Endy Sleep – 2017 reviews

Endy Sleep Mattress

Endy Sleep has been named after Endymion, the character in Greek mythology, who was blessed with eternal sleep by Zeus thus preserving his youthful beauty forever. Endy Sleep mattress was designed to help the consumers get a good quality sleep by designing a comfortable mattress that they have ever slept on.

Endy Sleep always made sure that nothing came in between them and their consumers. This is one of the reasons why they cut middlemen and deal with the consumers directly without any retailers that add up the stock value. Thus you will find quality Endy Sleep mattress at a nominal price without any hidden charges. You will also be getting a risk free home trial along with product warranty so your money is in safe hands in case you are not satisfied (which is a rare see).

Firmness, Comfort and Support for Endy Sleep Mattress

Endy Sleep mattress is by far the most firm mattress you would have seen. In fact, few reviews claims that once you lie down the mattress, there is an immediate push back with very little give in the foams. Needless to say, this will only contour little with the body.

This does not mean that there is anything lacking in terms of support. But yes, if you are looking for a firmer mattress, then Endy Sleep will meet your needs. It does create certain pressure points but firmness is one of the crucial feature that needs to be considered. Why? Because without proper support, all the other features that you are looking for will be moot.

One of the prominent feature seen was the edge support. Usually, a memory foam mattress has certain level of difficulty with edge support both for sleeping and sitting. But the firmness of Endy Sleep mattress tends to be a bit better than other memory foam mattress.

Another crucial part is motion isolation i.e. resistance to motion. For instance, if your partner keeps tossing and turning all night, it can disrupt your sleep as well. But that’s not the case with Endy Sleep mattress. It has good resistance against motion transfer. Just like any other foam mattress, it does a good job of absorbing energy and cutting down motion transfer between sleeping partners.

Types and Products

Endy Sleep offers you four different sizes of mattress – Twin, Full, Queen and King. The product is a memory foam mattress that is made out of three different layers of foam. While the supporting (bottom) layer comes with 5” high density support foam, it acts as the base and foundation for the mattress aiding in best compression support. It also prevents the mattress from bottoming out.

The middle layer is a 3” layer of memory foam. It acts as a transition between comfort foam and base layer. Now the top layer provides you utmost comfort by delivering 2” of gel infused 3 pound memory foam mattress. The cooling gel absorbs excess heat from your body and prevents any night sweats keeping you cool during night times.

If that’s not all, the cover of this luxury mattress is made out of quilted polyster fabric and have the ability to withstand some punishment. Though resistant enough, the piece is absolutely soft and cozy assisting you to a good night sleep as the day sinks in. As the cover is polyfabric, they are fairly durable and easy to maintain. However, the cover is not washable but can be removed easily and can be spot cleaned.

Pricing and Warranty for Endy Sleep mattress

The lowest price that Endy Sleep comes is $650 for the Twin size. The Full size is available at $700 while the Queen and King are available for $750 and $850 respectively. That’s quite economical considering you are investing in a product that is going to last a prolonged period.

Endy Sleep comes with 100 night trial period which means you have a few good nights to try out the product. In case you are not satisfied, get your money completely reimbursed. They also come with 10 year full replacement limited warranty for consumers in US and Canada. Now that’s a pretty big deal to look out for.

Endy Sleep Mattress Consumer Reviews

Endy Sleep is a product that you will either love or hate. If you are looking for a firm mattress, then this is your answer. It is soft and plush in its own way but if you need a cuddlier one, this might not be for you. But, then it is always better to choose a mattress that meets with your sleeping posture, body type and so on.

On the downside, Endy Sleep does not deliver on the same day that you ordered which is a slight drawback. This is because many of its competitors such as Casper offer same day delivery to customers who live in and near the vicinity.

Another downside is that they offer only four sizes unlike Twin XL, Cal King sizes and so on which can be disappointment for those looking for such specific products.

Some claim that the mattress is too soft compared to their alternatives such as Casper. Few say that though soft, it does deliver a firm feel but for those who need a firmer mattress, this is not the ideal one.

Here are few of the Endy Sleep customer reviews.

“Shipping hiccups, but great mattress and customer service” – Christa B.

We have had the mattress for around a week now and I haven’t woken up with sore back since then. It is firm but without being too rigid. It even huigs the body quite nicely. Being a side sleeper, I do not wake up with sore hips unlike old mattress. It does warm up a bit and I really hope it doesn’t get too warm during summer time.

“a little soft” – Turko

The bed arrived 5 days after placing the order. The setting up process was quite easy and its been couple of weeks since I have had this bed though it is a little softer than I expected it. Overall a good deal.

“Great mattress” – Hans C.

One of the best I have ever come across.

Nest bedding – Where Your Bedding Needs Meet

Nest Bedding Reviews

What if you get an organic, natural and non-toxic bedding mattress at prices that you can afford? Well, then you are here at the right place. Nest bedding has been into the mattress industry for a few years now, but they have recently come out with new style and classy mattresses to enter the direct-to-consumer market. A lot of companies have popped up recently capturing the market with their innovative features and comforts they provide. So how does Nest bedding stand unique in the industry? Here is a complete review about the company and the mattresses they provide.

About Nest bedding

Nest bedding was established in the year 2011 with the sole aim of selling natural, organic and certified bedding and mattresses. Today, Nest Bedding represents global brands and products offered by Americans. Nest bedding aims at providing good quality mattresses at the best prices available online. Today, Nest Bedding proudly has 3 stores in the San Francisco Bay Area and one in Los Angeles, ready to serve you. Are you looking for the perfect organic bedding to buy from Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay Area, then Nest Bedding has all that you are looking for.

Credits: http://media.merchantcircle.com/
Credits: http://media.merchantcircle.com/

Nest bedding mattresses Review

Unlike other mattress manufacturing company that designs memory foam mattresses, firm mattresses and luxury firm mattresses, Nest bedding offers organic bedding ad memory foam for every type of customers. At Nest Bedding you get CertiPUR-US Certified memory foam mattresses. This ensures that the materials used in the processing of mattress are free from harmful chemicals. Yes, Nest bedding offers bedding, mattresses and bed frames hat are specifically designed with your comfort in mind. Not only are their mattresses natural, organic and certified, but are designed with the most luxurious memory foam on the market.

When it comes to customer service, Nest Bedding stands on top, as their staff is entirely dedicated in providing 100% satisfaction even after sales. Not just that, Nest Bedding offers 5 star service with 0% financing,

Nest Bedding organic memory foam mattresses

Is there any mattress that is both organic and memory foam? Well, there is no such thing like that, but Nest Bedding mattress includes certified memory foam mattresses, organic duvet covers, blankets and organic sheets, each designed with absolute comfort in mind. The 5-star rated customer service executives at Nest Bedding works 24/7 to earn your satisfaction, while the design and manufacturing team works endlessly. Moreover Nest Bedding is a family-owned business that has a personal touch and care of a locally-owned store with the resources, materials and talent of a nation-wide designer company.

Why buy mattresses from Nest Bedding?

  • 5-star rating for their customer service
  • The mattresses at Nest Bedding come under top quality mattresses that are affordable, durable and non-toxic.
  • The company facilitates online shopping for all their products depending on your credit, up to 0% financing.

Nest Bedding – products

  • Mattresses (memory foam mattresses, luxury firm mattresses and firm mattresses, latex mattresses, pet beds, bed in box and many more)
  • Bedding (pillows, sheets, blankets, comforters, mattress and pillow protectors, toppers, pet beds, baby/toddlers, hot sleeper products and many more).
  • Furniture (adjustable bed base, bed frames, metal platform bed, and sturdy foundation )

Nest bedding mattresses

Mattress shopping is a one-time investment and so it requires a careful research and analysis before finalizing the mattress. Its obvious that you would like to know why Nest Bedding mattresses are one of the worth investments you can make. Here is why Nest bedding mattresses are the next generation mattresses among the customers.

At Nest Bedding, you get the finest latex mattresses at affordable rates. Their CertiPUR-US certified memory foam mattresses are made here in USA using organic wool, certified organic latex or Oeko Tex certified blended latex or CertiPUR-US certified foams. Whether you have allergies or just want a comfortable, affordable and durable mattress, Nest Bedding has all that you are looking for.

When a mattress is said to be CertiPUR -US certified, it means that the materials used in making the mattress have been tested and found free from harmful chemicals.

Credits: http://www.trendspace.com/
Credits: http://www.trendspace.com/

Nest Bedding uses only natural materials to make their beds pass National Fire Standards set forth by the U.S Government. This means that you are assured that the Nest bedding mattress that you buy do not have any mysterious chemicals emitting from the bed.

All Nest Bedding mattresses- be it luxury firm, memory foam, firm mattresses or organic mattresses are made by local craftsman here in the USA with USA made materials. They use the most durable materials taken from the most respected manufacturers.

All products are hand-selected by the company CEO with over 20 years of direct consumer and industry experience.

The Nest mattress collection includes The Alexander Signature Series, The Alexander Signature Hybrid, The SmartHouse Cool Sleeper Mattress Collection, The Nest Bedding Hybrid Latex, The Nest Bedding Graphite Latex mattress, ActiveX Mattress, Love & Sleep Mattress and The BKB – My Big Kid’s Bed.

Nest Bedding Organic Bedding and Mattress Stores

Nest Bedding has 9 showrooms across USA.

