Chronic Back Pain – How A New Mattress Might Help

Mattress For Spinal Health

A mattress plays an important role in your life just like your better-half or may be better than that I would say. Getting a restful sleep after a tiring day helps to ward of worries and give the body ample time to repair and mend itself for the challenges coming its way.

For some, mattress isn’t an important aspect in their life but after you read this article you will change your opine about the whole mattress thing.

Back Pain & Mattress

I never used to give importance to a mattress and hardly bothered to change it even after nine consecutive years. Yeah nine long years! We got this mattress after shifting into a new house just after our wedding blues. Back then the mattress was great and we hardly had any regrets about buying it. After that we stepped into our busy lives and things began to change and seriously who gets time think about a mattress or other comforts.

Okay now the story begins as I started getting bad back aches at the middle of the night, while sitting at office or even during household chores. I had lot of visits to different doctors and ended up getting bills and meds like a never ending list.

When I spoke about this to my friends they asked me to change my mattress but as usual I wasn’t convinced to buy that suggestion. My back pain became a chronic problem and years passed with this ongoing problem. By the time I was happily waiting for my newborn to pop out into this world as we had a long wait due to some personal problems.

Causes Of Back Pain

Pregnancy isn’t an easy task and the baby weight in my womb was adding to my back pain. My midwife suggested buying a pregnancy pillow that would support my baby weight and lessen the stress on my back. I did as she suggested as I was left with no other option. But somehow I was feeling light and felt easy to rest with all those stress and pain. The pillow did a great job until my little John safely came into our lives. Motherhood the most important part of a woman’s life had finally bestowed its shadow upon me and I was like at cloud nine wrapping my baby close to my heart. But one thing which always pestered me was my back pain and I seriously found it difficult to keep in pace with my little ones demands.


Again one of my friends named Ramie suggested me to buy a new mattress as it can help me to find some comfort according to her. This time I had terrible pain that I was ready to try anything and everything. She suggested me to buy a new mattress that was medium firm so that it can support my spine better. I had a C section so not to mention had extra back pain and leg pain due to that. So all in all I needed something comfortable to relax on.

Finally me and hubby managed sometime to buy a new mattress that was thicker as well a medium firm one. For my surprise my postpartum back pain had eased on, way better than any medicine could do. My new mattress was supporting my extra pounds comfortably and helped the curvature of my spine to relax every bit. For me it was like having a new life and all those early morning aches had vanished completely. All these years I was spending sleepless nights with pain. Had I taken my friends suggestion seriously long before never would I have to suffer much. But as always “better late than never”.


Every woman out there have some kind of back pain either due to menstrual cycles, job related, stress or even postpartum pain. It is really difficult to ward of back pain with the help of meds. But I guess giving the spine the needed rest would help a lot. And this can be achieved by buying a new mattress according to ones physique. Seriously I have found my right mattress that is helping me a lot so why don’t you also try the same?

Back Pain!!! Sleep Better On An Organic Mattress

Mattress For Spinal Health

We are continuously running like a never ending story and in between we are trying to make changes in our lifestyles to improve our health and mind. A sound body is the main prerequisite for anything and everything you do. It will make a big difference in your entire life. Just like having a healthy diet and a routine workout it is utmost important to sleep better to make things better.

I am health freak and I used to do everything possible to keep my health in better condition. But this stubborn allergy wouldn’t ever leave my side. I tried whatsoever possible but never gave a thought about the root cause of my ailment instead kept going. `But somehow I figured out that the pretty luxurious artificial mattress that was bearing me all these years was the culprit behind the whole scenario. My so called comfy mattress was actually emitting out toxic VOC’s into the air while I was on top of it all those long nights. Imagine the amount of damage that it has caused to my body. I said enough is enough and replaced it ASAP. Why I should spend so much only to damage my body and to show off that I have a super cool mattress.

I really don’t understand what are those certifying organizations doing out there . They are really promoting mattresses that contain harmful chemicals and flame retardants. I have totally got the point that to sleep better and to have a safe health the only option is to choose an organic mattress that is not only long lasting but also health friendly.

So why go for an organic mattress?

  • Sleeping on natural fibers is the healthiest option than sleeping on a synthetic mattress. Natural mattresses act upon better with the changing seasons. It help you sleep in good health during summers as well as winters.
  • Natural mattresses do not off gas and contribute to indoor air pollution like synthetic mattresses. While sleeping on a natural mattress you can relax safe from top to bottom without having a fear in your mind about toxins and chemicals.
  • Different types of natural mattresses are available with a mix of wool layers or natural latex arranged systematically to endow with comfort. You can also choose from a wide range of firm to not so firm mattresses.

