Back Pain During Pregnancy – Choose A Mattress For Quality Sleep

Mattress For Spinal Health

Back pain is one of the most common symptoms during pregnancy. Many women experience mild to moderate pain in the lower or upper back area in pregnancy. Usually, it denotes your growing baby, but at times it is an indication of complications. The wrong kind of mattress can trigger back pain in pregnant women. In this guide, we will learn about back pain during pregnancy and how a good mattress can tackle the issue.

Pregnancy is one of the most lovable phases of a women. Research shows that around 50-70% of all pregnant women deal with lower back pain. This is because as the weight of the baby grows, pressure increases on the spine area. Normally, you naturally lean back which puts stress on the muscles of the lower back. This leads to soreness and pain. The fact that you are here states you are looking for a mattress that can ease down your back pain during pregnancy. Meanwhile, we are there to help you get the right kind of mattress for your spine.

Best Sleep Position To Tackle Back Pain During Pregnancy

As a general rule, it is best to sleep on the side. The knees and hips must be bent with a pillow tugged between the knees. This will alleviate the lower back pressure. Sleeping on the left side will improve the blood circulation to your baby along with your uterus and kidneys. Try to avoid sleeping on your back for long hours as this can trigger back pain during pregnancy.

Question Yourself First

Your body is right now hard at work. You feel difficult to get sleep at night. You crave to get that quality sleep as your tiring body desperately asks you again and again. I guarantee you might have searched the Internet on how to sleep when you are pregnant? The answer is simple, a new mattress can actually help.
A new mattress can help in three things

  • give you much needed support
  • give your body good growing space
  • alleviate stress and help in peaceful sleep

Many new mommies share their experience of how memory foam mattress have helped them get peaceful sleep. If you are unsure about the mattress you want to choose, here are some questions you need to ask yourself.

  • Do you get atleast 6-8 hours of sleep at night?
  • Am I feeling any pain on body while asleep or when I wake up?
  • Do I prefer having mattress with good support (in edges) while I move on them?
  • Am I waking up often at night?
  • What position does my spouse prefer to sleep?
  • Do I get cold or hot when I sleep?
  • Do you and your spouse suffer from any health condition (which needs to be taken in consideration)?

Picking The Right Mattress To Prevent Back Pain During Pregnancy

Ensure that you discuss with the salesperson and mention the thoughts so that you can narrow down the mattress along with adjustable bases, protectors, covers etc.

Based on my experience upon reviewing many mattresses, I bring you three fantastic brands that are worth your investment. They actually work in handling back pain during pregnancy.

Top Three Mattresses that curb back pain during pregnancy

Wright mattresses are made with layers of 100% memory foam. With 4 different layers, wright mattress offers 11 inch (10” being standard) of plush comfort that you can literally feel in every inch of the mattress. It contours to your body shape and assists in a peaceful night thereafter. This is a medium-firm mattress. As many claim, a firm mattress will always give the effect of sleeping on a wooden board. Research shows that 90% of the consumers prefer medium firm mattress than firm mattress.

During pregnancy many doctors might ask you to spend couple of hours to sitting with legs above the heart. This is to stimulate proper blood circulation. There are many adjustable beds such as Leggett and Platt’s adjustable bed frame that will adjust the mattress accordingly. If you and your better half have different sleeping style, then there are bed frames as well for split comfortable positions. This will inhibit any back pain during pregnancy period.

Loom & Leaf luxury memory bed is another product that is made out of plant based memory foam. A true USA product, you will get the better feel of having a product manufactured in your country. A product from the Saatva, Loom & Leaf uses medical grade cooling gels that are infused in the memory foam layers. These gels are mostly seen in hospitals. It helps people who are dealing with sensitive skin and body by preventing any skin allergies. The luxury mattress looks great in the bedroom and gives necessary space for the baby to grow while assisting your spouse to sleep peacefully. Personal isolation is the key feature of Loom and Leaf.

All the three brands come with their respective period of trial use. This means you can check if the product is satisfactory and if not simply return and get your money reimbursed.

Bottom line

Having a baby is like a second birth to women and having a good mattress by your side will take the worries and stress by enhancing a good quality sleep. So be ready for the most memorable moment of your life by keeping your health safe in all ways possible.

Spinal Care Mattress Review – Why Loom and Leaf Is The Right Mattress For Your Back

Mattress For Spinal Health

Can you trade your spine for a billion dollars? Thought so, why would you? It is a predestined part of your body and basically no one can live without it. So why do you care less while investing on a mattress that assists in spinal support. This article is all about why Loom and leaf is the best mattress for your spine.

Spine & Stress

Spine and stress has a direct coorelation. How? Picture this. You have been tossing and turning all night to get that quality sleep. Waking up every day with a back that feels like a piece of log. You wake up with an irritating pain. To make things worse, you stub your toe in a table while straddling to the kitchen. Thus begins the day of stress. Rest of the day only adds much to the pressure of stress. Not a stereotype happy ending story, is it?

So how to fix the issue? For starters, if you have been using an ol’ mattress that is reaching the retirement stage, its time to bid adieu and look for a new one. You can give them to charity or for recycling.

I, understand, mattress is a huge investment so make sure you are considering the three factors that can help you find the right type of mattress.

  • SUPPORT – refers to how well the mattress balances the body.
  • CONFORM-ABILITY – how well the mattress responds to the body. Basically, it means how the mattress molds itself or contours to the person’s body. Lack of proper support can stress certain pressure points and aggravate the pain.
  • FIRMNESS – available in three types – medium, firm and soft, the right type of firmness is a crucial factor in preventing any body pain.

While choosing the mattress, it is also necessary to determine the sleeping position.

Why Loom and Leaf Is Best Mattress For Your Spine

Rounding on a mattress is getting like jumping on the Pacific without any life jacket. Its quite risky and who knows you might end up getting up the wrong one. We are there to help out.

A product of the famous brand, Saatva comes the all new Loom and Leaf that is worth every penny you pay. Why am I saying so? Read on to know about it.

