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The available sizes for Wright Mattress are Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King and Split King. Their dimensions are as per the US standard only.

How do we choose the best mattress for a sound sleep and for total comfort? This could be a rather tiring process where we ransack a showroom of mattresses, plomping down on many and finally choosing one out of sheer exhaustion. Knowing our options beforehand can help cut down a lot of this dilemma and then also knowing what our body needs will help. What should we be looking for in a mattress?

Luxury and support

Our sleep affects a lot of our daily activities. Good sleep can improve physical performance, promote better moods and also help in bodily metabolisms. The best types of beds are those that can accept and form to our body while also providing the necessary support so that our spine or any joint is not affected. There should be the right amount of cushion and also firmness which is nourishing to the back and hips.

Mattress Strength

The different layers of the mattresses must be properly supported by the materials so that this support is passed on to the body. The lumbar region should be very strong as most of the body weight is absorbed by it.

Health of the Mattress

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The mattress we sleep on must be healthy and not a home for bugs and insects. Some beds are not designed in such a way that there is enough air space between the layers. This can lead to accumulation of wetness from sweat and also act as a host for bed bugs. Airflow between the springs of the beds can help in keeping them cool at night.

Good cushions

Memory foam is the current trend in mattress cushioning. It can mold to the shape of the body when pressure is applied and retain its original shape when the body is removed. It is very smooth and soft, giving a favorable and quality sleep at night. It has good motion transfer absorption and the right amount of firmness. It can retain body heat, although now innovation in the lower layers ensures that this heat cools off quickly, so that our sleep is not disturbed by heat at night.

Other materials used in making the mattress

If organic materials are used in making the mattress, there are lesser chances of allergic reaction to it. A linear support to the spine must be provided so that even if a person moves around, the mattress can still provide the same amount of comfort and support.


Keep a budget in mind when you plan to buy a mattress so that you do not loose yourself in all the claims from highly therapeutic mattresses which can cost a fortune. There are different brands that can provide similar levels of comfort at a cheaper rate.

Which mattress do we suggest?

We suggest the online phenomenon, the Saatva mattress which has risen in fame due to its high comfort, amazing features and competitive pricing. It also includes almost all the features of a good mattress that we have mentioned.

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Helix Mattress

Helix Mattress
Basically a mattress is defined by the materials used to build it and the overall design. Therefore let’s steal a look at the design and the materials used to construct the helix mattress.

Avocado Mattress

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Avocado believes natural materials are the key to restful sleep and long-term health.