Nest Bedding Signature Series Mattress For Spinal Comfort. Is It As Good As It Says?

Nest Bedding Alexander Series Mattress

Nest Bedding Signature Series Mattress

The major requirements, according to me, in a mattress for the comfort of lower back would be the quality of the mattress and the ease for getting in and out of the bed without having to sink into it. Being a back pain sufferer, I can understand the second point. Mine used to be a softer bed until I started getting problems. Read on to know all about Nest Bedding Signature Series Mattress.

Mattresses are not supposed to be too soft and too hard. It should stay somewhere in the middle, as long as the firmness is concerned. The one thing I liked about the Nest bedding signature series bed is the blend of foam and coil system in the same mattress that allows softness when needed plus a firm support from the coil system underneath.

Support System for Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Series Mattress

I see people singing the tales of price, trial period offers, warranty, discounts etc when they start looking for the mattress. I would say, the first thing that needs attention is the weight supporting system of the mattress. The rest comes only after this.

The Alexander signature series from Nest Bedding comes up with this part truly significant. Their comforting upper layers are made with foam that can mold to the body, compress enough, and retain the structure as soon as the weight is off. For a back pain sufferer these factors mean much more and pay off when they are trying to get in or getting up from the bed.

The Signature series mattresses have a medium firm comfort level that allows perfect support to the body. The deep compression allows the body to be cradles to keep the natural curve of the spine. This eases the pressure points and helps the body relax. At the same time, the spring coil system in the lower region of the mattress provides equal weight distribution. This suits well for both light and heavy weighing people.

Getting In And Out From The Mattress

Minimizing stress on the back is what everyone must do to have spinal comfort. While lying down, sit right on the edge of the mattress and slowly ease yourself down, on your sides. Once the body is lowered, turn over to your back, if that is what you prefer. Where does the Nest Bedding signature series come into play? On the edges!

The edge support for Nest Bedding Signature Series Mattress is not perfect but has enough to save you from falling out. It gets an above average rating for the edge support. But the sinkage is fairly minimal on the mattress away from the edges. All you have to do is to sit back slightly and not on the exact edges. The sinkage is only 2 inches which is fair enough.

Nest bedding signature series mattress has less motion transfer that helps the person to turn on to their sides or back easily. The firmness keep the mattress intact and does not allow to sink into. This works great not just for coupes, but also for the back pain sufferers. It seems their spinal comfort is well taken care of.

Finally, this signature series mattress is a tight contender against the tempur mattresses that are especially made for spinal support and comfort. Why this mattress fares better against those special made ones is that it costs less for the same effects. The second advantage is that this Nest bedding mattress suits well on an adjustable bed as well. Not many coiled mattress will have this compatibility.

Overall, the Nest bedding signature series is good for the spinal comfort and you get to choose the comfort level from soft, medium, or firm. Made with natural ingredients, there is no threat of off gassing or other chemical hazards.

Winkbeds Mattress Features Are Different From Other Types, How? The Mattress Anatomy Explained

Winkbeds Mattress

Winkbed mattress might seem yet another normal mattress. But in fact, the mattress is a pure blend of different kinds of materials together making a perfect platform to sleep. This hybrid mattress allows better aeration within the mattress to keep it cooler while preventing wear and tear to improve the durability and comfort.

All of it is possible thanks to the multilayer, multi-material making. When it is considered that the foam mattresses are modern and coiled mattresses are a little old fashioned, Winkbeds uses both of these to make the modern comfort. Here is the anatomy of the Winkbeds mattress that explains its features and what makes it different from other beds.

  • Layer 1 cover: First of all, the cover layer is the high tensile polyester blend cotton material. The feel of this mattress cover is silky smooth and breathable material. It could be washed easily as the dirt does not easily penetrate through the material. It really covers the mattress layers beneath. The stretchy material is not easily torn and makes a perfect one to protect the layers.
  • Layer 2 foam: The layer 2 comprises of boron based harmless fire barrier and a contour box top of over 2 inch gel foam that is mixed with Hypersoft foam. This material is eco-friendly and has enough buoyancy to avoid body impressions on the mattress to stay longer. As a result, it helps you to get up in the morning while retrieving its shape when the weight is off. This layers plays in motion transfer reduction and also in keeping the surface cooler. This layer of Winkbeds Mattress is fitted firmly over the perimeter layer all around to make it look like a firm padding over the mattress.
  • Layer 3 air coils: Next comes the foam encased micro coils that are pocketed. The foam layer keeps the coils in its place from both ends. The coils are 2.5 inches of foam that has medium density. The temperature from the above layers is kept off by the pocketed air coils. It also provides better support and relieves pressure from the key points.
  • Layer 4: 14 gauge steel coil system: these coils are strong steel tempered coil system to work on body push back and spinal alignment of Winkbeds Mattress. The pressure relieving works well for spine and joints. Winkbeds have more number of coils in it than other similar brands. The more number allows better weight distribution allowing heavy weight to support well on the mattress. All the coils are encased in cotton mesh to allow aeration and reduce the noise or friction.
  • Layer 5: support foam on bottom. The coil system of Winkbeds Mattress is protected by this 2 inch thick foam layer underneath.
  • Layer 6: support foam all around. There is a foam layer of 4 inch thickness protecting the lower coil system that runs in the same height as the coils. The upper layers from 1-3 are placed over this perimeter foam. This arrangement makes better stability and support to the mattress. The 4 inch thickness helps the sides to retain its shape and avoid any sagging while increasing the surface area. Therefore, the edge sleepers will have a better time sleeping on this.