Loom & Leaf Layers

A memory foam mattress in all ways, loom and leaf comes with four different layers. It comes with 12” tall that is a bit thick than the standard 10” mattresses. The extra thickness provides utmost compression and support. It also gives the mattress a great feel and lasting effect.

  • TOP LAYER – 2” of HQ conforming cooling gel. The ‘gel swirl’ construction technique using medical grade cooling gel wicks away excess heat from the body.
  • SECOND LAYER – 2.5” of visco elastic memory foam that is weighs 5 lbs. The core of your mattress, it delivers deep compression support not to mention takes the shape of your body. This aligns itself with your spinal posture without stressing your body.
  • THIRD LAYER – comes with 2.0” transition loft pad that blends with the above and below layers to prove support and comfort.
  • FOURTH AND LAST LAYER – is a 5.5” of support base that comes with high density foundational foam that stay sturdy to support the entire mattress.


The cover of Loom and Leaf matress is made out of organic cotton. It’s so soft that you can feel it the moment you touch it. The prominent feature is the natural thistle, a native flame retardant that is added with the organic cotton. The soft feel of the cover blends excellently with the cooling gel. This alleviates any pain in your spine area aiding in quick deep sleep.

If that’s not enough, the cover is quilted with a 5/8” layer of foam. This adds to the softness and comfort cuddling you with the mattress.

The gold trim that comes along the perimeter gives it a luxurious feel. The handles are an intelligent touch that assists in moving the mattress without utmost ease.

When it comes to the above three factors – FIRMNESS, COMFORT AND SUPPORT, Loom and Leaf has 2 different levels of firmness – relaxed firm and firm mattresses. You can ordain the one you prefer. While Loom and Leaf relaxed firm is given a 6 out of 10 (10 being the most firm), Loom and Leaf firm is given an 8 out of 10 in the firmness scale.

Speaking about comfort, you can see the four different layers of foam that pretty much say it all. Most memory foam mattresses are build up of specialty foam (including visco-elastic, latex, avena etc.) and affixed on top of support foam base that acts as a foundation.

Infused Cooling Gels

However, Loom & Leaf comes with 6.5 inches of specialty foams and gels that no one has ever heard off till now. That being said, more specialty foam may not always result in better comfort. But it does deliver a unique feel not to mention excellent cooling. Once you lie down, you can actually feel that the mattress actually vibes with your body and feels great in any position.

COOLING FEATURES are a benchmark feature. The key feature is without a doubt the cooling gel that comes with myriad set of layers and features.

  • Literally breathing organic cotton cover
  • Medical grade cooling spinal gel that you usually see in hospital or burn unit beds)
  • Plant based memory foam that is infused with gel. It wicks away excess heat from the body

There are many real reviews from people who sleep on all positions (side sleepers, tummy ones and back). They claim that Loom and Leaf supports all the positions.

One of the crucial factors is PERSONAL ISOLATION. No one likes to be disturbed from a good sleep while their partner keeps hopping in and out of bed. Opinions’ from consumers claim that there is virtually no motion transfer and there is absolute resistance to partner’s movements.

The Final Verdict Is….

That Loom and Leaf is every bit worth your investment and time. The price tends to lean a bit on the expensive side. However, if you are looking for a quality mattress that will give you peaceful sleep, then look no further.

Did You Really Think That Memory Foam Mattress Can Actually Help You With Back Pain? Factors That Influence Back Pain & Mattress That Benefits Your Spine

Mattress For Spinal Health

Recently, my friend asked me whether memory foam mattresses actually works for back pain? She was dealing with sciatica that robbed her of sleep. But, I wasn’t sure about the mattress. I always thought a firm mattress would solve the problem, but it was just a thought. I actually didn’t know. However, in recent times memory foam mattress have been given lot of accolades, but does it really work?

This meant research. Relying on GOOGLE!!! The review hunt began. It hit me that not only was I wrong but there are just so much info about memory foam mattress to boggle off my mind.

What Really Causes Back Pain?

  • prolonged hours of office work
  • any health conditions or genetic factors
  • using a wrong mattress
  • worn out mattress that has passed the date of expiry
  • bringing office work to the bed
  • too much stress build-up
  • overweight that contributes to pressure on spine
  • any unfortunate accident in recent times

If you are dealing with any of the above factors, then consult your medical practitioner. If you are using the wrong type of mattress, consider mattress topper or simply replace the mattress with a new one.

Designed by the NASA in mid-1960s for airplane seats, memory foam is made from a component called viscoelastic. The prominent features of viscoelastic is energy absorbent and soft feel. What people loved is the way it takes shape of your body thus enhancing a good beauty sleep.

Will Memory Foam Mattresses Work On My Back Pain?

Turns out memory foam mattresses are genuine ones. Here’s why. Known for their ‘adaptable’ feature, the mattress softens and bends thus relaxing itself to provide good support to your spine.

When the spine is placed in proper alignment, stress on the spine and other pressure points are alleviated. It turns out spinal pain occurs due to bad alignment that usually happens when we sleep. There are many who are stomach sleepers, side sleepers, or just any other weird position that can mess up not only the spinal alignment but also their digestive gut. Just like me.

ME??? I LIKE TO SLEEP THE JESUS POSE!!! I need my own space and as I enter deep sleep, my hands go wide apart (at times, right on my husband’s face) scaring him out of his wits. Oh, ya, it’s true…!!!

Coming back, memory foam mattresses keeps the body in right structure. This cuts the stress on the hips and shoulders which when ignored can lead to back pain.

“Pressure Points Are Quite Crucial In Deciding Which Is The Best Mattress For You.”

For those who are not aware (including me), pressure points are basically small surface of areas that handle large proportion of the body weight. For instance, your hips, shoulders and knees. Apparently the memory foam mattress responds to the warmth of the body. The result is a softer and more conforming mattress. Memory foam goes easy on the pressure points providing additional comfort for your back.

Comfort Is A Prominent Factor As You Don’t Want To Toss And Turn All Night To Get The Position Right

Spinal injuries call for adequate rest. They take their own time to heal. The healing process of the body occurs when it you are sleeping. So,  uninterrupted sleep is vital when it comes to quick heal of any back injuries. Memory foam mattress has many qualities that provide optimum healing and comfort.