Other features

  • Natural mattresses last long and have better warranty than artificial mattress. Most of the natural mattresses are only available with reputed sellers who know their importance.
  • Those having health issues can sleep well on a natural mattress than sleeping on an artificial one. Natural mattresses can lend an upper hand over problems like allergies, aches, pains, sclerosis, fibromyalgia and migraines. They provide better comfort by improving sleep and supporting the body.
  • By buying a natural mattress you are actually going green and helping the environment to stay clean. You can be a proud mattress owner and your mattress isn’t going to contribute to any kind of pollution.
  • A natural mattress can also deal better with pests like mites, molds and bacteria’s.
  • Organic mattress easily picks the moisture around and they also provide proper ventilation whatever the season may be.
  • Organic mattresses are generally costlier than conventional mattress. But when you consider other options like durability, strength and quality they will out-stand others. So when you have greater and high quality options within your reach why go for mattresses that are just meant to steal your pockets.

Conclusion: Sleep is the only natural drug that helps the body and mind to forget and mend all the negatives’ it has gone through the previous day. A night full of peaceful sleep is the best gift one can offer to self. So when it comes to sleep try to go natural and stay green for having a great health as well as happy environment.

Things You Should Know While Going To Buy A Mattress


Mattress is an indispensable creation of man that brings life to our health as well as our rooms. If you get that straight then you are going to wake up in good spirits early morning; if not then you will end up cursing your back and muscles for the pain that has hit your body.

Sleep is an essential facet that is not to be overlooked and has to be given importance just like having a healthy diet or even going for a workout. Currently people around the globe are suffering from different types of ailments . Most of them are caused due to stress and lack of rest. Sleep is the only activity that allows us to forget everything surrounding us right from what we like to what we hate the most. It even lends a hand to the body to mend its damaged parts before the clock ticks and tocks along with the rising sun. Our body needs rest and time to repair. So it is our duty to buy an ideal mattress that can provide a king size sleep.

For those who are on the look out to buy a mattress here are a few points that you should be aware of before jumping into the scene. If you carefully follow the tips below am sure you wouldn’t have to regret later.

Chose a perfect bed that suits your style and classiness

Your bed is going to eat up a larger fraction of your room. So wouldn’t it be good to get something modish and not so boring? Make sure that it has ample room for your mattress to fit in comfortably without slipping out. Most of the mattresses are of dissimilar standards based on the brand so compare and buy.

Check your room space

While going to buy a mattress make sure to check your room space. It is very important to calculate how much walking room will be on hand after your mattress takes its position. This point is very important because recently I ended up buying a double mattress that consumed most of my room space. I can barely walk on either side. My dressing table is also stuck on one side that I need to keep moving my bed to steal a look into my mirror and move it back to plot a course around. If your room is a tubular shaped one then I would suggest for a queen sized mattress. It is good lengthwise and gives pretty room on the either sides.

Compare between showrooms

There are number of showrooms that will be available at your locality as well as another alternative in the form of online stores. So the major concern is where to shop, so I would say go far and wide and look everything in detail. Note down the details along with the price, size and all comparisons. Such collected details will help you to sort out your doubts and make it easy to choose a mattress. Based on my experience online stores are pretty good. You will get to save some money as they are reasonably cheaper than local stores.

Include your partner in crime

If your aren’t the only one going to sleep in the mattress then make sure to include your partner in the whole process so that later you both don’t want to waste time quarreling over this subject. A few years back I bought a mattress as my old mattress was showing up old age signs like sagging. The new mattress was pretty good with a great visual appeal. But it wasn’t excellent enough to get into my husband’s good books. So to avoid such issues make sure you include your partner along with you while choosing a mattress.

Jump on the bed or try it out

This option is mostly available only when you go in person to the shop. Some online stores also provide the option of a trail run. In any case when you get to see the mattresses make sure to spend some time with it by relaxing on it. Check the edge support and just feel the comfort which it lends. You are investing your money for long term so go real slow and make a wise decision.

Materials used to build a mattress

There are many varieties of materials that are being used to build a mattress like organic latex, synthetic latex, memory foam, innerspring and hybrids. Mattresses that are made of purely natural stuffs might price higher than synthetic ones. If you want to enjoy the comforts of different materials then go for a hybrid variety. The different layers are fixed with varying materials pleated one over the other.

Ask questions rather than just listening

Generally it is a common tendency to go behind the looks rather than the comfort. So while you visit a showroom listen to the salesman’s talks patiently and then ask a set of questions before you take a decision. If your salesman is ready to negotiate the price then get in your head that the mattress is overpriced and he isn’t doing any favor by reducing the cost.

Consider the thickness of the mattress

Thickness of the mattress will matter a lot as it will directly have a direct impact from the body weight due to the pressure that is applied. If you are on the heavy side of a weighing machine then consider buying a mattress that is thicker so that it will provide ample support. For those who are on the lighter side consider buying a mattress that is not too thick. But it really doesn’t matter as such people won’t be exerting pressure on the mattress. My hubby weighs above 300 lbs and I am on the lighter side but we have chosen a 9” inch thick mattress so that he can sleep comfortably and I also find it real good.

Price does matter

Mattresses are a sensation nowadays with different varieties which makes a person really confused as to what to buy. Keep in mind that you want a mattress for comfort not to show off after all it is for your body and not to exhibit to others. A costly mattress may not perform well always nor will a cheap mattress underperform always so don’t run behind such follies. Choose the perfect mattress which you like to spend your nights in comfort. Even if the mattress prices more than your budget don’t hesitate as it will be a good investment and for a long term.