Other Beneficial Features Of Winkbeds Mattress

There is no off gassing from this Winkbeds Mattress which is what majority of the users state. The mattress making uses no harmful chemicals as normal mattresses use. There are no ozone depleters, flame retardants, heavy metals like lead, mercury, formaldehyde or other volatile organic compounds. If they are present it is only far less than the minimal level.

Mattress comes with a 101-days trial. During this period if the customer fails to get a positive impression on the mattress, it could be returned to have a complete refund.

All mattresses have a firmness of medium-firm that tends to be towards the softer side. Anyone who loves medium firmness would love this one. The multi coil system makes a firmer platform that goes well with the people who love firm mattresses.

Winkbeds vs Saatva

Both Saatva and Winkbeds sell their mattresses only online and the savings are passed on to the customers.

Both these mattresses are comparable in softness. Saatva uses visco foam which is slightly softer than Winkbeds though Winkbeds leaves no impressions.

Winkbeds and Saatva used individually wrapped coils. The number of coils used by Winkbeds is slightly higher. These coils are to help individual body contouring. The difference between these two mattresses is hardly visible in spite of the increased number of coils. The support of both these mattresses are also comparable.The difference is that edge guards can be fitted to the Winkbeds mattresses which is not possible for Saatva mattresses.

Saatva also offers three options of firmness compared to the single option of firmness offered by Winkbeds. Saatva wins over Winkbeds in terms of the price. It has also been in the market longer and has received good reviews from customers. In spite of these differences, Winkbeds too is a good mattress which is worth a try.

Back Pain Cures – How The Mattress Can Make All The Difference?

Mattress For Spinal Health

Believe it or not, your mattress is the greatest natural remedy for your back pain. The reason for Back pain can be the wrong spine alignment and the pressure there and other points. While sleeping on the mattress, it relieves those pressure points and allows complete rest for the body to relieve itself. Read on to know how to choose the best back pain mattress.

Would the sleep bless you in an uncomfortable mattress? Definitely not! For years I have loved sleeping on a feather soft mattress until I was hit by back pain. The first recommendation I got was to sleep on a firm mattress and needless to say I was not a big fan of that idea. Then there were other suggestions and lots of choices for mattresses to relieve back pain. What do all these lead to? That, the mattress is a great healer if you have back pain.

How Does The Mattress Work To Get Relief From Back Pain – Choosing a back pain mattress

Mattress is not just a surface to sleep on. No matter what the make of the mattress or comfort level is, it does contour to the body from minimum to maximum. It is this molding to the body that makes a mattress comfortable for back pain or causing the same.

Too much contouring makes the body sink into the mattress and difficult to get up. The minimal molding makes the body and joints stiff in the morning as it is as good as sleeping on a hard surface. Either way the spine does not stays in its natural curve. It is either concaved or convexed that leads to back pain.

The back pain mattress that has right amount of sink effect or firmness sinks only where it needs to and thereby keeps the spine in an ideal alignment. This helps in relieving pressure from the heavier regions like shoulders, stomach, and hips that are likely to take the hit or plunge on the mattress.

The orthopedic mattress has three zones on the mattress to allow better support for the body at its three regions. The neck region and the lower back region must be curvy. Why? So that the body need not have to strain when these regions are kept straight or overly curved.

Allows You Better Sleep

Taking the pressure off from the key points lets the body takes its rest. There are no more straining muscles, soreness, or neck pain. Therefore, when the body is supported well at certain regions and allowed pressure relief at other regions, you can sleep like a baby.

The fact is that inadequate sleep can worsen the back pain and the reverse can allow faster healing. Sleep is restorative for the body. A mattress has a significant role in the quality of the sleep. As long as the mattress is of ideal comfort level, sleep will be near and the back pain stays far away.

Ideal Comfort Level For A Back Pain Mattress

The type of mattress for back pain is entirely personal choice. What it needs is a comfort level of medium firmness that is not too soft or too hard on the body. The medium firm mattress has the firmness to mold to the body at the heavier areas while allowing the natural curves to stay intact.

Once you have the right kind of back pain mattress, the back pain will slowly ease down and gradually disappear over the time. The back pain due to bad mattress can be cured by another mattress, while the physical stress due to back pain will get relief at night to have a peaceful sleep.

