BedJet Climate Comfort System Reviews

Disclosure: I may be compensated through the links in the post below, but the opinions are my own.

BedJet Climate Comfort System

BedJet climate comfort system comes with a box like base with a connected hose with a nozzle at the end. The hose can be clamped on to the mattress with the provided clamp. The hose can withstand both the hot and cold air and stays form on the mattress surface.

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BedJet Climate Comfort System is the way to keep the bed and mattress warm or cold, at any temperature that you need. This small system can be used by anyone. It is also the perfect solution for partners who have different preferences for the sleeping temperature. It makes the mattress more comfortable.

BedJet can be used for warming the mattress or to keep it cooler as you need. Basically, it blows air on to the mattress to adjust the temperature. When used with the special kind of AirComforter, you can have the ideal mattress surface or blanket to use for 2 people who have different temperature preferences.

What is BedJet climate comfort system?

BedJet is an electric device that can blow air through a designed nozzle. The nozzle blows the hot or cold air on to the mattress surface or into the air comforter.

The system comes with a box like base with a connected hose with a nozzle at the end. The hose can be clamped on to the mattress with the provided clamp. The hose can withstand both the hot and cold air and stays form on the mattress surface.

It works with the help of electric power and can be controlled by the provided remote or with the help of a mobile app. This can be used for adjusting the temperature, auto start or shut off, time the temperature and much more.

There are 2 types of BedJet, BedJet V1, and BedJet V2. The former is the advanced model and the latter is programmed to have better sleep technology and comfort adjustments with the Biorhythm Sleep technology.
BedJet works better in air conditioned rooms. Rooms with no air conditioning may not have the same effects and could have varying or fluctuating sleep temperature even with the device.

How does BedJet work?

BedJet V1 AND V2 can easily be part of your bed rather than stay as a separate device connected to it. Some experts among who one has been working in NASA another was a medical device designer and an engineer made this comfort device. It makes a convenient option over the electric blanket and makes your ordinary mattress into the temperature control sleep surface.

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BedJet is made to stay under the bed and has only the hose and nozzle up on to the sleeping surface. The device works on a DC motor driven by an inverter. The heat is generated from the custom made barium titanate stone that is capable of working even below the flash point of dust and can keep working without causing any heat odor.
The outer covering of the device is flameproof to protect the bed and mattress. Since the device is made to place under the bed or mostly staying closer to the bed, this is an essential feature. The device may produce some noise while working but the comfort of warmth or cold that it provides makes it worth.

Working mechanism

The heat generated from the stone heater passes through the duct pipe and into the nozzle. The nozzle that is placed under the fitted sheet or blanket will expel the cool or warm air. This air will regulate the temperature on or under the sleep surface for your comfort.

The duct is clamped to the mattress to make it firm on the place. The cool or warm air will be blowing to the foot of the person. There would be no more cold legs or hot legs anymore with the BedJet temperature control system.

BedJet V1 Climate Comfort System

BedJet V1 Climate comfort system is a single zone device that can control the temperature in only one-half or zone of the mattress. V1 is an advanced technology device that has got some smart features. It blows out some powerful air in your desired warmth or coolness.


  • There are no wires or tangles with the BedJet V1
  • It works comfortably from under the end or standing on the side of the bed.
  • The device is made to stay under the bed and needs a space clearance of 7 inches to stay under the bed.
  • For beds that do not have enough space under, there is the vertical mount that is sold separately to have the system attached to the side.
  • For the side rails, the clearance is for 3.5 inches. It can even be attached to the adjustable bed.
  • It is convenient to use on any bed of any make. There is no need for any specific structures as the addition.
  • The BedJet devices come with a 60-day return guarantee with 100% refund with no extra fees.
  • It also has 2-year limited warranty and free shipping within the USA.

What is included

The BedJet V1 system includes

  • 1 BedJet single zone unit
  • Attachment assembly
  • 1 wireless remote control
  • Free Bluetooth app to control
  • You can also have the additional vertical mount bracket

BedJet V2 Climate Comfort System with Biorhythm Sleep Technology

BedJet V2 system is a single zone that can control the temperature of only one side of the bed.


  • The specialty of this device is that this is programmed with the Biorhythm temperature technology to create the ideal sleep temperature with custom heating or cooling.
  • The temperature control changes with every hour of the night. The different sleep stages require different temperature and this device can have these changes temperature values accordingly.
  • It is even fitted with a wake-up setting.
  • The BedJet V2 model comes with an essential oil Aromatherapy diffuser kit. This essential oil will freshen up the sheets when the device is running.

What is included?

  • 1 BedJet V2 single zone unit with the assembly attachment
  • 1 wireless remote control
  • Free Bluetooth app for the control
  • The app is available for both Android and iOS devices

BedJet V2 Dual Zone Climate comfort system

This dual zone climate comfort system includes 2 single zone units of BedJet V2. Both the sides of the bed can have the individual temperature control with the use of remote control or the app. These zones work independently and there is also no way to have a single control for both the sides or a single control that can regulate the dual zones.

Apart from the fact that the dual zone has 2 systems working for the mattress that works well for the partners, the system has similar features as the single zone devices.

  • It comes with the 2-year warranty and 60-day return policy. It also has free shipping.
  • This dual zone allows you and your partner have the individual sleep temperature without having to compromise on any temperature.
  • Both the systems can adjust the temperature within 3 minutes of switching on the device.

What is included?

  • 2 BedJet V2 single zone systems
  • Attachment assembly for both
  • 2 wireless remote controls
  • 1 Air comforter (King or Queen size as per preference)
  • Free Bluetooth app

The Aircomforter sheet

The special air comforter that is available that is to be used with the device helps trap the desired temperature in the one-half of the blanket to have the partners have the different sleep temperature for their own comfort. The trapped air inside the blanket stays put and is seal proof to let it out to the other side.

The sheet is made of cotton, feels soft and very comfortable. There are individual hollow flow cavities inside the sheet through which the air passes through.

It replaces the usual bedding and works like a sheet or fitted sheet. It is to be used under the blankets, comforters or quilts that you usually use. This sheet works for both warming and cooling the air.

There are 2 types of Aircomforter- single zone and dual zone.

The single zone air comforter is for those who are sleeping alone. The dual zone works for the couples. The air comforter has 2 zones that can accommodate different air temperatures. It works well with the single zone system or dual zone systems.

220V International voltage climate comfort system

This BedJet system works on 220V to be used in any other part of the world. The features are the one and same as the usual V1 system. The only difference is in the working voltage for the system.


  • Vertical mount BedJet Stand: This is the bracket that is used when there is not enough space under the bed. Bedjet needs 7-7.5 inches space clearance under the bed to keep it there. For the beds that do not have enough space, they can mount the system on the sides with the help of this bracket. It occupies a space of 7 x 18 inches on the floor and does not make you bump on to it a night.
  • Air hose extension: The air hose extension can be attached to the existing air hose of the BedJet system. This extends the total length of the hose up to 8 ft. this is used when the power outlet and the bed are a bit far for comfort. This extension comes with a snap that allows it to firmly attach to the hose. You don’t need any more tools to fix this one.

