A Little Peek Into Naturepedic Changing Pads & Covering Pads

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Mattress Pads

Changing pads are the unavoidable necessity in the baby’s paraphernalia. It is where the baby is laid down to change his diapers, the dirty ones at that. The changing pads has to be water proof to protect it from, you know what! So here comes Naturepedic Changing Pads. 

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The changing pads protect the baby from other dirty surfaces and make a clean and hygienic surface. You might have come across varieties of changing pads. Here we will see the changing pads made of natural organic cotton.
Naturepedic offers changing pads that are water proof. The pads have contouring on the sides to keep the baby from rolling off. They also offer compatible covering pads to make it easier to clean it. Let us have a look.

Naturepedic Organic Changing Pad 2-Sided Contoured

Naturepedic pays more attention to the child’s health and safety in making the changing pads. Though the child does not spend much time on it, the use of organic makes it healthy. There is no chemical emission from the changing pad. The parents need not worry about any toxicity from it and it is safe to place it in the nursery.

Features of Naturepedic Changing Pads

  • The overall measurements of the changing pad are 16.5 x 33 x 4 inches in width, length, and thickness.
  • There are snap screws to secure the changing pad on to any desired surfaces on a dresser or table. The safety buckle attached on the surface will keep the baby secured on the surface. No amount of fussing and moving will make him/her fall off the pad.
  • The surface of the pad is easily cleaned by wiping it. No amount of fluid will penetrate the surface. The use of food grade polyethylene makes a wonderful replacement for the toxic PVC and vinyl. It is also not abrasive and gentle on the baby’s skin.
  • The changing pad is contoured with the two sides slightly raised for the safety of the child. Babies, tend to wriggle and can be stubborn while changing the pads, the raised sides will keep them in the pad without letting them fall.
  • Only organic cotton is used for the filling and the fabric is also cotton. The water proof surface is food grade polyethylene that is 100% safe. All the materials used do meet the Greenguard certification requirements and is par from any chemical emission.
  • The structural support is made by polyethylene network that makes the back bone of this product.
  • There are no allergens or toxins such as phthalates, chlorinated substances, and polyurethane as in the case of other changing pads, in this product. The product has not undergone any kind of antimicrobial or flame retardant treatment.

Naturepedic Organic Cotton 4-Sided Contoured

  • This 4 sided contoured changing pad from Naturepedic comes with snap screws to secure it on to a dresser surface. The safety buckle keeps the baby buckled inside the pad.
  • The largest feature of this changing pad is that it has raised sides on 4 parts. The baby will not way be able to slide off the surface or move. The contouring does not affect the space availability on the surface.
  • The surface is 100% waterproof made of food grade polyethylene. The surface is smooth and soothing on the delicate baby skin. It is non-removable but can be wiped clean without much trouble.
  • There is no toxic substance used for the making which prevents chemical emission. Polyethylene is safer than vinyl and PVC that are usually used on the changing pads to make it water proof.
  • The changing pad has organic cotton filling inside and a back bone made of polyethylene which is, once again, food grade. The special design makes lots of air pockets and allows air flow.
  • The Naturepedic organic cotton 4 sided contoured changing pad is hypoallergenic and is safe for all babies.
  • This changing pad is 16.5 x 33 x 4 inches in width, length, and thickness. The product is made in USA.

Which changing pad would I prefer?

I would go with the 2-sided contour than the 4-sided. Though the 4 sided seems more secure but it works only when the baby is smaller. When the baby grows longer, the 4 sided seems small and not enough space. This might cause him/her to bmp the head. The 2-sided contoured changing pad will still have space that can prevent the head bumping. Since you would be standing on one side there nearly is no need of a 4 sided raised surface for extra protection. Since the legs and bum of the baby would practically be in the air, 2-sided is much more practical.

Changing Pad Covers From Naturepedic

Naturepedic offers compatible covers for these two organic cotton changing pads. The covers are suitable for either the 2-sided or the 4-sided contoured design. The covers made are also made of natural organic cotton flannel. The material of the faric is highly absorptive and soft to touch.

  • The covers are made to fit tightly on the changing pads and are made to the exact measurement of the changing pads and fit snugly.
  • These covers are off white colored.
  • The covers are hypoallergenic and thus it does not cause allergies and is safe from allergens and toxic chemicals.
  • The covers are machine washable and can also be tumble dried.
  • The only thing to make sure is to get the covers that is compatible for the type of changing pad. The 4 sided fits only for the 4 sided changing pads.
  • The covers might fit for the other contoured changing pads but have much room inside on the sides.

