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For those who are conscious about all the toxins in your mattress, the Avocado green mattress is a great addition. With all natural raw products, the cotton to wool and latex are all Natural and obtained from eco friendly sources. Check out the details on Avocado green WEbsite

We are continuously running like a never ending story and in between we are trying to make changes in our lifestyles to improve our health and mind. A sound body is the main prerequisite for anything and everything you do. It will make a big difference in your entire life. Just like having a healthy diet and a routine workout it is utmost important to sleep better to make things better.

I am health freak and I used to do everything possible to keep my health in better condition. But this stubborn allergy wouldn’t ever leave my side. I tried whatsoever possible but never gave a thought about the root cause of my ailment instead kept going. `But somehow I figured out that the pretty luxurious artificial mattress that was bearing me all these years was the culprit behind the whole scenario. My so called comfy mattress was actually emitting out toxic VOC’s into the air while I was on top of it all those long nights. Imagine the amount of damage that it has caused to my body. I said enough is enough and replaced it ASAP. Why I should spend so much only to damage my body and to show off that I have a super cool mattress.

I really don’t understand what are those certifying organizations doing out there . They are really promoting mattresses that contain harmful chemicals and flame retardants. I have totally got the point that to sleep better and to have a safe health the only option is to choose an organic mattress that is not only long lasting but also health friendly.

So why go for an organic mattress?

  • Sleeping on natural fibers is the healthiest option than sleeping on a synthetic mattress. Natural mattresses act upon better with the changing seasons. It help you sleep in good health during summers as well as winters.
  • Natural mattresses do not off gas and contribute to indoor air pollution like synthetic mattresses. While sleeping on a natural mattress you can relax safe from top to bottom without having a fear in your mind about toxins and chemicals.
  • Different types of natural mattresses are available with a mix of wool layers or natural latex arranged systematically to endow with comfort. You can also choose from a wide range of firm to not so firm mattresses.

Other features

  • Natural mattresses last long and have better warranty than artificial mattress. Most of the natural mattresses are only available with reputed sellers who know their importance.
  • Those having health issues can sleep well on a natural mattress than sleeping on an artificial one. Natural mattresses can lend an upper hand over problems like allergies, aches, pains, sclerosis, fibromyalgia and migraines. They provide better comfort by improving sleep and supporting the body.
  • By buying a natural mattress you are actually going green and helping the environment to stay clean. You can be a proud mattress owner and your mattress isn’t going to contribute to any kind of pollution.
  • A natural mattress can also deal better with pests like mites, molds and bacteria’s.
  • Organic mattress easily picks the moisture around and they also provide proper ventilation whatever the season may be.
  • Organic mattresses are generally costlier than conventional mattress. But when you consider other options like durability, strength and quality they will out-stand others. So when you have greater and high quality options within your reach why go for mattresses that are just meant to steal your pockets.

Conclusion: Sleep is the only natural drug that helps the body and mind to forget and mend all the negatives’ it has gone through the previous day. A night full of peaceful sleep is the best gift one can offer to self. So when it comes to sleep try to go natural and stay green for having a great health as well as happy environment.

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Spinal Solution
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Spinal Solution, Twin Size Assembled Orthopedic Mattress
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