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Cocoon mattress is a premium memory foam mattress that has the cooling technology to keep the sleeper comfortable. The mattress can adapt itself to the body with its size, shape, and the sleeping position. It is one mattress that could be useful for all the sleeping positions.

Cocoon by Sealy Firm Foam Mattress, Twin
The Cocoon mattresses have a trial period, free shipping and longer warranty period as well. This bed in the box mattress from the leading company Sealy gets the mattress directly to your doorstep.

The mattresses are economical that also offers financing to help you. It is easier to choose from the 2 option available for the 2 types of mattresses. You can get the mattresses as well as the accessories like foundation and pillows from Cocoon.

Cocoon By Sealy Mattress User Reviews & Ratings

The Cocoon by Sealy reviews shows an average score of 3.5 from Amazon users and 4.3 by the Mattress Clarity. The Sleep Judge gives an 8.4 out of 10 and Sleep Sherpa gives 8.9 out of 10 for this mattress. The mattress is a fairly decent mattress with no frills attached. Made in the basic design and using only memory foam, it is definitely the type of mattress that most would be looking for.More Details »

Best Mattress Models from Cocoon By Sealy Mattress

There are only 2 models of mattresses from Cocoon by Sealy.

  • Cocoon by Sealy Classic
  • Cocoon by Sealy Chill

As the name suggests the Chill mattress keeps you cooler with the cooling technology in it. There are only 2 comfort levels you can choose from these 2 models- soft or firm. Both the Cocoon by Sealy models is available in all the 6 sizes.

Though there are no comfort zones, the quality of the memory foam could adapt itself to suit one and all in sleeping any of the positions.

All the mattresses use 3 layers of memory foam and an outer covering material. The change in the comfort is in the second memory foam layer or the comfort layer. You choose soft for a softer bed and a former layer for the firm bed.

The popular models of Cocoon by Sealy mattresses are

  • Cocoon by Sealy Soft Foam Mattress, Full: This full-size mattress has a dimension of 74.5 x 53 inches which is slightly smaller than the standard. It weighs 56 lbs. you can choose the comfort level of soft or firm as you required. The thickness of the mattress is 10 inches. The 3 layers inside the mattress are gel infused memory foam at the top, personalized comfort layer that you can choose is the middle layer and the essential support foam at the base.
  • Cocoon by Sealy Chill Soft Foam Mattress, Queen: This is a standard make for the Cocoon by Sealy with 3 layers inside an attractive mattress cover. You have the choice for the mattress comfort. The top gel layer, middle comfort layer that you can choose for the comfort level and a sturdier base foam for the best support. The size of this mattress is 79.5 x 60 inches and weighs 64 pounds.
  • Cocoon by Sealy Firm Foam Mattress, Twin: Fitting inside the attractive knit fabric cover, the 3 layered twin mattress is body contouring. This mattress makes you feel like sleeping on the mattress rather than inside it. No matter what the comfort level that you choose, the mattress makes it worth the money. The size and weight of this mattress are 74 x 38 inches and 40 pounds. This is a mattress that is comfortable enough to use without a foundation or base. This economical mattress is ideal for the students.

You can find them easily on Amazon and from other online stores as well.More Details »

Cocoon by Sealy mattress sizes- Twin to California King

The Cocoon by Sealy mattresses is available in all the 6 sizes.

  • Twin
  • Twin XL
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King
  • California King

The sizes are all in compliance with the standard norms. There could only be a slight difference of half an inch or so.

All the mattresses are 10 inches in thickness, regardless of the model or the comfort level.More Details »

Cocoon By Sealy Mattress Specifications

The Cocoon by Sealy mattresses has 4 layers including the covering material. The Cocoon by Sealy mattresses uses some quality covering material. It is the change in this material that differentiates the Cocoon Classic and Cocoon Chill mattresses.

Fabric cover

The fabric cover is premium stretch knit material made of spun poly fibers that are used for the Cocoon Classic. The material is breathable and durable. It is also oft to touch and comfortable.

The fabric cover of Cocoon Chill is a special material that is knitted but has a proprietary ‘Phase Change Material’ that can absorb the moisture and heat from the surface. This can be cool to touch that keeps the mattress cool and refreshing.

Perfect fit memory foam

The first layer of the covering material is the perfect fit memory foam of 2 inches thick. This is body adapting and provides the softer layer for a comfortable sleep.

Comfort Layer

The comfort layer is the personalized layer where you can choose the material as per your comfort requirement. You can have the softer layer of a soft mattress or the firmer layer of the form mattress. This layer is also 2 inches in thickness.

Support Foam

The support foam is the base layer that is 6 inches in thickness. The base layer is resilient and durable to support any weight. The material is formed enough but can have the bouncing effect to keep it in shape.More Details »

Cocoon by Sealy mattress trial period, guarantee, and warranty

Trial Period

The Cocoon by Sealy mattresses has 100-nights risk-free trial period offer. You purchase the mattress and use it for a minimal period of 30 days. If you are not satisfied with the mattress or the comfort, you can exchange the mattress for the different comfort to try. If you are still not satisfied, you can return the mattress for a full refund within 100 days of purchase.

You can also return the mattress even without the exchange. You can do the exchange only once. You can give a call to the 1-888-818-4039 to have the necessary step towards this facility.

The refund will be issued within 1-2 days. The company will pick up the mattress and they will donate, recycle or dispose of it. You need not worry about keeping the original packing box. There is no need for the return to be in the same box itself.


The Cocoon by Sealy mattress has a 10-year warranty with a limited warranty on a full refund. The warranty covers the manufacturing defects as well as any indentations that are 1inch or deeper with the use.

More Details »

Discount prices on Cocoon by Sealy mattress

The Cocoon by Sealy mattress price starts from $399 from the manufacturer. You can get it at a discounted price of $257 onwards in Amazon. The largest mattress could cost up to $1149, depending upon the model.

Mattress Size Cocoon Classic Cocoon Chill
Twin $399 $549
Twin XL $449 $599
Full $649 $799
Queen $799 $949
King $999 $1149
California King $999 $1149

The discounted prices may be applicable to different stores online. The manufacturers offer some financing to help those who struggle to pay up front. You can opt for the financing of the mattresses while you purchase. The financing is applicable depending on the credit score of the purchaser. It allows you to pay a smaller amount every month for 12 months to pay the full price of the mattress. This is applicable for all the mattress sizes of both the models.

More Details »

Coupons Codes & Discounts For Cocoon By Sealy Mattress

There are coupon codes and promo codes available for the Cocoon by Sealy mattress. You can find them from Rizknows, Retailmenot and other coupon code websites.

Apply the code RIZKNOWS can get you $100 off on the mattress. There also are cash gift card and other codes to get $50 off the purchases.More Details »


The Cocoon by Sealy mattress is a comfy mattress that has the cool technology that offers no-more hot-mattress during the sleep. The mattress can support the weight very well and has minimal motion transfer making it ideal for couples as well. The price is reasonable and does not charge you extra for the middlemen. The 2 firmness choices make it easier to choose from.

The non-removable cover could be a concern when there are many mattress brands that make a removable mattress cover for the ease of maintenance and cleanliness. The warranty, trial period and the financing facility makes up for this problem. Overall, Cocoon by Sealy mattress could very well be the ONE mattress that you were looking for.

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