Back Pain Is Bothering You? This Is What You Should Know Before You Choose Orthopedic Mattress For Back Pain

PharMeDoc Memory Foam Mattress Topper

If you are waking up with a back pain everyday, then may be it is time for you to change the mattress! Don’t delay for back pain can be a real trouble giver!

Back pain is less when the pressure points on the neck, spine, and hips are relieved. There are many mattresses that claim to relive or cure the back pain. If there are so many choices, why there is a type named orthopedic mattress? Read on to know all about Orthopedic Mattress For Back Pain before you buy them.

Orthopedic is bone related. Why this special kind of mattress? It is made specifically with different zones to have better support on the heavy areas of the body. The neck, spine, and hips are well supported that allows complete relaxation.

As much the orthopedic mattress for back pain is effective, people are still reluctant to choose such mattresses. The reason why? Its cost, it is difficult to get an orthopedic mattress that is cheap. It does not come cheap. Just because it costs more, should you ditch the idea of getting them? No, you should not. Here are the reasons why you should have an orthopedic mattress if you have back pain.

Please Note Before Buying Orthopedic Mattress For Back Pain

But before we get into the facts, do know that Orthopedic Mattress For Back Pain has become a marketing strategy of the mattress manufacturers. It is to get their products sold and not all mattresses are in real orthopedic. It is also a fact that mattresses that are made with different body zones is also orthopedic, even if they don’t mention it in their label.

Also note that the comfort level of orthopedic mattress for back pain is always the same as medium-firm, no matter what the type of mattress it is.

  • The tactics: Orthopedic mattress are given great publicity saying it allows better support and posture to the body. This will naturally reduce the back pain. The lower back that hurts need quality rest at night. The orthopedic mattress can extend the same.
  • Choices: You can choice in orthopedic mattress to have spring mattress or foam mattress. No other type of therapeutic mattress is available with choice of the material it is made of. Even in the spring mattress, there are two choices to choose from.
  • Types: The coil spring mattress is of two kinds, one bare and the other pocketed. In the latter, the individual coils are pocketed to allow strength and firmness. It is also easy on the back and does not poke. The spring coil orthopedic mattress is real cheap and the even and closer distribution gives better support as well.

Meanwhile, the pocketed spring mattress contains double or triple the number of coiled than the other type. This type of mattress has faster response and ability to regain its shape. The pockets are all padded to have higher quality support. This is an ideal choice for a couple than the simple spring coil mattress.

Additional Info

  • Foam mattress is even better: The memory foam or any other foam mattress is the most voted choice for back pain. The orthopedic mattress for back pain is even better as it is made especially made to reduce back pain. This is the type of mattress that is used in hospitals. The zonal separation makes the body alignment perfect for all. Another advantage is that memory foam orthopedic mattress is less likely to develop tissue breakdown or sores as the sufferers are most likely to spend more time bed ridden.
  • Choose organic: yes, even orthopedic mattresses are available with an organic option. Mattresses made with natural foam, organic cotton, wool or other materials are far better than the synthetic materials. If you like the spring coil mattress, choose the one with organic cotton covered ones. They retain less heat and make the bed feel cooler than other types.
  • All sizes available: Orthopedic mattress is available in all sizes from single to kind size. You only need to explore more for your suitable size.
  • Bed frame: Last but not the least, pay attention to the bed frame that is chosen for the orthopedic mattress. The bed frame size and comfort is equally responsible for the comfort and relief it provides from the back pain.

The Mattress Conundrum! Memory Foam Or Adjustable Mattress, Which Is Best For Spinal Stenosis

Mattress For Spinal Health

Spinal stenosis, the narrowing of the spinal cord at any region from the top to bottom is one of the serious problems of the spine. People who suffer from this problem will have difficult time sleeping in a comfortable position. The kind of mattress has a lot to do in providing comfort for them. This article is all about deciding the Best Mattress for Spinal Stenosis.

It is difficult to choose an ideal mattress for them. Not all types of mattresses would suit for spinal stenosis. The recommended and most voted best mattresses for this condition are the memory foam mattress and the adjustable bed with a medium firm mattress. But which one is the best?

Is Memory Foam The Best Mattress for Spinal Stenosis?

Spinal stenosis is far worse than simple back pain, but the requirements are all the same. It shouldn’t be too firm or soft and will have to cradle the body well enough to ease the pressure and pain in the spine. Moreover, memory foam mattress is known for its lumbar supporting quality. The main thing to note is that the memory foam should have high density. Too thin mattress would not do well for spinal stenosis. The high density foam has better weight distribution to release the pressure points.

The variety of foam mattress that would be good for this condition is the one piece latex foam. The advantage of this mattress over the memory foam is that it takes lesser time for recovery when the person changes his or her position.