Nest Bedding retail outlets can be found at San Francisco, Studio City, Berkeley and South Bay areas, but what sets them apart is their quality, sourcing and pricing. Its only at Nest Bedding, you can find unique bedding items that are made in the USA with high quality natural and non-toxic materials.

Nest Bedding Studio City is located at Studio City, California which is a suburb of Los Angeles. This store is at a very convenient location and has good equipped staff for all kinds of support.

Nest Bedding – Bedding sets and Sheet sets

Nest Bedding has a professionally dedicated team who help you in selecting the best organic and natural bedding for your bedroom.

Nest Bedding’s organic sheets are available at best prices on the web. They have a wide range of pillows featuring wool, cotton, kapok, Alpaca, buckwheat and Easy Breather Pillows. Oh yes, their blankets come in a full selection of Pendleton wool, mattress protectors and everything you need for a clean bedroom. Their newest addition – Organic Cotton and Hemp blankets from BAD blankets are highly recommended by many customers.

Nest Easy Breather Natural Pillow

The Easy Breather natural Pillow is made with Oeko Tex Shredded latex and natural cotton shell. This pillow is a made in USA product. It is breathable, soft, and also provides support. It is available in three sizes, standard, queen and king size. No animal products or chemicals are added while making this pillow. You get a cool and comfortable sleep while using this pillow. The size of this pillow can be adjusted.
You can buy these Nest Easy Breather pillows at Amazon.

Nest Bedding Furniture

Get the high quality bedroom furniture from Nest Bedding. As they offer a huge selection, you can choose the one that meets your requirements and matches your bedroom. The company offers a great selection of hardwood bedroom furniture made with sustainable wood from FSC sources. Their bedroom furniture list includes cardboard platform bed, adjustable foundation, bamboo bed, bi-fold platform foundation, sturdy folding metal foundation.

Credits: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/
Credits: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/

Nest bedding mattress reviews

Sleeping on Nest bedding mattress has satisfied many users. Users who slept in Nest bedding mattresses said they had a sound sleep all night. They felt like they were sinking into the bed just the right amount to provide cushioning for all your pressure points.

Some said that the bamboo bed from Nest Bedding had more elasticity than a cotton cover which adds softness and flexibility.

People who used Alexander mattress said that the mattress was thicker compared to other mattresses with slightly less motion transfer and less bounce. It is also a bit softer than the love Bed, for those who would like to please yourself and your partner, Alexander is the best choice.

Nest Bedding coupon codes

Enjoy shopping with Nest Bedding by purchasing the mattress and bedding items at discounted rates. Here are some of them;

  • Save $100 on any Alexander mattress with code “ALEXANDER100”
  • Save $100 on any Honest Bed mattress with copupon code “HONESTSLEEPOPOLIS”
  • Save $50 on any mattress from Nest Bedding with coupon code “SLEEPOPOLIS”
  • Receive 10% off for Tencel sheet sets using the coupon code “NEWSTORE”

Easy Breather Pillow Coupons are also available for their pillows.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone give me information on Nest Bedding’s return policy?

Beeding items like blankets, sheets, duvet covers and pillows are categorized as personal items and thus have warranties. Once used, they cannot be returned, but if you are having any issues, you can either make a call or email and discuss the situation with their dedicated customer service executives. The company also offers a 30 day trial period and not before 30 days. Returns will be accepted on beds in original condition and unstained/ undamaged.

When do I get my order delivered?

Nest Bedding delivers to all 50 states and to almost every country in the world. Onceyou place an order, a tracking number will be emailed to you. Nest bedding mattresses are usually shipped 2-3 business days after placing an order.

Is Nest bedding mattress shipped internationally?

Yes, Nest bedding has a tie-up with a trusted third-party company to fulfill orders for their international customers. If you are an international customer, just select the item you wish to purchase and choose the “International Checkout” option. International shipping is currently available worldwide from Nest bedding.

Are the memory foam mattresses of Nest Bedding very costly?

USA made memory foam mattresses start at $699 for their queen size mattresses. There can be change in the price. Please check the rates online on their website.

What does a CertiPUR-US mattress means?

This means that the materials used in the processing of mattress are free from harmful chemicals.

Is there any chemical odor for the mattresses at Nest Bedding?

The CEO of Nest Bedding assures each and every customer that there is no odor of “offgassing” with their mattresses.

Are there any Nest Bedding coupon codes available online?

Yes there are many coupon codes and promo codes offered by Nest Bedding online.
Some of them are listed above.

Nature’s Sleep Mattresses – Sleep Like a Log

Nature’s Sleep Memory Foam Mattresses

Nature’s Sleep Mattress

Investing in a mattress is a one time investment, well, at least for some. While it is necessary to change your mattress every eight years, many people tend to drag the decision for another couple of years. This can lead to health issues such as back pain, lack of quality sleep and so on. If you are sleeping on a wrong mattress or currently owning a mattress which is more than a decade old, then its time to retire it and look for eco-friendly mattress such as Nature’s Sleep mattress. In this article you will find everything related to Nature’s Sleep Mattress, the company, products, reviews and so on.

About Nature’s Sleep Mattress

With more than 5 generations of experience, the company has spent more than 15 years researching to help the customers get not only a mattress that suited their body shape but also the one that fits their budget easily without burning a hole.

Credit: http://blog.beliani.co.uk

Nature’s Sleep Mattress also makes sure that they use eco friendly products without shooting the earth’s already pollution level. From pillows to mattress to toppers to box springs, you will find everything here at Nature’s Sleep. The foam of these companies have also been certified as CertiPUR-US which speaks high volumes about providing comfort and confidence.

The CertiPUR-US is a program where the polyurethane foam is voluntarily scrutinized, tested, analyzed to meet certain standards. For instance, it should contain low VOCs for indoor air quality, is made without formaldehyde, heavy metals such as lead, mercury, does not contain PBDE flame retardants etc. and so on. Only few of the mattress companies are provided with this certification and Nature’s Sleep is one of them.

Different Types of Nature’s Sleep Mattress

The core essence of Nature’s Sleep is Memory Foam Mattress but they also cover various comfort levels depending on your taste and your body type. For instance, firm mattress to medium to plush mattress are few of the comfort levels that you can choose apart from the height, mattress types and size.

1. Memory Foam Mattress

Holding all the sizes that you need, Memory foam mattress contains Advanced Visco technology memory foam that comforts your body perfectly while taking in itself your body shape assisting in gentle support and relief delivering a peaceful sleep. Memory foam mattress provide an edge to edge support i.e. distributes the body weight aptly getting rid of pressure points which is considered crucial during intimate activities.

This feature is also best for those who are suffering from sleep apnea or lack of proper sleep. This luxury mattress is manufactured out of organic products and is basically a hypo-allergenic product which is a blessing for people with sensitive body who are prone to allergies.

Nature’s Sleep memory foam mattress are also famous for motion resistancy which means even if your partner keeps tossing and turning all night, you won’t feel a thing.

spinal alignment
Credit: http://www.brooklynbedding.com

2. Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Using the Superior Gel Technology (SFT), Nature’s Sleep infuses gel beads to the memory foam mattress. It is quilted to the top of the sleeping surface giving you comfort and support just where you need it. The gel beads are basically cooling gels that keeps you cool and crisp removing unwanted night sweat during hot and humid night times. It comes with mattress cover that is easy to remove and re-usable. However, they are not washable so keep a mental note of it. The cover also features anti-microbial features that keeps away dust and mold from your mattress prolonging its usage.

3. Pillowtop Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Individually wrapped coils in this pillowtop gel memory foam mattress offers you a great innerspring unit that withstands any pillow fight or bouncing on the bed. If that is not enough, it comes with a 5 lb. density gel memory foam layer that provides comfort and cool at all times. But that’s not all, Nature’s Sleep Mattress threw in a bit of plush that is as luxurious as it sounds. This makes the bed more than welcoming and cradles you right to a calm and peaceful sleep. The ventilated mesh border helps the air to escape via the mattress thus wicking away heat and moisture so that they don’t breed mold and dew.

4. Sofabed Sleeper Replacement Mattress

The Natures Sleep offers you multi layered design that is a perfect blend of comfort and support and durability. A cool gel memory foam bed as your sofabed is a dream come true for those who have to toss and turn and have to bear the terrible bar digging up on their body all night.

Nature’s Sleep Reviews

Nature’s Sleep Mattress reviews are all over the place. Though there are critical eye as well, majority of the reviews are positive from consumers who are still using products of Nature’s Sleep.

Consumers say that people who couldn’t afford tempurpedic mattress stumbled upon Nature’s Sleep visco mattress. They claim that they are very impressed with the results and actually get the feel of tempurpedic with this visco memory foam mattress.

The mattress also helped in eliminating back pain in many consumers who were using old saggy mattress or opted a wrong mattress.

On the downside, few says that the memory foam emits a smell during the initial days of use. Though it fades away after a while, this is still a topic of frustration to a few. Another user claims that it retains body heat and the “cooling gel” does nothing to ease the comfort level and cool down the body temperature at night as claimed.

However, Nature’s Sleep Mattresses have received 4.4 out of 5 star ratings in amazon.com from users who were asked to review Nature’s Sleep products. The comfort level is quite efficient and so is the price of the mattresses that are quite economical.

