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Best Adjustable Bed For Seniors

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The best adjustable beds for seniors

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Why Adjustable Beds

When you grow older, your body needs more support than when you were young. You are not as agile as you would want to be. Aches and pain are constant companions. The most trivial tasks like getting in and out of bed could seem herculean. A bit of support could go a long way during these trying times. If you don’t have someone young to help you, you would expect some other means to assist you in this time of need. Adjustable beds can help you rest comfortably in bed. Apart from being able to lay down you have a wider range of positions for comfort and therapeutic benefits.

If you are suffering from Back problems, or have undergone a surgery of any kind, an adjustable bed could add comfort to your lifestyle. It becomes easier to sit up in bed and spend that extra time you need in bed, resting. While normal beds are good for laying down, its not the best option to sit. If you have had a recent surgery or have a medical condition, it’s imperative that you would spend a lot of time in bed. You will most likely not be comfortable in lying down the entire day. Sitting down in bed should be comfortable with adequate back support. This is easier with an adjustable bed rather than a normal bed where you prop pillows for supporting your back.

Positioning adjustable beds to certain positions have known to have benefits for healing and general health. Some positions improve blood circulation while others support your back, prevent snoring or improved digestion. An Adjustable bed will be one of the best investments for your health if you are a senior.

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Buying an Adjustable bed

With recent surge in the use of adjustable beds at home and the availability from a range of vendors and wide models with variant features, it becomes confusing for most people to come to a decision on the right adjustable beds. If you are older and do not have the time or energy for a marketing hunt, The task of purchasing an adjustable bed could be very daunting.

Some of the best adjustable beds are not about brands. This makes it even more difficult to find the right product. Notable brands are few and reviews are fewer. The Adjustable bed market is scattered among a lot of new players and finding the right brand, the right model and the right product could be key.

When purchasing an adjustable bed, look for your needs first . What are your requirements. Is it for just supporting your back? Ability to sit in bed longer? Are you going to spend more than 12 hours in bed? Are you having difficulty getting in and out of bed? If your adjustable beds can answer these questions to your satisfaction, every other feature is just bonus. You may or may not want preset positions. You may want automatic foot lighting or you already have a lamp which you are comfortable with. You may or may not really care for the Zero G positon that most of the adjustable beds offer. Every other feature which companies provide are for the benefit of the customer but also to entice prospective buyers to buy.

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What you should look for when buying an Adjustable bed if you are Elderly?

Height : one of the few overlooked factors of an adjustable bed is the height. When purchasing an adjustable bed for seniors, you should consider height as the primary factor. If the bed height, with the mattress, is too high or too low, it becomes harder for the person to get in and out of bed. Most adjustable beds which are commercially used are not designed for medical purposes. These beds cannot move you to a sitting position or help you to get out of bed. You will need to get in and out of bed normally. A good bed height is what you should look at. The perfect height for a bed for seniors would be just a bit higher than their knee height or to the height of the mid thigh with the mattress placed. This could be anywhere between 16 inches to 20 inches, depending on the person’s height. An adjustable mattress with adjustable height is a great option.

Size : Most elders do not move often in bed especially if they are suffering from back problems. This does not mean the Twin or twin xl size would suffice even if they are the single occupant of the bed. Consider a slightly wider size to help movement in bed. If you have a partner in bed you would want to consider a dual side adjustable bed with or without adjustable settings on the other side. Consider a wider option like the King instead of a queen if you or your partner is heavy. While you would have been very comfortable with the Queen beds prior to the adjustable bed , you may thank yourself for the extra space with the adjustable bed.

Lifting capacity: Adjustable beds come with a motor which helps lift parts of the bed. These motors have a certain capacity they can lift and are usually mentioned in the catalog. The lifting capacity of the adjustable bed is inclusive of the weight of the mattress. Most adjustable beds will have a lifting capacity of 600 lbs. While this may seem perfect for a normal bed added to a person who is less than 200 lbs, it may not be the best option for a person who is heavy or using a heavier mattress. Most motors are not covered under warranty and after a year, when the warranty is void, the cost of replacing the motor or purchasing a new one could add up to the cost. Consider purchasing an adjustable bed which has a higher weight limit if you are heavy or use a heavier mattress.

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Mattress : You will need a good mattress to go with your adjustable bed and it needs to be compatible. Mattress companies are a bit tricky and they would prefer that you buy their own brand of adjustable beds which are compatible with their mattresses. Most mattresses which are compatible with adjustable beds will work great on almost any brand of adjustable beds. But to be on the safer side, consider asking the mattress company if the warrant is valid if the mattress is used on a certain adjustable bed. Most mattress types are compatible with adjustable beds. The Hybrid mattresses are considered to be one of the best for pressure relief and comfort. But you can also go with the latex or memory foam mattress if that is comfortable for you. Check the mattresses section below for more details on how to consider your mattress.

Budget : If your medicare is not going to share the cost of your adjustable bed for any reason, you may want to fix a set budget for your adjustable bed purchase. Most adjustable beds will cost you $1000 or more. The features of most of the beds will be almost the same with minor differences. Aesthetics add to the price too. The quality of the adjustable bed has to do a lot with the price itself. Look for a sturdy construction, preferably metal. Ensure the slats are closely placed and the warranty is good and to your satisfaction.

