascinates you? Fix it on a flat surface to use as pen stand, letter holder or any other kind of table organizer.
  • Sponges: Use the foam mattress as dish washing sponges. You no longer need to purchase those sponges. Don’t like the idea, use the same sponges to clean the sink, kitchen, or bathroom. I highly recommend cutting the memory foam mattress into convenient sized pieces and store them to use later. You don’t know when you might need it.

Things You Should Know While Going To Buy A Mattress


Mattress is an indispensable creation of man that brings life to our health as well as our rooms. If you get that straight then you are going to wake up in good spirits early morning; if not then you will end up cursing your back and muscles for the pain that has hit your body.

Sleep is an essential facet that is not to be overlooked and has to be given importance just like having a healthy diet or even going for a workout. Currently people around the globe are suffering from different types of ailments . Most of them are caused due to stress and lack of rest. Sleep is the only activity that allows us to forget everything surrounding us right from what we like to what we hate the most. It even lends a hand to the body to mend its damaged parts before the clock ticks and tocks along with the rising sun. Our body needs rest and time to repair. So it is our duty to buy an ideal mattress that can provide a king size sleep.

For those who are on the look out to buy a mattress here are a few points that you should be aware of before jumping into the scene. If you carefully follow the tips below am sure you wouldn’t have to regret later.

Chose a perfect bed that suits your style and classiness

Your bed is going to eat up a larger fraction of your room. So wouldn’t it be good to get something modish and not so boring? Make sure that it has ample room for your mattress to fit in comfortably without slipping out. Most of the mattresses are of dissimilar standards based on the brand so compare and buy.

Check your room space

While going to buy a mattress make sure to check your room space. It is very important to calculate how much walking room will be on hand after your mattress takes its position. This point is very important because recently I ended up buying a double mattress that consumed most of my room space. I can barely walk on either side. My dressing table is also stuck on one side that I need to keep moving my bed to steal a look into my mirror and move it back to plot a course around. If your room is a tubular shaped one then I would suggest for a queen sized mattress. It is good lengthwise and gives pretty room on the either sides.

Compare between showrooms

There are number of showrooms that will be available at your locality as well as another alternative in the form of online stores. So the major concern is where to shop, so I would say go far and wide and look everything in detail. Note down the details along with the price, size and all comparisons. Such collected details will help you to sort out your doubts and make it easy to choose a mattress. Based on my experience online stores are pretty good. You will get to save some money as they are reasonably cheaper than local stores.

Include your partner in crime

If your aren’t the only one going to sleep in the mattress then make sure to include your partner in the whole process so that later you both don’t want to waste time quarreling over this subject. A few years back I bought a mattress as my old mattress was showing up old age signs like sagging. The new mattress was pretty good with a great visual appeal. But it wasn’t excellent enough to get into my husband’s good books. So to avoid such issues make sure you include your partner along with you while choosing a mattress.

Jump on the bed or try it out

This option is mostly available only when you go in person to the shop. Some online stores also provide the option of a trail run. In any case when you get to see the mattresses make sure to spend some time with it by relaxing on it. Check the edge support and just feel the comfort which it lends. You are investing your money for long term so go real slow and make a wise decision.

Materials used to build a mattress

There are many varieties of materials that are being used to build a mattress like organic latex, synthetic latex, memory foam, innerspring and hybrids. Mattresses that are made of purely natural stuffs might price higher than synthetic ones. If you want to enjoy the comforts of different materials then go for a hybrid variety. The different layers are fixed with varying materials pleated one over the other.

Ask questions rather than just listening

Generally it is a common tendency to go behind the looks rather than the comfort. So while you visit a showroom listen to the salesman’s talks patiently and then ask a set of questions before you take a decision. If your salesman is ready to negotiate the price then get in your head that the mattress is overpriced and he isn’t doing any favor by reducing the cost.

Consider the thickness of the mattress

Thickness of the mattress will matter a lot as it will directly have a direct impact from the body weight due to the pressure that is applied. If you are on the heavy side of a weighing machine then consider buying a mattress that is thicker so that it will provide ample support. For those who are on the lighter side consider buying a mattress that is not too thick. But it really doesn’t matter as such people won’t be exerting pressure on the mattress. My hubby weighs above 300 lbs and I am on the lighter side but we have chosen a 9” inch thick mattress so that he can sleep comfortably and I also find it real good.