Overall, Nature’s Sleep is here to stay and by customers’s reviews so far, the company seem to be satisfying user’s needs. However, the company does not offer any trial period that can be a bit challenging for those who want to try this product before doing the actual purchase. But once you contact the customer care they would lead you to nearest retailers that can assist in trying out the mattress you are looking for.

Credit: http://s7d4.scene7.com

Here are few of the reviews as put up by consumers.

“Excellent” – Erin O. O’Grady

I can’t keep my eyes open with this mattress. Absolutely firm and incredible, loved it.

“High quality memory foam without the sticker shock” – Jordan K. Louie

I met with a car accident couple of years ago. After that I found it very much difficult to sleep at night times. My doctor advised to switch to memory foam mattress but I couldn’t afford a tempurpedic mattress. I then found Nature’s Sleep mattress online and to be frank I expected a compromise in quality keeping in the low cost I paid, but I was so wrong.

I am beyond impressed with the high quality of the mattress. In fact, I actually prefer this to the Tempurpedic mattress. I don’t toss and the sleep is very much peaceful without any back pain in the morning. This mattress played a crucial part in eliminating my back pain.”

7 reasons why to buy Nature’s Sleep Mattress

  • Does not contain any latex as it can give away allergies
  • Certified with CertiPUR-US which speaks quality about the visco elastic mattresses
  • Does not possess any flame retardants or harmful chemicals or VOCs
  • Fits in all standard size box spring or foundation
  • A true USA based product
  • 20 years warranty on memory foam mattress
  • Available in all sizes

Frequently Asked Questions – Nature’s sleep mattress

Is there a trial period offered with memory foam plus mattress?

No, Nature’s Sleep does not offer trial period with any of their mattress. However, they do assist you to nature’s sleep retailers that will help you to try out the product.

Will a new mattress fit in my existing foundation?

Yes, Nature’s Sleep is available in standard size so it fits any old box spring or bed frame.

Are there any good nature’s sleep mattress reviews available?

Yes, majority of consumers report in their nature’s sleep memory foam review boast of satisfied results after using the mattress. Few even compared Nature’s sleep vs. Tempurpedic and claimed that the memory foam mattress actually gives the feel of Tempurpedic that too at an economical cost.

What is the warranty for Natures sleep pillows?

Memory foam pillows from nature’s sleep comes with 3 year warranty.

Will you install my mattress unit?

No, the product is delivered to your house but installation has to be done by yourself.

Does Nature’s Sleep ship globally?

No, the mattresses are currently delivered only in US.

How do I clean my memory foam mattress?

If at all your mattress has a stain, gets wet or has a dust stuff here is a guide that will deliver you with clear guidance – https://www.naturessleep.com/blog/cleaning-your-memory-foam-mattress

Are there any latex in the mattress?

As there are many who have health issues such as allergies due to latex, Nature’s Sleep have chucked off the idea of latex in their mattress.

Will my new mattress has off-gassing issues?

Few people note off gassing during the initial use but it fades away within a short period. It is usually harmless and quite normal with any new mattress.

Can I wash the cover of my memory foam mattress?

No, mattress covers are not washable.

What’s the difference between so many mattress that Nature’s Sleep offers?

Not two people are the same. Their needs, likes and body types are very much different. Keeping this in mind, Nature’s Sleep has provided different types of mattresses keeping in taste with people’s choice. While narrowing in on a mattress, make sure you read the descriptions and choose the one that suits your body, supports your spinal area and aids in a peaceful sleep.

Miles While You Sleep – The Ultimate Destination For Supreme Quality Mattresses

Miles While You Sleep

Miles while you sleep is an online and authorized dealer of Stearns & Foster, Sealy and other beds. These beds are designed for the hospitality industry as well as for residential purposes. Through this online website, you get so much of choices. Customers can purchase and enjoy bed sets from Sealy and Stearns & Foster. With Miles You Sleep, you can enjoy that same beds which many travelers have experienced in the world’s top hotels and resorts. If you go to your nearest retail outlet, you cannot find these mattresses and unlike retail beds, these mattresses are manufactured to meet very stringent commercial grade performance requirements.

The company was set up in the early 2005. As Sealy beds were known for their hospitality division beds, the initial focus of the company was on frequent travelers, and since frequent travelers like to travel overseas, the company decided to name it as “Miles while you sleep”. Today the company offers beds for their customers with superior construction, great craftsmanship and comfort.

Luxury mattresses from Miles while you sleep

If you are a frequent traveler, you might know what a difference a great night’s sleep can make when you are away from home. This is why luxury beds have upgraded their bedding standards to pamper their guests. At Miles While You Sleep, you get Sealy Posturpedic and Stearns & Foster bed models found in finest hotels only. Miles while you sleep luxury beds serve to meet the high performance requirements of the hospitality industry. As such, they are not available in retail stores. Apart from Stearns & Foster bed selections, you can see a huge collection of Sealy mattresses online. And as a limited offer, you can save $50 on a bed for a minimum purchase of $1,000 by entering coupon code DXR10 during checkout.

Mattress categories at Miles While You Sleep

  • Sealy Posturpedic bed selections
  • Stearns & Fosters bed selections

Bring the 5-star hotel-like sleep every night by shopping Sealy posturpedic mattresses

At Miles while you sleep, as the punchline says, you are provided with some of the finest and most exclusive mattresses seen in 5-star hotels. You can experience the same luxury and comfort at your home just by shopping Sealy Posturpedic mattresses. These beds come with higher specifications than normal mattresses and are built to withstand the rigors of daily commercial use while still providing a superior sleep experience.

The moment you place an order with Miles while you sleep, the company transmits the order data to Sealy who begins the process of custom building your bed. When your bed is complete, it is then shipped to the nearest delivery agent,who still stores your bed and contracts you to arrange the delivery. All miles while you sleep orders come with White Glove Delivery, which means that they will set up the bed for you in home. You don’t have to worry about fixing it. Also,the good part is that if you have an old mattress the company will replace by your new one as the delivery agent. Their mattresses include;

  • Sealy innerspring comfort mattress
  • Sealy memory foam mattress

Sealy innerspring comfort mattress

Sealy innerspring mattresses are soft and comfortable mattress. The fabric on the exterior of every Sealy mattress is carefully chosen to provide both feel and resilience. These two qualities are the reason why your mattress stay long.

Sealy memory foam mattress

Get the best memory foam mattresses from Sealy. The company has designed these memory foam mattresses to conform to your unique body shape and weight whole providing a gentle cooling sensation. This comforting body-hugging feature of Sealy memory foam mattress creates a sense that you are sleeping on your mattress and at the same time helping your body to keep your body temperature within the optimum range for a deep, relaxing and restorative sleep.

Stearns & Fosters bed selections

Stearns and Foster company was found by Stearns and Foster in the mid 1800s. During the initial stages, the company was manufacturing cotton goods used in the horse carriage upholstery, and then by happenstance and hotel mattresses. And now after completing 165 years of expertise, they are still going strong with their innovative designs and craftsmanship. Their luxury mattress collections are known worldwide. Their mattress collections include:

  • Stearns and Foster luxury mattress estate hybrid
  • Stearns and Foster luxury estate
  • Stearns and Foster estate
  • Stearns and Foster signature collections

Stearns and Foster luxury mattress – Luxury estate hybrid

This one is a new milestone in the mattress industry that combines the features of a distinct half foam/ half spring mattresses. It comes with a cashmere-infused cover with new signature style that provides a luxurious feel that gets softer with age. The eco-cotton and wool in selective models provide natural breath-ability and softness. Their high-density, furniture grade upholstery foams adds another touch of luxury.

Stearns and Foster luxury mattresses – Luxury estate

All Luxury estate collections from Stearns and Foster include silk and cashmere infused cover, with latex specialty foam coating. Each of Stearns and Foster luxury mattresses provide comfort from top to bottom.

Stearns and Fosters luxury mattress – estate collection

The Stearns and Foster’s estate collection includes the features of the Signature collection, with improved features. They come with IntelliCoil encased coil infused with cashmere cover.

Stearns and Fosters luxury mattress – signature collection

The features of Stearns and Fosters signature collection include:

  • Outlast proactive temperature management
  • Solid brass air vents
  • Stabilux edge system
  • High density, gel-infused foams
  • High gram weight, natural fiber upholstery
  • Silk infused cover
  • S&F signature encased coil

Miles while you sleep – all that you need to know about return policy

Orders may be cancelled up to 2 full days after the order is placed. In cancelling the order ,t here will be a cancellation fee of 3% of the total credit card change. After 2 days, the order information is transmitted to Sealy or Stearns and Fosters, and soon thereafter the order is processed as per your customization. In some cases, the company accepts cancellation requests after the initial two-day period, though such requests will incur at least a $250 fee for restocking materials. The company does not accept any cancellation requests made after one week from the original order date.
Returns for any product containing down- like the pillows, down blankets and comforters. Returns for bedding items such as sheets, pillow cases, duvets and blankets cannot be accepted if the product has been used. Returns for pillows can also not be accepted.

Miles while you sleep – shipping information

Miles while you sleep offers free shipping and white glove delivery for all Sealy Posturpedic bed. White glove delivery means that the delivery agents will come and fix the mattress at your home. Even if you have an old used mattress, they will replace it with their new brand mattress at no additional charge. Their delivery agents will call ahead to set up a delivery time that’s most convenient for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Sealy mattresses very costly?

No, Sealy posturpedic mattresses are available at your budgeted price. As we know that buying a mattress is a long-term investment, you just buy one that is worth it for the rest of the years.