BedJet Reviews

  • Frank – “I sleep hot at night and BedJet has kept me comfortable and cool throughout the night. I get better sleep these days than before.”
  • Ellen – “I sleep cool and better at nights with the BedJet and the Aircomforter. My remote had some issues and the replacement was sent within no time. Awesome service!”
  • Elizabeth- “Menopause has brought hot flashes for me. BedJet became the solution I was looking for. I am able to sleep again and recommend this to anyone having the same issues at night.”
  • Steven – “I have been using the electric blanket but alas, I had to adjust the temperature every 2-3 hours. With the BedJet device, I am comfortable. The device keeps changing the air so that there is no heat buildup and the temperature stays constant. I even wake up refreshed and have more energy.”
  • Brad -“The first impression of BedJet was like a NASA vessel. It is simple and convenient. It has an adjustable tube to fit any bed. The assembly is simple with no complications. It also works whisper quiet.”
  • Gary -“I saw it on Shark Tank and bought it to see how it works. It is amazing and I sleep cool in this hot summer. It is easy to install and use. This definitely replaces the many numbers of electric blankets.”
  • Jared -“I am highly intolerant to heat and BedJet has come as a blessing. I can now get rid of the ceiling fan and stick to just the AC and the BedJet system to keep me cool during the night.”Ron-“BedJet not only changed my sleep pattern but my life as well. I don’t wake up soaked in sweat any longer and am able to sleep comfortably.”

The Biorhythm sleep technology in BedJet System

Our body temperature varies depending on the stage of the sleep we are in. the body temperature is higher in the initial and final stages and drops significantly in the deep sleep stage.

The BedJet Biorhythm system makes use of this fact and is pre-programmed to detect the muscular temperature on the body. The hourly change in the BedJet system works according to this detection. There are sensors that make the necessary changes during the night.

The wake-up sensor works to wake you up by adjusting to the core body temperature. You may set a time for this change. This will automatically adjust the core body temperature that matches the wake-up temperature. This works better than the annoying alarm clock sound.

BedJet climate comfort system is better than electric blankets

Electric blankets can have only the set temperature and there is no adjustments according to your needs. BedJet IS the better option here as,

  • There are no wires attached near you
  • It is used as a separate device and can be used with your existing blankets.
  • You can wash your beddings freely, even the Air Comforter with single or dual zones. BedJet provides even cooling or warmth.
  • Electric blankets take about an hour to get to the desired temperature, while the BedJet system can work within minutes, as fast as in 3 minutes to do the temperature adjustments
  • BedJet requires minimal maintenance. The only cleaning it needs is with the air filter. It is ideal to check on it every 3 months. You can clean the filter in the sink.


For an efficient and sophisticated system, BedJet is available at a reasonable price. It is not cheaper but is worth the money when used by those who have extreme sleep difficulty because of temperature. For the dual zone system with the air comforter, the price is much higher than the single zone. The solace is that it is a onetime investment and it can be used for both cooling and warming up purposes. The remote control and the Smartphone app are convenient. The app would be more acceptable. The app shows the virtual remote control buttons on the screen and works the same with some additional features. The system might seem bulkier than that in the picture and might be a bit noisier as well. But when you get better sleep, these are no longer any issues.

Lumonol Luna- Sleep Enhancing Capsule

Disclosure: I may be compensated through the links in the post below, but the opinions are my own.

Lumonol Luna

Lumonol Luna helps people to give you a deep sleep. Even if it’s for 5-6 hours, you can be assured that you a have a single shot of sleep, without disturbances.

Lumonol Luna is a sleep-enhancing supplement from Avanse Nutraceuticals. The key to a successful life is getting enough sleep at night so that your body can relax and wake up refreshed. A quality sleep can lock in the memories and stack them neatly so that you can retrieve them faster when you need them. Quality sleep is also a parameter for focus, longevity, skin health, mood, and emotional health. You have a problem with falling asleep or staying asleep, memory issues, mood swings, and emotional imbalance? The solution is a good sleep-enhancing supplement like Lumonol Luna.

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Table of Contents

  • In my experience
  • Lumonol Luna – what is it?
  • The brain food
  • Benefits of taking Lumonol Luna
  • Who needs Lumonol Luna?
  • Lumonol Luna Ingredients
  • How does Lumonol Luna work?
  • The working mechanism
  • Lumonol Luna Dosage
  • Side effects of taking Lumonol Luna
  • Drug interaction
  • Lumonol Luna For sale
  • Taking Lumonol Luna with other Lumonol Products
  • Lumonol Luna Customer Reviews
  • Where to buy Lumonol Luna
  • Frequently Asked Questions

In my experience

I have suffered the sleepless nights for many years. I either don’t get sleep or will have the staying asleep problem. Either way, I end up having sleep deprivation. Over the years I tried a few pills recommended by my physician but they were not enough for me. I do get sleep but that still does not reach anywhere the satisfactory mark. I was looking for something that could help me with this situation. This is when I came across Lumonol Luna. It’s been 2 weeks since I started the pills. I would say it is going better and is still in the beginning period. Let’s see what it is made of and how it is working for me.

Lumonol Luna – All-Natural Sleep Enhancer – what is it?

The brain food

In a way, Lumonol Luna is a brain food that has the right kind of ingredients to kick-start the chemical processes inside the brain to initiate the sleep mode. The perfect combination of several factors is needed by the brain to function normally, even if it is the resting phase-sleep.

Lumonol Luna is a sleep enhancing, not the sleep inducing, supplement. It supposedly enhances your natural ability to get sleep at night. If you are one who stays awake waiting for the night fairy to bless you with sleep, the Lumonol Luna might just be your blessing.

It is a cognitive enhancement supplement that helps you fall asleep faster so that you don’t have to wait longer. Moreover, it helps you stay asleep. It does the repair work on the ‘nuts and bolts’ in the brain that are faulty, which probably is the reason why you don’t get the proper sleep. All in all, by the time you wake up in the morning you should be feeling, “Wow, I have slept well for so long! I love it!”

Well, that’s the whole theory behind Lumonol Luna- sleep enhancing pills. With the few customer reviews available, it seems the supplement has lived up to the theory and to the expectations. It has worked well for many and I myself am starting to appreciate the effects that it provides.

Lumonol Luna is made using several herbal ingredients to bring in the right effect without causing drowsiness or side effects. It is safe for the wake-up hours. It is convenient as a standalone supplement or you could combine it with other brain boosting aids from the Lumonol products.