Price does matter

Mattresses are a sensation nowadays with different varieties which makes a person really confused as to what to buy. Keep in mind that you want a mattress for comfort not to show off after all it is for your body and not to exhibit to others. A costly mattress may not perform well always nor will a cheap mattress underperform always so don’t run behind such follies. Choose the perfect mattress which you like to spend your nights in comfort. Even if the mattress prices more than your budget don’t hesitate as it will be a good investment and for a long term.

Hidden costs and delivery charges

Ask everything from A to Z about how much you need to invest. Some mattress sellers charge extra quoting delivery and labor charges so makes sure to ask everything before paying the money. Also make sure when you want your mattress to be delivered as some sellers do not make out deliveries during specific days of a week. Online stores make handling and delivery very easy as you don’t have to worry much regarding it once you make a payment. Mostly shipping costs will be included in the price of the mattress.

What about warranty?

Warranty is very important while choosing a mattress as longer the warranty the more you are on the safer side. Most of the brands offer good warranty periods and even online stores offer such options with great ease. There are customer care systems where you can actually call for your queries and complaints so that they can take necessary actions.

Buy a mattress protector cover

Once you have done choosing your ideal mattress the next right thing you need to do is buy a mattress protector right away. This will help you to protect your costly mattress from a wear and tear, spilling fluids or eatables, bed bugs and even naughty kids.

Do you have back pain?

Again this is a very important question that you have to ask yourself before buying a mattress. If you have back pain issues or other medical conditions then buy a mattress after consulting with your chiropractor. Generally those who suffer from back pain can buy a medium firm mattress. It can easily support the curvature of the spine. There are different kind of mattresses that are available for various medical conditions. But not do get carried away too much by such advertisements.

Bid farewell to your old mattress

Be a good responsible citizen and donate it if it is good condition. Or else send it for recycling so that you can save the environment by not dumping on the landfills. My old mattress was sagging too much. I sent it to the recycling station where it was conked out and put to good use.

I think the best way to get a night full of peaceful sleep is to work hard the whole day. Then lie down on a comfortable mattress, that can support the body. A mattress is as important as a healthy diet because both can have a great impact on one’s life. Give your worries to god and your body to the mattress and go to sleep.

Why Your Mattress Never Works Out The Way You Plan – Better Choices For A Happy Life


The favorite spot to get rid of all the day’s frustration, tears and other emotions is undoubtedly our bed. While it rocks as a “hotspot” for romantic experiences, it can also be a fun place for pillow fights. Keep reading to know why many people end up buying a wrong mattress.

Let’s face it. Our bed is the best place to vent out our emotions be what ever it is. It is also the place where we build our dreams and wake up in the morning with a new hope to make it happen. But getting up with a sore back is another story. It can disrupt the entire day. At the end of the day, you will end up with piles of frustration. Even a single incident can irritate you not to mention a whole lot of other negative emotions due to lack of peaceful sleep. Probably, this may not be your case, but it is with almost half of Americans who are right now sleeping on a wrong mattress.

A wrong mattress can throw your sleep haywire and mess with the brain’s functions (especially the circadian rhythm) which monitors the sleep cycle and changes the bodily functions based on them. Now you may have recently moved in with your partner or living in a hostel but if the mattress is not right for you it may cause spinal problems and stress the pressure points in your body. Here are some other reasons why the bed you are sleeping on never worked for you.

Copy Cat: Let’s say, your friend recently got a soft mattress and is loving every bit of it. She talked you out into buying one and in a momentary judgment lapse you got it as well. Now you are the sufferer because you basically needed a firm mattress and this “comfy” mattress you are laying yourself on is sinking or pushing you down.

One advice…STOP COPYING…!!! Always go with the mattress that is right for your body. Your body might not be the same as your friend so think twice before jumping with both feet.

Choices Clash: Now your partner wants a soft mattress but you crave for a firm mattress. No point arguing and beating each other’s head. The best way is to compromise and get a mattress cover that will not only fit your budget but will also save a good amount of investment instead of going for a new mattress.

Silver tongued salesman: Okay, so you have reached the store. Now what? While you lurk around in the hope of a right bed, a well dressed salesmen appears out of nowhere. His oh, so smooth talking tongue leaves you all confused and twirly. The confidence he oozes can make anyone feel that he has been in this field for quite some time. The truth is far beyond that what you think.

