Gift Your Children With Memory Foam Kidz Mattresses

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Kidz Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are generally not used for children especially when they are babies. Babies need a firmer surface that does not make them sink into the mattress. The cot mattress cannot be used forever and one day they need to switch from this cot mattress to a toddler mattress which is larger and wider. The Memory Foam Kidz Mattresses happen to be ideal choice for the toddlers and up to teenagers. The memory foam can be softer that would be loved by them. At the same time, the mattress can offer ample support from the base foam.

Avocado Green Mattress

How Children Benefit From Sleeping On Memory Foam Mattresses

The memory foam mattresses allow their spinal alignment to stay healthy. The children in their growing ages need everything healthy for them and that includes the mattress as well.

The memory foam mattresses cradles their body and makes them comfortable. Moreover, the modern memory foam mattresses do come with cooling options to let the mattress stay cooler throughout the night. The children would be able to sleep without getting overheated and that reflects in their morning energy.

How Does Memory Foam Kidz Mattresses Fare?

The general complaint about the memory foam mattresses is off gassing which does not sit well with majority. At this tender age, children must be kept away from as much pollutants as possible.

To solve this problem the Memory Foam Kidz mattresses have been made in such a way that there is no off gassing and the mattresses are quite safe for all.

In addition to this, the memory foam mattresses by Memory Foam Kidz, all have the water proof cover which is an essential part for the children’s bed. Children are prone to accidents and a water proof mattress cover makes things easier and helps in keeping the mattress clean and hygienic.

The other benefits of Memory Foam Kidz mattresses are that they are light weight mattresses which makes changing sheets easier. Children’s bed would need frequent sheet changes and this has been made easier.

The Most Comfortable Mattress

These memory foam mattresses are soft and comfortable. They make a perfect heaven for your child to have a restful sleep.

Top 4 Memory Foam Kidz Mattresses

The leading memory foam mattresses by Memory Foam Kidz are ideal for children. The mattresses are of comfortable firmness for their growing body. The mattresses are resistant to allergens such as dust mites, microbes, and the likes. They sure make a safe and non-allergenic sleep surface for them.

Among the leading memory foam mattresses by Memory Foam Kidz are the normal memory foam mattresses that can be used as a normal bed at home. The other type here is the mattresses that are rolling type. The rolling type mattresses are perfect for the teenagers to use in their dormitory. They are easy to carry around and convenient when they need to move out of their rooms.

These leading memory foam mattresses are the,

  • Memory Foam Kidz Twin-Size 8-Inch Memory Foam Youth Mattress with Waterproof Cover, Blue
  • Memory Foam Kidz Full-Size 8-Inch Memory Foam Youth Mattress with Waterproof Cover, Blue
  • Campus 7-Inch Memory Foam Mattress with Rolling Duffle Bag, Twin Long, Beige
  • Memory Foam Kidz MT-MK8TG-01 Kids 8 in. Twin Mattress with Waterproof Cover – Green – 39 x 75 in.
  • Memory Foam Kidz 8-Inch Memory Foam Youth Mattress with Waterproof Cover

The Memory Foam Kidz 8 inch memory foam mattresses mentioned here are all the same. They only differ in their size or on the color of the covering material.

Other Features

These mattresses are all made of visco elastic memory foam that is soft and safe. This layer makes the top layer. It has a density of 3.5 pounds and a thickness of 2 inches. The bottom layer is the high density base foam with a thickness of 6 inches. The thickness is the same in all of these mattresses.

The visco elastic memory foam layer reduces the pressure points on the body and lets the sleeper have a peaceful time. The mattress can also resist the allergens that increase the desirability of these mattresses.

As for the mattress cover, these mattresses are either in blue colored cover or in green. The mattress covers are also available in other colors such as beige, lavender, and pink.

The mattress sizes available are twin, full and twin long. All of these are meant for children and thus these mattresses are not available in the larger sizes.

These mattresses are compatible with a metal frame foundation also. No need to look for the heavy box spring. If you want you can also avail the matching frame cover to match the mattress cover. The bed frames are available in both twin and full sizes.