  • they are temperature sensitive as in they wick away the excess heat from the body keeping you cool
  • comes with hypo-allergenic properties that is necessary for those suffering from skin allergies or sensitive skin
  • absorb pressure and energy with absolute ease thus providing motion transfer


Can’t I Just Buy A Memory Foam Topper?

Sure, if you have already got a mattress and if it has not reached its retirement age, you can always go with the memory foam mattress topper. Many bed and bath stores carry it. Simply place them on top of your mattress. Memory Foam toppers come in various sizes that range from 1-5 inches thick. Mattress toppers are quite affordable than full memory foam while delivering the same health benefits. They are available in the same sizes as the standard mattresses such as twin, double, queen and king.

Are Memory Foam Available For Pillows As Well?

Yes. Memory foam pillow is a significant change than soft feather pillows many are used to. The best part of memory foam pillows are they deliver an additional neck support that are necessary for a good night’s sleep. People suffering from spondylitis, stress on neck, sleep apnea will benefit a lot from memory foam. They can use it to elevate the head and support the neck as well.

So, The Whole Point Of Memory Foam Mattress Is…

Memory foam mattresses are here to stay. The responses seem overwhelming as many consumers are loving the end result it delivers. The only drawback is the strong smell during the initial period.

This can drive anyone to the cliff initially but it eventually fades away. The rest is history.

Where Can I Buy Memory Foam Mattresses?

Finding a quality mattress is like getting your teeth grilled at the dentist without anesthesia. So I am going to save you some time. Here are top three Memory foam mattresses of USA.

  • Loom and Leaf: a brand from Saatva mattress, Loom and Leaf offers you excellent choices that comes with 75 day trial not to mention trouble free “in-home” setup.
  • Helix Sleep: economically fitting product starting from $600, they offer you 100 night sleep trial with FREE SHIPPING anywhere in US of A.
  • Wright mattress: UNBELIEVABLE 120 day trial (offered by none of its competitors), they offer you 100% latex free mattresses that do not include any chemical flame retardants as well.

So what are you waiting for? Get rid of that stressing back pain with memory foam mattress. I stand by the product and will for sure recommend it to my friend without a second thought.

Loom & Leaf For Back Pain – Spinal Support Customer Reviews From People

Mattress For Spinal Health

Stating the obvious, our spinal system has a crucial role to play. So, I say you are not wrong when you want the right mattress that support your spinal area. Loom and Leaf mattresses are not for every one, but if you are having difficulty with spinal pain, then this might help you. Let’s take a look at the features, shall we?

Comfort And Back Support

Loom and leaf offers you a cooling surface to sleep on. For those who have the tendency to compare mattress with Tempur-pedic then you can definitely take a good look at Loom and Leaf. Loom and Leaf mattresses falls around the mid-range of Tempur-pedic models and have quite comparable tempur-pedic specs.

Many feel that back pain think that they need a firmer mattress to sleep on. The answer is both yes and no. While you need a firm mattress you don’t want to sleep on a wooden log. It will only worsen the pain.

The memory foam mattress assists in taking the shape of your body. This will enhance the spinal support by providing optimum comfort to your back. Result – you will be waking up without any pain or frustration not to mention a quality sleep.

Of course, some people like to really sink into the mattress. Though this high density memory foam mattress gives you a sense of stability, it does not really sink. If you love sinking in, then you can go for super plush soft mattress.

The loom and leaf mattresses have good edge support in all dimensions. This means it can take few punishments as well won’t sink in during romantic adventures.

Many lose sleep because their partner tend to wake up in the middle of the night. Few even toss and turn at night making their better half lose their sleep as well. Loom and leaf mattress review claim that many couples have felt peaceful sleep thanks to the personal isolation provided by the bed. This means even if you jump on the bed, your partner won’t feel anything.

Quality – Loom And Leaf mattresses

A product of Saatva mattress, Loom and leaf mattresses are made out of natural ingredients. This feels good on users who are having sensitive skin. The mattress comes with 5 lbs of organic memory foam. The density and quality can be seen in few of the Tempur-pedic models.

The cotton cover is 100% organic base and it actually “feels soft” the moment you touch. Of course, many usually ignore the cover when considering a mattress, but it’s a really nice touch that will definitely grab your attention and add a luxury feel.

How many times have you slept on hotels and your friend’s home and felt that the bed is not comfy at all? I guarantee you must have had atleast couple of experiences to name. This is because the mattress produces too much heat that we are unable to withstand. Sadly, even few memory foam mattress release such issues due to poor construction.

But not with Loom and Leaf. The top layer of Loom and leaf mattresses are infused with tiny cooling gels. This will wick away any extra moisture from the mattress and your body. It will give you a cool feel during hot summer.

Few loom and leaf customer reviews claim that the mattress tends to emit few smell during initial days. It is a new mattress that is delivered right from the store. Give it a break. Usually the smell fades away within few hours. For best results, you can unpack the box, place the mattress for 24-48 hours for best results.


There are many Loom and leaf amazon reviews, individual blogs that speak good words about the mattresses. A general consensus speak about the loom and leaf customer service and loom and leaf delivery time that are prompt and helpful in answering the queries and delivering the product respectively.

Another group opine about the back pain that has been alleviated after using loom and leaf. Few visited medical practitioners for physical therapy. Night times were worst as they couldn’t sleep. But after using loom and leaf the response was impeccable. Not only they had quality sleep but also no back pain to cry about.

Loom and leaf mattress have got ratings of 4.6 out of 5 in amazon.

Final Verdict

Many doubt whether ordering online is risky. Of course, its risky but then that’s the challenge on which site you rely. Loom and leaf is a product of Saatva that has been in the mattress business for quite a while now. They get “hands down” when it comes to delivering quality mattresses. Loom and leaf come with 75 day trial period which gives ample time to check out the product voluntarily. So, I leave it at your discretion. Sleep and then decide how it works for you.