Salesman barely have any experience and the “technical terms” that they throw at the face provokes a gullible person to make the wrong move. Do not become a prey and do your research. Help yourself learn of what type of mattress suits you the best before handing over the check.

Lazy enough to change: This is the bitter fact of life. Mattress is an one time investment, some might agree. But they are not. As a general rule of thumb, it needs to be replaced every 8 years. This is because after enduring lot of punishment your mattress succumbs to wearing out issues that includes the springs, pillows, covers etc. Often people feel emotional when asked to part with old stuff and beds are no exception. If you are one of them, you can give them to charity such as Salvation Army or recycle it, just like any other eco-friendly citizen.

Impatience to research: This is for people like me who have a hard time researching and usually go with any of the first couple of beds they fumble upon. The thing is I walk to a store, lay down for 5-10 minutes (I really have to struggle and pin myself down) because let’s face it…it’s embarrassing. And that’s it. I feel comfy enough, so let’s handover the check. Problem, you may ask? Yes, at times. I have changed 3 beds in a period of 7 years and lost god knows how much of money but still haven’t learnt a lesson yet. So, piece of advice to those who are impatient like me….fan out your options, do not have a catnap in store and call it a day at a mattress store. It is not, research till you know what’s best for you and then narrow on one.

Brand and Quality: Many people keep their eyes glued to the brand and seem to think that big brand means best quality mattress. This is completely frivolous as quality has nothing to do with brand. There are small companies as well, for instance, Saatva, who are a small mattress family but use quality mattress that is worth every penny you pay. Note that cheap mattress does not necessarily mean low quality products are used and high brands does not mean that the investment input is good as well.


If you find a bed that you are comfortable looking both the factors – sleep and monetarily then do not think twice. Note that many mattress companies offer trial period that will give you good amount of time to check how the mattress responds with your body.

Guilt Free Reasons Why You Should Replace An Old Mattress


Mattress is a quintessential necessity for mankind. It first came into existence during the New Stone Age or the Neolithic era where grass, leaves and straw were piled up to form a nice decent mattress. With the passage of time new concepts evolved and the evolution of the mattress industry has been incredibly astonishing that you can actually have 100’s of species to choose from that you can take home.

Mattress is the only place to end a perfect day after lot of stomping your feet, screaming from your diaphragm for the uncalled and getting on others nerves giving an “I don’t care attitude”. Seriously I end up a bad day and a good day by jumping on my mattress only to wake up for a brand new morning. A mattress matters a lot in one’s life as Marc warren rightly said “Apparently, if you live until 75, you’ll have spent 25 years in bed, so it makes sense to have a decent mattress”.


Let us discuss about the truth of an old mattress that has been sharing its life with us since a long time.

Life span of a mattress: Certain things grow with the age and become better but that is not the case with the mattress. It undergoes depreciation by all means. On an average a mattress can perform well only up to 6 years and after that it just doesn’t lend any comfort.

Waking up tired: It’s all well until you plunge into the bed and when its sunrise your back starts to ache as if it has gone through a tunnel carrying bags of coal. This happens with most of us and the real culprit is the old mattress that isn’t rendering any support.

Slumped or lumpy mattress: Every mattress starts to sag after a point when it gets tired of bearing all those weights and actions all these years. Apparently it aint some human being to screech at you. But instead it shows some signs like sagging to tell that it is tired and its job is done . Moreover a mattress that has sagging can cause back aches and muscle pain.

Getting good sleep somewhere else: If you feel that you got a great sleep last night in your friend’s house or on that pretty decorated room which you rented while on a vacation then it probably signals that your mattress has something to do with it. If you aren’t feeling good and comfortable on your mattress like those which you felt good then it’s time to get rid of your old buddy for the better.

How old are you? Your age matters a lot along with age of the mattress. It isn’t okay to adjust with an old mattress which is above 7 years old. Your body will be more prone to aches and strains with the increasing age and particularly with an old mattress it isn’t going to get any better. You will need to consider buying a mattress that is ideal for your body and health conditions.

You baby has grown up on that mattress: Don’t tell me that your mattress has been a trampoline and a great place where your little one had a great time spilling everything from urine to eatables. Then it must have worn and torn out by now, losing all its comfort.” Not a bit surprised, why you aren’t feeling good on top of it”. Better get set to fetch in a fresh mattress.

