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A peaceful sleep at night is all that we all desire for, at the end of each tiring day. But do we really get that? The answer would be no for many of us. There are a whole lot of mattresses available and we can get confused about which one we really need. The Bob-O-Pedic mattresses from Bob’s furniture mattress comes with a high recommendation due to its countless features.

The Bob’s Furniture is a furniture and also a bedding retailer with many stores spread across 11 states in the US. The bedding collections at Bob’s Furniture show variety and comfort that matches many other state-of-the-art features. All these come at a reasonable price when we compare with other brands, making it sweeter.

Bob’s Furniture Mattress Reviews –Bob’s Discount Furniture

Bob’s Discount Furniture is a furniture shop that has many low priced good quality mattresses. Mattresses with high quality do cost high which most people may not be able to afford it. Therefore Bob’s offer, which is not only the low rate for the mattresses but also the availability in all sizes and with the matching foundations as well. The mattresses are available in various comfort levels and feel. The Bob’s mattresses are categorized according to the materials used and the style of the covering fabric and feel.

Bob’s Furniture Mattress Reviews – Mattress Collections

  • Attitude Gel Mattress is a hybrid with gel infused memory foam and coils.
  • Black label gel mattresses are the ones with encased coil system with gel infused foam over it. They are again supported by the latex foam.
  • Bliss collection from Bob’s furniture mattress has got the features like bob-o-pedic gel infused memory foam, along with luxurious pillow top and spring system. It also has anti-bacterial fiber in the lumbar area.
  • Bob’s val-u-pedic mattresses come with 13 gauge verti coil innerspring with bob-o-pedic memory foam.
  • Bob-o-pedic memory foam mattress is the trademark of Bob’s furniture mattress with ample aeration through the mattress. This comes in 6 inches and 9 inches thickness. The mattresses may also have a gel infusion in the memory foam. The hybrid variety will have encased coil system as well.
  • Caress collection of Bob’s furniture mattress has luxurious stretch knit cover and the well ventilated Bob-o-pedic memory foam.
  • Cirrus Gel Mattress is specially formulated gel infused Bob’s furniture mattress.
  • Indulgence mattress has high-density foam, with bob-o-pedic foam along with innerspring hybrid features.
  • MyBob Gel Mattress has an activated charcoal infused memory foam mattress that oozes freshness, along with the gel infused layer and high-density foam layers.
  • Bob’s Perfection Mattress is a comfortable inner spring mattress at an affordable price
  • Bobs Vibrance Mattress is made with a hybrid of infused memory foam and latex foam for more comfort.

The comfort layers can be cushion form, dual, euro top, extra firm, firm pillow top, and plush. They also come in the sizes of twin, twin XL, full, full XL, queen and king sizes.More Details »

Bob’s Bliss Mattress Reviews

  • Mattress feel: The Bob’s Bliss mattress is available in plush feel only. The anatomy of the mattress shows that the covering material is knit fabric with antimicrobial fibers for protection and hence feels luxurious. The padding is done with 1 3/8 inches of polyfoam, and another layer of convoluted polyfoam which has a thickness of 1 ¼ inches.
    A dense fiber layer makes the base of the pillowtop layer followed by the lumbar bob-o-pedic memory foam layer. The top layer of the mattress is ended with a resin pad which is firm. The base of the mattress is spring coil that is NOT encased. The coils have the gauge reading of 13 ¾. The base of the mattress is with a layer of resin pad.
  • Mattress size: The mattress size available with the Bliss mattress are the twin, full, queen, and king sizes.
  • Mattress foundations: The Bliss mattress foundation is called caress which is made of wood. The caress foundation is available for all the 4 sizes of the mattress. All the foundations are either standard or low profile that has the height of 9 inches and 5 inches respectively. The foundations and the mattresses are available individually or as a set for each mattress size. There are no split foundations among the caress mattress foundations. The caress foundations are highly low priced that is very much affordable.

More Details »

Bob’s Attitude Gel Mattress Review

Mattress feel

The Bob’s attitude gel mattress is available in the feel of euro top, cushion firm, firm and none. Both the cushion firm and euro top mattresses have the luxurious stretch knit fabric cover that has antimicrobial fibers in it.

Cushion firm

The cushion firm is a hybrid mattress that has both the memory foam and spring coil inside it. The mattress has several layers of foam starting with 1” soft foam, 2” convoluted polyfoam, then follows the 1” polyfoam and then the Lumbar Bob-o-pedic gel infused memory foam. The several foam layers provide the firmness and yet keeping the cushion feel. The foam layers are followed by individual foam encased spring coils and a layer of high-density fiber base as the base protection.

Euro top

The euro top attitude gel mattress has a soft foam layer at the top followed by 1” and 2” thick convoluted polyfoam layers. These layers make the euro top layer that has separate covering as well. This euro top layer is followed by the trademark, bob-o-opedic gel memory foam layer and a 1” thick polyfoam layer as the base. The spring coils are the next layer that has each coil individually encased in foam and a thicker base fiber layer. The fiber layer in the euro top is 1 ½ inch thick.


