Saatva Mattresses


The right kind of investment in mattress offers you top durability at affordable prices without compromising on quality. Saatva Mattress is undoubtedly one among them. If you have heard about them, I need not tell you more but if you are not aware, well here’s the chance to know all about it.

Make the transfer

As a general rule of thumb, it is essential to change your mattress every 8 years. Just like any other perishable product, your mattress too comes with an expiry date. Over using of a limited mattress can rob you away of quality sleep. It can give you a bad back pain especially while waking up.

If you have been using a wrong mattress, then things can go out of hand. Nevertheless, the cortisol levels also go up thus provoking you to get up in the morning without having a good peaceful sleep.

About Saatva Mattress

Saatva Mattress was initiated with a motto to assist customers with best quality mattress that not only helps them with peaceful sleep but also delivers a healthy spine. From luxury mattress to memory foam mattress, you will find everything you always wanted to in your mattress right here at Saatva. Prominent feature is the individually wrapped coils and the coil on coil system that lasts a few good years for utmost comfort.

The best part is all the products are environment friendly which keeps you away from allergies or pollens helping in soft skin and a fit body in the years to come.

Products from Saatva Mattress

1. Luxury Firm Mattress

Luxury firm is one of the flagship products from Saatva Mattress. Choose the mattress size, frame and foundation as per your desire and have it delivered. Have it installed for free at your home.

From Cal King to Twin sized, you will find everything under Luxury Firm mattress. America’s popular choice is the Luxury Firm which is not too firm and not too soft, just right. Topped with a nice and soft layer makes it absolutely cozy and welcoming after a day’s work.

2. Firm Mattress

These are the types for those who need a very solid and firm comfort level. Basically best for back and stomach sleepers, firm mattress from Saatva comes with a soft foam and a layer of upholstery to give it the “firm” look.

Side sleepers better go with soft plush mattress that gives a comfort and huggy feel while they hit the sack.

3. Memory foam mattress

Memory foam mattress is popular among those who want to cuddle and drift off to a peaceful sleep. The prominent feature of memory foam is its ability to contour itself to the shape of the sleeper. It retracts back to its original position once you are up from the bed.

Memory foam usually does not go with people as it tends to emit pungent smell during initial use. But that’s not the case with Saatva memory foam mattress the company uses eco friendly and organic materials.

Saatva Mattress Consumer Reviews

People have fallen in love with products of Saatva Mattress and NO.. I am not exaggerating here. There have been many Saatva Mattress Reviews from actual users who have chosen Saatva over others in the market.

This is mainly because Saatva Mattress offers quality product at an economical cost which is rare see in today’s market. Many competitors run for quick bucks and campaign high in national televisions. Saatva Mattress take their own time and rely entirely on local advertising, thus playing it safe. Word by mouth reviews by many users also play a crucial role in rising customers.

They also give away a great warranty period of 15 years with first two years offering generous features such as full replacement, fixing any defects etc. And the next 3-15 years features any repairs if defects pop up. The warranty is valid as long as the mattress is fixed on the metal frame or platform foundation.


The Saatva Return Policy

Its probably not right to put the return policy on the first section of the content if you were to read a company brochure, but then Saatva needs to highlight this part the most. i haven’t heard of a company giving a 75 day no hassle return for a physical product. Buy a product, and if you dont like it in 75 days, return it and the only cost you incur is the INITIAL delivery charges. The return charges are handled by the company. What more? you also have the same policy for exchange of the product. So you purchased the Plush soft but you decide the Luxury firm Saatva mattress is the right thing for you. No problem. Get the product exchanged in 75 days and all you pay is the Delivery charges and the difference if any.

I dont know of much companies which can beat the saatva mattress return policy. What company would charge you nothing but the delivery cost for an exchange or return. Usually the companies charge a penalty, pick up charges and also take the delivery charges for a product like a mattress. Saatva is genuine and excellent. Call them customer centric and i don’t think it would be a mistake.

Why Saatva Mattress – Best reasons to buy from them

Saatva Mattress is known for two things. The rock bottom price and the impeccable quality. Among the top brands that manufacture Luxury mattresses, Saatva mattress has made its way into the market with its unique marketing strategy. Saatva mattress is currently the only Mattress company which is completely operating online. The company does not have a store except a godown and an address to take returns for this company. On one side, the company had problems marketing their products initially, considering that they did not have a physical address, But with the return address and the quality of the mattresses, the rise was rapid.