How Can You Avoid Back Pain When Sleeping On Air Mattresses?

Mattress For Spinal Health

I recently read a quote that said, “If I woke up in the morning and nothing hurt, I would think I was dead”. Funny I say, coz it actually relates to me and millions of others out there who get up every morning with excruciating back pain. If you have landed on this page, I am sure you are one of us who go to bed with hopes of a better tomorrow but end up waking with a sore back ache. Result – it can mess up your whole day. Read on to know how you can avoid back pain when you sleep on air mattress.

After trying out many mattresses in their life, few have landed up on air mattress which is turning out to be quite “becoming” nowadays. But still they find it uncomfortable. Why? Because, many don’t realize that even low quality air mattresses can lead to spinal problems within a short period. DO NOT NEGLECT your back pain as it can get worse if you ignore them.

Can sleeping on an air mattress cause back pain or hurt your back and how to avoid back pain while sleeping on an air mattress.

Now you may think “What causes back pain”? I tried out almost all the mattress, researched a lot and took my own time and money while investing in an air mattress. What went wrong?

You are right. There are several reasons why your air mattress is causing back pain. The reasons are quite similar as to why the regular mattress causes back pain.


This has been said a number of times and I would proudly say it again another thousand times. Always, always…make sure that the air mattress you sleep on is correctly inflated.

One of the best ways to check them is by simply sitting on them. Yup, that’s right. Sit on it and check how much it sinks.

If the top portion of the mattress is sinking more than one-third of the total height from the floor, then your mattress won’t be able to give you much spinal support.

This is why it is better not to go with cheap mattresses. Go with the ones that speak quality but at the same time fit in your budget as well.


The second most common reason for back pain is sleeping on an air mattress THAT IS TOO FIRM FOR YOUR BODY!

But wait! I am sure many would have immediately thought about firm mattress. As they promise to offer optimum support. Well, yes and no. While it is necessary to have a firm mattress, you don’t want a mattress that stays like a flat board. You need an air mattress that adapts itself to your body shape. A contouring air mattress will see that your spine is aligned properly when you sleep. This will improve the quality of sleep as well.


Seen in many cases, it will prevent any spinal misalignment, poor quality sleep, back pain while you sleep on an air mattress.

Check with your chiropractor and know what your body craves for. You deserve the best so use this info and look up the reviews for broader perspective while planning to buy your air mattress.

These Fast Facts About Mattresses Will Blow Your Mind – I Bet You Never Knew About It


Our mattress is one of the most cherished places. We share an emotional bond with our bed and why not? Almost all our emotions are placed on the mattress. Right from breakup sobs that call for a pillow hug to experimenting under the sheets with your partner to having a good night’s sleep, an average spends almost one-third of his/her life in bed. But your mattress is still a mystery to you. Here are some mind boggling facts about mattresses you never knew. I guarantee you will never see at your mattress in the same way again.

Famous mattress, least preference

Very much true. Innerspring mattress are one of the most sold and reliable mattress. Approximately 80% of purchase goes to innerspring mattress. But they also possess the lowest satisfaction ratings, says

In fact, 63% of innerspring mattress owners report satisfactory when you compare to 80% of memory foam/latex owners and 79% of waterbed owners. The amazing part is this “satisfactory” rating are remaining stable for some time now even though “quality” mattresses such as memory foam and latex see continual growth in their sales.

Jeepers Creepers Where’d You Get Those Peepers? – Facts about mattresses

Yikes, but crawling critters are right there under your mattress. One of the grossiest fact still remains that used mattress has thousands of dust mites that place their feces within fabric materials and other crevices surrounding your mattress. Dust mites are everywhere where there are animals or people and love humid climates. They eat up shed skin cells and while they do not bite, they are certainly detrimental to people with sensitive body. This is because they trigger allergies, asthma etc.

Pillows are the best hang out place for them since they find skin oils, drool etc. on them. It is best to retire your pillow every six months or at least a year.

They cannot bear hot temperatures so make sure to regularly clean the mattress and pillow by placing them under the sun at least once a week. You can even wash the bedding using hot water every fortnight.

Is it Illegal to buy a mattresses?

Third on the “Facts about mattresses” list seems weird. And, it’s true too. Among all the states of USA, its only Washington that seems to put a ban on buying mattress. While weekend is the perfect time to go shopping, an old law in Washington state says, that it is illegal to purchase or even sell a mattress on Sundays. Heck, even televisions and meat are banned on Sundays.

Though the reason is still murky, many sites claim this rule. However, it is not a hard and fast rule so I guess you won’t be having a problem there.

Recycle your mattress

A general rule of thumb says that you should toss your mattress every eighth year or tenth – and that’s the max you get. However, majority of them don’t really know what to do with it. Here is an idea – recycle it. One of the best things you can do is to give it for charity (if in usable condition) but if not, recycle is the best option. Recycling is a growing industry. From the springs to metal to wood to fibers, almost all the parts are usable.

Researching spot for burglars

Ever heard of the adage – money under the mattress? If so, then you probably don’t want to hide your prized possessions under your mattress. It is one of the first places visiting thief will look into. Of course, sleeping on piles of cash is not good for your back too. Keep your valuables in bank, under heavy furnishings, inside clothes, attic etc.

Sleeping on ropes – Unknown Facts about mattresses

Our forefathers used to sleep on cross woven ropes across wood frames. That’s how the phrase “sleep tight” came into action because sleepers had to be vigilant enough to tighten their bed ropes or else would sink in.

As for the phrase ‘don’t let the bedbugs bite’, well, its still applicable today.

Flame proof mattress

As per law laid in 2007 by Federal law, all mattresses must be flame-proof if they are to be sold in US. Meeting these requirements can save up to 270 lives and approx. 1330 injuries a year, says Consumer Products Safety Commission. This is because smoking in bed, lighting candles and other possibilities can trigger off risk to innocent lives not to mention burning down the roof as well.

There are certain questions about using chemicals as flame retardant and their impact on people’s health. However, certain risky chemicals such as PBDEs are banned from using. Some manufacturers still use little other chemicals as flame retardant but are also turning to fabric as barriers or other greener as a safety measure.