Campus 7-Inch Memory Foam Mattress with Rolling Duffle Bag

Joining the college is a new phase for your teenager. Present him/her with this rolling memory foam mattress with a duffle bag. They will definitely thank you later. The mattress is light weight and thick enough for comfort. It can be rolled and store inside the duffel bag provided with it.

The mattress is 7 inches thick with a 2 inch thick top layer and a 5-inch thick base layer. The top visco memory foam layer has a density of 3.5 pounds and the base layer is of higher density for the support.

The covering material for this mattress is water proof which eliminates much of the trouble. The cover is soft and machine washable.

As for the rolling and storing, it doesn’t take much to get the mattress rolled. Simply roll the mattress and store it I the duffel bag. The duffel bag also has wheels attached to it so your child does not have to CARRY It. The attached strap lets it to carry on the shoulder if they want.

The mattress cover is available in 3 colors beige, blue, and pink. The mattress sizes are also available in twin and twin long sizes.

The Bottom Line

Bottom line is that these memory foam mattresses by Memory Foam Kidz are not the high end mattress but they are not the low quality also. They definitely make a comfortable surface for the children. The used customers are satisfied with the performance and the water proof mattress cover is the highlight for majority of them.

Nook Pebble Crib Mattresses From Nook Sleep Systems – Pure, Lite & Air mattress

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Nook Pebble Crib Mattresses

Here are the three interesting and light weight crib mattresses from Nook Pebble, where the mattress surface has got the pebble like designs on it. To know more about these Nook Pebble Crib Mattresses, scroll down.

Avocado Green Mattress

Everybody wants to have the best, comfortable, and healthy crib mattress for their baby. It is really confusing to see lot many of the mattresses leaving you wondering what to choose. First thing you need to know that the new born babies need a firmer surface and a toddler’s body will need a softer surface. It is not easy to go shopping for a mattress within a span of few months. This is why Nook Pebble offers these dual sided crib mattresses that are hard on one side for the new born baby and softer on the other when the baby turns into a toddler.

The 3 Crib Mattresses From Nook Pebble

There are three crib mattresses from Nook Pebble. The covering material is all the same for these 3 and hence the difference lay in the core material. Depending upon the core material, the mattress weighs 25 pounds, 17 pounds and to the meager 7 pounds. All of these materials can give the same support and comfort, without compromise. The weight difference makes it easier for the parents while changing the sheets.

Features of Nook Pebble Crib Mattresses

  • Nook Pebble Pure crib mattress: This crib mattress is the heaviest of the 3. It comes in standard dimensions of 28 x 53 inches with 4 inches thickness. The core of this mattress is of coconut coir from its husk. The husk is treated with zinc and latex to make it resistant to allergens and also microbes. The coconut coil layer has an outer protection from the latex layer which is 1 inch in thickness and is very useful on the toddler side. The infant side has good quality cotton covering the core. The covering material is also from natural ingredients like cotton, Eucalyptus, treated with zinc, and then has a polyester cover to make it water resistant. The mattress cover is available in 11 different colors to match the theme.
  • Nook Pebble Lite crib mattress is the lighter one that weighs only 17 pounds. Here the core of the mattress is of non toxic foam and pete, which reduces the weight tremendously. The foam used is CertiPUR-US certified for its safety. The foam is non-toxic and thus makes the toddler feel comfortable to sleep all night. The infant side has the pete layer and the protection of the cotton and also Eucalyptus. This crib mattress is also 4 inches in thickness. The removable mattress cover is also available and that also in 3 colors.
  • Nook Pebble Air crib mattress: This is the lightest mattress of all. The mattress weighs only 7 pounds, lighter than your baby most probably. There are enough air pockets in the core designs to make it firm and yet plushy. The mattress completely consists of non-toxic foam with the special design air channels through the core. Here also, the mattress can be flipped to the toddler side.

What Makes Nook Pebble Crib Mattresses Unique?