Do note that the covering material is not water proof. It has extra absorbing capacity to take in more fluid in case of accidents. This cover would be ok to be used ONLY over water proof surfaced changing pads.

There are cases of the sticking at the corners coming off after a wash. That calls for caution. If you ask me, I am not a big fan of having a cover over a water proof changing pad surface. I mean, what is the point? The only purpose it can serve is to cover the surface from dirt and dust. Well, that might just be me.

The Wonders Of Outlandish Outlast Beyond Basic Mattress Pad

Disclosure: I may be compensated through the links in the post below, but the opinions are my own.

Mattress Pads

The best mattress upgrade is to have a mattress pad! Whoever said that, bless him/her as it was the best I could do to my bedding just a few months back. I was searching for a mattress pad for my old mattress (didn’t want to go for a new one as of yet, but the search is still on). Thought, the mattress pad would give me a decent upgrade for my existing mattress. I was of the mind to have a memory foam pad that is cheaper. Since the budget was tight couldn’t spend more even if I wished to. That is when I came across this Outland Beyond basic mattress pad with temperature regulating ability!!!

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Temperature Regulating Mattress Pad

Must say, haven’t heard about anything like that. It is a not too cold, not too hot technology as they put it. The mattress pad is made with a heat management technology to absorb the heat when it is more and release the heat when it is less in the outer environment isn’t it cool to have something like that in this hot weather?

Anyways, the Outlast technology uses encapsulated bead like structures to capture and release the heat. They are made in such a way that the heat can be retained within them to keep the skin cooler. These fantastic molecules are dearly called thermocules which can be integrated with the fabric. It is as part of the covering fabric of the mattress pad. These microencapsulated molecules can change their temperature phase from hot to cold but that does not emit out. Instead the heat is retained inside them almost permanently until it is dissipated out when the outer temperature is lowered.

Unlike other mattress pad technology like wick technology it does not absorb the moisture from the body. Instead it works solely on the body heat. The body heat is transferred to these thermocules, stored there and is released when the body temperature and the environment temperature is lowered. This way this mattress pad regulates the body temperature to keep it steady.

Features Of This Mattress Pad

  • The mattress pad comes in all standard size of the mattress and is available in the sizes of twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and California king mattress.
  • It is made with hypoallergenic fabric material with 100% polyester fiber fill that is comfortable to the body.
  • Ideal for women who have hot flashes.
  • There are 3 ratings for the mattress pad that is determined as gold, silver and bronze, with gold with higher capacity to hold the heat and bronze the minimal. Gold can store more heat to provide maximum comfort to sleep. Silver rating indicates it is of average and suits those who have conflicting thermal issues. The bronze rating is the basic that works for normal sleepers who do not sweat too much.
  • Outlast beyond mattress pad is available in three colors, blue, dew drop green and mauve.
  • This mattress pad fits in all mattress brand as long as the size is compatible.
  • A perfect solution for a hot memory foam mattress it seem.

Disadvantages I Found in Mattress Pad

The main drawbacks are that it is not water proof so the use of it as a mattress protector just went out the window. The second one is that the mattress pad is difficult to wash and dry. I mean people who used it say that it cannot tolerate heat and practically melts even at low heat to dry it. I conclude that the washing was not the way it should have been and that the material used for its making is rather cheap quality. If latter is the case I wonder where the price is justified.

The Other Products With Same Technology

The best thing I loved is that they offer the same type for pets bed as well. The poor things also need some sort of temperature regulation when the weather is intolerable. For them they are offering a bed instead of the pad, but the work mechanism is the one and same.

There also are temperature regulating blankets, comforter etc for us humans. The technique is the same as to keep the body temperature stored until it is needed to regulate the temperature around for a peaceful sleep at night. Seems, getting a comfortable mattress is not the end to have a comfortable sleep at night. The things we have to spend our money on to keep ourselves happy and satisfied!

The Most Comfortable Mattress

It All Comes To The Cost

As for the price, well, I find it a bit higher. May be it is because of the material and technology used. This was confirmed after comparing the price of the mattress pad for humans and a bed for the cats, which was almost the same.

I wanted a low cost mattress pad and couldn’t spend much more than what I intended to so have to let this awesome technology go. May be I will but it next time and see if it feels good as it to read about.