Adjustable Beds Are Also Good And Deemed Best Mattress for Spinal Stenosis

Some people feel good when the upper body part is slightly elevated to get comfort. This is the concept of adjustable beds where the upper region of the bed can be raised as in the hospital beds. It helps them ease the pain on the spine and makes it easier for them to get up and get into the bed. If your lower region needs elevation, this bed would be okay with that too. The only requirement here for the mattress is that it should be flexible as the raising of the bed can bend the mattress.

As For The Comfort Level, Medium Firm Is What One Should Look For

To the question whether Firm Mattresses are good for spinal stenosis, a medium firm mattress is said to be better.

There are votes for the tempurpedic mattress by many but that is not popular choice. That does not mean that it is no good. Ultimately, what makes a Best Mattress for Spinal Stenosis is the individual comfort. The mattress that is comfortable for one may not be the same for another.

In the case of memory foam mattress, majority of people are in agreement that it is comfortable for the back pain or any kind. The cradling effect of the mattress is what makes it so popular. The flexibility of the mattress makes it retain its shape even after a long time. It does not suffer the sagging or loss of support problems.

People who opt for adjustable beds might be comfortable if they want their body raised or lowered for comfort. Otherwise, the bed is not useful and you would lose the money as well. The best part is that, a memory foam mattress can go into this bed. So the best choice would be a memory foam mattress on an adjustable bed for spinal stenosis.

Proper Sleeping Positions For Neck Pain, Back Pain & Shoulder Pain

Mattress For Spinal Health

How do you sleep at night? Is it on your back, sides or on stomach? Your sleeping position is the reason why you don’t feel pain at night and also the reason why you get neck pain, back pain or shoulder pain at times. This article guides you on best sleeping positions for neck, back and shoulder pain.

The sleeping position is also the best natural remedy to get rid of such pain. Each type of pain needs specific kind of sleeping position to ease the pressure on the affected area. Here are the sleeping positions one need to sleep on to relieve the neck pain, shoulder pain and back pain.

Got stiff neck? Flat on your back – Best Sleeping Positions

Yes, a stiff neck could be relieved by sleeping on your back with a small pillow under the neck for support. The neck pain arises as a result of keeping the neck in an upward or downward slope which affects the spine. The neck muscles are sprained as a result which leads to sore areas.

Lying on the back relaxes the neck muscles and can keep the spine at a relaxed state. The hands should be on the sides and not under the neck as most people prefer to. The neck pain that is due to some disc problems. You need to ditch the pillow and keep their head on the bed/floor. Remember, those over fluffy pillows, hard pillows or the flat pillows do not do justice to neck pain. What you need is a comfortable normal pillow.

Back pain is relieved by side sleeping?

Yes, you heard it right. The widely recommended and best sleeping positions for back pain is to lie of the back to keep the spine straight and at ease. I am a back pain sufferer and I prefer to sleep on my sides. This helps me get up easily than when I am sleeping on my back.

Sleeping on the sides is done by keeping an extra pillow between the knees to keep the hips slightly apart and relieve pressure on the back muscles. When you want to change sides, pull your knees up and turn slowly to the other side. Bend the knees only when you have turned completely and let it down.

Shoulder pain calls for a hug

Yes, the best sleeping positions for relieving shoulder pain that happened due to any reason is on the sides as if you are hugging yourself. NEVER EVER place your arms under the head when you have shoulder pain. This will strain the nerves and increase the pain than reducing it.

It is needless to say, not to sleep on the side that pains. Bend the legs and take a pillow to hug. Keep the leg slightly up and forward. This helps reduce the shoulder pain in one side. If both the shoulders are troubling, lie down on the back and keep the arms relaxed on either side.

The type of mattress also plays a role in reducing such pain. A medium firm mattress of any kind is the preferred one than a soft or hard mattress. It suits almost all of these sleeping positions.

BedJet Climate Comfort System Reviews

BedJet Climate Comfort System

BedJet climate comfort system comes with a box like base with a connected hose with a nozzle at the end. The hose can be clamped on to the mattress with the provided clamp. The hose can withstand both the hot and cold air and stays form on the mattress surface.

BedJet Climate Comfort System is the way to keep the bed and mattress warm or cold, at any temperature that you need. This small system can be used by anyone. It is also the perfect solution for partners who have different preferences for the sleeping temperature. It makes the mattress more comfortable.

BedJet can be used for warming the mattress or to keep it cooler as you need. Basically, it blows air on to the mattress to adjust the temperature. When used with the special kind of AirComforter, you can have the ideal mattress surface or blanket to use for 2 people who have different temperature preferences.

What is BedJet climate comfort system?

BedJet is an electric device that can blow air through a designed nozzle. The nozzle blows the hot or cold air on to the mattress surface or into the air comforter.

The system comes with a box like base with a connected hose with a nozzle at the end. The hose can be clamped on to the mattress with the provided clamp. The hose can withstand both the hot and cold air and stays form on the mattress surface.

It works with the help of electric power and can be controlled by the provided remote or with the help of a mobile app. This can be used for adjusting the temperature, auto start or shut off, time the temperature and much more.