The Saatva Mattress Online Only strategy did good for both the customers and the company. The products are at least 30% lesser than their competitors. The manufacturing cost is the only thing that the company incurred in large. The staffs are minimal such as people to attend calls, few for delivery etc. The company is focused on its service as much on the product itself. The quality of both the product and the service is clearly seen in the reviews.

Unlike retail shopping, the downside of online purchase is we don’t have the option to touch, feel and know the mattress. The only other option would be to check out on someone who has already purchased the product and buy the same thing. Saatva mattress knows the predicament when you purchase their product. They know that customers may or may not like a product. Thats why they have a return policy which is transparent and friendly.

Leesa Vs Saatva

Leesa and Saatva, both these mattress companies are well known and offers best products to match every customer’s need. Made with pride in the USA, these mattresses, however, differ in terms of construction, prices and more. Read on to find the detailed comparison between Leesa Vs Saatva.

Leesa Mattress

The Leesa mattress is recognized by both industry experts and customers alike as being the best of the new breed of direct-to-consumer mattresses. The beautifully designed Leesa mattress is meticulously crafted with three premium foam layers for cooling, comfort, support, and pressure relief. The Leesa mattress was designed to improve on the leading memory foam brand at about one third of the cost. Try Leesa in your home for 100 nights and love it or get a full refund.

Leesa Vs Saatva

About Saatva

Saatva mattresses offer luxury, comfort and maximum sustainability with its distinctive high quality ‘coil on coil’ construction and uniquely combined top 5 innerspring features.

Buying Saatva means you are purchasing your ultimate sleeping comfort mattress. Because Saatva offers three different comfort levels – plush soft, luxury firm and firm. Moreover, their mattresses are premium, best priced and eco-friendly. They follow business to customer model and so their mattresses are exclusively sold online only. Saatva mattresses offer luxury, comfort and maximum sustainability with its distinctive high quality ‘coil on coil’ construction and uniquely combined top 5 innerspring features.

  • Individually wrapped comfort coils
  • Dual perimeter edge support system
  • Lumbar support enhancement
  • Steel coil base support system
  • Organic cotton cover & euro pillow top

About Leesa

Unlike Saatva, Leesa is a foam based mattress. This mattress offers a Universal Adaptive Feel which easily adapts to all body shapes and sizes as well as all sleeping styles. It’s each foam layer chosen carefully to provide core strength, memory foam pressure relief as well as cooling and bounce. Same as Saatva, Leesa mattresses are only available online, making your purchase 100% risk-free and cost-effective. Avena Foam and contouring memory foam construction are at the core of this mattress. It’s uniquely combined top 4 features are –

  • Polyester-lycra blend fabric woven into the iconic 4 stripe lessa cover
  • Top layer is 2 inches of cooling Avena foam
  • Middle layer is 2 inches of contouring memory foam
  • Bottom layer is 6 inches of dense core support foam

Leesa Vs Saatva – Construction

Saatva mattresses use 2-layers of coil-on-coil construction plus a euro-style pillow-top. The top layer has a thin layer of memory foam for lumbar and a euro-style pillow topper. Its top coil layer consists of 884 individually wrapped comfort coils. Foam encased anti-sag edge support covers the top coil layer to provide great contouring, better durability, comfort, and edge support. Finally, the bottom layer is 416 high-profile hourglass tempered steel support coil base.

Leesa uses a 3-layer foam design plus a 4 stripe lessa cover. The top layer is 2″ of Avena foam that allows bounces and airflow for a cooler night. Its middle layer is 2″ of memory foam to provide body contouring and pressure relief. And last is the 6″ of dense core support foam to add strength, support to all size sleepers and durability.

Leesa Vs Saatva – Firmness

Saatva mattresses are unique in terms of fairness. It offers 3 different comfort levels of mattress firmness. Its Plush Soft is 3 out of 10, Luxury Firm is 5-7 out of 10 and the Firm is 8 out of 10 on the firmness scale where 1 is extremely soft and 10 are extremely hard. Its Flagship Level offers the perfect balance of cushion firm and contouring support.

Leesa mattresses are medium firm beds. On a firmness scale, it rates at 6 out of 10. The Leesa offers a perfect balance of sinkage and body contour. It feels soft, but not too deep that it feels stuck, providing a consistent feel to a wide range of sleepers.