Mattress Dominoes

You might have heard about Mattress Dominoes and its an actual record held by Guinness. If you haven’t know that its a game where it involves lining mattress and people up just like dominoes. The real fun is when they start getting knocked over as a chain reaction triggering amusement and excitement.

The current record is held by volunteers in Shanghai during the year 2012 where 1001 mattress and people set the record.

Shedding skins

Oh yeah, its true. There is a reason why dust mites settle beneath your mattress. They shed skin cells and sweat along with other fluids from your body.

Hard to believe, you shed millions of skin cells every day. As you spend one-third of your day on mattress, its viable that some of you wind up there. You also sweat when you sleep. So do your mattress a favor and use protective mattress cover. They will protect your bed from unbearable punishment such as shedding skin, sweating, spills. You can wash them regularly to keep your bed spic and span for a good life.

Messed up beds are good

Remember, when we were young and how our mom used to tell us to make the bed. Well, it’s time to prove it wrong. In fact, a study by Kingston University says that tidy mattress creates a humid atmosphere inside by trapping the sweat and moisture from your body. This is a great welcome for creepy crawlers. When you expose the bed to air and sunlight, it will kill the mites thus assisting in a good sleep.

Got any weird tips and mattress facts about mattresses to share? Leave us a comment below!

Why Your Mattress Never Works Out The Way You Plan – Better Choices For A Happy Life


The favorite spot to get rid of all the day’s frustration, tears and other emotions is undoubtedly our bed. While it rocks as a “hotspot” for romantic experiences, it can also be a fun place for pillow fights. Keep reading to know why many people end up buying a wrong mattress.

Let’s face it. Our bed is the best place to vent out our emotions be what ever it is. It is also the place where we build our dreams and wake up in the morning with a new hope to make it happen. But getting up with a sore back is another story. It can disrupt the entire day. At the end of the day, you will end up with piles of frustration. Even a single incident can irritate you not to mention a whole lot of other negative emotions due to lack of peaceful sleep. Probably, this may not be your case, but it is with almost half of Americans who are right now sleeping on a wrong mattress.

A wrong mattress can throw your sleep haywire and mess with the brain’s functions (especially the circadian rhythm) which monitors the sleep cycle and changes the bodily functions based on them. Now you may have recently moved in with your partner or living in a hostel but if the mattress is not right for you it may cause spinal problems and stress the pressure points in your body. Here are some other reasons why the bed you are sleeping on never worked for you.

Copy Cat: Let’s say, your friend recently got a soft mattress and is loving every bit of it. She talked you out into buying one and in a momentary judgment lapse you got it as well. Now you are the sufferer because you basically needed a firm mattress and this “comfy” mattress you are laying yourself on is sinking or pushing you down.

One advice…STOP COPYING…!!! Always go with the mattress that is right for your body. Your body might not be the same as your friend so think twice before jumping with both feet.

Choices Clash: Now your partner wants a soft mattress but you crave for a firm mattress. No point arguing and beating each other’s head. The best way is to compromise and get a mattress cover that will not only fit your budget but will also save a good amount of investment instead of going for a new mattress.

Silver tongued salesman: Okay, so you have reached the store. Now what? While you lurk around in the hope of a right bed, a well dressed salesmen appears out of nowhere. His oh, so smooth talking tongue leaves you all confused and twirly. The confidence he oozes can make anyone feel that he has been in this field for quite some time. The truth is far beyond that what you think.

Salesman barely have any experience and the “technical terms” that they throw at the face provokes a gullible person to make the wrong move. Do not become a prey and do your research. Help yourself learn of what type of mattress suits you the best before handing over the check.

Lazy enough to change: This is the bitter fact of life. Mattress is an one time investment, some might agree. But they are not. As a general rule of thumb, it needs to be replaced every 8 years. This is because after enduring lot of punishment your mattress succumbs to wearing out issues that includes the springs, pillows, covers etc. Often people feel emotional when asked to part with old stuff and beds are no exception. If you are one of them, you can give them to charity such as Salvation Army or recycle it, just like any other eco-friendly citizen.

Impatience to research: This is for people like me who have a hard time researching and usually go with any of the first couple of beds they fumble upon. The thing is I walk to a store, lay down for 5-10 minutes (I really have to struggle and pin myself down) because let’s face it…it’s embarrassing. And that’s it. I feel comfy enough, so let’s handover the check. Problem, you may ask? Yes, at times. I have changed 3 beds in a period of 7 years and lost god knows how much of money but still haven’t learnt a lesson yet. So, piece of advice to those who are impatient like me….fan out your options, do not have a catnap in store and call it a day at a mattress store. It is not, research till you know what’s best for you and then narrow on one.

Brand and Quality: Many people keep their eyes glued to the brand and seem to think that big brand means best quality mattress. This is completely frivolous as quality has nothing to do with brand. There are small companies as well, for instance, Saatva, who are a small mattress family but use quality mattress that is worth every penny you pay. Note that cheap mattress does not necessarily mean low quality products are used and high brands does not mean that the investment input is good as well.


If you find a bed that you are comfortable looking both the factors – sleep and monetarily then do not think twice. Note that many mattress companies offer trial period that will give you good amount of time to check how the mattress responds with your body.

7 Myths About Mattress Busted – Choosing The Right Mattress For Your Spinal Health

Mattress For Spinal Health

Shopping for the mattress is a painful process. One needs to handle pushy salesmen to brand that bark ‘quality’ and confusing jargon’s that can drive one over the cliff. Here are few reasons why people end up buying the wrong mattress that not only gives body pain but also is a waste of your economy. Read on to know all about choosing the right mattress for spinal health.

The Huffington Post spoke with Christelli mattress company owner, Jay Orders, who clarified certain myths that people have in their mind and are currently doing rounds. He says that people come with a list of certain specifications based on what they read about mattress for spinal health. What people don’t realize is the fact that the construction, quality of materials, the final product all plays a very crucial role in delivering the end result – comfort.