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Benefits of taking Lumonol Luna – Sleep Enhancing Pill

The summary of Lumonol Luna benefits are,

  • You get better quality sleep
  • Gets sleep faster
  • Better focus during daytime
  • More energy
  • Less mood swings
  • A balanced feel

It is supposed to make you feel smart, get better memory, better focus, and help with the mood swings as all of these factors are linked to sleep. Basically, it hits the right button to shut down the overactive brain and let it work silently as needed. It can strengthen the brain functions this way and bring balance and focus. The much-needed rest for the body is possible only when the brain sleeps, and that will help in maintaining the body to be healthier, possibly leaner, and well maintained.

Who needs Lumonol Luna – Sleep Enhancing Pill?

Lumonol Luna is good for those who have an overactive brain- the brain that keeps working even after you have fallen asleep and you dream of everything that has been happening in the day. Effectively, you are not asleep and have just closed your eyes. Sounds familiar? Lumonol Luna is made to be one of the best sleep enhancing supplements that can also help to be the best cognitive enhancers. People who can use this supplement are among the following categories.

  • People who are over thinkers and having an overactive brain
  • Those who are working at odd hours
  • People with too much stress
  • Those who have occasional nervousness
  • People spending too many hours on electronic devices or gadgets (count me in)
  • People who generally have the tendency to get less sleep than others

While most of the sleep aids in the market can make you feel drowsy in the morning with a huge hangover later, Lumonol Luna does not make you feel the same. It makes you feel refreshed, well, and definitely better than other supplements that you might have tried. So let’s get to know more about this wonder cognitive pill.

Lumonol Luna Ingredients

Valerian root powder can single-handedly deal with insomnia or sleep deprivation. It has got several compounds that work to calm the nerves and bring calmness to the brain. It happens to be one of the oldest remedies for insomnia that has been at work for centuries. It is relaxing, calming and soothing and allowing the brain to hit the shut down button automatically. It works to bring down the stress, anxiety, blood pressure and promotes the natural sleep inducing functions inside. Valerian root powder can also work with the other ingredients like GABA and Lemon balm to enhance this sleep inducing effects. There is about 400 mg of this ingredient in the capsules.

GABA- Gamma Amino Butyric Acid is the key neurotransmitter that shuts down the nervous activities. It inhibits the nerve transmission and calms the brain to take it to the next level for sleep. People who struggle to sleep often have low GABA levels in their brain. When there is enough of this neurotransmitter, the body needs less time, to fall asleep and would also be able to sleep longer. It works well for occasional insomnia as well as for chronic insomnia. GABA is about 400 mg in each capsule of Lumonol Luna.

Passion Flower herb powder is another ingredient in Lumonol Luna that increases the GABA level. The person with a low GABA level and struggling to sleep will get a boost in its level that shows an instant effect and falls asleep faster. It reduces anxiety as well. It improves the quality of sleep. In association with the Valerian root powder, The Passion Flower powder fights insomnia. Together they improve the sleep deprivation state and introduce you to the good sleep days. The amount of this ingredient is just 25 mg.

Chamomile powder: Chamomile tea is known as sleep tea. The compounds in this herb has calming effects and reduce the locomotive activity. It relaxes the nerves and muscles, setting the perfect stage to get into sleep mode. It takes about 25 mg of this herbal powder to make the Lumonol Luna capsule.

Lemon Balm powder is an herb that encourages you to sleep. It prevents the interrupted sleep and makes it last longer to have refreshed waking. It is considered as one of the most powerful sedatives and is added in just 12.5 mg. It can reduce stress and anxiety. It is found to do better in combination with the other herbs like passion Flower, Valerian, chamomile etc.

Magnesium glycinate supplies magnesium, the anti-stress mineral for the brain. It is added in just 1mg in Lumonol Luna capsules. The deficiency of this mineral could lead to sleep troubles, anxiety, nervousness etc. People who suffer insomnia have low levels of magnesium. The lack of enough magnesium makes way for calcium into the cells which can make you feel awake. When there is enough or more magnesium, it takes out the calcium from the body cells and muscles to let them relax. Milk contains a higher amount of magnesium and that is why it is suggested to take a glass to warm milk before bedtime to enhance the sleep.

Melatonin is the hormone that controls the sleep-wake cycle of the body. It is also the lowest quantity ingredient used here at just 1 mg in each Lumonol Luna capsule. The production and level of melatonin get higher when it is dark outside. Gradually, more melatonin is in the system to let you sleep. When there is too much light, it can affect the production of this hormone. When there is an adequate amount of melatonin it starts preparing the body to sleep. It is at its highest by around 9 (the time is not exact) so you can easily slide into sleep mode. The melatonin level stays steady for a good 12 hours. Once the light comes, it starts receding.

How does Lumonol Luna work?

Sleep might sound simple but in fact is a complicated process that makes the body functions to take a break and rest for a few solid hours. It takes a while for the body to do this process. Several factors, especially the light has got a lot of interference. When there is more amount of light, from TV, computer, Smartphones etc, it prevents the production of melatonin and delay the onset of sleep.

The stress hormones, anxiety, working hours etc also has their claim in sleep deprivation. Lumonol Luna contains the ingredients that can bring the sleep process faster and inhibit or prevent the negative effects that slow it down.

The working mechanism

Ingredients like Valerian root and Passion flower work on to increase the GABA levels in the brain. GABA is the neurotransmitter that stops the nerve transmission to bring the calmness. Then there is the GABA itself added for the enhanced effects. GABA is present in almost all the brain supplements and cognitive enhancement supplements as it is the key to the proper functioning of brain. It practically CONTROLS the brain activities from going overboard.

Chamomile and Lemon balm are calming the nerves and relaxing the muscle. The presence of magnesium helps with this task as magnesium can bring the calmness and a needed mineral for sleep. Melatonin is the key that controls the biological clock that sets the time for sleep. Adding melatonin will speed up the entire process.

So, the Lumonol Luna contains the needed ingredients for the perfect recipe for quality sleep. Taking the recommended dosage can get you to your dream world in no time.

Lumonol Luna Dosage

Lumonol Luna comes in capsule form. The recommended dosage of Lumonol Luna is 2 capsules per day. The 2 pills have to be taken right before you go to bed or within 30-60 minutes prior to bed. The 2 capsules are the maximum limit. You could also take just 1 per day. Each bottle of Lumonol Luna contains 60 capsules that can last you for a month or two. One should always start with the low dose for all supplements.

Basically, if you plan to take 2 capsules, you need to have a good amount of time with you before you wake up. If you HAVE to take the higher dose, make sure that you take the pills in advance to give it 7-9 hours before your usual wake up time. Otherwise, you are going to miss the alarm.