Toss and turns: How many times do you toss and turn to get a sleep that is much required. You are doing this to and fro action only because your mattress isn’t providing your body that comfortable space to sink in. Certain medical conditions may also result in such situations. But if you are in sound health and find this issue happening with you then it’s time to sling your mattress.

Allergy: If you have a problem of allergies or prone to allergy down the lane then it is best to replace an old mattress timely without fail. Your mattress is actually a graveyard of dead skin cells, body fluids, mites and bugs. Even if you clean and wash your blankets that isn’t going to help to deal with allergies until your mattress isn’t clean. So chuck out these uninvited guests along with the old mattress that has been sleeping with you since a long time.

Old inherited mattress: Most of us have this sentiment of sticking to inherited items that has been genuinely passed on to the next and to the next. Well mattress isn’t a best thing that it has to be passed on from one generation to the other. I mean seriously why a person will want to sleep on a bed that has been used for years and by many. It is better to fold it or stack it somewhere if you really don’t want to throw it. But consider buying a good mattress to sleep instead of holding on to it.

Medical condition: When your body changes your approach towards everything changes that includes your mattress too. Your mattress would have been your best buddy over all these years but now your body needs a new companion who would lend support than being more than a luxury. When you have medical conditions like scoliosis, chronic back pain, during pregnancy, post pregnancy and age factors you should consider changing your old mattress to acquire comfort.

Dozens of choices: Yes you heard it right!! There are different types and varieties of materials used to build a mattress to make it a supreme place to rest on. You will actually get confused checking out all the options as most of them are synonyms for comfort and luxury. If you are really ready to chuck your old mattress for a brand new one then visit a nearby store.

So I hope you got enough reasons to deal with your old mattress in a better way. It is true that it has been a great companion all these years and when it’s time to bid adieu do it with honor.

Confused what to do with your old mattress?

Well once you have determined that you no longer need your old mattress then being a better and a responsible citizen discard the idea of dumping it in a landfill. When you dump in a landfill it will pollute the environment and consume huge space only to make things worse. Also understand the fact that most of the mattresses contain chemicals and artificial materials used in it which can seriously cause damage to the environment.

If your mattress isn’t in that bad condition then consider sending to for donations or call a salvation army who can pick up the mattress if your area is serviceable. You can also consider selling them to furniture stores who sell used items or just donate it to someone who really needs it. Donating isn’t an easy task either as all is concerned about bug infestation and hygiene so it is better to send it to a recycling station where it can be processed.

In a case that your mattress is seriously damaged or not hygienic enough then better send for recycling. The inside of the mattress will be busted out. All the materials will be converted into new products and wastes will be removed in cleaner way.

Conclusion: Let it go… Let it go for the better sleep you have longed for… let it go let it go for the times that are yet to come … don’t hold on more for the mattress can’t bear more… it has done its job for the price you have paid… let it go .. Let it go…be guilt free and let it go…

Ways To Clean Odors From Mattress Using Inexpensive Ingredients

Mattress Stain Remover

We spend a good part of our time sleeping on the mattress. It’s always a good habit to keep your mattress free from odors and all kinds of stains. The odor of the mattress affects the whole room and many times it becomes impossible to step into the room. A good mattress will make you feel fresh and stay healthy all day long. It is usually difficult to remove the smell from the mattress, but is not impossible if given a try. Whatever be the reason for such odors there are different ways available to clean. Only thing is that you have to put the methods in practice. Otherwise the result will be a bad bedroom.

Steps to prevent your mattress smell

  • The best method is to place the mattress outside on a sunny day.
  • Use mattress pad and sheets.
  • Make a habit of changing the sheets once a week.
  • The mattress pad should be washed regularly.
  • Use bed linens made of large amount of absorbent fabrics.
  • Vacuum the mattress regularly.
  • Box- up the mattress in an encasement.

Things to do about the mattress which really smell bad

  • Steam cleaners are one of the common cleaning methods.
  • It is good to have a professional cleaning.
  • Try to avoid using dry cleaning solutions for cleaning mattress.
  • Switch on to home remedies

Care should be taken that the inner foam layers should not get damaged. Molds and mildews begins to grow if the inner layer is not dried completely.