Here are seven of the myths which I guarantee you might have heard at one or other point of your lives but know that the truth is a bit different than the version that you have heard.

Myth 1: You should (in fact, MUST) get a pillow top mattress because they are the most comfortable mattress ever

Fact: Often people misinterpret the features and ask for products that doesn’t really make any sense. Orders says that majority of the people ask for pillow top mattress. It is because they have heard that pillow top mattresses are supposed to be soft and helps the quality of sleep. However, this is absolutely not true and is basically a marketing trick.

If you want a plush feel, you can achieve it with conventional mattress as well even though it might feel boring. Basically, its about the structural integrity of the mattress. Of course, if you want a fluffy princess bed you can always top it off with cushioned mattress pad.9574c64877be8ee0a1e23d094ae8f749

Myth 2: One size fits all mattresses

Fact: Take a moment and think again. Do you really think that one mattress will offer the same amount of support and last for a good years for both a 150 pound woman and a 270 pound man? Without a doubt, it wouldn’t.

This is currently the situation. Many new mattress companies “try” to cut off complication among customers by eliminating many of the models thus claiming that all mattresses are equal. I guess they are unaware of the fact that no two people are the same. It is quite crucial to consider certain points such as

  • Sleeping disorders
  • Mattress for spinal health
  • Age and weight
  • Sleeping position etc.

apart from other general preferences are major factors in determining the mattress and tend to vary.

Myth 3: You are definitely getting the total value with lifetime warranties (for some)

Fact: Though many companies shout ‘lifetime warranty’ they generally refer to the materials inside the mattress which clearly isn’t a warranty at all. Once the mattress is worn out from everyday punishment, it is no longer covered under warranty. It is quite vague and can get very expensive as well.

The National Sleep Foundation recommends to switch the mattress every ten years in spite of any pending warranty. Though how long your mattress lasts is based on usage, quality and so on, it is always wise to retire it every decade. This is because it won’t provide the quality and comfort it delivered during the initial years.

Myth 4: What is Proper bed setup?

Fact: Unless, of course, you are still using slats in your bed frame, you do not need a box spring. Box springs were used at initial years as shock absorption because the mattresses back then were quite flimsy and thin. But that’s not the situation now and things have changed. Currently, mattresses are available with thick layers to support your spinal area and alleviating the pressure points thus assisting in comfortable sleep. It also makes an excellent choice of mattress for spinal health. Nowadays, all the box spring really does is raise the profile of the bed and nothing else. So if you crave for a queen look, begin stacking or else getting a box spring is simply an added expenditure. Basically you need a strong and solid foundation to support your bed and that’s it.

Myth 5: Lying down on a test mattress at mattress store is enough

Fact: As hard as you find it hard to believe, the only way to choose the right mattress is by sleeping on them. Let me get it clear for you.

Okay, so you have entered the mattress store and lied down for a few minutes. You can’t just have a catnap and then claim its the right mattress for you. Nope. The only way to round in on a mattress is by looking at mattress company that offers a trial period in case you find that the one you narrowed in is not the perfect one. This is a safe bet because few companies do not offer any trial period which makes you stuck with the wrong bed and uncomfortable back. Few people offer return pricing that can be quite an uphill. So, check all the factors before you buy off a mattress.

Myth 6: Mattress sellers are sleep wizards and they know better. That’s why they are in the market

Fact: No, dude, they are in for a reason. Not everyone who is in the mattress market is a wizard and just like many others they work on commission. This is one of the reasons why many retailers push the high priced mattress down your throat, says Orders.

Make sure you discuss it with someone you can trust and provides an honest opinion. This will help you in finding the right mattress. There are many reviews online that will help you to decide the right mattress keeping in mind your concerns. Don’t think that big brands means prominent quality and small business says cheap quality. This is a big misunderstanding and even small genuine mattress companies offer quality products. Look for quality and comfort that are the two pillars that will help you to sleep well.

Myth 7: Looking for best mattress for spinal health? Hard and firm mattress works great.

Orders says that people think that a firm mattress is the ultimate solution for spinal support. Spine has a natural curvature. The best sleeping position is to have the spine come as close to that natural curvature as possible. This is because it helps in reducing pressure on your spine.

Sleeping on mattresses that are firm for the body will give you only sore back. As a result, you will end up waking frustrated and in pain. A firm mattress will also keep you tossing and turning at night. Make sure to choose a mattress for spinal health that also supports head, neck, shoulders, hips and feet in proper alignment. People who struggle with back issues need to pay more attention when you are mattress shopping to look for the perfect mattress that’s both supportive and comforting in the right areas.

Mattress Choosing Tips For Scoliosis Patients To Reduce Back Pain

Mattress For Spinal Health

This is not something you hear often especially from a person with curved spine who goes through excruciating pain almost every day. At the age of 13, Emily had to undergo a surgery that changed her whole life. To make the situation worse, her sister, Audrey, too was suffering from scoliosis that had to undergo surgery the very next day. Read the whole story about choosing mattress for Scoliosis patients.

As it always goes, blood tests, x-rays were carried on till the day of surgery. Frequent pleading and excuses by the kids didn’t work and the surgeries were fixed. Fortunately for them, the doctors and the staff were absolutely supportive and composed that eased the worries from children. I am a true believer that supporting words from doctors and staff can help anyone in chucking out worries and infuse a certain faith in overcoming lurking fears. As good fate had it, the operation went successful and the results were impeccable.

Otho Infographic_August 2015

Planning to become a Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon, Emily has begun volunteering at Children’s Hospital and is assisting many kids suffering from scoliosis to combat their distress.

This is just one of the many stories. Scoliosis affects 2-3% of the 7 million population of the United States with patients including infants to teenage adults. Females are 8 times more likely to develop a curve magnitude that cries for treatment.

Scoliosis Myths

There are many myths surrounding scoliosis and its causes. Let me tell you that it does not occur by watching too much TV or munching too much junk food and certainly is NOT contagious.slide_12

Few claim that soft mattress can cause curvature of the spine and lead to scoliosis but that’s not true. However, there are correct sleeping positions for Scoliosis patients that will help in alleviating the back pain. Opting for the right mattress for Scoliosis patients also plays a vital role in cutting down pressure on the spinal area.