Side effects of taking Lumonol Luna

The biggest bonus of Lumonol Luna is that there are no side effects. Even the most popular sleeping aid come with the slide effects of making you feel drowsy in the morning and till afternoon, in some cases. The Lumonol Luna has got no such problems. You can continue your normal life with more energy than before, after taking these capsules.
The only possible problem would be when the person is allergic to any of the individual ingredients. The herbal ingredients like the Valerian root, Chamomile, Passion flower etc. You may notice dizziness, nausea, drowsiness, heart rate increase etc. These side effects are not necessarily seen and are not reported also. If you are not aware of any allergic reaction to the ingredients, you can try the single trial bottle to see how it works. If you feel safe, you can go ahead and have the larger packs for the long term.

Drug interactions

There have been no reports of any drug interactions with this product so it is better to consult the doctor before you start taking it especially of you are already on any prescription medications.

In short, Lumonol Luna is a safe option for a sleeping aid and also as one of the best health supplement or the cognitive enhancer or even as the best drug for memory.

Lumonol Luna For sale

Lumonol Luna is available directly from the manufacturer. The supplement is compatible to be used with the other nootropic supplements from the makers. They offer various packages for this product- starting from the single bottle trial pack to the package that lasts for 3-6 months. The available packages are,

  • 1-bottle Delta sleep pack is the single bottle of Lumonol Luna for the sleep enhancement. Once you are satisfied with the supplement you can opt for the autoship delivery that delivers the product every month. The subscription can be cancelled anytime after the initial 15 days of purchase.
  • The 3-Bottle Delta sleep pack: This pack contains 3 bottles of Lumonol Luna to last for 2-3 months.
  • 2-Bottle total recharge pack: This is a combination pack of 1 bottle of Lumonol Luna and a bottle of Lumonol for mental performance. This is used for round the clock performance enhancement with better sleep at night with the Lumonol Luna and has better focus, memory, and energy during the day with the Lumonol. This is one of the best cognitive enhancement supplements available.
  • 6-Bottle Complete Reboot pack has 3 bottles each of Lumonol Luna and Lumonol for mental performance.
  • 2-Bottle Total recharge Wisdom pack is meant for the elders and seniors who are having the decline in their physical and cognitive health. They might be suffering sleep disorders at night and general memory issues, energy loss and foggy feeling as part of their ageing process. This Total recharge wisdom pack contains one bottle each of Lumonol Luna and Lumonol Wisdom that enhances their day to day life with better sleep, focus, memory, and energy. This is ideal for anyone above the age of 60.
  • 6-Bottle complete reboot Wisdom pack is the 3 -6 month supply of the Lumonol Luna-Lumonol Wisdom pack. These all natural brain supplements would be ideal for anyone above the age of 60.
  • The 3-Bottle total performance booster trial pack is a combo of Lumonol- Luna and Nova packs. This is a total power boosting energy pack for those who need the extra energy in their body. People who are facing the tough exams and needing the energy to sustain the pressure and memory, those who are working out for hours in the gym can benefit with this pack. The pack offers good night sleep, the energy-memory-focus abilities by Lumonol and the physical endurance of Lumonol Nova.
  • 9-bottle 24 hour total performance booster pack is the 3-bottle each combination of Lumonol-Luna-Nova pack that is mentioned above. This will benefit as the best memory supplement for studying.
  • 3-bottle total performance booster trial wisdom pack is another 3 bottle combination of Lumonol Luna-Nova-Wisdom. This is the power boosting pack for the elders to let them enjoy some quality time for workouts, long walking, or in general physical boost. At an age when the cognitive health plays with you, this pack offers one of the best brain food supplements that will nourish the brain cells to act normal and healthier.
  • 9-bottle 24 hour total performance booster pack (wisdom) is the 3 month supply of the elderly power boosting 3 bottle combo pack. This memory boosting supplement pack will also serve them as the best brain nootropic.

Taking Lumonol Luna with other Lumonol Products

Lumonol Luna is a cognitive enhancer that has powers of being a memory booster, focus enhancement or for being a simple brain pill. It is can be all of these just by aiding in sleep at night. It also enables the body to be energetic on waking up. The combination of Lumonol Luna with other Lumonol products would only improve the overall results.

The main aim is to have an energetic body with a balanced brain. The other products from the makers like Lumonol, Lumonol Nova etc provide more energy to the body to go through the daily life. Lumonol Luna is a product that is meant for night time only. All the other products have their importance in the daytime. To enhance the quality of life altogether, taking the combination of the Lumonol Luna with other Lumonol products would be highly beneficial.

Lumonol Luna Customer Reviews

Lumonol Luna is relatively new in the market. It is slowly gaining popularity because of its positive effects and for being the completely vegetarian capsules. It is hard to find reviews online as there are not many sites where you can purchase it from and that causes this lack of enough reviews to know it yourself.

You already know that I am just 2 weeks old with the Lumonol Luna sleep enhancement pills. They are working, to be sure, but I guess it is still premature for me to judge. All I can say is that there are no side effects, so far. The sleepiness that I feel in the morning doesn’t count as I am a very bad morning person. Like always, a cup of coffee is what I badly need in the morning. I am yet to try the energy combo pack to see if that shows any difference. So my review is that Lumonol Luna is a good to go.

  • Caitlyn was very surprised that she got a good 8-hour sleep after taking the Lumonol Luna. She felt very refreshed after waking up from the uninterrupted sleep. She cautions you to have at least 8 hours in hand to take the pills before going to bed. She took the 2 capsules dose to get these results.
  • Jarrel takes the combo of Lumonol-Luna-Nova and he says that he has better clarity and peace of mind. He gets quality sleep at night and energy filled days. He wakes up refreshed to have a better and productive day.

The Lumonol Luna customer reviews are really sparse. The gist of it is that with the limited number of reviews and from my own experience you can go ahead and but the trial pack to see how it fares for you.

Where to buy Lumonol Luna

You don’t get Lumonol Luna simply from anywhere. Being a newbie, it was available only from the parent site, thus far. From the manufacturer’s official site, you can get various types of packages with the benefit of the money back guarantee on the product. There is an assured 90-day money back guarantee.

These days it is available on the popular stores like Amazon. Lumonol Luna from Amazon, you will get only the single bottle pack. The single pack would cost just above $29. When you opt for the autoship option or get the multi-bottle pack, you will get the product at a better rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lumonol Luna is a sleeping aid or a nootropic supplement?

It is both a sleeping aid as well as a nootropic supplement. It supplies the ingredients that the brain needs to process the body for sleep and thus could be called both. Since sleep is a major factor that controls the cognitive health and helps maintain it, this sleep enhancing capsule can serve to improve the overall mental health as well.

What is the exact dosage of Lumonol Luna?

Lumonol Luna needs to be taken as 2 capsules per day for chronic insomnia and for those who are working at irregular hours. For occasional insomnia, sleep disturbances 1 capsule dose might be enough. Ultimately, the exact dosage, whether it is 2 capsules or 1 capsule per day, is entirely dependent on the person who is taking it.

The label does not show at what time I should take the capsules!