Do Sealy mattresses have the same warranty as Sealy mattresses sold in their official site?

Yes, every bed at Miles while you sleep comes with the standard Sealy warranty.

What does White Glove Service mean in Miles while you Sleep means?

White glove service is a service offered by the company shipping officials that delivers each bed right to your home, set it up for you and removes all packing materials and replaces the old mattress of yours.

How long should I wait to get my order placed?

All beds on the Miles while you sleep are made to order. Your newly-ordered Sealy or Stearns and Foster bed should arrive within 4-5 weeks of ordering depending on your location.

Am I buying Stearns and Foster mattress directly from their official website?

No,you are purchasing your Stearns and Foster mattress from Miles while you sleep powered by FORT systems, whose HBI division is a leading distributor of products for the hospitality industry.

Can I use these Stearns and Foster luxury beds for residential purpose?

Yes, these beds are designed specifically for the hospitality industry and are not available in any retail outlet.

From where to buy Sealy posturpedic mattresses online?

You can buy Sealy posturpedic mattresses online from Miles while you sleep website.

Can I order a box spring, rather than a whole bed?

No. Mattresses can be separately purchased separately (you can just check mark the “NO Box Spring’ option during check out). Box springs cannot be shopped separately. Sealy’s box springs are made to the same exacting standards as its mattresses together provide the unbeatable experience that has made Sealy the number one trusted mattress brand in America.

Whats the difference between the hospitality industry bed and the regular residential ones?

The hospitality industry beds are used rigorously. They go through special testing to ensure that they will stand up to the demands of commercial applications,.

Where is the exact location of Sealy mattresses?

Sealy mattress is headquartered at Trinity, North Carolina, United States.

Test your mattress with the Napmobile


Who doesn’t love mobile living, tiny houses and a high density mattress to sleep around? Now, we have them all at the new Napmobile launched by Casper Mattress. The company is basically from New York that has come with a brilliant idea with a team of designers to market their mattress. Introducing the Napmobile that features four different mattresses set up on a trailer all set to hit the road.

Casper Mattress Launches Napmobile

Casper Mattress have designed the trailer in such a way that people can try and give these mattresses a try. They look quite cozy and create a tiny home with ceiling. However, it does seem to waste a lot of space of the trailer and placing the mattress inside the octagon shaped box is quite a uphill task.

Credits: http://www.treehugger.com

They even have bedtime stories for taking us back to the old days of being a kid and spare us enough time to take a nap. However, I am not sure how much time they give us to doze off.

A latex foam on top of memory foam was quite a head scratcher. I felt that memory foam tends to emit some pungent smell during the initial days of use; not to mention that polyurethane foams are flame retardants. But, it seems Casper mattress is here to prove us wrong. They have manufactured a CertiPUR-US foam which is made without the flame retardants such as PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP. They have actually used a fire retardant knit sock which can actually subdue the flames.

Knit sock is a yarn that contains silica core and polyster/acrylic/nylon/rayon wrap. This material when burned the silica holds everything together that the char becomes a barrier and alleviates the flames. The yarn and sock have been Oeko Tex Certified which makes sure that there are no toxic chemicals or coatings that can be detrimental to human health.

Credits: http://www.treehugger.com/tiny-houses/napmobile-multiple-unit-traveling-tiny-test-bed-mattresses.html

Bottomline, both these standards seem to be genuine and tough so you can be rest assured while taking a tour of the Casper Mattress. You will be investing in a good mattress company that puts customer satisfaction first. However, it is better not to use inflammatory products on your mattress.

Simmons Kids BeautySleep Naturally Sleepy Nights Crib Mattress – Organic Cradle mattress online

Simmons BeautyRest Mattresses

What Crib mattress did you buy?

There are many online stores that promise best Crib mattress for your baby but whom will you zero in? We are there to help you out. Here is one of the preferred products by many parents called the Simmons Kids BeautySleep Naturally Sleepy Nights Crib Mattress. Read on to know all about it.

Simmons Kids BeautySleep Naturally Sleepy Nights Crib Mattress Features

Simmons Kids BeautySleep Naturally Sleepy Nights Crib Mattress is an eco friendly mattress that comes with organic soy foam. An absolute light weight product, it comes with 100% natural cotton fabric that is made without any inclusion of chemicals or toxins. It comes with all four square corners that stay put in your bed frame. Simmons Kids BeautySleep Naturally Sleepy Nights Crib Mattress is certified by GreenGuard and CertiPUR-US that says a lot about the quality. It means that the product is absolutely environment friendly and does not release any toxic gases in the air thereby aiding peaceful sleep and improving the indoor air quality.

Simmons Kids BeautySleep Naturally Sleepy Nights Crib Mattress size is available in the following dimension 6H x 27.5W x 52D weighing around 15lbs.

Simmons Kids BeautySleep Naturally Sleepy Nights Crib Mattress reviews

If you want to protect Simmons Kids BeautySleep Naturally Sleepy Nights Crib Mattress from stains then there are crib mattress pad/protector and crib mattress topper that will support the warranty as well as your baby’s mattress.

Simmons Kids BeautySleep Naturally Sleepy Nights Crib Mattress reviews have received promising star ratings in various sites such as amazon and other sites such as walmart, target etc. Users have rated 4.2 out of 5 stars in amazon.com and claimed that the product speaks volumes about quality and the babies actually love the mattress they sleep on.

On the down side, few parents say that the crib mattress is quite flimsy and doesnt stand as promised.

Here are few of the crib mattress ratings reviews

“Firm and Sturdy, Made to Last” – Alison Wild

We ordered the Simmons crib for our two and a half year son. The initial mattress was good but as he has grown out of it, we wanted to invest in a good mattress. This is a good investment if you are looking for a deluxe variety. He accidentally spilled a bottle of formula and though the fluid went straight via the mattress, it dried quite quickly. Simmons Kids BeautySleep Naturally Sleepy Nights Crib Mattress is more like a firm adult mattress. I lie on his little bed while reading to him and its quite solid for both of us. A thick and well made mattress, you can definitely go with it.

“Will not recommend” – Elizabeth Raines

We had bought this for my son to move him in toddler bed. I tried putting a sheet over the mattress to cover them but the mattress seem started to tear off completely. Hopefully the warranty will fix this issue.

Shifman Luxury Mattresses

Shifman Mattress

Shifman mattresses offer comfort and support to help you improve your sleeping posture, relieve pressure and improve circulation. What else do you want from a mattress? A mattress is said to be the best when it can offer a great night’s sleep. Step into the world of dreams and luxury with the Shifman luxury series. Experience the Shifman’s difference!

About Shifman Mattresses Company

Shifman and Bro. Mattress company was found in the year 1893 by 2 brothers – Abraham and Samuel Shifman. The company was established with a view to deliver superior quality mattresses to the bedding industry. At Shifman company, you come to see world-class artisans who combine their unparalleled hand craftsmanship with the highest quality of all natural materials to provide you with a superior two-sided mattress and boxspring set.

Shifman carefully builds its two-sided mattresses with flawless artistry and unmatched attention to detail and complete dedication to create the finest hand-made mattresses available. Boxsprings are made by combining the features built with Canadian Spruce wood and hourglass-shaped steel upholsery-grade coils. The coils are interlaced using Shifman’s 8-way hand-tying system.

Shifman have been manufacturing the finest handmade two-sided mattresses and boxsprings for more than 120 years. They use only premium components like Belgian damask, matelesse fabrics along with natural materials like cotton, cashmere, wool and pashmina.

Shifman mattresses should ideally be placed on a matching boxspring. Boxsprings add to the comfort and reduce the wear and tear on the mattress. Shifman warranties are also applicable only when the mattress is accompanied by a matching boxspring. Shifman mattresses offer many types of boxsprings like Jade boxspring, Crystal boxspring, Soft cloud boxspring, Davinci boxspring, Diamond boxspring,  Sapphire Boxspring etc. to suit the different models of the Shifman mattress.

Reasons to buy Shifman luxury mattresses – Shifman Mattress Review

When there are hundreds of luxury mattress manufacturers available, why would anyone choose Shifman luxury mattresses? Well, the answer to this question lies in the coming paragraph. Integrity, dedication to perfection and true craftsmanship are some of the reasons why Shifman luxury mattresses stand on top of all mattresses in the industry. Shifman luxury mattresses are also known for their Shifman quality, comfort and durability. Lets see some of the reasons why you would love to choose Shifman luxury mattresses for your bedroom:

  • A mattress is said to be rich in quality when it is hand-made. Yes, Shifman difference can be seen in their quality of its hand-made bedding. More than 50 highly skilled craftsmen work together to make each mattress and boxspring the best in the industry. They also ensure quality, comfort and durability. Shifman mattresses are hand-made and it takes up to 12 and a half hours to produce one Shifman mattress set.
  • Shifman’s Sanotuft features an unparalleled button less tuft eliminating shifting and bunching by interlocking all layers of the mattress securely in place. Their hand-tied boxsprings are another example of dedicated true craftsmanship. The Shifman’s boxspring’s hourglass shaped upholsery coils are tied by hand using the 8-ways Italian twine. Using this technique, Shifman mattress provides durability and greatly reduces the wear and tear on the mattress.
  • Shifman luxury mattresses continue to be one of the only mattress manufacturers that has maintained their dedication in making two-sided mattresses, where most mattress manufacturers have turned to one-side mattress to save on costs. By offering two-side mattresses, Shifman continues to ensure the same level of comfort and durability on both sides of the mattress. The benefit of using two-side mattress is that they can be flipped over time and as a result lasts for a long time than one-side mattress.
  • Shifman luxury mattress uses the most luxurious materials available to make each of their mattress look elegant. Their high-end Belgian damask and matelasse fabrics as well as natiral materials including latex, cotton, pashmina and cashmere are combined and used in many Shifman designs.
  • The Shifman mattresses are manufactured in America. Shifman maintains its heritage and continues to handcraft their luxury mattress at its facility in Newark, New Jersey.