There are 2 types of BedJet, BedJet V1, and BedJet V2. The former is the advanced model and the latter is programmed to have better sleep technology and comfort adjustments with the Biorhythm Sleep technology.
BedJet works better in air conditioned rooms. Rooms with no air conditioning may not have the same effects and could have varying or fluctuating sleep temperature even with the device.

How does BedJet work?

BedJet V1 AND V2 can easily be part of your bed rather than stay as a separate device connected to it. Some experts among who one has been working in NASA another was a medical device designer and an engineer made this comfort device. It makes a convenient option over the electric blanket and makes your ordinary mattress into the temperature control sleep surface.

BedJet is made to stay under the bed and has only the hose and nozzle up on to the sleeping surface. The device works on a DC motor driven by an inverter. The heat is generated from the custom made barium titanate stone that is capable of working even below the flash point of dust and can keep working without causing any heat odor.
The outer covering of the device is flameproof to protect the bed and mattress. Since the device is made to place under the bed or mostly staying closer to the bed, this is an essential feature. The device may produce some noise while working but the comfort of warmth or cold that it provides makes it worth.

Working mechanism

The heat generated from the stone heater passes through the duct pipe and into the nozzle. The nozzle that is placed under the fitted sheet or blanket will expel the cool or warm air. This air will regulate the temperature on or under the sleep surface for your comfort.

The duct is clamped to the mattress to make it firm on the place. The cool or warm air will be blowing to the foot of the person. There would be no more cold legs or hot legs anymore with the BedJet temperature control system.

BedJet V1 Climate Comfort System

BedJet V1 Climate comfort system is a single zone device that can control the temperature in only one-half or zone of the mattress. V1 is an advanced technology device that has got some smart features. It blows out some powerful air in your desired warmth or coolness.


  • There are no wires or tangles with the BedJet V1
  • It works comfortably from under the end or standing on the side of the bed.
  • The device is made to stay under the bed and needs a space clearance of 7 inches to stay under the bed.
  • For beds that do not have enough space under, there is the vertical mount that is sold separately to have the system attached to the side.
  • For the side rails, the clearance is for 3.5 inches. It can even be attached to the adjustable bed.
  • It is convenient to use on any bed of any make. There is no need for any specific structures as the addition.
  • The BedJet devices come with a 60-day return guarantee with 100% refund with no extra fees.
  • It also has 2-year limited warranty and free shipping within the USA.

What is included

The BedJet V1 system includes

  • 1 BedJet single zone unit
  • Attachment assembly
  • 1 wireless remote control
  • Free Bluetooth app to control
  • You can also have the additional vertical mount bracket

BedJet V2 Climate Comfort System with Biorhythm Sleep Technology

BedJet V2 system is a single zone that can control the temperature of only one side of the bed.


  • The specialty of this device is that this is programmed with the Biorhythm temperature technology to create the ideal sleep temperature with custom heating or cooling.
  • The temperature control changes with every hour of the night. The different sleep stages require different temperature and this device can have these changes temperature values accordingly.
  • It is even fitted with a wake-up setting.
  • The BedJet V2 model comes with an essential oil Aromatherapy diffuser kit. This essential oil will freshen up the sheets when the device is running.

What is included?

  • 1 BedJet V2 single zone unit with the assembly attachment
  • 1 wireless remote control
  • Free Bluetooth app for the control
  • The app is available for both Android and iOS devices

BedJet V2 Dual Zone Climate comfort system

This dual zone climate comfort system includes 2 single zone units of BedJet V2. Both the sides of the bed can have the individual temperature control with the use of remote control or the app. These zones work independently and there is also no way to have a single control for both the sides or a single control that can regulate the dual zones.

Apart from the fact that the dual zone has 2 systems working for the mattress that works well for the partners, the system has similar features as the single zone devices.

  • It comes with the 2-year warranty and 60-day return policy. It also has free shipping.
  • This dual zone allows you and your partner have the individual sleep temperature without having to compromise on any temperature.
  • Both the systems can adjust the temperature within 3 minutes of switching on the device.

What is included?

  • 2 BedJet V2 single zone systems
  • Attachment assembly for both
  • 2 wireless remote controls
  • 1 Air comforter (King or Queen size as per preference)
  • Free Bluetooth app

The Aircomforter sheet

The special air comforter that is available that is to be used with the device helps trap the desired temperature in the one-half of the blanket to have the partners have the different sleep temperature for their own comfort. The trapped air inside the blanket stays put and is seal proof to let it out to the other side.

The sheet is made of cotton, feels soft and very comfortable. There are individual hollow flow cavities inside the sheet through which the air passes through.

It replaces the usual bedding and works like a sheet or fitted sheet. It is to be used under the blankets, comforters or quilts that you usually use. This sheet works for both warming and cooling the air.

There are 2 types of Aircomforter- single zone and dual zone.

The single zone air comforter is for those who are sleeping alone. The dual zone works for the couples. The air comforter has 2 zones that can accommodate different air temperatures. It works well with the single zone system or dual zone systems.