Scoliosis – Causes and Treatment

Scoliosis occurs due to hereditary factors and this ‘abnormal curve’ sadly goes unnoticed during the initial years and becoming evident only during adolescent or in teens.

Know, that surgery is not the only option for you. Pain killers, increasing the strength and flexibility of the spine, weight loss, chiropractic therapies etc. are few of the remedies to cut down the impact of scoliosis and lead a better life. Bracing (using a corset brace to eliminate motion of the back) is also a popular remedy for those dealing with back pain.

Choosing the Right Mattress for Scoliosis patients

Keep in mind that the patient’s sleeping position has nothing to do with treating or worsening the condition. However, a comfortable and sufficient sleep has its own benefits. And without a doubt, a mattress has a vital role in supporting a good night’s sleep especially with scoliosis patients. If you are looking for Mattress for Scoliosis patients, scroll down to know all about it.

Here are five scoliosis tips for a better sleep and choosing the right mattress.

Stomach Sleepers

It is not at all a wise decision to sleep on your tummy. This not only throws the natural curvature alignment of the spine to an abnormal bend but can also increase the neck and back pain.

Perfect mattress

If you are using an old mattress that has been passed on from generations or simply a wrong mattress, its time to retire them. Choose a mattress that supports the back’s neutral position. If you are in a mattress store, don’t be embarrassed and lay down for a while. Connect with the mattress and feel how it relates to you. Choose the mattress that’s worth every penny you pay.

Mattress Toppers

If you already purchased a mattress, you can always go with mattress toppers. Bear in mind to opt for organic cotton/wool that wicks away excess heat and keeps your body cool especially at hot humid climates. This is very much important for treating scoliosis patients. Ensure that the topper is only 1-3 inches thick. Excessive thickness might feel good at first, but trust me it does not give the neck and spine much needed support.

Sleeping postures

Depending on the severity, your doctor may recommend you to switch to side sleeping or on your back. Propping a pillow under or in between your legs can give you a craved comfort level. It is said that people dealing with scoliosis have a slight degree of hyperkyphosis (a tiny hunched back deformity) that is related with the spinal curvature. With the help of a firmer mattress, roundedness of the spine can easily be eliminated.

Support your head and neck

Do not go for large pillows. They will push your head forward and disrupt the spine alignment. It can also hinder natural breathing process while promoting severe neck pain. Cervical pillows are the best. This is because they optimize REM and come with many hypoallergenic fabric that ensure good cervical health. They also shoo away any respiratory or allergic disease as well.

Best Mattress for Scoliosis patients

I do understand that the comfort level differs; for instance, some prefer a firmer mattress while some like it soft. But one type of mattress that is constantly termed best mattress for scoliosis patients is the memory foam.

Today’s mattress are made out of polyurethane with other chemicals that boost the foam’s viscosity. The ability of memory foam mattress is to distribute the body weight thus eliminating the severity in certain pressure points of the body. It also contours to your body shape and bounces back to its original position once you are up.

What do you get? A comfortable sleep without keeping you tossing and turning. placing the body in painless position. You won’t feel like climbing out of bed with this type of mattress. Memory foam mattresses are not just beneficial for those dealing with scoliosis but for those with back pains, arthritis or people dealing with sleep disorders.

Any mattress that you choose has to give good spinal support. The level of firmness will depend upon the individual preference. Any mattress will have to be replaced after 8-10 years of use, else the mattress will begin to sag. Heavier people will need mattresses which are more firm. The website gives details of the firmness level to find the recommended best bed for scoliosis patients and those suffering from back pain by Dr. Hali.

Bottomline – Mattress for Scoliosis patients

To conclude, optimum comfort and support is necessary while choosing the right mattress. While trying on a new mattress for Scoliosis patients, lay down for 15-20 minutes and ensure if its the comfy enough to support your back. Not two people are same. While few prefer firm mattress, studies show that they increase the back pain. It is always better to go for medium firm mattress or memory foam mattress. Such mattresses are proven to deliver optimum relief in scoliosis patients than firm mattress. This is because medium firm mattress allows the shoulder and hips to sink lightly than firmer ones that can cause pains or aches in pressure points.

Always remember, it comes down to your health and do not let a smooth talking salesperson to get you away with the wrong mattress.

Wright mattress reviews – What People are saying about the Wright Mattress and its Prices!

Wright Mattress

Wright Mattress is a new entrant in already crowded mattress industry. Wright Mattress has all set on to break industry’s bench marked mattresses by delivering products that are worthy to fit your most peaceful space in your homes.

Wright mattress is a new comer in the mattress industry but has managed to get a decent fan following. Wright mattresses provide both retail and online shopping with their retail store located in Lafayette, NY. Find absolute wright mattress reviews here and I leave it at your discretion.

Sleep is one of the most inevitable factors when it comes to maintaining a healthy mental and physical health. Putting a tired body on a comfy mattress is something priceless. It not only helps you to get rid of unwanted stress but also aids in a beauty sleep that will keep aging at bay not to mention assisting the spinal area a great deal. Of course, the right kind of mattress is a definite must for all the above points to come in action.

But with so many brands in the market and the articulate jargons salesmen use, its quite confusing to narrow on the right mattress. Always consider the following factors:

  • comfort
  • softness/firmness
  • hygiene
  • durability etc.

Lay down on the mattress for a few minutes and then see how it feels. It might be embarrassing laying down in the middle of the retail store but then its definitely worth considering you are investing good bucks on a mattress.

Wright mattress W1.27 mattress – Luxury Memory Foam Mattress

Did you know that Wright W1.27 happened after a lot of researches and studies including 27 different models thus ending on W1.27 mattress? This says a great deal of time and patience they have invested in accomplishing the right product. The best part is, it is well displayed once you lie down on the mattress and feel it for yourself.

The technology and materials that are used for wright mattress building are selected to maintain hygiene especially to those with skin allergies and are lasting that can take good punishment in the years to come.