Air Flow Through The Material

The crib mattress and all the bedding accessories have good aeration through it. Nook Pebble mattress and the mattress cover comes with a special design to maximize this breathability. The special design of pebbles on the cover allows air flow all through the surface which allows dissipation of the heat. This helps to keep the temperature around the baby constant, not letting him to get too cold or too hot.

Even the material which makes the fabric helps with the air flow. The mattress cover is pre-soaked in NanoSphere bath for water resistance. Even with this coat, the fabric can have the free air flow. There is no danger of plastic or vinyl coating that prevents the air circulation.

Comfort For Baby

Babies need a firmer surface for comfort and the covering material with its pebble designs allow the softness they need. The material can wick the moisture from the surface and also from baby to keep him sleeping peacefully. The infant side of these crib mattresses is firm. But this FIRM does not equal that for the adults mattresses. Babies need a firm but soft surface while lying down, so that they do not sink into the mattress that can choke them. The pebbles provide the cushiony feel for them.

Moreover there is no plastic or vinyl that makes sound of slides the sheets over it. The cover is removable and washable and can also resist water, so no soaking if the diaper overflows.

Safety Measures

First of all, the mattress comes only with non-toxic materials. Whether it is the skin touching surface or the inner core, all are with non toxic items only and that also has the CertiPUR-US certification. The fibers that makes the covering fabric are also treated with natural zinc to make it anti-microbe and anti-mites or whatever the common allergens are. The material is hypoallergenic and also gentle to the delicate baby skin.

The Most Comfortable Mattress

Natural fibers with fire retardants are used instead of treating it with chemical fire retardants. The coconut coir makes a natural fire barrier and the other materials like latex and pete have also passed the safety tests. There is no off gassing or offensive smell of the plastic or vinyl that can harm the baby. The baby will sure get plenty of oxygen to breathe.

Beautiful Design

The most unique feature is the pebble design all over the mattress cover. This design allows maximum air flow through the surface. The covering material is a blend of organic cotton with Eucalyptus for the soft and healthy feel. The fibers of these are infused with zinc for natural resistance against all microbes and allergens.

Only water based natural dyes are used to makes the colors. The fabric is then treated with NanoShere bath to make it water resistant. It is a non-toxic substance that does not cause any harm.

Next step is the pebble creation through a sewing technique. Once the pebble design is made, it is filled with organic cotton for the lush, cushion effect. The cotton filled pebbles also allow air flow and does not restrict it in any ways.

Caring For The Nook Pebble Crib Mattress

The mattress cover has a zipper. The cover can be removed from the mattress for washing. The material is machine washable. It should be washed in cold water only with a mild detergent. Do not hot dry the cover, use only tumble dry. Use of fabric conditioner is not recommended on this fabric as the material can stay soft even after the wash. NEVER use chlorine bleach on this material.

The covering material is water resistant and does not allow the water to seep into the mattress core. All you can do is to vacuum the surface once a while. Mattress pads can also be used, though the manufacturers do not make it mandatory, over the mattress cover so that you don’t have to strip the mattress every time.

Purchase Of Nook Pebble Crib Mattresses

The mattresses are covered by 30-day money back guarantee for the unsatisfactory customers. The shipment charge will not be refunded and the customer will have to bear the rerun shipping as well. These facilities are available only when it is purchased from the official website.

The Nook Pebble crib mattresses are available for purchase online from the official site and also from other online stores. There are retailers available in many countries like US, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Puerto Rico, South Korea, Panama, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Bermuda etc. You can search the store location using the zip code of the area and country or state. The mattresses are shipped internationally only to Canada, from USA. All other shipments are done within US.

Shipping & Other Details

The mattresses are wrapped and shipped except for the Pebble Air crib mattress. This mattress is compressed and rolled to fit inside a box of 10.5 x 32 inches box for shipment. Upon delivery, open the box and the wrap to allow the mattress to expand on its own. It takes about 24-48 hours for the mattress to expand completely. The storage cover of the other crib mattresses could be reused to cover the same later when it is not in use.