220V International voltage climate comfort system

This BedJet system works on 220V to be used in any other part of the world. The features are the one and same as the usual V1 system. The only difference is in the working voltage for the system.


  • Vertical mount BedJet Stand: This is the bracket that is used when there is not enough space under the bed. Bedjet needs 7-7.5 inches space clearance under the bed to keep it there. For the beds that do not have enough space, they can mount the system on the sides with the help of this bracket. It occupies a space of 7 x 18 inches on the floor and does not make you bump on to it a night.
  • Air hose extension: The air hose extension can be attached to the existing air hose of the BedJet system. This extends the total length of the hose up to 8 ft. this is used when the power outlet and the bed are a bit far for comfort. This extension comes with a snap that allows it to firmly attach to the hose. You don’t need any more tools to fix this one.

BedJet Reviews

  • Frank – “I sleep hot at night and BedJet has kept me comfortable and cool throughout the night. I get better sleep these days than before.”
  • Ellen – “I sleep cool and better at nights with the BedJet and the Aircomforter. My remote had some issues and the replacement was sent within no time. Awesome service!”
  • Elizabeth- “Menopause has brought hot flashes for me. BedJet became the solution I was looking for. I am able to sleep again and recommend this to anyone having the same issues at night.”
  • Steven – “I have been using the electric blanket but alas, I had to adjust the temperature every 2-3 hours. With the BedJet device, I am comfortable. The device keeps changing the air so that there is no heat buildup and the temperature stays constant. I even wake up refreshed and have more energy.”
  • Brad -“The first impression of BedJet was like a NASA vessel. It is simple and convenient. It has an adjustable tube to fit any bed. The assembly is simple with no complications. It also works whisper quiet.”
  • Gary -“I saw it on Shark Tank and bought it to see how it works. It is amazing and I sleep cool in this hot summer. It is easy to install and use. This definitely replaces the many numbers of electric blankets.”
  • Jared -“I am highly intolerant to heat and BedJet has come as a blessing. I can now get rid of the ceiling fan and stick to just the AC and the BedJet system to keep me cool during the night.”Ron-“BedJet not only changed my sleep pattern but my life as well. I don’t wake up soaked in sweat any longer and am able to sleep comfortably.”

The Biorhythm sleep technology in BedJet System

Our body temperature varies depending on the stage of the sleep we are in. the body temperature is higher in the initial and final stages and drops significantly in the deep sleep stage.

The BedJet Biorhythm system makes use of this fact and is pre-programmed to detect the muscular temperature on the body. The hourly change in the BedJet system works according to this detection. There are sensors that make the necessary changes during the night.

The wake-up sensor works to wake you up by adjusting to the core body temperature. You may set a time for this change. This will automatically adjust the core body temperature that matches the wake-up temperature. This works better than the annoying alarm clock sound.

BedJet climate comfort system is better than electric blankets

Electric blankets can have only the set temperature and there is no adjustments according to your needs. BedJet IS the better option here as,

  • There are no wires attached near you
  • It is used as a separate device and can be used with your existing blankets.
  • You can wash your beddings freely, even the Air Comforter with single or dual zones. BedJet provides even cooling or warmth.
  • Electric blankets take about an hour to get to the desired temperature, while the BedJet system can work within minutes, as fast as in 3 minutes to do the temperature adjustments
  • BedJet requires minimal maintenance. The only cleaning it needs is with the air filter. It is ideal to check on it every 3 months. You can clean the filter in the sink.


For an efficient and sophisticated system, BedJet is available at a reasonable price. It is not cheaper but is worth the money when used by those who have extreme sleep difficulty because of temperature. For the dual zone system with the air comforter, the price is much higher than the single zone. The solace is that it is a onetime investment and it can be used for both cooling and warming up purposes. The remote control and the Smartphone app are convenient. The app would be more acceptable. The app shows the virtual remote control buttons on the screen and works the same with some additional features. The system might seem bulkier than that in the picture and might be a bit noisier as well. But when you get better sleep, these are no longer any issues.

Ideal Mattress Eases The Path of Recovery – The Best Mattress Choices for Spinal Fusion Patients

Mattress For Spinal Health

Ah, the never ending sage of mattress and back pain!!!! It is difficult to sleep with a back pain as it is and after the spinal surgery, it is almost unthinkable to have comfortable sleep at night. The spinal fusion patients need as much rest as possible. But they really get the rest they are due for. The answer is NO, if the mattress is wrong and YES if the mattress is of the right comforting. Read on to know all about Ideal Mattress For Spinal Fusion Patients or the best mattress for patients post surgery.

I suffer from bad back and I was looking for a new mattress that comforts by back. There I came across this spinal fusion surgery. I had no idea what that was all about? So I dug deeper and found this shocking fact that back pain that prolongs for more than a few months could lead to this situation. I sure didn’t want that to happen.