Leesa Vs Saatva – Motion Transfer

Motion Transfer is really an issue for people who sleep with a partner. Plus, a high-density memory foam mattresses works better for this than Saatva or Leesa. But both these mattresses do fairly well in this area. Saatva has coil on Coil construction and Leesa’s Universal Adaptive Feel adapts to all body shapes and sizes which are particularly useful for couples as each side adapts differently to each partner, virtually eliminating motion transfer.

Leesa Vs Saatva – Off-gassing

Actually, off-gassing is just a slight chemical smell that you may notice with foam mattresses that arrive compressed in a box. Here Leesa mattress comes compressed, so you may notice a light off-gassing smell initially. Allow airing and it disappears in few days. Saatva doesn’t come compressed, so there is no smell.

Leesa Vs Saatva – Prices and Dimensions

Size Saatva Price Saatva Dimensions Leesa Price Leesa Dimensions
Twin Size Mattress $599 38″ x 75″ $525 39″ x 75″
Twin XL Mattress $699 38″ x 80″ $625 39″ x 80″
Full Size Mattress $849 54″ x 75″ $790 54″ x 75″
Queen Size Mattress $899 60″ x 80″ $890 60″ x 80″
King Size Mattress $1,299 76″ x 80″ $990 76″ x 80″
California King Size Mattress $1,299 72″ x 84″ $990 72″ x 84″


Leesa Vs Saatva – Shipping and Delivery

Shipping and Delivery methods are separate between the two mattresses. Saatva mattresses are unique here. Two people will come and install the mattress for you and may even remove your old mattress if you wish to do so. However, they will charge $99 as shipping fees and $39 for old Mattress and Foundation Removal.

Leesa is shipping free via UPS. It is built-to-order in 2 – 4 business days and then ships to you compressed in a box. You can track your order by a tracking number which you get when it leaves the factory. You will have to unboxed and install the mattress yourself.

Leesa Vs Saatva – Trial and Return Policy

Saatva offers the friendliest 120 day home trial. However, if you’re not happy, you have the option to return the bed and just bear the original delivery charge. No penalty fees, no pickup fees or no restocking fees. Full refund less original shipping fee.

Leesa mattresses come with a 100-night in-home trial backed by a no-hassle, full refund policy. Purchasing these beds are 100% risk-free. They recommend trying it for at least 30 days. To return, just call them to arrange a pickup via one of their recycling partners and you will get a full refund with no additional effort or cost on your part.

Leesa Vs Saatva – Customer Reviews

Saatva is the best-reviewed mattress brand on Google in 2016 with an average rating of 4.9 on over 15,000 reviews. You can check what customers are saying about Saatva mattresses across the web – Google reviews, yahoo, consumer affairs and more.

Leesa also has an extraordinary number of 5-star reviews on its website. This confirms that over 5500 customers report a better sleep experience night after night.

Leesa Vs Saatva – Comparison Chart

Saatva Leesa
Layers 2 spring layers, Euro Style Pillow Top 3 Foam Layers
Mattress Height 11.5″ and 14.5 inches 10 inches
Construction pillow top, 884 comfort coils, 416 support coils 2″ Avena foam, 2″ memory foam, 6″ support foam
Quality Coil on Coil Support Foam and Memory Foam
Cover and Fabric Traditional white/cream organic cotton knit cover and euro-style pillow top The iconic 4 bar design woven from a single piece of  Polyester-lycra blend fabric
Firmness 3 tiers of Comfort level – Plush soft (3), Luxury firm (flagship level) (5-7), and firm (8) 6 out of 10
Foam Foam Layer Memory Foam Layer
Latex Foam N N
Comfort Foam Y Y
Support Very Good Very Good
Motion Transfer Moderate Minimal
Price $599-$1399 $525-$1,070
Trial Period 120 days 100 days
Warranty 15YR + Fairness Replacement Option 10 years
Shipping $99, 7-15 days, in-house setup Free, 2-4 Business days
Return Policy Full refund except for shipping fee $99, company person comes to take mattress Full refund, company person comes to take mattress for free
Delivery service Nationwide in-home delivery and set up. Even mattress removal, if you wish Ships compressed and boxed to your doorstep. You need to unboxed and set up on your own.
Rating Over 15,000 5-star reviews Rated higher than all other direct to consumer foam mattresses by America’s leading consumer rating magazine.


