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Avocado Green mattress

Organic mattresses are expensive. The price for a mattress could go anywhere upwards of $3000 and seem to be a lot more expensive. But with Avocado green mattress, you wouldnt have to shell that kind of money and still get the best mattress, which is entirely organic and safe.

After reviewing the Casper mattress it can be said that it is one of the best mattress that you can buy online. Most of the users have good things to say about the mattress and the service that the company provides. But, as it is said ‘no matter what, there will always be a BUT’. Some users did have sore experience with the mattress.

The Pros of Casper Mattresses

Features of Casper Mattress

‘No Springs attached!’, Casper mattresses is a complete foam/latex mattress. The Casper mattresses combines two very popular and effective upholestry materials, memory foam and latex.

Hypoallergenic latex is used in the mattress. Latex offers firm support which helps in keeping the body in proper alignment. Since the latex used in the Capser is hypoallergenic, the user does not have to worry about allergies. Though latex is firm in nature it easily contours according to tbe shape of the body without the body having to put any pressure. Latex does not retain heat and so is cool to sleep on. The Casper latex has got Oeko certification whiich cannot be obtained easily. So, you can be sure of one thing; the latex does not contian components that pose threat to the human health or environment.

Memory foam: its contouring and pressure point supporting properties makes memory foam a star among the mattress manufacturers. It is very flexible and easily changes its shape to complement the shape of the body. So the body need not lie on the mattress for 6-8 hours in a misaligned position. The support that it gives to the pressure points relieves them from stiffness and tension. Tension at the pressure points results in body pain. The memory foam with the CertiPUR certification is completley safe for use. The amount of Volatile organic compunds is very low in such memory foam. The memory foam used is also free of harmful substances like formaldehyde, PDBE’s (Polybrominated diphenyl ethers), phthalates that are prohibited and dangerous metals.

Casper mattress top layer consists of hypoallergenic foam and just below that memory foam layer is placed.

  • The thickness of the latex foam is 1.5 inches
  • The layer of the memory foam is of 7” in thickness.
credits: http://sleepopolis-mattress-reviews.com/
credits: http://sleepopolis-mattress-reviews.com/

The mattress is neither extremely soft nor extremely hard. So the mattress will not suit people who like extreme comfort levels. But it is always better to go for moderation in case of mattress as too firm or too soft mattress may turn out to be a painful experience.

Casper chose health over chemicals. So it was very careful while choosing the materials for its mattresses. A typical mattress’s fire retardant consists of many toxic substances. These toxic substances helps the mattress to clear the fire retardant test. But as there are always alternatives, a mattress can pass the fire retardant test even with a natural fire barrier. Casper’s fire retardant is prepared of yarn with silica core. The material used in the fire retardant is Oeko certified and so is safe.

The Cons of Casper Mattresses

  • Does not have many comfort level options. Casper offers only one model. But then one is enough if it fullfills the purpose.
  • Casper offers only mattress and not its foundation. So you will have to go for a separate hunt to get a matching foundation.
  • Casper is a complete online store without any physical store presence.

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