My little findings – Choosing the Best or Ideal Mattress For Spinal Fusion Patients

A bad back is, well, a bad back. The variations occur according to the severity. In the case of the spinal fusion patients, or those recovering after back surgery, a comforting mattress that provides ample rest and sleep is highly essential. Any mattress that is good for back pain should do the trick to them as well. These types of mattresses will provide the right spinal alignment. They also provide a perfect cradling needed for the body for recover. A better sleep is inevitable in those cases that naturally lead to sleep that heals all the injuries. That’s the theory.

Does all those back pain relieving mattress supply what they promise to? The answer is, almost all of them. There also are certain types of mattresses like the tempurpedic mattress that is widely rejected by the spinal fusion patients. Those mattresses are said to be uncomfortable and making the pain worse.

Which mattress is best? Choosing an Ideal Mattress For Spinal Fusion Patients or those recovering post surgery

Now comes the ideal mattress for Spinal Fusion Patients or for those who recover from back surgery. They are the adjustable beds with mattresses, good old memory foam mattress, sleep numbers, and other hybrid mattresses that have medium-firm comfort. Even the futon mattress could work if you are comfortable with the firmness. The ideal choice of best mattress is entirely dependent on the user as the comfort level of each individual differs.

  • Adjustable beds: The whole idea of resting after the spinal fusion surgery is to get the pressure off the spine. The adjustable beds can elevate the upper body slightly or as much needed. Having a pillow under the knees then would keep the spine straight and at ease. This position would be comforting to many especially those who prefer sleeping on their back. This type would come handy to those patients who prefer to sit on a reclining chair than lying down on the bed. Hence, it is termed No.1 when it comes to ideal mattress for Spinal Fusion Patients.
  • Sleep numbers: The Sleep number mattress can adjust the comfort level of it for the sleeper. The spinal surgery is a real pain and the comfort level might even change from time to time, or day by day. Sleep numbers would be the answer if that is the case with you. If you find yourself uncomfortable in the middle of the night adjust the comfort level. Different sleeping position would also need different comfort levels and this sleep number would be beneficial. One piece of advice is to buy the sleep number from a store that has a trial period offer attached to it. In case the patient finding it rather uncomfortable, there is no loss of money.
  • Memory foam mattress is the most sought after type for all kinds of lower back problems. My research (googling!) revealed that majority of the people prefer a memory foam mattress over the other types. It went even to a hard plywood bed and a thin memory foam mattress that was found comfortable. Memory foam can cradle the body ideally in the way it needs. The only point to consider here is the that the mattress should not be too soft or too firm. Though there are people who prefer the hard firm mattress that might need to change after the spinal fusion surgery.
  • Futon mattress with its firmness also gets a few votes from the users. As said earlier it is entirely the patient’s comfort that matters.
  • Memory foam pad can also work for some. Lay a memory foam padding over the existing mattress. If that is comfortable there is no need for a new mattress. The pad should be of even surfaces with no fancy designs.

Do I need a new mattress for recovery?

The spinal fusion is a major surgery and the recovery is a slow process. It takes weeks or even months to get back to the better definition of normalcy. Even after the recovery, one must also be careful not to injure the back once again. What is the solution? A comfortable mattress!

It may take a few weeks to really know the character of the new mattress that is why it is recommended to go for the one with a trial period to know it well. If there is no discomfort during the initial few weeks there shouldn’t be any problems later.

Spinal fusion patients should also note that

Simply using the comfortable mattress, getting enough sleep and exercises are not all. There is also the right way to get up from the mattress. Turning on the side, slowly get up using your hand firm on the mattress. Gently push yourself up. Never be in a hurry to get up from the mattress.

There is also no ideal sleeping position for spinal fusion patients. They can sleep in any position they want like. A bigger bed or mattress than needed would be better to allow room.

Should I Swap My Mattress With A Hammock For Better Sleep & Back Pain? Studies Say Yes, What About You?

Mattress For Spinal Health

Who doesn’t want to relax in a comfortable mattress at the end of a day! Studies say that a hammock could give you better sleep & back pain relaxation than any expensive mattress. The rocking effects and relaxed pose could just be what we all need to ease the stress and strain of the day.

Hammock is one of the popular patio or garden accessory to relax. It makes one of the popular hosts for reading as well. Here is a mini analysis of what the experts say about the hammock being superior to a mattress to be used as sleep surface at night for better sleep & back pain relief.