If you prefer a more traditional mattress construction, the classic coil-on-coil + pillow top design then Saatva is ideal for you. It gives a traditional, good bounce and high response type of a feel in 3 different tiers. If you like balanced and neutral mattress which offers comfort, moderate firmness, and sharp design then Leesa is perfect for you.

Saatva Mattresses for sale: Lower prices than usual mattresses


Saatva mattresses offer luxury, comfort and maximum sustainability with its distinctive high quality ‘coil on coil’ construction and uniquely combined top 5 innerspring features.
Saatva mattresses are found for sale and they are better prices than what you would expect of an ultra comfortable mattress. When you go for highly comfortable and good quality mattresses, the prices start rocketing skywards and you usually find yourself leaving a store without the mattress. You find it difficult to choose between the many number of mattresses and the many types. The Saatva mattresses for sale will help you overcome this dilemma.

The Saatva Mattresses for sale are available directly from the manufacturer. The Saatva mattresses are available for sale only online. The advantage of this is that there is no space require to store the mattresses. The middle man is completely eliminated in the Saatva mattresses sale. When you order a Saatva mattress, the mattress is delivered to you from the makers of the Saatva Mattresses. What is the advantage of this type of sale of the Saatva mattresses?

When the Saatva mattresses for sale are sold like this, the cost of the mattress is greatly reduced. When the mattresses don’t have to be stored, the cost of the showroom is cut off from the price you pay for your mattress. Thus when the Saatva mattresses are available for sale, you only have to pay for the manufacturing and materials of the mattress.

In the sale of Saatva Mattresses, you get rid of old school brand profits, industry inefficiency and the physical store markup saving you 70% of excess cost. The other advantages of the Saatva mattresses for sale are that they are still confident of their quality. They promise that your expectations will be exceeded. The Saatva mattresses take special care to educate their customers about the features and benefits of their beds without high pressure and confusing tactics.

The Saatva mattresses for sale have the friendliest return policy. You get a 30 day home trial in the luxury mattress market. If you feel that the Saatva mattresses are not what you expected, you return them for a full and prompt refund. You do not have to pay for any penalty fees, restocking fees or pick up fees for the Saatva mattresses for sale.

Are Saatva Mattresses good: The Quality and Services


Saatva mattresses offer luxury, comfort and maximum sustainability with its distinctive high quality ‘coil on coil’ construction and uniquely combined top 5 innerspring features.

Are Saatva Mattresses good? A common query of people who wish to buy good mattresses. The Saatva Mattresses make it a point to let everyone know about the high quality and excellent services that Saatva mattresses provide so that people will have no such doubts. The Saatva mattresses are good because every part of the mattresses are and with special care to create no trouble, perform the best and last you a very long time. This is basically what everyone looks for in a mattress. The Saatva Mattresses give much more. Here are a few reasons why the Saatva mattresses are good.

The Saatva mattresses are good because they give you no allergic reactions that have been found in some types of bedding. The foam used in Saatva mattresses are not processed in formaldehyde or any other irritants. The foam used in Saatva mattresses are tested and certified so that they meet environmental and health safety.

Saatva mattresses are good because they use organic fabric to make covers and these are also mixed with hypo allergenic fibers. These fibers are flame retardant and use a natural thistle barrier which is also gentle on the skin.


Saatva mattresses are good because they are handcrafted and packed immediately in a special plastic which have micro openings. These micro-opening allow the mattresses to breathe but also prevent unwanted particles form entering the packaging. With this method, the Saatva mattresses assure you a safe and bug free delivery.

Saatva mattresses are good because they use organic materials in their manufacturing. Saatva mattresses use recycled and tempered steel, bio based foams and precise manufacturing techniques to put forward a green initiative.

Saatva mattresses are good because they leave lesser carbon foot prints. This makes it healthier for the environment and also eliminates the cost of the retailer. The Saatva eco chic luxury mattresses are sold at incredible low prices because of this.

Saatva mattresses are good because they have varying comfort levels. This is called the comfort choice at Saatva. On a scale of 1 to 10, the Saatva plush soft ranks at 3, the Saatva Luxury Firm ranks at 5 to 6 and the Saatva Firm ranks at 8. you have the range of really soft, a combination of soft and firm and really firm mattresses.

The Saatva mattresses are good in many more levels. For more information, visit the Saatva mattresses website.