Discounts are available when the same item is purchased 2 or more for twins or other multiple babies of the same family. All you need to submit is the ultrasound photograph or discharge papers from the hospital as verification. 15% discount is also applicable for the military families.

Everything You Need To Know About Kids Beds As A Source Of Chemical Exposure

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Kidz Mattresses

Parents always wish to offer the best things for their children’s. If we are shopping beds for our sweeties, we will always have top prices and great comforts as our top priorities. But there are certain facts behind these Kids mattresses. Hardly anyone knows about these truths. Does anybody have ever thought about the toxicity risks associated with this? Our sweeties spent most of the time in the beds and during these hours they are exposed to different kinds of toxic gases released from most of the beds. Keep on reading to more about Kids mattresses

Avocado Green Mattress

What materials are there in Kids mattresses?

Fire Retardant Barriers: In order to cope with the standards of the government flammability regulations, mattress manufactures fill fire retardant chemicals to the mattress. Including chemicals like PBDEs, antimony, brominated fire retardants, polyacrylonitrile, modacrylic and many other types of chemicals. We don’t know how dangerous and carcinogenic these substances are. Manufacturers don’t bother about the health issues caused to the consumers. The buyers are kept in dark.

Toxic Foam: We think of buying expensive foam mattress for the kids. But this mattress is filled with most harmful chemicals in order to make the foam malleable. Breakdown of this foam into tiny particles leads to many diseases like irritation of mucous membranes, weakness, nausea, blurred vision and breathlessness. The result is many kids become pray to these chemicals and falls sick. So it’s better to think deeply before buying these beds. You won’t be able to return back these mattress and finally you will be get stuck with this.

Older mattress: Even buying an old mattress is not a good choice. Since many kinds of common fungus and bacteria continues to thrive in these beds. They release high concentration of toxic gases more than the new mattresses.

Why kids are vulnerable to these toxic exposures

About 7-12 hours sleep: Kids spend most of their time in bed. They usually sleep for about 7-12 hours a day. At this time they inhale these chemical gases and absorb harmful toxins through their tender skin.

Easy detoxification is hard for them: Babies cannot easily detoxify and eliminate these chemicals as their excretion systems are still developing.

Their delicate systems are developing: A child’s neurological, reproductive, immune and respiratory systems are in the early stages of development making him more impotent to the harmful chemicals. Of which the major concern is the brain development. Even low level of chemical exposures during the early stages can make more damage.

The Most Comfortable Mattress

Think about buying organic mattress containing non-toxic materials

Don’t let your kids to sleep on toxins. Instead opt for mattresses made with natural organic materials.

Cotton: Cotton serves as a best covering and surface ticking material. At the same time this is firm and breathable. 100% certified organic cotton are good for kids mattresses.

Natural Latex: This is a safe material which is obtained from the sap of the rubber plant. GOLS certified organic latex is the best. Natural latex can be allergic, hence doctors recommends avoiding its use for young babies and children’s.

Wool: Wool is non toxic and a safe material used in organic mattresses. But wool is also associated with some allergic properties. So don’t go for allergies if the child has allergies.

Check for GOTS and GREENGUARD Certifications: Mattresses which have GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) are the standard ones. This is a leading organic textile processing company. GREENGUARD is another form of certification meeting highest standards which approves mattresses with zero level emissions of aldehydes, phthalates and formaldehydes etc.

Points to remember

  • Always ask the retailer for fire resistant beds. PLA fiber is flame resistant non toxic material. This provides a soft and comfortable feel to your baby.
  • Check for waterproofing and dust might resistance in the bed.

The History Of Best Baby Cribs: An Expert Buyers Guide

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Kidz Mattresses

Nowadays many moms are working ladies, who are busy in their own world. They hardly give any little time to look after their babies. Usually what all moms do is they keep a nanny to look after their small babies. For majority of moms the prime priority is their lives, their work etc. Many times we leave our baby unattended during night hours. We ourselves will be tired after the whole days work; we are bewaring of the consequences about what if the baby carelessly falls down. In such instances it is better to opt for a safe crib mattress.