  • Better reading better learning: Let us start with the common usage for hammock. Reading makes better while on the rocking hammock they say. It helps the brain waves to concentrate more and boost the memory. It says that what we read on the hammock could be stored well than what we read while anywhere else. Interesting, I should really try that.
  • Faster sleep deeper sleep: The slow rocking movement of the hammock starts the brain waves that lull us to sleep. People who have difficulty falling asleep can benefit from the hammock big time. It not only gets you faster sleep but a deeper one also. The deep sleep invokes the various healing processes that help the health improvement. It also works to alleviate the back pain. Experts tell you to expect a pleasant sleep at night.
  • Good for back pain: Have you ever heard about hammock back pain? I never had. Is it because it does not cause back pain at all? Could be, at least that is what studies are hinting at. Hammock could bring in the comfort that you are looking for in a mattress and thus provide you better sleep & back pain relief. The reasoning is that, a hammock can reduce the pressure points and let the body muscles relax better than lying down on a mattress. The hammock could conform to the body all over making a perfect cuddle.
  • Hassle free sleep surface: No more night time sweating with hammocks for sure. The tightly woven thread or rope makes an airy surface. There is no question of heat accumulating. But one must choose the right kind of hammock. The all traditional hammocks are difficult o adjust to the body. The cotton-nylon mix ones are considered the best.
  • No more mattress troubles: With a hammock, you no longer have the cleaning troubles, no need to worry about bugs, or dead skin cells getting accumulated.

Is it really trouble free?

In a way it is but the same could not be said about the two-person hammocks. Couples will have trouble sleeping together in a hammock. Though it can accommodate two persons, chances are more than you both could end up squeezing together. Those who love to cuddle the entire night may find it more convenient. The other percentage who wants to have some free space will not be comfortable with hammock.

My verdict on hammock being superior to mattress

I tried sleeping on a hammock for a few nights thinking that I will be blessed with a better sleep & back pain relief. Let me tell you, it was no cake walk. Sleeping on the bare hammock is not comfortable period. You need to have a blanket spread over it to save your skin. With a blanket I would say it was ok to sleep on.

I was expecting that the sleep gods would bless me the instant I climb on it. But as usual I had to wait for about an hour before I got the blessing. Once I got the sleep I must say I slept like a baby and yes I got a deep sleep also. I’m happy on this regard.

I would say everyone should have a hammock at home to swap with the mattress once a while. On those sleepless nights you could just climb into the rocking surface with a book for relaxation.

But swapping the mattress with a hammock completely would be a foolish thing to do. Try it for yourself to make your own judgment. Have a nice time.

7 Awesome Ideas To Repurpose Your Old Mattress

Repurpose Old Mattresses

The usual way to treat the old mattress is to dispose it off. The nest popular method is to have the delivery boys to take it in exchange for the new one. What they do with the mattress is no longer our concern isn’t it? Actually it is our concern. Yes, we get new mattress to sleep on. What about nature which will be choking to death every single day. The heavy mattress will be a bigger addition. Do we really need to do that? Why don’t we use the mantra- reuse and recycle? This article is on how to repurpose your old mattresses.

I know many of you are still doubtful as to how we can recycle the old mattresses. it is no rocket science, the mattress has got stuffing, a lot at that. All you need to do is to rip it apart layer by layer and find some way to reuse them each. Here are some ideas to repurpose old mattresses.

Ideas to repurpose old mattresses

  • Cushions: Yes, the old spring mattress will have enough cotton inside to fill in at least 5 cushions. Divide the cotton evenly and see how large the cushion can be and make it with what? Guess! The mattress cover! The cover is made with durable material so you can use it without fear. Only thing to make sure is that is that you remove it carefully and to wash it in hot cycle to kill the germs. If you are not a good fan of recycled, cushions, make some large ones to use as floor cushions. I have made 2 floor cushions with an old twin mattress. Couldn’t save much of the fabric, but made one cushion cover.
  • Floor quilt: The quilt top mattress will have enough layering on the top layer. Make good use of it to use as a spare quilt mattress. The quilt layer of king mattress can be folded in half to make a thicker quilt to be used on the window seats as well.
  • Pet mattress: Use the cotton or other stuffing inside the mattress to make an easy pet mattress. Foam mattress could also be used for the same purpose. Here you may need to cut the foam according to the required size. Another way to repurpose old mattresses.
  • Pillowcase mattress: Yes, this one I liked the best. It was an improvisation of the old pillow mattress. I used several old pillow cases and sewed them side be side. Then the old mattress( memory foam) was cut in rectangle pieces that went inside the pillow cases. Each case had two layers of foam. All the openings were closed tight and voila, I had a brand new floor mattress to simply lie down. The best part was that the mattress could be folded!

Additional tricks to repurpose old mattresses / repurpose box springs

  • Box spring: The spring could be reused to make wine rack, planter on the wall or to make a over the head lighting. All you need to do is to cut the spring area according to the size, paint, and make it look brand new.
  • Spring organizer: What better way to repurpose old mattresses than to take out the spring individually, paint, or cover it with anything that fascinates you? Fix it on a flat surface to use as pen stand, letter holder or any other kind of table organizer.
  • Sponges: Use the foam mattress as dish washing sponges. You no longer need to purchase those sponges. Don’t like the idea, use the same sponges to clean the sink, kitchen, or bathroom. I highly recommend cutting the memory foam mattress into convenient sized pieces and store them to use later. You don’t know when you might need it.