King size mattresses – Saatva Mattress


The name, king size mattress says it all. Sleep like a king with the saatva mattress which is one of the companies to initiate a green initiative by going completely bio.

The king size mattress by saatva mattress gives a plush and royal feel to your bedroom. The standard size of the king mattress is 76 inches wide and 80 inches long. It can fit easily into any normal foundation provided the box spring doesn’t sag and is in proper condition. The king size mattress is a definite yes for an ideal couple and looks fit in any bedroom.

Saatva mattress is one of those rare companies that initiate the save green effect. Hence the memory foam, cotton coverings, steel etc. are made out of organic material and are recycled. Here is some of the features that made saatva mattresses one of America’s favored mattress.

The memory foam: it takes the shape of your body and retracts back into original position once the weight is lifted off. The memory foam of king size mattress is often known as visco-elastic due to its low level of resilience polyurethane. It was used by NASA as a security to aircraft cushions.

The coil: the innovative saatva mattresses makes coil on coil construction which is connected with a steel base that looks like a hourglass for withholding support. Unlike many ordinary mattresses available in the market, the coils are wrapped individually and tempered to support and mold as per the body shape without any effect.

Chiropractic seal: King size mattress has received the chiropractic seal of approval due to its therapeutic effect. The day to day stress often gives you a stiff neck or a bad back. When you lay back on the luscious king size mattress, it eases down your pain by applying pressure on certain points which makes your sleep more comfortable and deep.

Green initiative: The steel that forms the base of the king size mattress is made by recycling old worn out steel and is tempered three times, even oven baked for making it strong and resistant enough in tough climatic changes. The cotton used as covering is organic and blended with hypo allergenic fibers to prevent any allergic reactions to the skin. It thus provides a soothing effect on your skin, keeps it cool and prevents any formation of dust mites.

No retailers: All products of Saatva mattresses are sold online only and not through any retail stores. This helps the reduction of extra costs such as distribution, retail, transportation charges etc.

Guarantee: King size mattress comes with a 30 day trial period by Saatva mattresses. If you are not satisfied with king size mattress, you can return it within 30 days from the date of purchase and get your money back.

Best Mattress To Buy – Saatva Mattress


Saatva mattresses offer luxury, comfort and maximum sustainability with its distinctive high quality ‘coil on coil’ construction and uniquely combined top 5 innerspring features.

Today e-commerce is expanding its territory at a lightening speed! These days you can buy almost every thing online and mattresses are not an exception! Online transactions are time saving and comfortable. Saatva is one such store of mattresses that is purely online. But the question is why saatva mattress are considered as the best mattress to buy? What is so special about saatva? The answer is very simple its varied distinct features

  • High quality
  • Low price
  • Durability
  • Eco-friendly
  • Hand-crafted

The wonderful structure of saatva mattress:

A Dual-Flex support system design has been used to sculpt saatva mattress. The base is prepared with the steel coil which act as a firm and strong supporting backbone of the whole structure. Then on the top of this there are individually wrapped pocketed coils proceeded by memory foam and then topped by the pillow top. The vico-elastic memory foam used in this gives a good lumbar support. The coil on coil structure of saatva mattress ensures that the movement of individual coils does not affect the coils in the surrounding. Thus the movement on one side of the bed won’t affect the other sides! You can enjoy a sound and comfortable sleep for an extended period of time! The materials are arranged in such a way that there’s enough space for the air to flow freely and the mattress can breath inside easily keeping the foam fresh and pests free. One more interesting thing about saatva mattress are they are Hand-Crafted and once they are prepared they are immediately wrapped in a specially designed plastic that has very small openings through which only air can enter.


  • Plush soft
  • Luxury Firm
  • Firm

Sizes available:

  • California King Mattress
  • King Mattress
  • Queen Mattress
  • Full size mattress
  • Twin mattress

The Eco-friendly mattress!

Saatva mattress are not just of high quality, they are healthy as well, as they are produced using the best eco-friendly materials.The Memory foam used in the mattresses are tested and certified and made out of bio-based foam.The outer cover is prepared out of organic cotton mixed with fibres of hypoallergenic nature and recycled steel rods are used for the innersprings. Saatva makes it a point to provide its customers with healthy, quality and cost effective products.

Why is Saatva cheap?

By being a purely online store they save the commission of middleman, store rent, employee salaries, maintenance and utilities cost etc. So it is like saving and giving.When they are saving they are giving this benefit to their customers as well by selling the product at a rate less all these expenses.