Avocado Green Mattress

Crib mattress

A crib mattress is an ideal mini mattress for your baby. It is also known as “infant cot”. Crib mattress provides a supportive and safe surface for the baby to sleep. Thus, many moms try to buy a crib mattress when they are pregnant itself. A crib works for an average of 24 months. It is better to buy a new crib rather than buying an old one.

This crib mattress is available in different forms

Best Natural Foam Crib Mattress

Soybean Foam Crib mattress

This mattress comes with a stain resistant waterproof cover. Thus, it prevents from night time diaper leaks soaking into the mattress. Moreover, the mattress is supportive, firm and light. Hence, making one possible to change the sheets easily.

Best Dual Firm Crib mattress

Eco Classica III Dual firmness Eco-Friendlier Crib mattress

Here, the mattress is designed in a cleaver way where one side is firm and supportive. While the other part is made softer for extra comforts. Moreover, these sides are marked correctly to avoid the chances of confusion. Your baby can sleep comfortably. Since, this mattress won’t release any harmful emissions out. Also there is a certified organic cotton cover bounded with waterproof backing. In conclusion, the foam in this mattress is made of plant oils.

Best Memory Foam Crib Mattress

My First Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam is something what everyone is wishing for. The mattress is in high demand in market. It contains a removable velour cover, which can be washed in washing machine. Besides, this mattress is hypo-allergic. At the same time, it shows resistance to dust mites, which is one of the major highlights.

Best organic Crib Mattress

Organic Cotton Crib Mattress

One of the most expensive crib mattresses ever, filled with 100% purely organic materials with no chemical flame retardants. Organic mattress is meant for both babies and toddlers. At the same time, it is easy to clean and handy. Specially, good for those who are looking for a perfect natural sleep solution for their babies.

Best cheap crib mattress

Heavenly Dreams White Cribs Mattress

Crib Mattresses are also available in cheap prices. The mattress is light weight protected with a tear resistant vinyl cover. This vinyl cover can be removed just by undoing the zipper and washed according to your needs.

The Most Comfortable Mattress

Things to look when you buy a crib mattress

Which type of material are present in crib mattress covers?

You should always check for this factor because

  • The cover gives protection to the mattress core.
  • It maintains the mattresses insides from falling out.

Usually a waterproof crib mattress cover is good for easy cleaning. Besides, some covers contains nylon to reduce the chances of tears and holes formation.

Check for the mattress firmness

Soft mattress creates a suffocation risk. A firm mattress is best for your baby. You can check it by just pressing the center and edge of the mattress. After doing so the mattress should bounce back to its natural form. If the mattress doesn’t bounce back means you can conclude that the mattress is too soft for the baby to sleep.

How to check for hypoallergic crib mattress

Less allergic mattress is more effective for babies suffering from asthma and other kinds of allergies. Sleeping in this mattress will prevent them from irritation.

Is this mattress well ventilated?

Air circulation through the mattress is an important criterion. This prevents molds, mildews and odors from developing inside your mattress. Small plastic and metal vents are located on the sides of the mattress which allows the air to circulate inside and outside.

Always go for light crib mattress

Many parents wash the crib sheets once in a week. Each time lifting this mattress to replace the sheets is a difficult task. The best way to overcome this problem is to choose a mattress which is light weight.

What about choosing flame retardant?

Ensure that you mattress is free from all toxic chemicals. Such chemicals will have a bad impact on the health of the child.

Why used crib mattresses are not good?

  • Used sanitary mattresses are unhygienic.
  • They may hide dust mites.
  • This won’t last for a longer duration.
  • There are greater chances of sudden infant death syndrome.

Tips for crib mattress maintenance

  • First of all, change the sheets on regular intervals.
  • Have a mattress cover.
  • Rotating the mattress is a good practice.

Time to take an action

Babies are the heart of all moms. Those little footprints make a big impression on our hearts. They need utmost care. It’s our duty to give them what they wish. I hope these guidelines will of great use to you in selecting the right type of mattress for your baby.