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You know Puffy Mattress” offers great motion isolation and is highly durable in nature. However, considered best for spinal alignment support offering comfortable sleeping temperatures. Read for the entire description available on these mattresses…

The quality of sleep and rest determines the overall well-being of an individual. It influences the physical and mental set up of a person and his or her productivity. Best price mattresses is a mattress maker that ensures to provide quality sleep at affordable rates. They are busy bees producing quality sleep products at cheap rates and reaching out to customers.

Their main aim is to sell value-based products without compromising on the quality. They have range of memory foam products ranging from pillows, mattresses and other accessories.

In this article, you will get to see a new range of memory foam mattresses at exciting rates that you would have never imagined.

Do not just buy a piece of furniture that steals your pocket but buy something that is actually worth buying. Here I am going to whip down a quick list of five brand new memory foam mattress from Best Price mattress.

6-inch Memory Foam Mattress

This is the basic model and is exclusively available only at online stores. You will not find them at retail outlets. It has simple three layers and almost resembles a traditional memory foam mattress. This mattress is the least priced from the best price mattress and offers all basic features of memory foam. It provides pressure relief and offers reduced motion transfer.

The construction is simple with 1-inch memory foam at the top most layer and beneath you have the 2-inch super soft foam comfortable layer. The supportive layer is of 3 inches base foam. Mattress cover consists of rich poly-terry fabric.

All the Nest Bedding® products are safe to use as it features no animal product or any non-toxic materials. Their featured mattresses are a perfect mix of pocketed coils and memory foams worth at aiding the quality support needed. Further, read on…

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Available only in three sizes: Twin 39” * 75” * 6”, Full 54” * 75” * 6”, Queen 60” * 80” * 6”

8-inch Memory foam mattress

Balanced comfort from body-conforming properties. Gives a feel of floating on a cloud and cradles the body to achieve deep sleep. It also offers pressure point relief with its foam sleep system. This mattress offers rejuvenating and muscle relaxing sleep. If you had enough of restless nights and loss of sleep then bring home this wonderful mattress, which comes at a very low price. This mattress uses multiple layers of foam and has a patented structure that offers deep sleep.

Mattress construction

2-inch Memory Foam as the top layer, 2-inch Pressure Relief Foam (Airflow Cool Foam) as the middle layer and 4-inch Supportive Layer as the base layer

For the cover: Rich Poly-Jacquard fabric

Available in the following sizes and Dimensions: Twin 39” * 75” * 8″, Twin XL 39″ * 80″ * 8″, Full 54″ * 75″ * 8”, Queen 60″ * 80″ * 8” and King 76″ * 80″ * 8″

10-inch Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattress provides a great sleeping experience and they mold according to the body shape. This mattress has a profile of 10 inches and supports the body excellently. It evenly distributes the weight and prevents tossing and turning.

All the models including this model offer conforming body support and cloud like feeling. Again, it has a reasonable price range and offers all the features of a thick mattress.

Mattress construction

3-inch Memory Foam takes the top position and 2-inch super soft foam sit beneath the top layer. For the base 5-inch, supportive base foam does the job. This model has a similar design as that of the base model and the only difference being its profile height.

Available only in three sizes and they Are: Twin 39” * 75” * 10″, Full 54″ * 75″ * 10″and Queen 60″ * 80″ * 10″

12-inch Memory Foam Mattress

This mattress has the highest profile height of 12 inches and definitely stands a tough competition to other similar mattresses. The main reason why this mattress stands a tough competitor is due its pricing. It is has HD foam layers to offer pressure relief and has a non-skid bottom.

Mattress construction

  • 2.5-inch Memory Foam at the top layer
  • 3-inch HD Foam with Pressure Relief Foam at the middle
  • 6.5-inch Supportive HD Foam Layer as the base, for the cover: Comfort Poly-Jacquard fabric

Available in the following Sizes: Full 54″ * 75″ * 12″, Queen 60″ * 80″ * 12″, King 76″ * 80″ * 12″ and Cal King 72″ * 84″ * 12″

12-inch Grand Memory Foam – the ultimate luxury mattress at a low price

This is the best selling product of best price mattress. It offers pleasurable sleep night after night and stands head to head with other leading brands. It has the perfect size, composition and performs brilliantly. The only difference is the price it comes with and you will be dumbstruck to find it cheaply priced. It has 3-inch revolutionary pressure relief foam that offers luxurious sleep and supports every inch of the body evenly. Higher density memory foams make this mattress respond quickly to your needs and conform just as you wish. It readily takes your shape along with the curves and distributes your weight evenly. To prevent heating up the top layer has a breathable feature and the cover comes with super soft bamboo rayon and natural ingredients. This mattress also includes a 2-inch heat sensitive foam layer infused with charcoal. It eliminates odors and acts as an anti-bacterial layer naturally. Best price mattress has made less use of petroleum-based products to construct this mattress.

