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An Affordable, high-quality and comfortable innerspring mattress for purchasing online is not so common. However, a premium quality, cost-effective mattress designed and constructed entirely in the USA is the Aviya Mattress
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  • Good Back Support
  • Coil on Coil with Memory Foam
  • Green, Eco friently

Aviya founders realized that it was hard to buy an innerspring mattress online while there were a ton of foam only mattress brands. Hence, they took up a challenge to create a better innerspring mattress, offered it online only, and sell it for the less or same price. Read on to know about the full Aviya Mattress Review.

Aviya Mattress Reviews

Aviya is a part of a family-owned mattress manufacturing company that has been in business for over 75 years. Using their years of experience, Aviya created a high quality, comfortable, long-lasting bedding at an affordable price.

Aviya is a premium mattress which combines the qualities of a high-end luxury mattress and values of a comfortable bed. It offers three comfort options, high-density foam with supportive innerspring for maximum responsiveness. The innerspring contains 500 – 1050 coils base depending on size, making the mattress supportive and extremely responsive.

Aviya mattress is handmade in Ohio, USA wherein all the materials sourced locally. The makers have eliminated the extra overheads of retail stores and sales people by selling direct to customers from the factory outlet. They offer an affordable innerspring mattress delivered directly to your door starting at just $699.

These mattresses allow airflow for a refreshing sleep. It featured strong edges and reinforced lumbar support. Also, it gives the best sleeping support and is environment-friendly making sleepers feel relaxed and sleep all night long.

Aviya Mattress – Customer Reviews

You will find numerous positive customer reviews for this product. People say this high-quality mattress offers excellent support and comfort at a fair price.

  • Juan was initially confused as to which of the three firmness options to select. But after consulting the company person, she selected the most popular luxury firm. She is amazed at how strong the outside edges of the mattress are, making to feel a much bigger queen size bed as they can now utilize the entire surface. She says sleeping on Aviya is a wonderful transition.
  • J Bennett says one couldn’t ask for a better mattress at this price. The setup went very smooth plus this very comfortable bed contains Certipur foam and doesn’t off-gas like most other memory foam mattresses.
  • Emily slept on Aviya mattress at her daughter’s place, and she felt so comfortable that she started researching about this mattress. Based on many positive reviews, 100-day trial and the affordable price she gave it a try. Now she is glad to buy it and says where most online mattress companies are popping up with foam-only mattresses, some people like her still prefer something with springs, and Aviya proved best.

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Aviya Mattress – Features

The best mattress requires the best materials, construction and many other features as mentioned below –

  • Premium Materials – It contains high-density eco-friendly foams and a wrapped coil innerspring core to give Aviya a unique blend of comfort and much needed back support. Made in the USA using eco-friendly materials and without toxins and harmful chemicals.
  • 3 Layers Of High-Density Foam – The perfect blend of high-density foams provides both comfort and support.
  • Supportive Innersprings – The individually wrapped coil innerspring is the most comfortable and most expensive construction of all innerspring systems available. The super-compact springs make up the middle of the mattress for a sag-free, well-supported, sleep.
  • Mega-soft quilted top layer – The premium quilted top layer gives that hotel like the luxurious feel and provides comfort the second you lay on. The environment will love the mattress as much as you do.
  • Airflow for a cool sleep – Unlike memory foam mattresses, Aviya’s unique blend of foam and innerspring core breathes allowing airflow through the center and sleeps cool all night long.

Other Features

  • Strong Edges – 3″ of foam wraps all edges of the mattress allowing you to sleep edge-to-edge and making you feel larger than the competitors.
  • Reinforced lumbar support – The combination of foam and innerspring gives your back and body the necessary support to wake rested and refreshed.
  • Innerspring Coils and foam – The number of innerspring Coils is – Twin 500, Twin XL 600, Full 700, Queen 800, California King 1000, King 1050 and the mattress has 3 Layers of High-Density Foam (1.8pcf).
  • 100-night trial – All Aviya mattresses come with 100-night sleep trial. If you do not like your bed, you may return it for a full refund within the first 100 days after you have received it.
  • Ten years warranty – The non-prorated warranty is for ten years starting from the date of delivery to your home. During this ten year period, the mattress would qualify for a free replacement or repair.
  • Free Shipping – Free shipping means the delivery team will bring the mattress inside your door. Aviya also offers white glove delivery where they will set up your bed ($99) and set up + old mattress removal ($159) if needed. Select these delivery options during checkout.