Lumonol Luna must be taken right before your bedtime. It is always safe to take it by 9 o’clock at the latest, especially if you plant to wake up by 6 am. Not that you will feel dizzy or sleepy after that. It doesn’t hurt to be cautious. After all, as it says, early to bed, early to rise. This best drug for sleep and memory can actually be a good habit.

Is Lumonol Luna safe for all?

Yes, Lumonol Luna is safe for all who are ‘adult’. This is not meant for children, especially those who are under 16. Lumonol Luna is NOT safe for children and pregnant or lactating women.

Will I feel sleepy during the day if I take these capsules?

Absolutely not. Lumonol Luna is made to counter this jinx. On the contrary, you will be feeling quite energized and happy after taking these capsules. A restful sleep at night can do wonders for the body and mind. After a few weeks, you will be feeling content and happier than ever.

Even after taking Lumonol Luna for a few weeks, I really don’t feel the kick in the energy level. What should I do?
You can try the combo pack of Lumonol Luna and Lumonol energy formula to get over this issue. The Lumonol capsules are to increase the energy during the day and to improve the general focus, concentration, and memory of the person.

How long would it take to show the results?

Usually, you should notice the uninterrupted sleep right from day one. The actual results of quality sleep and energized body would start showing within a week or 2 after taking the right dose. Within a month of using, you should be seeing a general picture.

It says there are no side effects. What if I get any?

Usually, there should not be any side effects. If at all you get any, first try lowering the dose, especially if you are taking 2 pills a day. In that case trying the remedy is easier. If you are on 1 capsule a day dosage and still feel uncomfortable with it, it is better to stop the dosage and see if things improve.

How does Lumonol Luna fare against other sleep aid supplements?

Usually, the sleep aid supplements end up making you feel sleepy to the better half of the day. Lumonol Luna capsules will make you feel the opposite with more energy. In addition, Lumonol Luna is a vegetarian capsule that contains all herbal based ingredients in it. There are no chemicals added in this.

Are there any precautions that I need to take while taking Lumonol Luna?

Once you have completed 90 days of Lumonol Luna, taking a one month break would benefit you. Otherwise, the body can get used to the capsules and start showing the reverse process. This should be followed for every 90 days of continuous use.


Lumonol Luna is a newbie for sure. It has got the great potential to be the best sleep enhancing aid or even the best way to improve your memory by correcting the sleep pattern of the person. It is safe for all as long as it is the only sleeping aid that you are taking.

Chummie Premium Bedwetting Alarm Kit Reviews

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Chummie Premium Bedwetting Alarm Kit

Bedwetting, also known as enuresis in children is a common issue. If the problem persists, it may be extremely upsetting for both the child and the parents. For continual Bedwetting problem, some kind of intervention is a must to treat this behavior. Consulting the child’s doctor may help but for immediate action and safe solution that works, try using bedwetting alarm kit. This article describes the details of one of the best Bedwetting Alarm Kit. Theos Medical Systems manufactures Chummie Premium Bedwetting Alarm Kit. Read on to know everything about Chummie Premium Bedwetting Alarm Kit Reviews.

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Chummie Premium Bedwetting Alarm Kit Review

Chummie Premium Bedwetting Alarm Kit is the award-winning, clinically proven system with loud sounds, bright lights, and strong vibrations to help treat the condition. It is one of the best bedwetting treatment systems in the market that is available at a reasonable price. It contains 2012 patented IntelliFlex sensor/ mat One Drop Detection technology and a synchronized sound-light-vibration for greater efficiency and immediate effect.

Chummie Premium Bedwetting Alarm kit is the perfect end product after years of innovation and development. They feature the most versatile and ideal bedwetting treatment for children, teen as well as deep sleepers. It combines the power of four essential elements of a successful bedwetting alarm: bright lights, loud sounds, strong vibrations, and one drop detection technology. This innovative technology has a silicon sensor that detects urine at the very first drop to offer the best treatment for your child. Chummie alarm kits offer three separate settings – sound and vibration, sound only, and vibrate only to help for camps and sleepovers.

Chummie Premium Bedwetting Alarm Kit is the doctor recommended to stop bedwetting. It is the number 1 bedwetting alarm, clinically proven to stop bedwetting in children, teens, and deep sleepers. These alarm kit is microprocessor controlled and uses the IntelliFlex sensor which comes with revolutionary one drop detection technology to respond to the first drop of urine. They feature Bright Lights, 8 Selectable loud Tones, 2 Volume settings and Strong Vibrations. It allows for a convenient 30 seconds set up with the 3-in-1 program switch.

Chummie Premium Bedwetting Alarm Kit – Difference

This alarm is compact and discreet with unique IntelliFlex sensor i.e. its One Drop Detection silicone sensor detects urine from the first drop. With 12 urine sensing strips the IntelliFlex sensor offers a considerably large urine detection area than other clip sensors, available on the market. The IntelliFlex Sensor is hypoallergenic, reusable, and easy-to-clean. Moreover, its unique SmartFit design gives this sensor flexibility and softness making it extremely comfortable for your child.

Chummie Premium Bedwetting Alarm Kit – Features

Chummie Premium Bedwetting Alarm Kit has won several awards for their novel technology, support, and features. Below mentioned are their features

  • Perfect for Deep Sleepers – This alarm kit trains a child, teen or even the deepest sleepers to stop bedwetting and sleep dry all through the night in just a few weeks without medication. As urination begins Chummie’s unique sensor detects the first drop of urine. In addition, its patented bright light, loud sound and strong vibration go off to wake the child or deep sleeper as bedwetting occurs. It teaches your child’s brain a connection between the bladders full signal and waking. In weeks, your child wakes sooner and sooner until he/she stops bedwetting permanently.
  • Patented Alert Technology – Other alarm kit uses a single tone which your child gets accustomed to, but unlike them, Chummie alarms provide 8 different selectable tones. Plus, 2 volume control, vibration settings and two bright lights to wake any deep sleepers
  • One Drop Detection Sensor – Only Chummie Premium Bedwetting alarms uses a soft, non-corrosive silicone sensor wherein the urine detection area is considerably larger than usual clip sensors available in other bedwetting alarms.
  • Comfort, Convenience, And Value – These are compact alarm unit which weighs just 1oz. IntelliFlex sensor acquires body shape for maximum comfort and doesn’t poke like some clip sensors. This sensor is reusable within seconds by patting dry.
  • Safe and Effective Bedwetting Solution – This microprocessor controlled alarm is discreet and offers 2-step shut off the system. The child needs to press the button and pull the cord, making the child fully awakened to use the toilet to finish urinating. These units also detect when the sensor disconnects during the night or when the battery requires replacement, so to never discontinue the treatment.