Saatva mattress will lasts for a decade plus years giving the same feeling of comfort and ease that you experienced when you first used it, throughout the years!

A healthy good sleep at night means a healthy good you in the morning.So, go ahead and give this thing a try as you can try it for free! Yeah amazed? The product comes with a Friendly return policy! It is a 30 day home trial policy. So you can first try the product and then decide and if you are not satisfied with the product and want to return it, then the only cost that you will have to incur is the original delivery cost that’s it. That’s a fair deal! Don’t you think so?

Sleep wellness – Saatva Mattress


Saatva mattresses offer luxury, comfort and maximum sustainability with its distinctive high quality ‘coil on coil’ construction and uniquely combined top 5 innerspring features.

It is a non-negotiable fact that mattresses play a very important role in providing a good and sound sleep. With a not-so-good mattress the chances of you waking up in a not-so-good mood and with body pain is very high. So with no doubt, for a goodnight sleep it is very important to have a right type, the right size and healthy mattress that provides comfort and ease to the body! Keeping all these things in mind Saatva develops its mattresses!

Saatva mattress are constructed using coil-on-coil design instead of the ‘all foam’ one. The advantage? The benefit of this type of design is that the space between the springs allow the air to flow freely and when there is proper ventilation inside the mattress it helps in evaporating the water that gets collected inside the mattress due to nightly perspiration and keeps the mattress clean. A clean mattress deters germs and pests. The constant air flow also helps in keeping the mattress cool which gives you a cool and cozy sleep. The extra amount of visco-elastic foam that is added to the lumbar region of the mattress provides extra lumbar support. The visco-elastic memory foam molds according to your body’s shape and improves the weight distribution which lessens the pressure points. This gives a feeling of comfort and relaxation especially to the people who are suffering from body pain. The coils provide firm support to the spine and the Foam provides the perfect softness and contouring.

Saatva mattress’s “Spinal Zone” sleep technology provides body support and relief from body pain. When your body is at comfort automatically the quality of your sleep increases. Health bridge clinic has chosen Saatva mattress as the official mattress for their clinic. This clinically affiliate organization helps people to deal with their sleep issues. Dr. David who is the director and founder of Health bridge stated that saatva mattress has been very helpful in improving the quality of their patient’s sleep and he himself has opted for saatva mattress as it is a healthy, comfortable and luxurious mattress!

Saatva looks after the overall well being of the customer and provides the best quality product at a cheaper cost.

Saatva Mattress – California King Mattress


Saatva mattresses offer luxury, comfort and maximum sustainability with its distinctive high quality ‘coil on coil’ construction and uniquely combined top 5 innerspring features.

Saatva mattress is a mattress brand that is available only online. They have mattresses of all sizes and two options for the thickness of mattresses and foundation. California mattress is the largest sized mattress from Saatva. It is similar to the King mattress except that California mattress is less wide and more lengthy than the King mattress. King mattress has wider space but California mattress is more spacious for people who have more height.

But there is no clear answer to which one is better. The answer depends on the convenience and demand of the buyer. Some people will want wider bed and others will want a lengthier one. Saatva mattress offers both the sizes and the price also is not much different. California king mattress is perfect for people who want more leg space. The thickness is decided on how high one wants the bed to be. Choosing the thickest mattress and the thicker foundation will make the bed higher than expected. Calculate the total height with proper measurements before choosing the mattress and the foundation.

What is it made of?

The design of the Saatva California King mattress is eco friendly and follows green initiative. Most of the components of the mattresses are natural or recycled. The mattress starts from the base with the foundation that is made of durable hard wood and topped with bio-based foam and covered with organic cotton. The mattress has three layers. The base is coils made out of recycled steel, which not only is sturdy but also helps in reducing the junk form the earth. The coils are covered with memory foam which is comfortable, less toxic emitting, and less allergic. These qualities make it excellent for home air. The mattress is flame retardant. It uses natural thistle barrier fiber mesh. This creates a natural barrier to fire without any use of chemicals.

Drawbacks of California Mattress

As much convenient the mattress is, it is difficult to fins proper sheets to cover this type of mattresses. The biggest available sheets are for the King size mattresses and California King Mattress is lengthier, those sheets cannot fully cover it length wise. The sheets will have to be custom made.