Neutralization involves a process of change in the chemical properties of a particular substance. Vinegar is an acid which has the capability to neutralize alkaline odor problems. It works through balancing the pH levels thus making the material more inert. The result of this is no odor at all.

Baking Soda

This soda is an alkaline capable of removing the alkaline odor problems and is quite inexpensive also. It works in the same mechanism as of vinegar through balancing the level of pH. But care should be taken that both the substances should not be used at the same time. As an initial step it is always recommended to use vinegar instead of baking soda.

Steps to workout

  • Apply baking soda over the entire area on the bare mattress.
  • Overturn the mattress and sprinkle baking soda on the areas.
  • Allow this to sit overnight.

Plain White Vinegar

This is an exceptional product. Proven effective and cheap against deodorizing the mattress. There are many unbelievable uses of vinegar around your home. This is a great disinfectant, which cleanses without leaving any residues and hence there is no need to rinse it after usage.

Steps to remove odors within a smaller area

  • Dip your clothes in white vinegar.
  • Blot the smaller areas using paper towel for stain removal.
  • Allow the mattress to dry completely.
  • Vacuum the mattress for the removal of debris.

Steps to remove the odors of the entire mattress

Plain White Vinegar

This is an exceptional product. Proven effective and cheap against deodorizing the mattress. There are many unbelievable uses of vinegar around your home. This is a great disinfectant, which cleanses without leaving any residues and hence there is no need to rinse it after usage.

Steps to remove odors within a smaller area

  • Dip your clothes in white vinegar.
  • Blot the smaller areas using paper towel for stain removal.
  • Allow the mattress to dry completely.
  • Vacuum the mattress for the removal of debris.

Steps to remove the odors of the entire mattress

  • Vacuum the entire mattress for the removal of dust and debris.
  • Keep a bottle filled with vinegar.
  • You can spray vinegar over the entire area of the mattress.
  • Allow the mattress to air dry completely.
  • Shift your mattress to the outside area, if the smell is not completely withdrawn and place it in a protected area.

Deodorizing the Mattress

Before adopting this method be sure that there are necessities like good sunlight or fan. So that the mattress will dry completely at the earliest.

  • Take an equal mix (50/50) of both white vinegar and water in a spray bottle.
  • It’s good to shift your mattress into sunlight or the use fan to increase air circulation.
  • Mist the mattress with the prepared solution.
  • Rub the misted area with a clean white cloth for the easy dispersal of vinegar over the entire surface.
  • Allow it to sit in the sun until it becomes completely dry.
  • Continue the same process for all the other ends and leave it to dry.
  • If still the odor persists sprinkle some more baking soda on the area and leave it undisturbed for 24 hours.
  • Vacuum the mattress for the complete removal of baking soda.

When to replace a Mattress

There is no choice rather than replacing the mattress for the odor caused by fungal growth. Even though you become successful in reducing the odor of the mattress there will be continuous growth of these molds deep inside the mattress. They start producing a sulfurous gas which is not good for our health.

Good Practices to keep the Mattress clean

Following are the tools to keep your mattress feel fresh and healthy. All you have to do is to follow the steps for the regular cleaning of the mattress. It would be better if you buy a good mattress cover of greater warranty along with this.

7 Myths About Mattress Busted – Choosing The Right Mattress For Your Spinal Health

Mattress For Spinal Health

Shopping for the mattress is a painful process. One needs to handle pushy salesmen to brand that bark ‘quality’ and confusing jargon’s that can drive one over the cliff. Here are few reasons why people end up buying the wrong mattress that not only gives body pain but also is a waste of your economy. Read on to know all about choosing the right mattress for spinal health.

The Huffington Post spoke with Christelli mattress company owner, Jay Orders, who clarified certain myths that people have in their mind and are currently doing rounds. He says that people come with a list of certain specifications based on what they read about mattress for spinal health. What people don’t realize is the fact that the construction, quality of materials, the final product all plays a very crucial role in delivering the end result – comfort.

Here are seven of the myths which I guarantee you might have heard at one or other point of your lives but know that the truth is a bit different than the version that you have heard.