The firm mattress has 3 individual layers of 1” thick firm polyfoam which is followed by the Lumbar layer of bob-o-pedic special gel infused memory foam. The coil system comes the next that uses 14 ½ gauge of coils. The base layer is a 1-inch thick dense fiber base layer.

Attitude gel mattress size

The attitude mattress is available in all sizes of twin, twin XL, full, queen, and king size. All mattress sizes are available with the cushion firm feel and euro top feel. There is also firm mattress feel which is available for twin, full, queen and king sizes. It is not available with the twin XL size.

Mattress foundation

Attitude gel mattress has the foundations available in the matching fabric covering. The foundations are either standard sized with a height of 9 inches or low profile that has a height of 5 inches. The twin, twin XL, and full sizes have the foundation available in standard and low profile types. For the queen mattress, foundations are available as standard, low profile and the additional standard split and low-profile split foundations. The split foundations come as a set of 2 pieces which on joining make the queen size foundation. The king size has by default only the split foundation which is available in standard and low profile types.More Details »

Bob’s Black Label Gel Mattress Review

Mattress feel

The Bob’s Black label gel mattress is available in euro top and extra firm feels.

Euro top

The euro top has a quilted layer with knit cover that has anti-microbial fibers with activated carbon crystal technology. The covering fabric has zoned design over it. The pillowtop layer here has the 1” comfort foam, ¼” bob-o-pedic gel infused memory foam and 1 ½ inches of support foam. The lumbar latex foam, support foam and the foam encased coils make the core of the mattress. The base layer is the 1-inch thick dense fiber layer.

Extra firm

The extra firm mattress has a zoned, waterfall design on the fabric with antimicrobial fiber and also activated carbon technology. The top layer is finished with a layer of extra firm foam. The real mattress layer starts with ¾ inch thick dense fiber layer followed by bob-o-pedic memory foam, firm resin pad and also a coil system that has a gauge of 13 ¾. The base layer is again, resin pad.

Mattress size

Bob’s Black label gel is available in twin, full, queen and king sizes. The twin mattress has only the extra form feel, full; queen and king mattresses have both euro top and extra form feel options.

Mattress foundations

There are standard and low profile mattress foundations that are 9 inches and 5 inches in height, respectively. The full-size foundation is available only in standard option while the twin and twin XL have both the foundations. The queen mattress has got 4 options with the foundations. The regular standard and low profiles are the first 2 options. There also are the standard split and low profile split foundation for convenience. The king mattress has the standard and low profile foundation options and for king mattress, the foundation is only the split option by default.More Details »

Bob’s Cirrus Gel mattress review

The entire cirrus gel mattress at Bob’s is tailored as a tight top with no differentiation between the layers on appearance. All the mattresses also use the Bob-o-pedic memory foam layer in them. The mattress comfort is available in 3 options of plush, dual, and firm.

  • Anatomy: The plush mattress of Cirrus gel collection uses only the foam to make the mattress. There are many layers of different types of foam. The covering material is breathable embossed knit fabric. The quilting layer has activated charcoal added to the bob-o-pedic memory foam. The next 2 layers are the gel infused bob-o-pedic memory foam and high-density bob-o-pedic memory foam, both of which are 2 inches in thickness. It finishes off with the ventilated support layer at the base.
    The difference between the plush, firm and dual comfort is in the support foam. The support foam for each comfort would be different and will be of polyfoam in the same chosen comfort level.
  • Mattress size: The mattresses sizes available are 6 types- twin, twin XL, full, full XL, queen, and king sizes. The full XL has a dimension of 53 inches wide and 80 inches long, with the same length as the queen or king size bed. For those who are taller can take full use of this lower size mattress than having to go for the larger queen or king size. All other mattress sizes are standard.
  • Mattress foundation: The Cirrus mattress has its matching foundation made of wood or has the option to use the power Bob adjustable bed. People who are skeptical about using a mattress with spring coils on an adjustable bed can sure go for the Cirrus gel mattress combo. The wooden foundations are available as standard or low profile as per choice.

Bob’s Cirrus Gel mattress options

The twin, twin XL, full and full XL have the options of standard and low profile foundations. The queen size has the options like standard, low profile, standard split, low-profile split, and queen power bob as the mattress foundations. The king size has the standard and low profile foundations as the split option only. There is also the power bob adjustable bed option with an additional option to have 2 twin XL with power Bob as a set to make the large bed with dual adjustment sides.More Details »

Bob-O-Pedic mattress review

Bob-o-pedic is the trademark memory foam made by the Bob’s for its mattresses. The Bob-o-pedic mattresses are of 6 varieties. The mattresses are mostly available in the sizes twin, twin XL, full, full XL, queen, and king. The matching foundation is the cirrus gel foundation that has standard and low profile options with the queen and king having the additional split foundations.

Bob-o-pedic hybrid

The Bob-o-pedic hybrid uses the 2-inch bob-o-pedic memory foam, 1 inch of polyfoam support foam and 6-inch mini coils in the mattress. The coils are then surrounded by 6 inches thick edge support foam all around. The mattress is finished off with 2.5 inches thickness of firm base foam. The mattress has a height of 11 inches altogether. The feel of the mattress is cushion firm with a knitted fabric cover.