Hidden costs and delivery charges

Ask everything from A to Z about how much you need to invest. Some mattress sellers charge extra quoting delivery and labor charges so makes sure to ask everything before paying the money. Also make sure when you want your mattress to be delivered as some sellers do not make out deliveries during specific days of a week. Online stores make handling and delivery very easy as you don’t have to worry much regarding it once you make a payment. Mostly shipping costs will be included in the price of the mattress.

What about warranty?

Warranty is very important while choosing a mattress as longer the warranty the more you are on the safer side. Most of the brands offer good warranty periods and even online stores offer such options with great ease. There are customer care systems where you can actually call for your queries and complaints so that they can take necessary actions.

Buy a mattress protector cover

Once you have done choosing your ideal mattress the next right thing you need to do is buy a mattress protector right away. This will help you to protect your costly mattress from a wear and tear, spilling fluids or eatables, bed bugs and even naughty kids.

Do you have back pain?

Again this is a very important question that you have to ask yourself before buying a mattress. If you have back pain issues or other medical conditions then buy a mattress after consulting with your chiropractor. Generally those who suffer from back pain can buy a medium firm mattress. It can easily support the curvature of the spine. There are different kind of mattresses that are available for various medical conditions. But not do get carried away too much by such advertisements.

Bid farewell to your old mattress

Be a good responsible citizen and donate it if it is good condition. Or else send it for recycling so that you can save the environment by not dumping on the landfills. My old mattress was sagging too much. I sent it to the recycling station where it was conked out and put to good use.

I think the best way to get a night full of peaceful sleep is to work hard the whole day. Then lie down on a comfortable mattress, that can support the body. A mattress is as important as a healthy diet because both can have a great impact on one’s life. Give your worries to god and your body to the mattress and go to sleep.

Want To Buy A Latex Mattress Then Here Is Everything That You Need To Know

Latex Mattress

Latex mattress is basically made of pure latex which is naturally available and is the best seller among health conscious buyers also called as green buyers.

Recently I has visited my friend’s beach house. Stayed there for a couple of days enjoying the warmth of the sun with all of that tan running over my body. I really had a good time. Especially enjoyed her guestroom with the double bed and latex mattress which she had opted for it. I am person who wake up with terrible back pain every morning and end up screwing my whole day. But to my utter surprise I woke up with a happy face without even having a thought about any aches and pain. Well I guess latex mattress did all the magic for me as I really felt so comfortable. I had a great sleep which I never had since ages.

This was my first encounter with a latex mattress. As you all know that it has a limited availability and are not easily seen in most of the showrooms. They are a rare species in the mattress industry which has all the features of a memory foam mattress without its disadvantages being tailed to it. Yes it does not produce heat or emit some sort of smell like memory foam mattress since it is a natural product.

Here a few things that every buyer should know about a latex mattress. I will explain how I felt sleeping on top of it.

There are two types of latex mattress generally available

  • Completely made of latex and no other additional materials are added
  • Hybrid variety which includes upper latex layer and lower layer may be of foam or springs or whatever the maker likes to insert for base support.

So basically you can chose form these two varieties. But I would suggest to go for the former one as it is a complete natural product and feels so good to coddle on top it. On the cost side pure latex mattress may price a bit higher than the hybrid varieties. But when you can get a good deal of sleep why compromise with mattress for a few extra bucks. After all you are going to invest for a long time so it shouldn’t go waste.

For those who are having normal back pain and muscle strains caused due to office jobs and other household chores I would suggest buying a latex mattress. It really works. I had already replaced my old mattress for a new latex mattress with a medium firmness level. This is the first time where I could actually try a mattress and then buy one for my use.

Features Of Latex Mattress

Latex mattress are available with varying level of firmness for all sleeping positions. It does not produce any odor or even emit harmful substances which may cause indoor pollution. Basically am on the heavy side on my weight scale and my 10” latex mattress supports my body very evenly.

Latex mattresses are easy to maintain and mostly sold by reputed dealers. So you don’t have to worry on the warranty and return policy stuffs. I bought my mattress online where it is mostly available and it was delivered promptly.

There are hundreds of doubles available for a same product. So don’t get fooled and make sure that you only buy organic variety which is purely natural. Natural latex mattress contains wool cover instead of layers of flame retardant chemicals so it is really a good catch.

I am really happy for I have got the sleep I was craving for since a long time. Buying this mattress is like investing on two conventional mattresses at one shot as it stays for a long time without any wear and tear.

Guilt Free Reasons Why You Should Replace An Old Mattress


Mattress is a quintessential necessity for mankind. It first came into existence during the New Stone Age or the Neolithic era where grass, leaves and straw were piled up to form a nice decent mattress. With the passage of time new concepts evolved and the evolution of the mattress industry has been incredibly astonishing that you can actually have 100’s of species to choose from that you can take home.

Mattress is the only place to end a perfect day after lot of stomping your feet, screaming from your diaphragm for the uncalled and getting on others nerves giving an “I don’t care attitude”. