Top 3 Soft Heaven Mattress Covers For Memory Foam & Latex Mattresses

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Soft Heaven Mattress Covers

Soft Heaven mattress covers are suitable for all the memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses or all the conventional mattresses as well. The mattress covers are zippered for the ease of putting on or removal for washing. These replacement mattress cover protect the mattresses all the time. It can be removed for washing for hygienic purposes and to keep the mattress clean and fresh.

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The Need For The Soft Heaven Replacement Mattress Covers

All mattresses need a mattress cover and many do come with a removable mattress cover. You still need a replacement mattress cover when you remove the existing one for washing. It is not safe to leave the mattress uncovered, especially the memory foam or latex mattresses. They are made with several layers that might come apart without the mattress cover.

With these replacement mattress covers you are securing the mattress when you have one in the wash. It is not just the bed sheets that need some replacement from time to time, the mattress covers as well.

Soft Heaven Mattress Covers

The Soft Heaven mattress covers are available in several sizes. The sizes are available according to the thickness of the mattresses. The available sizes are for the mattress thickness ranging from 2 inches to as big as 16 inches. One must be careful while choosing the mattress cover and check that it suits the mattresses that you have. These mattress covers suits all mattress types regardless of what it is made of.

Importance Of Mattress Covers

Mattress covers are the outer covering of the mattress that covers the mattress layers. It is not just a protective cover. But also the softer first feel for the mattresses. Majority of the mattresses, except for the spring coiled mattresses, come with a removable mattress cover. It enables you to remove it, wash it, and replace it when done. Here comes the question that why do we need to remove or wash the mattress covers?

Mattress covers are the first layer of the mattress and the closest to the body. Our body exudes sweat and other fluids that reach the mattress covers, even through the bed sheets. Gradually this little moisture accumulates and makes a perfect place for the microbes to grow. They can cause many types of allergies and thus it is important for the mattress cover to be clean all the while.

Moreover, the dust, dust mites and other allergens can also accumulate over the cover and make their hub. A removable mattress cover is the perfect solution for the clean and hygiene mattress.

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Even for those mattresses that have a permanent cover can benefit from the Soft heaven mattress covers.

Top 3 Mattress Covers By Soft Heaven

Soft Heaven Mattress Cover – Luxury Bamboo Cotton Quilted with Microfiber Polyester – All Around Zipper – Non Skid Bottom – Hypoallergenic Bed Bug Dust Mite – Replacement Cover for 5″, 6″ or 7″ Memory Foam or Latex or Conventional Mattress (Twin XL 38″”x80″)

This mattress cover is suitable for all mattresses that have a thickness of 5, 6, or 7 inches. The cover suits all types of mattresses. It is made using hypoallergenic material and safe for all. The cover has zipper attached that goes all around. The mattress cover uses bamboo material and has a quilting done underneath for the soft feel. The mattress cover can resist the bed bugs and dust mites to keep those allergens away.

This Soft Heaven mattress cover-Luxury bamboo cotton quilted microfiber polyester is available in the sizes twin, twin XL, queen, and Cal King sizes. Of these the twin XL size is the popular one.

As for cleaning, the mattress cover is machine washable but as much as possible do only spot cleaning for better durability of the cover. The mattress cover is stretchable to suit the various thicknesses. Washing too much can damage it.

Soft Heaven Mattress Cover – All Around Zipper – Non Skid Bottom – Hypoallergenic Bed Bug Dust Mite – Jacquard Velour Fabric – Cover for 7″, 8″ or 9″ Memory Foam or Latex Mattress (Full XL 54″x80″)

This is a mattress cover that suits the mattresses with a thickness of 7-9 inches. The mattress cover is made using a stretchable material that has snug fit for the said mattress sizes. This mattress cover uses the Jacquard Velour fabric which is thin and comfortable material. The material is non-skid to keep the mattress or the mattress pad in its place.

The mattress cover is resistant to most allergens such as dust, dust mites, bacteria, fungus, and other microbes. The mattress cover is provided with a zipper that goes all around.

This mattress cover suits all types of mattresses with the above mentioned thickness. The mattress cover has a color that can vary with the lighting and may change from white to beige or yellow under the light.