Other Features

  • Award Winning Bedwetting System – These alarm kits are FDA registered; CE certified and is microprocessor controlled with advanced safety algorithms. In addition, Chummie Alarms have won numerous awards and several pediatric urologists recommend this first line bedwetting treatment
  • Free Smartphone App – Access the free Smartphone App from any mobile phone or tablet to get assistance, special offers, watch instructional videos, read FAQs, and contact support team with a click.
  • They are available in blue, pink and green colors
  • Chummie Premium Bedwetting Alarm Kit is useful for Children, Teens, and Deep Sleepers.
  • They come with motivation reward system to track your child’s nightly progress and increase confidence to overcome bed wetting.
  • They come with a 1-year warranty.

Chummie Premium Bedwetting Alarm Kit – Product Inclusions

Chummie premium bedwetting alarm kit comes with everything you need to start your treatment and using it tonight.

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The box contains

  • Compact bed wetting alarm unit
  • Intelliflex sensor
  • Flexitape
  • Snap-on clip
  • Motivation reward system/ progress chart to track your child’s nightly progress and increase confidence
  • User manual
  • 2 AAA batteries
  • Achievement certificate & registration card.

Chummie Premium Bedwetting Alarm Kit – Instructions

Follow the following instructions on using this alarm

  • Select the alarm mode through a multi functional switch located on the left side of the device. An upward movement changes the sound volume, the downward changes its vibration and inwards changes its sound patterns.
  • Clip this alarm on your child’s nightdress, preferably on the collar.
  • Plug the IntelliFlex sensor cord into the alarm.
  • Adjust the IntelliFlex sensor on the outside of your child’s brief.
  • The easy sensor attachment options are Flexitape, adhesive tape or 2nd pair of briefs.
  • To stop the alarm press the button on the top of the unit

Chummie Premium Bedwetting Alarm Kit – Pros And Cons


  • Easy to use – In order to use it, just connect the sensor and the alarm using the cord and adjust it on the underwear of your child.
  • Simple to Maintain – It is simple enough for a four-year-old child. This compact unit contains many amazing features. In addition, it is easy to clean and install.
  • Highly effective –The Chummie’s One Drop Detection Technology is highly reliable and effective. It is strong enough for deep sleepers.
  • Safe and No Side Effects – Chummie’s alarm contains Hypoallergenic silicone sensor which will not shock child or damage hearing. It is FDA-approved, clinically tested and has no side effects.


  • Low alarm sound – Some people have reported that the alarm sound is not loud enough.
  • False alarms – Some people have experienced the device giving off false alarms, which causes inconvenience if it happens multiple times during the night.

Chummie Premium Bedwetting Alarm Kit – Where To Buy?

You will find a number of online retailers like Amazon,,, its official website and more. All these online retail stores provide discounts, special offers and coupon codes on Chummie Premium Bedwetting Alarm Kit. So it is best to compare prices and search for coupon codes to avail maximum savings. offers –

  • Free shipping
  • Unlimited specialist support
  • Affordable price

Exclusive special offer tab where you can find coupon codes like $5 off plus free shipping, use coupon code: BSTDEL and more

Chummie Premium Bedwetting Alarm Kit – Customer Reviews

Boasting a 4 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon, Chummie Premium Bedwetting Alarm Kit is one of the best bedwetting alarms on the market if you can afford it. They are very comfortable and come with tons of features to help your child stop bedwetting within two months and in few children in just two weeks.

  • Stephanie says her 6 years son was still wetting the bed periodically, about 3 times a week. After reading reviews on this, she bought the product. Her son started to use it in July every night and by the first few weeks of August, his bed wetting got completely under control. No accidents at all since. She says it is the best product ever for this situation. Now he sleeps deeply without worrying about embarrassment.
  • Tara says it works as advertised. Two of her kids used it and both no longer need it.
  • Weezar says it worked great at first but stopped working after only 3 months.
  • Simpsons say the alarm didn’t work consistently. Sometimes it would go off, other times it wouldn’t. Occasionally, it would come unplugged in the middle of the night or the tape would come loose and the sensor won’t stay in his underwear. After 3 ½ weeks, the sensor stopped working completely. She doesn’t recommend this alarm.

Chummie Premium Bedwetting Alarm Kit – Conclusion

Chummie Premium Bedwetting Alarm Kit is widely used as an initial, first-line treatment in children ages 4 and older to stop bedwetting. There tons of great features work perfectly to help your child with bedwetting. If you are looking for a Bedwetting Alarm to treat your child’s bedwetting then these are the most effective and comfortable Alarm Kit which you won’t go wrong.

VibraLITE Mini Bedwetting –Watch Review & Instructions

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VibraLITE Mini Bedwetting –Watch

VibraLITE mini bedwetting watch is a perfect monitoring device that helps to deal with daytime bedwetting in kids. Bedwetting is common for kids between the age of 4 to 10 and some do it unintentionally due to medical conditions.

Now you can actually train and teach them to attend to their bodily needs and empty the bladders periodically. Parents can actually keep a track on their daytime bedwetting issues. Read More …

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Does this VibraLITE mini bedwetting watch aid in training good habits in kids? Read this article to know more about this useful bedwetting solution.

  • VibraLITE Mini Reminder Watch In A Glance
  • Monitors daytime bedwetting
  • Employs vibration and/or sound depending on one’s need
  • Set 12 different daily alarms
  • Easy to program
  • Lock option to prevent kids from tampering the settings accidentally
  • 20-second alarm duration
  • Bright backlight stays while programming
  • Available in various colors and trends

VibraLITE mini reminder watch is a trendy watch that suits your cute little kid’s wrists neatly. It has an extensive set of 12 different alarms, which users can set on a daily basis. Each alarm lasts for 20 seconds either with sound or vibration or sometimes both. It also works as a countdown timer based on hours, minutes, and seconds. The user can program it according to his needs and turn off the alarm when desired.

VibraLITE Mini Reminder Watch Instructions To Use

Setting up this watch is simple and easy. You can do it quickly after a few initial confusion sessions. You will get an instructional manual along with the watch that will help you to navigate easily. The watch has a set of icons on the face, which you can use to confirm your settings. After you have programmed the watch, you can employ the lock feature. This will prevent your child from changing any settings. You can set the alarm to every two hours so that he or she can avoid unwanted bedwetting situations and empty his or her bladder. The VibraLITE mini monitors his or her daytime bedwetting routines. This watch is small and an ideal companion for children.

Can my child use it at school and while outdoors?

Yes, this device is suitable for small children especially when they are at school or outdoors engaging in playtime activities. With 12 alarms daily with 20-second duration, your child will never miss any alerts and follow the schedule properly. He will use the bathroom and on the process he will get used this system. He will naturally adapt to this schedule and develop good habits like emptying the bladder timely.

How is this watch different from other brands?

There are numerous brands available, but the VibraLITE MINI is a total groundbreaking product. The small watch is user-friendly. It works with both vibration and sounds for ease and convenience. This is the smallest vibration available in the markets and fits comfortably on children. There are other sizes available for all ages and you will love its small size for sure. This watch is from a reputed brand and has many innovative products to its credit. This watch follows and meets all the standards.