Mattress construction

  • 1-inch of Cool FoamTM, and a micro fiber layer which enhances comfort at the top
  • 2-inch heat sensitive memory foam infused with Charcoal and 3″ pressure relief foam as the middle layers
  • 6-inch high-density foam with a non-skid base – makes the mattress durable and long lasting
  • Premium super soft bamboo rayon wraps the whole mattress to give a finishing look.

Available in the following Sizes: Queen 60″ * 80″ * 12”, King 76” * 80” * 12” and Cal King 72” * 84” * 12”

What makes best price mattress products especially the mattresses so inexpensive?

Saving money is a vision which that they keep in mind at every step of manufacturing process. They make sure that all the mark-up costs and delivery charges stay under minimum. They stack up every possible mattress in to their trucks so that more numbers can reach the outlets. All the mattresses are box packed and easy to carry along. There is no third party involvement in the whole cycle, which keeps the costs considerably low. That is how they offer quality products at a quality price point. Best price mattresses believe in “Save Money. Sleep Better. Be inspired”.

Delivered in a box

The mattresses fit into FedEx approved shipping boxes and this is possible with the compression technology. This compression technology makes it a whole lot easier to ship the mattress to your doorstep and other retail outlets. Compressed one time and engineered to open quite the right way at your home in matter of few minutes. These mattresses are simple and easy to assemble. After unpacking the sealed box, the mattress will inflate quickly to around 80-90%. If possible, give the mattress some duration of 2 to three days to inflate to its full size.
Off gassing

Yes, you can expect certain odors initially for a few days or even one or two weeks. However, be calm as the odor will fade away with the passage of time and within a few weeks, you will have an odorless mattress at your bedroom. The first thing you need to do is air it out completely as soon as you unbox the product. Providing adequate ventilation and changing bed spreads frequently will get rid of the odor. Best price mattress suggests a way to get rid of the odor quickly and that is to walk around the mattress. While you walk push, your foot against the mattress and this will help to release any trapped odors.

Free shipping

You might be wondering such huge mattresses without any shipping charges! Well best price mattresses use their unique compression technology to ship their mattresses in a very small boxes using FedEx. This actually cuts down their delivery and freight charges, which the company directly offers to its customers as free shipping. It is like a double bonanza that is a low-priced mattress and that too with free shipping.

Safety and certification

Best price mattresses have a wide range of products and their mattress ranges are Certi-pur US certified. They have invented a unique system, which utilizes chemicals of non-toxic nature to design the mattress. Thus, their mattresses are compliant to federal regulations of CFR 1633. They are safe and health friendly options available at very low prices.

Warranty and return policy

The entire mattress from best price mattresses carries a warranty period of 10 years against manufacturing defects. You need to maintain all the proofs of purchases to claim for a warranty.

They also offer return policy, as they understand sleep is a priority over money. You can use the mattress for 90 days and try your fortune. If you are not feeling better after sleeping on the mattress then you can return in after 30 days and before 90 days of purchase.

You can also go for an exchange offer where you can replace the mattress for another model. However, you will have to pay the cash difference plus an extra 15% recycling fee. This exchange offer is available only once for a customer. When you return a mattress, you will get 80% refund on the purchase price and make sure that the mattress remains in good condition.

Best price mattresses Customer reviews

Best price mattresses are yet to mark their imprint in the mattress industry. They are slowly creeping up the graph as they have managed to formulate the low pricing strategy. Customers love buying these mattresses, as they believe that come with a reasonable price and offers all the features of a memory foam mattress. It is the price point where all the difference comes and customers love the price difference. They say that high-end mattresses that cost hundreds of dollars work similarly as these mattresses. Overall, best price mattresses have cool ratings at the Amazon portal and customers have put up positive feedbacks. They are good at handling heat, have improved breathability, different layers of foam and offers high-end comfort. Above all, they come at a very low price point.

Bottom line

If you have price considerations and want to stay within a low budget then this mattress range is great pick. Their grand model is quite impressive and one of the best selling products. If not other mattresses, I would surely give a thumbs up for the grand 12 inch mattress from this brand. Other base models are quite okay and they really …really come at cheap prices. Since they are available at retail outlets, give a try and see how it feels. After all, you are the one who has to sleep so feel it and take it home.

Zinus Memory Foam Mattresses

Best price mattresses are yet to mark their imprint in the mattress industry. They are slowly creeping up the graph as they have managed to formulate the low pricing strategy. Customers love buying these mattresses, as they believe that come with a reasonable price and offers all the features of a memory foam mattress.

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