Bob-o-pedic 9 hybrid

This Bob-o-pedic 9 hybrid is only 9 inches in height with wrapped coil system. The mattress layer starts with the knitted cover at the top followed by 2 inches of high-density gel infused bob-o-pedic memory foam that also has air flow ventilation. The next layers are 1-inch high-density polyfoam and the 5 inch long coils that are individually wrapped. The base layer is high-density polyfoam which is 1 inch in thickness.

Bob-o-pedic 9 gel

Bob-o-pedic 9 gel is an all foam mattress with only 2 layers of different foams. The top layer is 2 inches thick high-density gel infused bob-o-pedic memory foam with an air flow ventilation system. The second layer is the 7 inch thick high-density polyfoam as the support layer. The overall height reaches to 9 inches.

Bob-o-pedic 6

Bob-o-pedic 6 is simply layers of foam at a height of 6 inches in total. The layers here are the 2 inches thick bob-o-pedic and a 4.5 inches thickness of base foam. It has a plush feel but firm nonetheless to go with. This mattress is available in only twin and full sizes. They make excellent day beds or bunk beds.

Bob-o-pedic sleeper mattress

Bob-o-pedic sleeper mattress is 4.5 inches in thickness and it comes with Bob-o-pedic gel infused temperature sensitive memory foam only. The mattress has a covering of knit fabric and it can also use cirrus gel foundations to go with. This sleeper mattress is available in twin, full and queen sizes only.

Bob-o-pedic gel mattress

Bob-o-pedic gel mattress consists of 2 inches of bob-o-pedic gel infused memory foam and an additional layer of 1-inch latex foam over the base support foam. The whole mattress is 12 inches in height and it also comes in all possible sizes including the full XL. The foundation is cirrus gel. This mattress has 3 options with the comfort level from firm, plush and dual.More Details »

Bob’s Vibrance Mattress Reviews

Bob’s Vibrance mattresses are hybrid mattresses. These mattresses are filled with natural cashmere fibers (microbial safeguard), gel infused Bob-O-Pedic memory foam, latex foam and also 2100 coils of support. These mattresses have a very soft stretch cover which includes 2” of quiltflex for comfort. Bob’s Vibrance mattresses are available in three sizes, King, Queen and Twin XL.

Bob’s Perfection Mattress Reviews

Bob’s Perfection mattress is available in 2 sizes, Twin and Full. It is a good quality comfortable innerspring mattress.It comes with a 1 year non-prorated warranty.

Bob’s Anticipation Mattress Reviews

Bob’s Anticipation mattresses is a hybrid mattress which has a Bob-O-Pedic memory foam lumbar layer and individually incased coils. The top cover is stretch knit with an anti-microbial safeguard fiber. It is available in two levels of firmness, firm or euro-top. This high quality comfortable mattress has a 15 year non-prorated warranty. The sizes available are twin, twin XL, full, queen and king.

Bob’s Mattress Customer Reviews

The most remarkable customer review is about the customer service. The customer service is prompt and satisfactory for almost every customer. The other reviews reveal that the Vibrance mattress is easy to test at the store when possible and then go on purchase it online for convenience.

The option to use the adjustable beds with most of the Bob’s mattress has raised its popularity. The adjustable beds are also available in all sizes as well. The option of an additional size of full XL which is not popularly available is an added advantage for Bob’s mattresses.

The next advantage of Bob’s advantage is that the large king size beds have the split foundations making it easier to get it to any floor of the home or apartment without much fuss.

The other high points of Bob’s mattress are that it has low motions transfer, better price for the quality offering, conformity, good mattress for back sleepers, and being ideal for a person who is average to heavy weight.

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Features of Bob’s Furniture mattress

  • First of all, comfort and luxury at an affordable price.
  • Temperature sensitive memory foam is soft and hard at the same time for firmness and also comfort. The thick memory foam can also conform to the body shape lying over it. The support is firm and yet gentle and sleep will no longer shy away.


  • The body conforming feature will give a cradling effect to the sleeper with giving the right pressures to each part of the body, without any sensation of exerting pressure.
  • The Bob-o-pedic memory foam from Bob’s furniture mattress is gel infused. There would be about 2 inches gel infused memory foam at the top layer. Therefore thicker the gel infused layer, more will be the conforming effect of the mattress.
  • The gel infusion allows better ventilation and allows air to flow through to cool down the mattress all the time. Because it is this feature that helps in temperature control.
  • All the mattresses from Bob’s furniture mattress are silent and hence do not exert any kind of sound. If there is any sound, it will be that of the foundation or the frame.
  • The Bob’s furniture mattresses feature movement absorption where the movements are nullified when another person joins on the other end of the mattress.
  • Bob’s furniture mattresses are well suited for those who like to sleep on their stomach and also for those who are back sleepers, equally.
  • All Bob’s furniture mattresses come with a 30-day money back guarantee or exchange if the mattresses are not up to expectations or have any problem with it.
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