  • Watch dimensions and available colors
  • Watch Size – 38.5 X 30.5 X 12.3
  • Weight 0.9 ounces
  • Black with a nylon strap and stainless steel buckle: 11.5 -18.5cm
  • Purple and white floral with polyurethane leather strap/ stainless steel buckle: 12cm – 18cm
  • Multicolor, white comes with silicone strap and stainless steel buckle: 12.7cm -18.5 cm
  • Blue, black, orange and pink /nylon & polyurethane hook & loop watch: 14cm -18cm
  • VibraLITE mini warranty: one year limited

Choose your own alert mechanism

VibraLITE mini uses both sounds and vibrations as alarms. You can activate the alerts using vibrate or sound or both according to your need. If you do not love sounds then you can choose the vibrate option. It also allows audible alarm so that parents can also listen to the sound when needed. In this way, parents can monitor the bedwetting patterns easily. The alert will stay around for 20 minutes and you can stop the alert manually by pressing the button. If you want both sound and vibration then you opt for the same settings. The vibration mode is the best mode when you need to set confidential reminders so that it does not disturb or call the attention of others.


The mini uses CR1632 standard 3-volt battery and it comes with the package. The battery lasts long and depends on how frequently you use it. If you use a combination of vibration and sounds then it will consume the power. However, there is nothing to worry as the battery costs less and it is easily replaceable. You can take it to a skilled person to change the battery without damaging the watch.

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Is the mini VibraLITE reminder watch waterproof?

VibraLITE mini reminder watch is water resistant but not waterproof. That means that you cannot go swimming and play with the water while wearing the watch. The watch largely remains safe from small water accidents as it has a water resistant O-Ring in its body. This will prevent the water from entering the inside of the watch.

Buy VibraLITE Mini Reminder Watch

You can order the watch from or For queries, you can email or chat with a specialist at the above-mentioned site. You can also place a call at 1-877-834-4107. Check for promo codes and discount coupons for availing this watch at a reduced price.

Customer Reviews

VibraLITE mini is a great pick and many customers have penned down the same at various forums. They say that this product has helped their child to lead a healthy routine and get control over daytime bedwetting habits. There are hundreds of satisfied parents, who recommend this watch proudly to others. In general, this product is worth for the price it comes and works effectively.

Kimberly says, “This watch has helped my son with his medical condition. He gets urine leaks due to bladder damage. With the help of this watch, he urinates every two hours and leads a normal life. I do not have to worry like before and I am relaxed about him now.”

Jimmy says, “My seven-year-old kid is happy using this watch. It is stylish and reminds him his job conveniently. I feel that he is changing and I have noticed that he goes every two hours even when he does not wear the watch.

Conclusion: This watch is an essential piece for growing kids. It helps kids to train themselves and to be independent. VibraLITE mini is a simple device that is easy to wear and sports a great look.

Best Bed Wetting Alarms For Deep Sleepers

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Bed Wetting Alarms -Chummie Premium Bedwetting Alarm

Bed wetting is natural for kids but it can be frustrating when the child is older. The easy solution is to make them wake up in the middle of the night and have them go to the bathroom to empty their bladders. It would be more convenient if they could wake up themselves and do the needful. But when the child in question is a deep sleeper, it becomes difficult for them to wake up by their own. This is where the bed wetting alarms come into picture. Read More …

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The bed betting alarms set off the alarm at the slightest hint of moisture and wake them up. Even if the child is in deep sleep, this alarm is capable of waking them. These bed wetting alarms are worn on the inner wear and not like an alarm clock that sits on the stand.

About Bed Wetting Alarms For Deep Sleepers

An ordinary alarm may not wake up any person from his/her deep sleep. These bed wetting alarms are to wake such deep sleepers from their sleep land to the reality. Well that is the dream and motto behind such alarms. In reality, these bed wetting alarms might be effective slowly depending on the depth of the child’s sleep. It is NEVER easy to wake up someone from the deep slumber. This alarm is most likely to wake up the parents and even the neighbors before the culprit wakes up. The parent need to wake the child up and make him/her go to the bathroom, daily, until the child is capable of doing so alone. It might take a few hours before the child can do it independently by waking up at the alarm and going to the bathroom.

How Do The Bed Wetting Alarms Work?

The bed wetting alarms are equipped with a moisture sensor. These are worn near the pajamas and it has a speaker to attach near the shoulder where the alarm is nearest to the ear.

When there is the slightest hint of moisture or the child starts to wet at night, the alarm sets off. The alarm will wake up the child and he or she can go to the bathroom to empty the bladder.

Although the alarm can start working right from the start, it all depends on the child’s ability to wake up at the alarm that determines the effectiveness of the alarm.

These bed wetting alarms are considered the safest therapy for bed wetting. The alarm can be piercing but safe for the child. It is the reflex of the child that works here. The alarm is really alarming and that reflex makes the child to stop urinating. They can then wake up and do it where they are supposed to and not on the bed.
As effective the alarm can be, it might take a few weeks for stubborn deep sleepers to get used to this alarm. Once they can wake up by their own, you don’t the need the alarm anymore. Unlike other therapies, a relapse is less likely and the effects are really long lasting.

Best Bed Wetting Alarms For Deep Sleepers

There are many brands of bed wetting alarms. Here are the leading bed wetting alarms for such deep sleepers that are found to be highly effective and safe.

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Chummie Premium Bed Wetting Alarm

This is the most recommended bed wetting alarms. It comes with 8 different alert tones. You can choose the one that suits the child best. There are 2 volume levels to adjust. The alarm sets off bright light also with some strong vibrations.

The best feature for this bed wetting alarm is its discreet feature to help the child while on sleepovers. The alarm need not wake up the friends and can work discreetly with the discreet mode.

The sensor is flexible silicone that can be washed later for hygienic purposes. It can be washed and reused immediately. Simply wash it in the running water and pat dry with a dry towel. The sensor stays hidden on the pajamas and does not poke. It is attached to the pajamas/inner wear and can conform to the body to be comfortable.

This is a 2 piece device with the sensor in the briefs and a speaker attached to the shoulders. These 2 pieces are connected through a cord. This alarm comes in 3 different colors of blue, green, and pink.

The alarm unit works with the help of 2 AAA batteries which are included. The dimensions are 2.6 x 2.1 x 0.7 inches for the alarm unit and 2.3 x 1.4 x 0.14 inches for the sensor. The connecting cord is 26.5 inches long. It also comes with a free Chummie App as well.

Smart Bedwetting Alarm

Smart bedwetting alarm is a smart device that alerts the child when they start urinating. The sound vibrations would stop the child from urinating and wake him up. The smart feature here is that it has 8 alert tones and it plays these tones one after the other automatically. We cannot fix a particular tone. Each time it plays a different alert tone that prevents the getting used to a single tone.