Warranty : Most Adjustable beds come with a minimum 1 year warranty with full replacement of parts and service on the same. A 5 year warranty comes with service but cost of parts will be extra and may incur charges for replacement of parts. Very rarely do companies offer warranties for more than 5 years but there are a few. Find a product which the company would vouch for. A product with a good warranty has a lot to say about its quality and you can be rest assured that there is help when needed, in case something goes wrong.

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The best adjustable Bed Reviews

one of the most revieweed adjustable bases. It has a simple design and basic features. ITs easy to assemble the frame is rugged. The NEctar Sleep adjustable bases come with a 50 day trial and a money back guarantee.

Mattresses for Seniors with Adjustable beds

  • Supportive, Pressure relieving
  • Contouring and conforming
  • Easy to move
  • Edge support
  • Heat retention
  • Compatible with adjustable beds

Mattresses for the seniors require careful consideration. Unlike most millennials or the younger demographic, the elders require a completely different set of features when it comes to mattresses. Seniors should go for a mattress which is medium firm, conforming and ones which does not retain heat. Edge support and motion transfer are key requirements of mattresses for seniors. While a bit of bounce is encouraging for the younger group, if you are above 50, you would want a mattress which is free of motion transfer. Since you are going to spend a bit more time sitting on the edge every time you wake up, the edge support is key too.

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Latex Mattress for seniors

Latex mattresses are the most preferred mattresses for seniors. They do not retain heat, are antimicrobial and natural. Most latex are free from allergens. With the right brand you should be able to get a mattress which is 100% natural and free from chemicals. Latex mattresses are durable, contouring and easy to move around.

Memory Foam Mattresses For seniors

Memory foam mattresses are a bit cheaper than most latex mattresses. Its not natural and it retains a bit of heat. Apart from these 2 drawbacks, they meet every other features of a latex mattress. They are conforming and contour to your body shape. They are tested to be pressure reliving and supporting to your body. Some patients have been known to be allergic to memory foam due to all the chemicals involved with the process of manufacturing the mattress.

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Hybrid Mattresses for the elderly

Hybrid mattresses are the least recommended for elders. Hybrid mattress are constructed with encased spring and topped with foam or latex layers. The spring allows a lot of heat to dissipate but it also is a cause of concern for people who are finicky about movement. Motion transfer is a common problem with hybrids when compared with a normal memory foam or latex mattress. While most companies will claim that the motion transfer in their own brand of hybrid mattress is minimal, its in no way comparable to a pure hybrid or latex mattress. Apart from this drawback, hybrid mattresses are excellent in all other areas. They are extremely pressure relieving. as a matter of fact they offer better pressure relief than some of the pure latex or pure foam mattresses. They contour and conform to your body shape well and their heat retention is minimal.

Features of an adjustable bed for seniors that you should seriously consider.

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  • Easy Setup : For seniors, this could be the biggest challenge. Moving heavy parts around and getting to understand the setting up of the adjustable beds could be daunting. With easy setup features it could be done faster and without effort. Some companies do offer free white glove delivery and setup. This takes the entire worry off of setting up your adjustable beds.
  • Massage Zone : Massage zones are one of the base features on almost all the adjustable beds these days. Some of them are excellent and some of them are simply mediocre. Most company’s offer a 2 zone massage while some others provide a wave massage or 3 zone massage which is superior.
  • Zero Gravity : One of the most commonly used position to relieve tension and create a balanced weight throughout the body. Supportive for lumbar and back pain. Feels like floating with the right mattress. Recommended for therapy.
  • Remote Control : Remote controls are useful specially if you want the occupant to adjust the position by themselves. It needs to be intuitive yet complete with features. Wireless remote should be preferred to a wired one. Easy control is important for seniors
  • Headboard attachment : Not one of the important features unless you are looking at aesthetics or using your head board for support while you are sitting down.
  • USB chargers : Easy to charge your phone and electronic device. A small addition could go a long way when it comes to convenience and the usb chargers are usually handy for most seniors who find it difficult to walk to the socket everytime they need to charge or look at a message while charging
  • Lighting : One of the most important features for seniors. LED foot lighting can help illuminate the way, find your foot wear when you want to visit the washroom. Some Adjustable beds have automatic LED lighting with motion detection. This is the best option to go for.
  • Leg height : Adjustable leg height is one of the features you should look into. IF you are in a store, you could test the bed and check the height of the adjustable bed. When you purchase a bed online, you want to be sure that at least some of the features are adjustable. The leg height is one of them.
  • Split adjustable : If you and your partner are sharing a bed, check for a split size with different setting options. This way yuo will not be forcing your partner to pick the same settings as yours.
  • Easy Customization To comfort : Changing from sitting to zero and to a normal flat bed should not be a hassle for the seniors. Make sure that there are preset settings , easy to customize positions and more and with an easy touch of a button.
  • Zero Noise motor : Noise free motor also indicates the health of the motor itself. Over time the motor may get a bit noisy but you want to ensure that the motor is noise free when new. Ensure that the warranty covers the motor.

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Conditions that May Benefit from an Adjustable Bed

Medicare for Adjustable beds

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Medicare does not pay for adjustable beds in most cases unless a physician deems it necessary for you. In  some cases, this may be a requirement if you have undergone surgery. Some private insurance firms may also be able to assist you with the purchase of the adjustable beds and they are tax deductible if medically required. In any case, its a good idea to consult your medicare representative before your purchase and ask for assistance. You may also consider asking your physician on how to proceed as most physicians have experience in the matter

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