This is available in the sizes twin, full, full XL, queen, king, and California king. The most popular is the full XL size. The mattress cover is machine washable when needed. Spot cleaning helps prolong its durability.

Soft Heaven Mattress Cover – All Around Zipper – Non Skid Bottom – Hypoallergenic Bed Bug Dust Mite – Jacquard Velour Fabric – Cover for 9″, 10″ or 11″ Memory Foam or Latex Mattress (Full XL 54″x80″)

The 3rd among the top 3 mattress covers by Soft Heaven is the one that suits for the mattresses that are 9, 10, or 11 inches in thickness. The mattress cover is made with the Jacquard Velour fabric which is thin, soft, and comfortable to touch. It suits for all mattress types and even for the box spring of the suitable size and thickness.

The all around zipper makes it extremely easy for putting on or taking off the cover. The non-skid features keep the mattress in place. The anti-allergenic and anti-microbial feature keeps the mattress safe from all allergens. You can spot clean or machine wash the mattress cover as required.

The sizes available for this mattress cover are full XL, queen, king, and California King and the most preferred being the full XL size.

Caring For Soft Heaven Mattress Covers

  • Clean the Soft Heaven mattress cover in the machine only when it is really needed.
  • Spot cleaning is the best method as it does not cause much damage.
  • It is advised to air the mattress cover in the open or under the sun after the spot cleaning.
  • Repeating this process once a while will also do. The sun can do its own cleaning on the mattress cover.
  • Never use a fabric softener on the mattress cover.
  • Remember, Soft Heaven mattress covers are NOT waterproof.

Nova Duvet Cover Reviews

Disclosure: I may be compensated through the links in the post below, but the opinions are my own.

Nova Duvet Covers

Nova duvet covers are the innovative way to have an easy set up for making the bed. Making the bed is time-consuming and not everyone enjoys doing so. It is also to be noted that you cannot, NOT, make the bed in the morning.

Nova duvet covers are the innovative way to have an easy setup for making the bed. Making the bed is time-consuming and not everyone enjoys doing so. It is also to be noted that you cannot, NOT, make the bed in the morning. So it has to be made easy and at the same time look cool! Nova duvet covers bring ease to this task and also make the bed look gorgeous, professional and spot on. If you are a lazy person then this Nova duvet covers should be your choice of bedding accessory. Let’s see what it is really about! Read More …

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Nova Duvet Cover Reviews -Crane and Canopy Nova Duvet Covers Review

What Are Nova Duvet Covers?

Nova duvet covers are signature innovation from Crane and Canopy. They have a wide range of duvet covers that shouts ease and modernity to it. This modern bedding accessory is made of high-quality materials and more than ordinary designing to it.

Nova duvet covers, as they say, are reinvented. It is a revival of the old-fashioned duvet covers that are buttoned up. This one is made for ease in both making the bed as well as for inserting the duvet inside the covers. It has got many innovative features to bring about the purpose it serves.

The makers claim that the Nova duvet covers save you up to 80% of the time that you would spend on that particular task.

Features Of Nova Duvet Covers

Nova duvet covers are the 2-in-1 solution of combining the duvet cover with the flat sheet. These duvet covers are covers with the upper part being a flat sheet stitched to it. This saves time and efforts from having to set the flat sheet straight when the cover is over it. This way, you simply put on the duvet cover and you are done with it.

The attached flat sheet also gives a 2 toned look for the cover. The duvet cover part would have a designer look while the upper part, the flat sheet part, would be in the plain color that matches with the other. There is also an accented strip through the flat sheet part.

The Nova duvet covers use a zipper instead of the old fashioned buttons. The zipper gives it a finer look and makes it look tailored. Moreover, the zipper is positioned at the middle part of the cover, like that you find on the cushion covers. Mind you, the zipper is completely covered and stays hidden from sight as well as is harmless.

The 2 toned look makes the bed making perfect with no effort at all. You simply pay attention to the duvet cover only and voila you have the bedding straight for you.

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Nova duvet covers come as a package of duvet cover of the desired size, a fitted sheet, a pair of matching sham covers and a Euro sham. You can also find the flat sheet and pillow sheets as well.

Inside the duvet covers are ties fitted that secure the duvet or comforter to the cover. That does not let the duvet move inside the cover and make it stay put.

