Buy Metta Bed Mattress & all season wool duvet for the best price

Metta Bed mattress is latex mattress that is natural and hypoallergenic for the most natural sleep. It may not be the premium grade mattress like others but it is a natural one can get with the latex mattress and the organic cotton and wool used for the mattress making. You also get the option for organic wool duvet or comforter for the toxic free environment for sleep.

Metta Bed Mattress

You can buy the Metta Bed mattress at the best price from Not only is this latex mattress available for an affordable price, there is also a sale of $100 off that is currently on at the manufacturer’s official website. You will be getting the mattress with a trial period, money back guarantees, warranty and even a replacement option. This can very well be the best deal with a mattress and a natural mattress at that.

Metta Bed Mattress User Reviews & Ratings

The Metta Bed mattress user reviews highlight the no-off gassing, affordability, comfort and the cooling effect of the mattress. Unlike the memory foam mattresses, this latex mattress has fared well in dissipating heat and keeping the mattress cool. The affordable price and value for money are most commented. The natural material of latex keeps the harmful gases and chemicals at bay to make a non-toxic mattress.

The ratings for the Metta Bed mattress are mostly high on the scale. The Sleep Sherpa rates this mattress at 8.4 out of 10.

Our Sleep guide gives 4.59 out of 5 for this mattress.

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Best Mattress Models from Metta Bed Mattress

The basic model of the Metta Bed mattress is the same and the variety is in the comfort level. There are 3 options with the comfort level- plush, medium, and firm.

There will be 2 layers of the mattress. The top layer would be of your choice of comfort and the other is high-density latex for base support. You can exchange rearrange these layers as needed to suit your comfort level or have them exchanges for a new set. Both the layers are made of natural latex and stay safe for all. There is also a removable cotton cover over the layers.

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Metta Bed Mattress Sizes – King, Queen, California King, Split King

Metta Bed mattress is available in all the standard sizes.

  • Twin- 38” x 75”
  • Twin XL- 38” x 80”
  • Full- 54” x 75”
  • Queen- 60” x 80”
  • King- 76” x 80”
  • Cal King- 72” x 84”

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Metta Bed Mattress Specifications

  • Metta Bed mattress is 7 inches in thickness with a mattress cover and 2 layers of latex.
  • The mattress has got an organic cotton cover with wool filling done on the inner side. These layers regulate the temperature and maintain the breathability of the mattress. The quilting done over it keeps the wool filling in place. The mattress cover is removable with a zipper on the edges.
  • The latex used is Dunlop latex that has a preferable comfort for the top layer and denser latex for the base. You can choose the top layer from the plush, medium or firm options.
  • The base layer is firmer by default.
  • The Metta Bed mattress comes with a lengthy trial period, ample warranty and a replacement option for the comfort level.
  • The plush comfort suits for side sleepers, medium suits for most people and the firm is really firm for the stomach sleepers.
  • The latex layer is bouncy that gives you a feel of cradling. The firmer baselayer keeps you from sinking into the mattress and keeps you on the top.

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Metta Bed Mattress Trial Period, Guarantee & Warranty

The Metta Bed mattress comes with a 120-night comfort guarantee. The offer says that you can change the comfort level of the mattress within 120 nights. You could change from plush to medium to firm or in any manner that you want.

The mattress has a warranty period of 20-years. It has a 20-year limited warranty that covers manufacturing defects, depressions on the mattress that are more than 1.5” deep, any split or crack in the foam and the zipper of the mattress cover. The warranty on the mattress cover is a one-time replacement or repair.

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Discount Prices On Metta Bed Mattress

The Metta Bed mattress price is $899-1599 from twin to Cal King. Currently, there is a $100 off sale going on that slashed the rates slightly. The current prices are,

  • Twin- $799
  • Twin XL- $849
  • Full- $1099
  • Queen- $1199
  • King- $1499
  • Cal King- $1499

There is no price difference for the different comfort levels. You get the same sized mattress for the same price whether it is plush, medium or firm in comfort levels.

At the time of purchase, you can also add the wool comforter, cotton sheets or the wool pillows or all of them with the mattress. There are no discounts on this bulk purchase and all the items are priced at their individual values.

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Coupons Codes & Discounts For Metta Bed Mattress

There are Metta Bed coupon codes and promo codes available that would help you get discount on the mattress purchase. The coupon codes can get you discounts of 10-25% off or a direct discount like $50 etc. The coupon codes are available as per the month and year. Just make sure that you are getting the valid coupon code for the specific month.

You may get the coupon codes and room codes from the popular websites like,,,, etc.

Apart from these coupon codes there also are codes available from various mattress review sites from where you may get other discount options or promo codes to get discounts on the Metta Bed mattress purchase.

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Metta Bed mattress is definitely an all natural and all organic mattress that is safe for everyone. The only concern is that the mattress thickness if just 7 which makes it a non-premium mattress. Even though the mattress is thinner in comparison has fared well among the users. Most importantly, it has better edge support, no-off gassing and very much comfortable. This mattress is one way of going towards a green lifestyle.

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