The speaker and the sensor make a team. The sensor can work fast and wake the child within seconds. The speaker comes with different stickers of favorite characters to make the child feel more interested.

The sensor attaches to the underwear of the child and connected to the speaker through a soft cord. The speaker can be attached near the shoulder with the help of an arm band and hooks up to the shirt.

The alarm unit is 2.6 x 1.6 x 0.8 inches in dimension and the sensor is 1.2 x 0.6 x 0.4 inches only. The speaker works with the help of 2 AAA batteries which is included. The length of the cord is 26.5 inches.

There is a program button that sets up the alarm within seconds. There are 3 options, one with sound, second is vibration only, and the third is sound only. This Smart Bedwetting Alarm comes with 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.


These 2 bed wetting alarms cover the basic features of such alarms. While the Chummie Premium bed wetting alarm is the leading one, it can be slightly higher in price. The Smart bedwetting alarm is much more economical. Both these alarms have manufacturer warranty and a solid customer backup. When you are looking for a bed wetting alarm, look for these that are among the best bedwetting alarms in the market.

Pillowsonic Stereo Pillow Speakers

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Pillowsonic Stereo Pillow Speakers

Listen with your pillows and bid farewell to your clumsy headphones at night. Yes, it is possible with the help of pillow speakers and there are many brands available now. Pillowsonic stereo pillow speakers are my favorite and I just love them because they have a reasonable price and come with good quality.

Listen with your pillows and bid farewell to your clumsy headphones at night. Yes, it is possible with the help of pillow speakers and there are many brands available by now. Pillowsonic stereo pillow speakers are my favorite and I just love them because they have a reasonable price and come with good quality. I guess majority out there love to sleep listening to music or any other audiobooks, podcasts etc. To be frank, headphones are not a good idea when it comes to lying flat on the bed. This is exactly where pillow speakers can fit in to create a revolution with the way you hear and the level of comfort you can achieve. Read More …

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For more details about pillowsonic stereo pillow speakers, and how cool they are as hearing aids, keep reading.

I am a diehard fan of podcasts and I cannot imagine myself sleeping without headphones stuck to my ears. I sleep off in the process and the next time I wake up, I end up tangled. This is something that most of us face and it is not an issue as such, however I get irritated easily. I wanted something that could give a better comfort. I tried Bluetooth headsets and they are good to a certain extent. Still, I wanted something that was effortless and easy to use. After a lot of research, I finally found this pillow speaker concept and tried it. Man, I must say thanks to myself that I did find the right pick. I just love the pillow speakers and they are simply awesome.

Why choose FM 15 Pillowsonic speakers?

They are easy to set up and hear, unlike normal headphones that keep you away from having a comfortable sleep. You cannot toss and turn with your headphones that add to the discomfort.

There are different types of pillow speakers available nowadays like flat under-pillow speakers, small speakers, and built-in memory foam pillow speakers. Pillowsonic stereo pillow speakers are under the pillow speakers with great quality. This is a simple audio accessory that easily sits beneath your pillow and allows you to hear. It connects to all sound sources easily if you have a 3.5 mm audio jack in your music gadgets.

About FM 15 Pillowsonic Stereo Pillow Speaker In A Quick Glance

  • Personal pillow speakers that allow you to hear in private
  • Does not disturb your sleeping partner
  • Helps you to sleep faster and aids in stress relief
  • Have 2 built-in digital micro speakers that pass through dense pillows
  • Uses 3.5mm universal jack and fit into any audio device easily
  • Contains acoustic foam material that ensures that it remains under the pillow without displacing
  • Total comfort and great audio quality
  • Includes a back pocket that acts a storage area for your audio player

Benefits Of Fm 15 Pillowsonic Speaker

  • Pillow sonic speakers easily fit into digital players, smart phones, TV/Radio, and other audio devices with the help of 3.5 mm audio jack. You do not have to run searching for compatible devices as it follows the universal standards.
  • Absolute clarity and clear sound along with safe volume levels
  • This device offers total comfort and your ears will enjoy the freedom of listening without a burden to hold.
  • These speakers keep you alert from the surrounding sounds and do not isolate you from your current state. You can listen to the music as well as stay alert when you get an emergency call from your loved one.
  • You can toss and turn, move freely with these under- the- pillow speakers.
  • Takes you to the sleep world with your favorite choice of music or story

Pillowsonic Stereo Pillow Speakers Fm 15 – How Does It Feel?

To start with, this piece comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty. FM 15 looks sleek and stylish with the soft acoustic foam material. It has a flat design and it stays put under the pillow without displacing. The acoustic foam material used is a non-slip, durable version that keeps the speakers at hold. The digital micro-speakers, when placed under the pillow, allow you to listen to anything in private without disturbing others in your room. Having two such speakers means both the partners can hear something different without disturbing each other.

It eliminates the need of having ear buds and headsets that are irritating once we are off to sleep. Pillowsonic FM 15 has two digital speakers that provide clear sounds and safe volumes even if you use a dense pillow. When you play the audio, you can listen to the music anywhere or almost from the entire surface areas of your pillow. This gives you the freedom to toss, turn, and listen from wherever you want. I am a combination sleeper and I love this thing due to this one main reason. To store the Smartphone they have provided a nice back pocket. You do not have to bother with your phone or iPod while off to sleep as it remains safe underneath.

If you are a cleanliness freak then you have the option to remove the outer foam cover of the speaker and wash it as you like. Only the foam covers I mean and not the speakers. Well, obvious but as a precaution, I need to put this out here. This speaker does not use any battery or power source and it is easy to carry around wherever you travel. The sound quality is matchless and simply amazing. I have never tried other brands, as this being my first pick. I am seriously happy that I made this choice.

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Customer Reviews

According to the customers, Pillowsonic FM15 stereo pillow speakers help to listen to music without any hurdles and allow you to sleep comfortably. Most of them say that it is easy to use and relaxation is a guarantee as you can hear every bit of sound. The best part is that you can hear music from any part of your pillow and not miss even a single beat.

Customers also love this because they get the stereo effect with the two digital speakers. The sound quality is superb and gives a different feel. I guess there is no other better way to hear music and listen to podcasts while off to sleep. You can adjust the volumes as you like and listen to your favorite audio files without any disturbance. If you check for reviews at the Amazon, you might find both positive and negative reviews. I am not sure what went wrong with customers who did not find this impressive. As far as I am concerned, I love this speaker and the reasonable price it comes.


Listening to audio files at night is a habit that most of us have cultivated with the advent of gadgets. Wearing headphones every time is not a good idea, especially at night. You need to give some space and freedom to your ears and body. The best way, to not bother your ears and at the same time listen to music is to use pillow speakers. Trust me they are simply great and easy to use. The quality sounds caress your senses and take you to the sleep slowly. Imagine listening to ASMR videos using pillow speakers… they are just heavenly and a euphoric experience in all together.