Advantage of Saatva California King Mattress

The advantage of Saatva California King Mattress is that it has a 30 day trial option to decide whether it is good or not. And in case it is unsatisfactory simply make a call and the company will come and pick up the product and refund the money but the delivery charges is excluding.

Queen Mattress from Saatva Mattress


Saatva mattresses offer luxury, comfort and maximum sustainability with its distinctive high quality ‘coil on coil’ construction and uniquely combined top 5 innerspring features.

The Queen mattress from Saatva mattresses have standard dimensions of 60” X 80”. Saatva mattresses are known for their great quality, construction, comfort and prices. They are also the best online mattress brand available. They have a friendly customer support to answer all queries related to mattresses and the 30 day refund is very direct as well.

Steps to choose a mattress from Saatva

1. Visit the website and familiarize yourself with their options. The first thing you would have to choose is the softness or as they call it, the “Comfort Level”.


This choice is for sleepers who do not like their mattresses being too soft. When lie on top of this, you may feel and initial plushness which will quickly change to firmness. The firmness is not hard, like sleeping on a board. Sleepers have a feeling of floating on the mattress rather than sinking into it. It contours to the body and supports it. The center of the mattress does not sink in. the coils are covered with extra firm foam.

Luxury Firm

This is perfect balance between plush softness and contouring firm. It gives proper spinal alignment and the cushion layers provide optimum comfort. It is truly medium and is the #1 choice of users.

Plush soft

This gives a supportive embrace to the sleepers and it contours and hugs the body. The center is firm enough not to let you sink in while soft enough to give you a cocooning effect. The pocket coils have a softer and more conforming layer.

2. The next thing you will have to choose is the dimension.

If the Queen size is your choice, you get a mattress of 60” X 80”. This choice usually depends on the size of the room or the number of people planning to sleep on it. The current mattress price for the Queen size is $899 at Saatva.

3. Choose the Foundation and Frames

Saatva mattresses have a rigid and supportive foundation made of wood. The wood slat construction is combined with bio based memory foam and tempered, individually wrapped coils. The cover is organic. For all mattress sizes, there are two thickness options of a standard 8” foundation or a low profile 4”. The thickness of the foundation does not affect the comfort levels, merely the heights.

The Queen sized Saatva mattresses would fit through any door frame, although there are split foundations available for an additional $35.00. You could order a one piece mattress or the split one according to your convenience.

The Queen size mattresses have a center support so that the split foundations and the edge to edge lengths have an extra support.

King Mattress from Saatva Mattress


Saatva mattresses offer luxury, comfort and maximum sustainability with its distinctive high quality ‘coil on coil’ construction and uniquely combined top 5 innerspring features.

The King mattress from Saatva mattresses are of the standard dimensions of 76” X 80”. Saatva mattresses are a great choice if you want a mattress that would last you a few decades but does not compromise on quality while making the pricing reasonable. When you choose this mattress, what are the features you qualify for?

  • Like any other size, the King size mattresses are made of an outer cover of organic cotton, inner springs made from recycled steel rods and memory foam layers which are safe and bio-based. They have no VOC emissions and have the CertiPUR certification.
  • The mattresses are hand crafted, with a coil on coil construction. The lower coils give a connected hourglass shaped steel base. The top coils have an individually wrapped coil system. This system perfects motions transfer reduction and also helps the mattress contour to the body. This and the euro pillow top of the mattresses makes one of the top quality mattresses available in the market. The coil units are tempered three times and oven baked.
  • The mattresses, including the King size mattresses have an anti-sag edge support that increases the longevity and provides more sleeping surface.6
  • The ultra premium innerspring construction allows airflow between the springs, helping in the evaporation of perspiration from the surface. This keeps the mattresses clean and prevents mites and bigs. This airflow also allows for a cool sleeping surface.
  • The Saatva mattresses have the chiropractic seal of approval and a patented “Spinal Zone” sleep technology to reduce back pain and create a correct spinal support during sleep. It has an active wire support.
  • Saatva mattresses have a choice of comfort levels between Plush soft, Luxury firm and Firm.
  • The dimensions of the King sized mattresses are 76” X 80” and this is currently priced at $1299 without the foundation. With foundation, the cost is $1599.
  • You could choose a standard 8” foundation or a low profile 4” inch one. The King size foundation are split for ease in delivery and setting up. They do not bend.
  • They have a center support to prevent the split foundation from sagging.