Shifman mattresses collection

Shifman mattress Masters collection

Shifman’s masters collection features unmatched beauty and true craftsmanship with a full range of firmness and comfort. The Shifman mattress Masters collection features two-sided mattress made of superior innerspring mattress. The mattress comes with a solid brass corner guards.


Shifman Mattress Vintage collection

The Vintage mattress collection from Shifman mattress offers superior quality and deluxe surface comfort featuring premium quality innerspring with foam and steel edge support in the corners. The Shifman Vintage collection weighs up to 83 lbs made of natural cotton upholsery.

Shifman Mattress Quilted collection

Shifman’ mattress Quilted collection provides their customers with quality mattresses at a rate that everyone could buy. They feature two-sided mattresses made of natural cotton upholsery. They have used quality innerspring with heavy steel Bonnel unit and foam edge support.

Shifman Mattress Pure Comfort collection -Shifman Latex mattresses

For those who want comfort, comfort and comfort, here comes Shifman’s Pure Comfort collection made of latex line. These luxury mattresses are made of latex foam and sustainable forest lumber. The all-coil boxspring with independent coil action maximises comfort and durability.

Shifman Mattress – Reviews

Shifman is not just a mattress brand that simply manufactures quality mattresses. They also have equal responsibility to meet the needs of their diversified customers to find the most suitable mattress for them. Lets see what the customers have to say about Shifman mattresses:


Rachel D who bought Shifman Monaco queen mattress was satisfied with the comfort it gave. She said that even after using the mattress for years, Shifman luxury mattresses were providing the same comfort and restful sleep to her husband and her.

Carolyn M, said that the Shifman mattress has transformed their sleeping experience. The low gauge high coil count construction and the supportive cushioning and top grade fabrics offered restful sleep.

Elizabeth C, loved the mattress very much. Even after using it for 6 months, she said that the mattress had not lost its cushioning and support. Its still the same and she added that she can wake up early in the morning with a refreshing mind. She thanks the Shifman company for offering such a traditional bed.

Lawrence who had been using Shifman mattress for more than 35 years still has not changed the mattress. He and his wife regularly rotate the mattress once or twice a year. He noticed that it did not had any lumps of padding, no sagging and the mattress is as firm as when they purchased it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone give me info about Shifman mattress warranty?

Shifman mattresses and box spring sets are warranted against defective workmanship and materials for the number of years specified on your label after the date of purchase from an authorized dealer. This warranty is liable only for the original customer/ purchaser. If you come to see any defects or wear and tear, report directly to the store from where it is purchased.

Are there any Shifman mattress reviews available online?

Yes, the official website of Shifman shows some customer reviews about the mattress. All the reviews shown there on the website clearly implies that the mattress is long-lasting and offers comfort and support even after using it for many years.

From where can one buy Shifman mattresses?

Shifman mattresses are available in Amazon, you can buy them from Amazon.

What are the Shifman mattress prices?

Shifman mattresses are priced according to the models available and taking into consideration the comfort and quality offered, these handmade mattresses are very reasonably priced.

Are there any Shifman mattresses complaints registered?

Shifman, being one of the mattress leaders in the industry, manufactures top quality mattresses that offer comfort and support to all customers. As such, there are no complaints registered so far.

Hassleless Mattress Store


HassleLess Mattresses Review

HassleLess mattress provides you with complete comfort zones both in products and during purchase. When most of us go for purchasing products, one awkward thing that we don’t prefer is discussing all what you want and you don’t want in a product to a store keeper or a sales person- this is why most of us prefers supermarkets where we can freely pick up what we want to meet all our needs. A third person with over assisting mentality has always dampened our shopping experience. Considering this fact- HassleLess mattress has made all the arrangements at stores such that it is completely employee free- it may sound so odd- but this has reported to be a good experience where we could try out everything and find out which is best of the best mattress for us. There are no salespersons or managers to advertise or stress on a single product for sales. The head of Hassleless mattress says “My stores are completely employee free. That sounds odd, but it is a concept that saves you a lot of money.”

The Hassless mattress stores and online stores are very easy to access and order- completely free of sales person pressure. If you want any kind of assistant or help- you just have to call or text or email the concerned person. The delivery of Hassleless mattress will be very fast and with full care and dedication. HassleLess mattress will help you gain the best mattress that will fit in to provide perfect sleep.

Measurement Of Each HassleLess Mattress

The standard sizes of each mattress are listed below.

  • Twin: 39”x75”
  • Twin XL: 39” x 80”
  • Full: 54” x 75”
  • Queen: 60” x 80”
  • King: 76” x 80”

The actual size can vary depending on the manufacturer up to 3%.

The California king which has size 72” x 84” is not stocked in the HassleLess mattress stores because of it huge size. This size is harder to find and also to get beds, frames, sheets, headboards etc.

Products Of HassleLess Mattress Stores

Sealy Posturepedic- Reflexion 4 Adjustable Base

Sealy Posturepedic- reflexion 4 adjustable base of Hassleless mattress is constructed with headboard hugging design. It is constructed in fashionable design and in perfect finishing. Sealy Posturepedic- reflexion 4 adjustable base has a lighted wireless remote control that helps you to set in the right arrangement that is comfortable for you. The wireless remote will easily helps in elevating the feet and the head. Sealy Posturepedic- reflexion 4 adjustable base has 3 pre set memory position that will set up the positions in just one click. Sealy Posturepedic- reflexion 4 adjustable base is one of the most sold mattresses of hassles.


Sealy Posturepedic

This mattress series from HassleLess store can be adjusted to 65 degree upright angle which can be used specially in conditions like watching TV, reading or while using a laptop. If you want a faster response, you just have to full lift within no time- 30 seconds. It is also assisted with wired remote that will help you to control the head up and head down movements when required. This product from Hassles Company is provided with 15 year limited warranty. Sealy Posturepedic is one of the most sought after mattresses at hassles stores.

Sealy Posturepedic Select

The Sealy Posturepedic Select  at HassleLess stores have many specifications that make it an outstanding product. Sealy Posturpedic Select has 1” cooling Sealy cool gel memory foam. Sealy Posturpedic Select is also fitted with 1.5” Sealy cushion that creates extra soft foam. It has versare inner panel. The gel memory foam zoned Sealy embrace premier coil helps in encasing the coil to move independently. The core support in the center will reinforce the gel memory foam. The solid edge around the mattress of Sealy Posturpedic Select will help to reinforce the full surface and the borders as well as provide a solid seating to the customer.

Cotswold Ultimate Plush – Simmons Beautyrest

Cotswold Ultimate Plush is from Simmons Beautyrest series. These mattresses sold at HassleLess mattress are manufactured with many specifications in order to satisfy all your needs to have a good sleep. The coil unit of Cotswold Ultimate Plush is of 1000 density pocketed coil springs and the edge support is ventilated with air cool beauty edge. This is quilt with surface cool fiber of 1 ¼” air cool foam, and ¾” gel touch foam. The deck of Cotswold Ultimate Plush is 3” air cool gel memory foam. The upholstery of this mattress is ½” energy foam and 1 ½ 1000 density micro pocked coil. Cotswold Ultimate Plush comes with 10 years of warranty. The outstanding features of Cotswold Ultimate Plush product is that it is installed with beauty pocketed coil technology that will support and comfort the back with hundreds of wrapped springs. The firmness guide rates this mattress in 8 which signifies that it is plush. This beauty rest mattress that provides you with technologies that helps you to recharge the sleep will also consider the back support and all your health related matters in your sleep positions. Cotsworld Ultimate Plush is manufactured in USA.

Calavera Plush – Simmons Beautyrest

The main features of Calavera Plush mattress is that it is designed with beauty rest pocketed coil technology that will provide support and rest to your back with individually packed springs helping your body contour to adjust easily without any discomfort or pain. The air cool and gel foams makes Calavera Plush easy for a better airflow through the mattress. A layer of plush comfort foam will additionally provide you a better zone of comfort. The air cool memory foam that is present in this series of mattress will provide additional pressure relief with the right comfort for sleeping and resting.

Goya Plush –  Sealy Posturepedic

Goya Plush HassleLess mattress has the grade 8 in the firmness guide which means it’s plush. The main features of Goya Plush that has to be mentioned is gel memory foam, core support premier center, zoned Sealy embrace premier coil, solid edge HD premier system, premium cover fabric , full side handles and a greater foundation. The gel foam memory in Goya Plush is a layer full of gel that makes your body to experience more comfortable level. The core support will help in reinforcing the gel memory. The zoned Sealy embrace is more precise and with exceptional support. Goya Plush helps in proper alignment of the natural curves of your body.