Nova Duvet Cover Collections

The Nova duvet cover is available in cool but vibrant colors. You can find the designer covers as well as the plain colored covers. Whatever the type is, the duvet cover is 2 colored with a strip on the upper part. The colors have a nice hue to them and are quite pleasant to the eyes. There are white, gray, coral, blue, light green etc.

Of the Nova duvet cover sets, there are leading ones that fit well among a majority of the customers. They are,

  • The Hayes Nova Coral
  • The Hayes Nova Slate Blue
  • The Montgomery Yellow

All of these duvet covers have the same features with only a slight difference as in the case of color or design. The first 2 covers are plain while the last one is a designer.

The Hayes Nova Coral (Nova Duvet Cover)

The duvet cover fabric has 400 thread counts and made an extra long 100% staple cotton. The package includes only the covers and no inserts. The cover is weaved in cotton sateen. The color here is white and coral red. The duvet cover has the coral color in the major part and the white belongs to the flat sheet area. The pillow covers are also a combination of these colors. The pair of sham is in coral color while the Euro sham is a designer fabric that has both these colors. The fitted sheet comes in the same fabric as the Euro sham.

The duvet cover is available for the sizes twin/twin XL (70” x 88”), queen/full (90” x 94”)and king/Cal king (1.8” x 94”). The sham sizes are 26” x 20” for the standard and 36 x 20 inches for the king sizes.

The Hayes Nova Slat Blue (Nova Duvet Cover)

This duvet cover is more for the nautical themed room or provides the room with that theme look. Made in slat blue and white combination, the fabric of this duvet cover has 400 thread counts. It is made of extra long staple cotton fabric and cotton sateen weave.

The duvet cover has slat blue or major part and the shams with the same matching fabric. The Euro sham is lovely looking in an accordion design with the colors, white, slat blue and a light blue shade.

The duvet cover set is available for twin- 68×86 inches, queen/full at 90 x 94 inches and king/Cal king at 108 x 94 inches. The shams are available in standard, king, Euro and King Euro sizes that are 26 x 20, 36 x 20, 26 x 26 and 34 x 26 inches respectively.

The Montgomery Yellow (Nova Duvet Cover)

The covers are made in a fabric that has a count of 300 thread count. The fabric is cent-percent staple cotton. The color combination here is yellow and white. The yellow color part is a designer with the designs in white color. The thread count of the fabric is 300. This is one duvet cover that can brighten up the room.

The yellow duvet cover is available in the sizes that fit twin/twin XL with a dimension of 68 x 86 inches, queen/full size with the measurements like 88 xm92 inches and the biggest one fits for the king or California king size with a dimension of 106 x 92 inches. The yellow shams are also in the matching fabric of designed yellow.

Maintenance Of Nova Duvet Covers

  • All the Nova duvet covers are machine washable. All you need to care for is to make sure that the zippers are closed before you put them in the machine.
  • Use gentle wash and only warm water for the wash. Never use bleach or products with bleach to wash the covers or the sham.
  • Tumble dry low to keep the fabric safe.
  • Take care of the stains at the earliest. Never let it dry as it can be difficult to clean up later. Use only mild soap or natural products for the stain cleaning.
  • Use some refreshing sachets when to store the unused bedding. Make sure that space has better aeration.

Pros & Cons Of Nova Duvet Covers


  • The pros are that the covers are not expensive. Usually, the duvet covers can cost a fortune to have a high-quality one. Nova duvet covers do not cost much and very much within the budget.
  • The material is easily washable and needs very little care.
  • It does not take much time to set up the bedding or making the bed in the morning. IT is a clear choice for the busy workers.


The only con about the Nova duvet covers is that there are no real customer reviews so that you can find what the users have to say.

If you are an opinion seeker before nailing down the product, then, the Nova duvet covers might not be your cup of tea. If you are someone who looks for the look of the product, in this case, the bedding then you don’t have to look beyond. These duvet covers are for you, you just need to find the right color for you.


If duvets are a sign of luxury, Nova duvet covers are the luxury one can get for those duvets or comforters. This duvet covers not only protects the comforters from dirt and dust, it also makes a signature on the bedding industry, most importantly on your bed. It dresses up the bed beautifully and also with very fewer efforts and time.