Myth 1: You should (in fact, MUST) get a pillow top mattress because they are the most comfortable mattress ever

Fact: Often people misinterpret the features and ask for products that doesn’t really make any sense. Orders says that majority of the people ask for pillow top mattress. It is because they have heard that pillow top mattresses are supposed to be soft and helps the quality of sleep. However, this is absolutely not true and is basically a marketing trick.

If you want a plush feel, you can achieve it with conventional mattress as well even though it might feel boring. Basically, its about the structural integrity of the mattress. Of course, if you want a fluffy princess bed you can always top it off with cushioned mattress pad.9574c64877be8ee0a1e23d094ae8f749

Myth 2: One size fits all mattresses

Fact: Take a moment and think again. Do you really think that one mattress will offer the same amount of support and last for a good years for both a 150 pound woman and a 270 pound man? Without a doubt, it wouldn’t.

This is currently the situation. Many new mattress companies “try” to cut off complication among customers by eliminating many of the models thus claiming that all mattresses are equal. I guess they are unaware of the fact that no two people are the same. It is quite crucial to consider certain points such as

  • Sleeping disorders
  • Mattress for spinal health
  • Age and weight
  • Sleeping position etc.

apart from other general preferences are major factors in determining the mattress and tend to vary.

Myth 3: You are definitely getting the total value with lifetime warranties (for some)

Fact: Though many companies shout ‘lifetime warranty’ they generally refer to the materials inside the mattress which clearly isn’t a warranty at all. Once the mattress is worn out from everyday punishment, it is no longer covered under warranty. It is quite vague and can get very expensive as well.

The National Sleep Foundation recommends to switch the mattress every ten years in spite of any pending warranty. Though how long your mattress lasts is based on usage, quality and so on, it is always wise to retire it every decade. This is because it won’t provide the quality and comfort it delivered during the initial years.

Myth 4: What is Proper bed setup?

Fact: Unless, of course, you are still using slats in your bed frame, you do not need a box spring. Box springs were used at initial years as shock absorption because the mattresses back then were quite flimsy and thin. But that’s not the situation now and things have changed. Currently, mattresses are available with thick layers to support your spinal area and alleviating the pressure points thus assisting in comfortable sleep. It also makes an excellent choice of mattress for spinal health. Nowadays, all the box spring really does is raise the profile of the bed and nothing else. So if you crave for a queen look, begin stacking or else getting a box spring is simply an added expenditure. Basically you need a strong and solid foundation to support your bed and that’s it.

Myth 5: Lying down on a test mattress at mattress store is enough

Fact: As hard as you find it hard to believe, the only way to choose the right mattress is by sleeping on them. Let me get it clear for you.

Okay, so you have entered the mattress store and lied down for a few minutes. You can’t just have a catnap and then claim its the right mattress for you. Nope. The only way to round in on a mattress is by looking at mattress company that offers a trial period in case you find that the one you narrowed in is not the perfect one. This is a safe bet because few companies do not offer any trial period which makes you stuck with the wrong bed and uncomfortable back. Few people offer return pricing that can be quite an uphill. So, check all the factors before you buy off a mattress.

Myth 6: Mattress sellers are sleep wizards and they know better. That’s why they are in the market

Fact: No, dude, they are in for a reason. Not everyone who is in the mattress market is a wizard and just like many others they work on commission. This is one of the reasons why many retailers push the high priced mattress down your throat, says Orders.

Make sure you discuss it with someone you can trust and provides an honest opinion. This will help you in finding the right mattress. There are many reviews online that will help you to decide the right mattress keeping in mind your concerns. Don’t think that big brands means prominent quality and small business says cheap quality. This is a big misunderstanding and even small genuine mattress companies offer quality products. Look for quality and comfort that are the two pillars that will help you to sleep well.

Myth 7: Looking for best mattress for spinal health? Hard and firm mattress works great.

Orders says that people think that a firm mattress is the ultimate solution for spinal support. Spine has a natural curvature. The best sleeping position is to have the spine come as close to that natural curvature as possible. This is because it helps in reducing pressure on your spine.

Sleeping on mattresses that are firm for the body will give you only sore back. As a result, you will end up waking frustrated and in pain. A firm mattress will also keep you tossing and turning at night. Make sure to choose a mattress for spinal health that also supports head, neck, shoulders, hips and feet in proper alignment. People who struggle with back issues need to pay more attention when you are mattress shopping to look for the perfect mattress that’s both supportive and comforting in the right areas.