Bishops Gate Plush – Simmons Beautyrest

When Bishops Gate Plush mattress is rated with a firmness guide – it has the rate of 7 which signifies it is plush in firmness. Like the similar products sold at HassleLess mattress shop, the Bishops Gate Plush has a coil unit of 1000 density beautyrest with edge support of foam encasement with quantum lock. The quilt of this hassles mattress is even loft design with 1” 2.5lb air-cool gel memory foam. The air cool design makes Bishops Gate Plush to provide more comfortable zones. The foundation of this mattress is adjustable base compatible with triton foundation w/steel struts. Bishops Gate Plush product comes with 10 years limited warranty.

Thurloe Pillow Top Firm – Sealy Posturepedic

The firmness guide of this Thurloe pillow top mattress is 4 which signifies that it is firm. This kind of mattress is mainly recommended for those who like firm mattress. Though Thurloe Pillow Top Firm is firm, it is enhanced with better technologies that will help you to have a better sleep. The gel foam memory will provide body conforming comfort. The core support center of Thurloe Pillow Top Firm will help you to gain an additional support and durability. The Sealy embrace plus coil will help to provide mattress that are arranged more densely. The solid edge HD system will help in using the full surface mattress as well as help in providing a solid seating surface. The premium cover fabric of this Hassles mattress will help in providing you a comfortable feel. The corner handles of Thurloe Pillow Top Firm will wrap around the easy movement of the mattress.

Vernazza Pillow Top Luxury Firm – Simmons Beautyrest

Vernazza Pillow Top Luxury Firm mattress has been constructed with an upgraded technology. The firmness guide rate is 7. This product from hassles mattress will help you to recharge the sleep. The upgraded technology used in Vernazza Pillow Top Luxury Firm is with vertical oriented and the super cool and the fibers incorporated will help in maximum air flow. This product comes with 10 years of limited warranty. The Vernazza pillow top luxury firm has deck of 2”aircool gel memory foam and the coil support is 1 ½” energy foam. Vernazza Pillow Top Luxury Firm mattress is manufactured in USA. This will cost about $ 817.

Vernazza Extra Firm – Simmons Beautyrest

If you wish to have an extra firm, this product from hassles mattress will be the right one for you. Under the firmness guide, this product has been rated 1 which means that it is the firmest. Vernazza Extra Firm is inbuilt with the extra firm technology that will help you to deliver the best extra firm. The coil unit, the edge support, the quilt, the upholstery, the air cool design, coil support and the foundation is additionally modified so has to bring up the firmest product. Vernazza Extra Firm coil support is 1 ½” energy foam; the foundation is adjustable base compatible. The coil unit of Vernazza extra firm is 1000 density, beauty rest with coil springed. The edge support is ventilated air-cool technology.

Corazon Luxury Firm – Simmons Beautyrest

This mattress provides a confirming back support that is enhanced with air cool memory foam with gel touch. The Corazon luxury firm is one of the best mattresses available in the market. It will help you supply with a good platform to have a good sleep. Its coil unit is excellent with 1000 density beauty rest pocketed coil springs. The excellence of its manufacturing has made Corazon luxury form hassles mattress to have a high rating in the online stores. The edge support of this mattress is the best with a ventilated air cool beauty edge method. The foam of this type of hassles mattress is encased with quantum lock. This Corazon luxury firm hassles mattress is provided with a 10 year warranty. The quilt of this mattress has even loft design with a half inch 2.5 lb air-cool gel memory foam. The upholstery of the hassles mattress is good with one and half inch 3.4 lb contour fit memory foam. The foundation of the Corazon luxury firm sold  at Hassles mattress comes with triton foundation w/ steel struts. Corazon luxury firm mattress has a adjustable base compatible. This is built in the USA.

Ironbridge Plush Mattress – Sealy

Ironbridge Plush has a lot of qualifications that made it to one of the mattresses sold at HassleLess mattress. When measured in the firmness scale – its firmness is rated as 6. There are many specifications that makes it an outstanding product. The main specifications of Ironbridge Plush includes 2” cushioning Sealy foam, ½” conforming memory foam, 667 posture tech coil and the advent edge plus system which is basically for firm seating edge makes it a better one to opt when compared to the other local product. Ironbridge Plush has 10 years of warranty. The Sealy foam of Iron Bridge Plush will cushion and conforms the body for more comfortable zones. It is made through a very innovative process which has an equal and uniform cell structure. The memory foam that is used in Ironbridge Plush will provide memory foam with body hugging conformance. The advent edge plus that is installed in Ironbridge Plush will help in maximum comfort for sitting and usable bed surface. The online service of Hassles mattress allows you to select the size, the foundation/boxspring and the quantity required.

Naples Plush – Simmons Beautysleep

Naples Plush from Simmons Beautysleep mattress is constructed with FR fiber, 1” air cool foam, and ½” gel touch foam. The coil is constructed with insulators- top- quantum lock insulators. The bottom- 1” layer is energy foam. For edge support of Naples plush- the company has used 3” foam encasement edge support that will help in maximum comfort and support while taking rest in Naples plush mattress. Naples plush falls under 700 series beauty sleep individually wrapped coils. This product of Hassles mattress has a warranty of 10 year – non prorated. The firmness guide of hassleless mattress rates Naples plush under grade 6 which means it is medium in firmness. This will cost around $ 225. You can select the size required, the foundation, the heavy duty roller frame and the quantity. The low profile foundation and the premium fitted mattress pad/ protector is included only under your demands.

HassleLess mattress has a wide range of products that are not explained in detail in this article. The online purchase of these mattresses has made the shopping experience easy and simple. The delivery of the product is very fast. The stores that are in three locations will also give a unique and free feel to select your favourite among the best. Ordering it through store will also help the customers to place the Hassles mattress exactly where you want it to be. You can also place your order by just a call or by a text mail. When all the facilities are well arranged and when you are supplied with high quality mattress- hassles mattress will help you experience the best shopping and also help to provide the best sleep in maximum comfort by maintaining the perfect health.

HassleLess mattress stores Location

If you are planning to access HassleLess mattress directly, there are 3 main locations- Brookfield- 18110 W Bluemound Road Brookfield WI, 53045 where the working hours are from 7am to 9pm all Mondays to Sundays.


Another location of HassleLess mattress is in Greenfield 7740W Layton Ave. Greenfield WI 53220. This store of Hassleless mattress will be open from Monday to Sunday 7.00am- 9.00pm.

HassleLess mattress is also located in Germantown W188N10707 Maple Road Germantown W1 53022-open Monday- Sunday 7am- 9pm.

Another location of HassleLess Mattress is in Mequon 11018 N port Washington Road, Mequon, WI 53092. This store is available from Monday to Sunday 7.00am to 9pm.

Placing Order

It’s very easy to place an order. All you have to do is to order it online through www.hassleless.com or you can also place an order over phone through 414-671-9303.

Delivery Of HassleLess Mattress

The delivery of your new mattress is completely free of cost with any purchase and also includes setting up of your old mattress set. Most of the HassleLess mattress that you order are already in stock and are ready for delivery. The delivery is free for order from Milwaukee, Racine, Waukesha, Ozaukee, Jefferson, Walworth and Kenosha countries.

How To Contact Hassleless Mattress

You can easy contact HassleLess mattress by a direct call, drop in a message or mail. You can send a message through online –www.hassleless.com where you will be replied very fast. You can also contact through a call or message- 414-671-9303

After Purchase Of Hassleless Mattress

Feeling too firm? New mattress is often firmer than the other worn out mattress that you were using all this while. It is a commonly faced problem as the body needs to adjust to a new support as well and also the mattress needs to adjust to the new forces. Because of this you will have to give sufficient amount of the time in order to experience the comfort zone. A couple of months are more realistic for the body to get adjusted to the new mattress. That is why the Hassleless mattress comfort guarantee is 100 nights. If you still feel the Hassleless mattress that you purchased is of high firmness- you can follow the exchange policy.

Feeling too soft? A firm base is always necessary under the mattress. If you have an old box spring or a spongy surface, it will be a cause for these mattress to be too soft. If you are not sure of the support- the best way to test is to pull the mattress down and have a sleep on the mattress on the floor for a night. If it feels firmer, then reduce the sponge in the base or if it feels the same, then kindly start the exchange process.

Exchanging Formalities Of Hassleless Mattress

If you wish to go for a comfort exchange – you will just have to fill in your correspondence- your first name and last name, the model number that you wish to have, the invoice #.

To proceed with the comfort return all you need is to place a call, the Hassleless mattress concerned person will schedule a pick up date and will refund the purchase price minus $ 130 service fee.

Why aren’t there any salesperson in Hassleless mattress stores?

This is to help you experience the best shopping experience and will also help you earn the best mattress without any clerks, salesperson, managers or cashiers. A phone call or message or mail is enough to assist you.


What if I need help to know the details of the HassleLess mattress that I am planning to purchase?

The details and the warranty of each  mattress is mentioned near to the HassleLess mattress. You can easily compare them and get the better ones. Though the store is completely free of a third person, your enquires will be answered soon through a phone call or an email.

Do you deliver HassleLess mattress worldwide?

Yes. We deliver free of cost in certain counties that are mentioned above. However, if it crosses the borders, it will be charges only $ 17 for each delivery of Hassless mattress.

Do I need to flip my new HassleLess mattress?

No, none of the above mentioned mattresses requires flipping.

What guarantee does HassleLess mattress provide?

HassleLess mattress provides comfort and price guarantee

What exactly is the quality of the frame?