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Aviya Mattress – Firmness and Comfort Levels

Aviya’s most popular mattress is the Luxury Firm comfort level. The three firmness options are –

  • The firm – Scales on 1, 2, 3, this bed is for people who like a firm but not rock hard mattress. It gives the very substantial feel, making you feel more on the bed rather than in the bed.
  • Luxury firm – Most popular firmness choice scales on 4,5,6,7, this bed is not too hard and not too soft. The feel is slightly firm with a plush layer between you and supportive core, reminding you that great bed that you enjoyed during your hotel visit.
  • Plush/ Soft – Scales on 8,9,10 this for those who like a softer and rich feel. The generous layers of plush foam allow you to settle into the mattress surface, making you feel more in than on the bed.

Aviya Mattress – Construction and Layers

  • Premium Quilting & Cooling Foam The premium quilting combined with a 1″ layer of high-density comfort foam, gives you feels good feeling and keeps you cool all night.
  • No-Sag Comfort Foam Layer – The next layer is of high-density foam that provides long-lasting comfort and stability. Aviya’s foam layering system ensures no-sag mattress for years and reduces lasting indentations.
  • Support Foam Layer – The third layer of support foam enhances lumbar support and body support on all of your pressure points.
  • Premium Foam Edging Encasement – The 3″ thick foam edging encases the entire mattress allowing you to sleep edge-to-edge for a larger feel. This eliminates rolling off the bed or not being able to use the whole sleeping surface.
  • Individually Wrapped Innerspring Core – This is the best and most expensive, innerspring core where the coils are made of 15 gauge steel. The mattress also has a more dense set of springs in the middle of the bed where you need the most support.
  • Stability Layer – 1″ thick stability layer helps transfer weight and energy evenly and provides the ideal sleeping surface from bottom up.
  • The Aviya Foundation – It is a premium heavy duty foundation with quality wood construction that uses 12 cross slats, each at 2.5” wide (versus the industry standard 1.5”). The foundation splits for a queen and king and is available in 5″ and 9″ height option.

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Aviya Mattress – Product

Aviya is a luxurious eco-friendly mattress hand-crafted in the USA without harmful chemicals or toxins. It uses three layers of foam and an industry-leading innerspring core. Its premium quilted top layer combined with a layer of comfort foam gives that “hotel feel.” Moreover, the support foam layer, on top of an individually wrapped innerspring core gives your body and back the support needed to sleep well and wake up refreshed.

This mattress provides core support using an innerspring system where each steel coil comes wrapped in its fabric pocket. Springs provide “active support” versus the passive support of foam, literally pushing back to support your body, resulting in a more responsive sleep surface. The queen size Aviya has 800 coils and a full 8” spring depth, providing deeper and more substantial support.

Aviya Mattress – Complaints

Though most of the customers seem to be satisfied Aviya mattresses, some customers complain that the firm mattress is too firm and the Plush bedding is not plush enough. Customers are also reluctant to buy these mattresses online without trial. They seem to be reluctant to try out innerspring mattresses even though these mattresses have a foam layer on top.

Aviya Mattress Coupons

Aviya mattress coupons are available from time to time and customers can buy these good qualities and affordable mattresses at further discounts. So check out for coupons and offers before buying these mattresses.

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Aviya Mattress – Frequently Asked Questions
How thick is the Aviya mattress?

All three firmness options of the Aviya mattress are about 13” tall.

What are the height options available for the matching foundations?

Each standard height foundation is 9” tall, and a low profile foundation is 5” tall.

What are the dimensions of Aviya mattresses?

The sizes of these products are –

  • California king: 72” wide by 84” long
  • King: 76” wide by 80” long
  • Queen: 60” wide by 80” long
  • Full: 53” wide by 75” long
  • Twin XL: 38” wide by 80” long
  • Twin: 38” wide by 75” long

On what base does Aviya mattress work well?

These mattresses work with all beds. You can use the standard bed, slatted bed or adjustable base, the Aviya will help you sleep better.

I am a side sleeper, will Aviya be comfortable?

Yes, three separate firmness options work for any sleeping position. The Luxury Firm model works for almost everyone. The Firm model is for the stomach sleeper, and Plush model is for a side sleeper

Aviya Mattress – Conclusion

Considering detailed product information, specifications and customer reviews, you can easily compare competition and know why to buy Aviya. Also, premium quality, price, 100-day risk-free trial, and ten years warranty, I would recommend giving Aviya a shot today.

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