Wright’s W1.27 model is going to be hard model to beat especially for the competitors such as Casper and Tuft.

Wright mattress offers you four different layers of comfort with the top offering you gel infused memory foam layer. You will also find breathable mesh side panels to improve the air circulation which will prevent you from sleeping hot. Plus the cooling takes away excess moisture from the body leaving you dry and cool at humid climates. With a 11 inch of memory foam mattress, the top is 1.5 inches are made out 5 lbs memory foam that is quite a density compared to other brands that offers you 3-4 lbs. Below are 3 layers of proprietary foam with 6 inch support system of high resiliency polyfoam.

Features of Wright Mattress

Common complaints found regarding memory foam mattress is that they are too slow to react in contouring to the body’s shape. Next in line is that they are too fast in reacting especially in the middle area making you “sink” especially in the center area.

But with Wright mattress, you can strike off both the issues as they are able to achieve the right balance in providing the much craved comfort level. The mattress also targets motion transfer or personal isolation which is met at all the ends so that you can sleep easily even if your partner is switching position.

The foams come with CertiPUR-US certification which gives a promise that the product is standard if not too special. This certification is maintained by almost all USA made mattress including few of Chinese imports as well.

Off gassing is often a problem that is found in almost any of new mattress. Once you open the mattress, leave it exposed for 8-10 hours till the odor fades away.

The company manufactures their own hassle free mattress covers/protectors so you won’t be having any trouble looking for the match. They are specially tailored to fit the bed and come with special snaps. For example, Wright’s duvet cover comes with special finger holes thus making it easy to take it on and off. You will also be getting a 15 year warranty for sagging or defective issues and the company promises to replace the mattress for free.

How Wright mattress feels

It is important to know how the mattress feels on your body. This one is definitely on the firm side of medium. On a scale of 1-10 where 1 is solid firm and 10 is marshmallow, wright mattress falls at 4.5. It will keep you aligned unless of course you are too thin or heavy bodied. In other words, if you are looking for luxury firm or plush mattress, then this is for you. Those hunting for extra firm or super soft, look elsewhere.

Ordering, Shipping and Returns

You can order the Wright mattress online itself. If you live in NY, you can check the variety of Wright mattresses voluntarily. The store is located in Lafayette and is working 7 days a week. This will help you in getting a clear picture of how the mattress works for you.

The company also provides an option to take away the old mattress so if you are trying to retire the old one, wright mattress company will take care of it.

Choose the mattress comfortable and it will be shipped to you for FREE. You will be getting the product not only within 2-4 business days and will arrive in a compressed package. The installation is also done by the company itself which takes the pressure out of you.

Wright mattress also offers you 120 day trial (both online and retail purchase) so you can determine how well the mattress meshes with your body. The company offers a full refund if you are not satisfied with the product. This puts wright mattress on a higher pedestal for trial periods than any of the mattress brands in the industry.

Price of Wright Mattress

Mattress is a long time investment so you really have to be sure while investing on a product. Wright mattress though new the prices seem to be more old school and keeping in line with traditional brands such as Serta, Sealy etc. For instance, a Queen sized Wright mattress is sold at $1,785. The price tends to be a bit above when compared to its competitor such as Casper but the cost is justified since Wright mattress uses some really high quality materials to build a mattress and set it out for you.

Wright mattress reviews – What customers have to say

Many customers seems to be quite happy with the comfort level and quality of sleep that is offered by wright mattresses. Few opine they did not note anybody pain or spinal aches and woke up in the morning absolutely comfortable. The customer service has also been a landmark in pushing the customers reviews to the good side. A general consensus said that the customer support of Wright mattresses generously clarified any queries.

The only downside is the off gassing which is a commonly seen issue. But then that can be easily tackled by unpacking the mattress and leaving it open for few hours to get rid of this problem.

Here are honest opinions taken straight from the horses’ mouth.

“Awesome mattress” – Justin

I suffer from back and hip pain and haven’t been able to sleep comfortably on my back for years now…till I purchased a wright mattress! Best part is instead of dreading I can’t wait to climb the bed. I haven’t slept so soundly and felt the gentle support. Thanks for making such a quality product. Worth every penny.”

“Great customer service” – Will

Great mattress and even better is the customer service.

“The best sleep” – Cory Vanderploeg

The attention to detail is what makes the product such a hit. It not looks amazing in the room but is the most comfortable mattress I have ever used. I never thought I would brag to friends about mattress but its hard not to.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mattress made out of?

Wright mattress W1.27 is made out of 100% viscoelastic memory foam. After conducting severe tests on every which material such as latex, horsehair, coil, visco, hand rolled cotton and so on, the company found memory foam to be utmost comfortable.

Are wright mattress manufactured in USA?

Yes, while the mattress is made in Coweta County, GA, the fabrics of wright mattresses are manufactured in Rockingham County, NC.

How firm is wright mattress?

The W1.27 is a medium firm mattress which is actually the most comfy firmness that 90% of sleepers prefer. Consumers who have used various mattress claim that they need extra firm to inhibit back pain but a quality based medium firm mattress will work efficiently than an extra firm mattress.

Does Wright mattress have crib mattress or non-standard sizes?

No, but the research is going on.

How fast can the company ship the mattress?

Apart from free shipping there are two options for you to choose. First is the full in home installation which takes around 4-9 days for delivery and installation. Second is speedy shipping which is delivered in 2-5 business days. The mattress arrives in compressed package ASAP at your doorstep.

Does the company offer trial period?

Yes, Wright mattress offers you 120 day trial period. If you are not satisfied with the product, simply return it. You will get your money completely refunded no questions asked.


Bottomline, if you are looking for the “right” mattress, then you need not look further. The 120 day trial period for Wright mattresses is a great plus point that other mattress brands do not offer which will give you ample time to try out the product. Price is a competitive one but then good stuff do not come cheap. Wright mattress clearly have used prominent collection for building a comfy bedding and mattress that speak good works the moment you lie down. I know I wouldn’t wait for a second thought while ordering this product. Choice is yours.