The frame is a premium frame that is made with heavy angle iron and wide floor friendly rollers. The bolts to attach the headboard are not included.

Restonic Mattresses

Restonic Mattresses

Restonic mattresses are one of the top mattress manufacturers in United States. If you wanna wake up in the morning with a refreshed and energetic mind, buy Restonic mattresses. The whole team at Restonic are committed to support your nights for healthier mornings. This is why they have received the Women’s Choice and Consumers Digest Best Buy Awards – not just one time, but for 7 times. Apart from the Retonic mattresses there are other mattress manufacturers who also have received these awards many times. With Restonic mattresses you are assured of quality mattresses to support your dreams.

About Restonic Mattresses

Restonic mattresses have been serving the bedding industry for nearly three quarters of a century, which only very few mattress companies achieve. Each time they launch a mattress, its the end-result of a continuous research and development. The company was set up in 1938 and today, they stand as one of the top mattress companies to deliver high-quality mattresses. Sleeping with Restonic mattress is like you are guaranteed with a good night’s sleep. This means that Restonic mattress is made using high quality materials and with greater attention to detail.

Restonic Mattress Company

Restonic mattress was set up in the year 1938 as the Triple Cushion Corporation. They manufactured unique brands of sleeping products with integrity, quality, value and innovation in the industry. Their ‘Marvelous Middle Technology’ was very popular in the industry that was significantly different in design from other mattresses. Today, the Restonic mattresses come with a full line of worldclass sleeping products with unique technology offered at a great value.

Restonic Mattress Quality – How they are made

Every Restonic mattress that you buy carries a promise of quality and value throughout the world. The success of Restonic mattress is due to the continuous research, development and engineering. The awards that they receive every time shows how the perfection is synchronized with quality in their mattresses. The success of the Restonic mattress is their Marvelous Middle Technology which provides 25% more support in the centre third of your mattress.

  • The craftsmanship of the Restonic mattress begins with the selection of highest quality materials. All their materials strictly confirm to the Federal Flammability Standrads.
  • Each mattress is assembled by hand and made to fulfill the needs of all types of customers.
    The process begins with the border. The mattress material is quilted and cut to the specific sizes of the Restonic product line.
  • The border goes through several stages and is passed on to match with other components.
    Then, the top panel for the mattress is quilted to specifications, cut in size and taken to the assembly area.
  • The components of the mattress products are loaded on to an assembly line and delivered to craftsmen who move the items to an assembly table where each mattress will be built by hand.
  • Depending on the specific product, these components may include innerspring, individually wrapped coils, premium latex, memory foam, eco-friendly materials and temperature control technology.
  • At the core of the Restonic mattress lies the Marvelous Middle Technology construction which provides 25% more support than any other mattresses, by concentrating more coils on the centre-third of the mattress. This is done to prevent sagging and thereby extends the life of the mattress.
  • As a final step, the mattresses are then assembled with a tape edge. After the mattresses are assembled, they are thoroughly inspected and put through the bagger for the shipment.
  • The next step is to assemble the foundation. For this, wood and steel frames are assembled and made into specific sizes of foundations. The foundations are then covered with a matching material of the mattress to complete the set. Once this is done, the foundations are then taken for the final inspection before they are shipped.
  • Mattresses and foundations are assembled according to the customer order and then loaded on to Restonic trucks for delivery.

Restonic mattress models

  • Restonic Comfort Care
  • Restonic Comfort Care Select belts
  • Restonic HealthRest line

Restonic Comfort Care

Restonic Comfort Care features Marvelous Middle Technology. The Restonic Comfort Care mattress provides an entry to mid-level innerspring mattress that features either pocket coils or bonnel. Its comfort layer includes one or all of the regular foam, memory foam and latex. Its the Restonic Comfort Care mattress that has received the Women’s Choice Award for excellence for 5 consecutive years. 96% of women recommended Restonic mattresses to their family and friends. They are also the multiple time-winners of the Consumers Digest Best Buy Award.

The Marvelous Middle Technology in the mattress improves circulation with equalized pressure distribution.



Provides support and comfort

Slight back pain after few months of use

Even distribution of body pressure


Restonic Comfort Care Select Belts

Restonic Comfort Care Select Belts feature individually wrapped coils and posturized support zones that helps reduce partner disturbance. The Comfort Care Select Belts from Restonic provides correct-spinal alignment. It reduces motion-transfer between sleep partners. The individually wrapped and zoned tempered coils equalizes pressure distribution across the entire body.



Provides proper spine alignment

Chances of swinging/ shaking

Reduces the effect of motion on the bed

The mattress started to sag towards the middle after a few months of use

Restonic Health Rest Mattress

Restonic Health Rest mattress features premium latex and memory foam beds. Plan for a better health with Restonic’s Health Rest mattress series. The Health Rest mattress is made from memory foam, latex or TempaGel – either of which you can choose. Whether its the hygienic qualities or the breathability, the Restonic latex mattress conforms to your body shape and delivers healthier and happier mornings. Made with the highest quality latex, Restonic Health Rest mattress will provide a supportive hygienic sleep experience night after night.



Provided a peaceful night’s sleep

The mattress is associated with heat retention

Ensures uniform temperature throughout the mattress.

Initial odor when opened the mattress from the pack.

Reduced back pain

Restonic Mattress Reviews

Following are the reviews of Restonic mattress models – Comfort Care, Comfort Care Select and Health Rest.

  • Restonic Comfort Care mattress reviews: The high density foam present on the edges of the mattress helps to prevent sagging and ensure comfort for the user.
  • Restonic Comfort Care Select reviews: Users felt that the mattress managed to provide a solid base. It did not create any stress on the spine and remained aligned.
  • Restonic Health Rest mattress review: Users stated that the mattress allowed them to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep. It ensured uniform temperature throughout the mattress. Users felt great relief from back pains as it helped in proper alignment of back and spine. The neck remains straight when the user is on sleep. The only complaint users had about Restonic Health Rest mattress is about the initial odor of the mattress. But users also stated that those who unpacked the mattress did not experience any smell.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where all can I find Restonic mattresses?

Restonic mattresses can be found in the finest retail stores – both nationally and internationally as they have a strong worldwide network throughout the world, making your shopping experience easier.


Are there any Restonic complaints registered?

Some customers have complained that the Restonic Comfort Care mattress swings too much instead of remaining still. Some users have also stated that the mattress worsens the back problems instead of providing relief. The users also added that the mattress started sagging after a few months of use.

What does the restonic mattress reviews say?

The Restonic mattress reviews give a positive feedback about the product. Customers were relieved from back pains. They stated that they enjoyed a restful sleep which delivered healthier and happier mornings.

Are the restonic mattress prices costly?

Compared to other mattresses, Restonic mattress stands unique in the industry due to the quality and technology it uses. Being the award winner for more than 7 times, it won’t be a bad investment when buying Restonic mattress.

If you are looking for a reasonably-priced mattress that provides comfort and support, then the Restonic mattress is the right one for you.

What all comes under my Restonic mattress warranty information?

Restonic ensures that the new mattress is free from defects in materials and workmanship to the original purchaser. In case the mattress fails during the warranty period, Restonic at its option will replace or repair the mattress with no charges except for transportation costs.

Are there any Restonic mattress dealers in US?

Yes, the company has thousands of dealers in the U.S. In addition, they also have a dealer locator to make it easy for you to find the Restonic mattress near you.

Will I get Restonic mattress warranty after the original warranty period?

Repair or replacement of the Restonic mattress does not extend after the original warranty period.

Where is the Restonic mattress factory location in US?

The Restonic mattress factory can be found in Buffalo, Escanaba, Fayetteville, Grand Forks, Haven, Houston, Johnson City, Oegon, San Francisco, Springfield and Toledo.

Are there restonic mattress available for sale online?

Yes, you can also make online purchase of Restonic mattress.

From where to buy Restonic mattress?

It is recommended to buy Restonic mattress from their official website to get the mattress at a discounted rate or from Amazon.

Magniflex Mattress

Magniflex Mattress

Magniflex mattress is one of the oldest companies in USA that puts customer’s comfort before themselves. It ensures optimum satisfaction in the years to come. If you are looking for the perfect mattress, then you need not go beyond Magniflex mattress. This article is all about Magniflex mattress reviews, customers’ say, their questions in mind and many more.

About – Magniflex mattress

Which began during the sixties as a small workshop is currently one of the top ranking mattress companies in America. It features excellent designs and well built craftsmanship. Magniflex mattress offers you hundreds of models, sizes, designs and bases for those who want to enjoy a deep night sleep after a day’s work.

Currently, Magniflex mattress has more than 90 international markets with 8 show rooms all over the globe. The company has many certifications and accreditation received worldwide. It also meets each and every country’s manufacturing standards that can be seen while making the mattress.

If this is not enough, Magniflex mattress has initiated effort for reduced carbon foot print by cutting down many of the functions that require CO2 usage. For instance, the company uses solar panels for generating energy and other functionalities. This means reduced carbon release in the environment.

Another feather in the cap of Magniflex mattress is its vacuum packaging which was patented for its exemplary feature. The vacuum packaging ensures that each mattress cuts space upto 90% during packing. Therefore, 13 mattresses can be delivered within a space of one cubic as compared to 3 mattresses using normal packing techniques. This is a big step in supporting the environment as the company need to use lesser vehicles on road thereby curbing very much on CO2 emission.

Magniflex Mattress for back pain

Everyone deserves a good sleep. A rigid mattress can not only give you a bad backache but will also rob away your sleep. The result a grumpy face to wake up that will keep you negative and elevate the stress levels. This will indirectly affect your health. Why go through such pain? Choose the right mattress that comes with proper firmness and motion isolation that will motivate a peaceful sleep and a healthy life in the years to come.

Oh, here is a healthy tip. If your bed tends to bounce around every time your partner tosses and turns in the middle of night, make sure you get a bed with your partner. This is because each and every body is different and motion isolation is a factor that is crucial.

Features and Benefits of Magniflex Mattress

Magniflex mattress offers a huge range of collections. They are not only eco-friendly but are also available in types as per body type. As said earlier, no body is equal. It is necessary to relax the body without triggering any strain on pressure points. Based on different users, here are some of the amazing features that Magniflex mattress offers you.

Internal structure

Foam is one of the core point that need to be seen when you are buying a mattress. If you are dealing with severe backache, then here is MEMOFOAM that comes with high density open cell structure that molds itself as per your body giving you a good cuddle just as you enter the bed. With constant level and layers of support, it moves with your body giving you a peaceful sleep.

Next on line is the MAGNIGEL foam which is made out of high density structure that keeps you cool and dry. Infused with cool and flexible gel, the foam breathes easily and keeps the temperature of the Magniflex mattress constant without heating up rapidly compared to other foams.

Other types include

  • Magnifoam – with microcellular structure that is available in two versions – soft and firm
  • Mallowfoam – that is anti-inflammatory and comes with soothing properties making it a great support for the nervous system
  • Geolatex – combined with water based polyurethane, geolatex is a durable product that has ergonomic properties.
  • Spring mattress – from Magniflex which is made out of 2.2 tempered steel that ensures flexibility and strain resistant.
  • Ecogreen – made out of orthopedic material that ensures proper alignment of your body such as neck, back, shoulders, limbs etc. Made out of water, essential oils etc., the mattress keeps you cool and dry under hot sun.

Padding in Magniflex Mattress

If the constant layers are not enough, magniflex mattress comes with winter side of cashmere (cachemire), merino wool, camelhair, horsehair etc. and summer side that is filled with silk, cotton, linen, goose feathers etc.

Mattress padding on top of mattress speaks good about quality. Usually mattress padding indicates good quality delivered by the company and is made out of polyurethane foam, cotton batting or puffed up polyster. Of course, extensive mattress padding using natural materials can cost more than a budget but many users find it worth investing when compared to the comfort it delivers. Some of the fabric magniflex uses are:

  • Camelhair wool – ideal during winter time as the cellular structure retains heat. The hygroscopic properties absorb the moisture and help them evaporate keeping the climate dry and pleasant at all times for you.
  • Cashemire – is another animal fibre that not only withstands dirt but also has a high degree of heat insulation that ensures constant warmth during chilly times.
  • Goose feathers – has the capability to hold good volume of air. It holds the body’s temperature giving the skin free area to breathe. The group of filaments in the quill promises proper lift and elasticity.
  • Rolloboules fibre – the lightness and the elasticity are two of the prominent features of rolloboules fibre. Used in pillows and tops, the fabric is absolutely tough and an hypo-allergenic product. Delivering a feather like comfort, you can feel the plush feel every time you enter a peaceful sleep.

Outer structure

The outer cover for the mattress are equally vital when you are purchasing a mattress. So make sure you are opting for the right fabric that will work in your advantage. With varied designs and equally exciting properties, it can be difficult to choose the one fitting your preferences. While some are anti-bacterial, some offer you fire retardant formula and give you myriad health benefits.

  • Outlast – a heat regulating fabric, it was initially crafted for astronauts’ space suits that contains many spheres made out of specially prepared wax that melts at a temp of 36 degrees.
  • Viscose – an extremely soft and silky fabric that has been derived from cellulose from trees. It absorbs moisture quickly thereby ensuring a crisp breathing mattress.
  • Medicare treatment – keeping in mind the environmental regulations, the medicare treatment fabric is completely hygienic that is resistant to bacteria and moths.

If this is not enough, natural and eco friendly fabric cover include bamboo fibre, organic cotton, wood, silver fibre and more. The properties of these fabric are exceptionally incredible and come with anti bacterial features not to mention proper breathing techniques that will maintain the durability of the mattress while aiding in deep and uninterrupted sleep.

The fabric inhibits odor proof properties and are made out of careful ingredients. For instance, organic cotton aids in maintaining heat during winter delivering a warm home for your body. Bamboo fibre ensures that the body is cool and fresh during summer times reducing skin allergies and itches.

Collections – Products for you from Magniflex Mattress

From mattress to pillows to bed bases, you will find everything that you are looking to enjoy a deep and comfortable sleep.


  • Virtuoso – has a refined look and contains one of the best features any mattress can offer. With decorative motif of florentine lillies and naturistic fibres, you need not look beyond this mattress.
  • Supremo – for those who want maximum relaxation, supremo provides different comfort level ranging from medium soft to super soft. With extraordinary benefits such as thermo regulating features, Supremo comes with 12 years warranty.
  • Magnigel – Choose the best dimension as per your preferences and opt for magnigel that has been certified OEKO for its top notch quality.

Other mattress include Armonia, Toscana, Impero and many more. These mattress come with 12-20 years warranty for replacement or spare parts if need arises.


A soft fluffy pillow just does not provide great comfort to your head and neck but is also goes well for a good hug and a smooth sleep. It doesn’t matter if you are back sleeper, face down/up or side wise, a good pillow can reflect your health very much. The right kind of fabric can inhibit sudden change of temperature and give you childlike sleep every night. If you are dealing with neck issues, then geogreen orthomassage is considered best for you. Made out of eco compatible materials, geomemory foam that comes with organic cotton cover is a great comfort for your cervical vertebrae as it can stimulate the blood circulation thereby alleviating neck sprain or ache. Few of the pillow types include memoform, magnigel, sushi, feather and more.


Currently there are three bed bases available in Magniflex mattress, Ergoblock deluxe electric version, Ergoblock deluxe electric power cut off and Ergomix. While ergomix comes with flexible slats to support the shoulders, legs and knees, Ergoblock is an electric version that adjusts the angle of the head and shoulders to support the lumbar region with the ergonomic plates.[/restab]
[restab title=”Pros & Cons”]

Pros and Cons of Magniflex mattress


  • Features memory foam and latex foam to opt that suits your body
  • Contours to your body shape and retracts to original once out of the bed
  • Personal isolation between partners
  • Has therapeadic features too to support lumber, neck and shoulders
  • Durable than innerspring mattress
  • Eco friendly foam and fabric for cover
  • Excellent warranty period
  • Available in medium soft and super soft types


  • Expensive than other mattress in the market
  • Memory foam tend to promote off gassing (that’s a rare review)

Consumer Reviews – Magniflex mattress

To be honest there are rare reviews about the product in the market. Now based on them, I would have to say that magniflex mattress is quite a hit among people. However, there are some issues that need to be noted. For instance, if you are buying a memory foam mattress, it tends to leak some foul odor during the initial days of usage. Another drawback is the latex foam mattress which will totally be neglected by people who are dealing with latex allergies. If this is not it, then the price tends to lean on the expensive side which can really burn a hole in your pocket.

“Just as advertised” – Jesse H.

I bought the pillow about 2 months ago to alleviate my neck pain. I have to hunch over to look over the computer screen all day which caused neck pain. The pillow works just as boasted and has actually alleviated my neck pain. There is no smell right out of the box. I am extremely sensitive of these things so when I am saying no smell, I literally mean no smell at all. It is of good quality which is evident in the result and the comfort it offers. The only downside is the instruction that needs to be followed exactly as mentioned. If you tend to mess up, you are in for a helluva neck pain. Just follow the rules and you are good to go.

“Two stars” – Jaime Padilla

Pillow is not thick enough after it has been compressed.

“Loved it” – Phoenix

Magniflex mattress has some great plus points as well as negative points. The strength goes to the european polyfoam and memory foam manufacturers that deliver high quality foam not to mention less toxic ingredients or inhibit off gassing. The Oeko tex 100 standard certificate means that the product is excellent and is actually safe for babies. Now the negative side. It is the price which is a competitive range but the exclusive claims that they make can still give them good users. Though the quality is undoubtedly true the long term compression idea just does not go down well with me but it is needed especially while shipping to long distances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any negative Magniflex mattress reviews available online?

Few claim that the memory foam leaks chemical odour during initial and though it fades away after a few days, it can still disrupt the sleep till that moment. Price is another factor that needs to be noted as the mattresses tend to be quite expensive.

Are Magniflex mattresses made in Italy?

Yes, fine Italian craftsmanship is one of the qualities of Magniflex mattress. The mattress are manufactured in Italy and have been certified CE and OEKO that speaks volume about the quality of the product.

Does Magniflex mattress emit any toxic chemicals?

The chances are less since the mattress are made out of natural fibers but few say that the memory foam releases chemicals during the initial use that can be disturbing at times.

Where can I find Magniflex mattress at sale?

There are many websites such as amazon.com or the official website magniflex.com where you can find the product. If you want to check the product personally, check the following link http://www.magniflex.com/international/en/content/2-store-locator to see if it falls in and near your neighborhood.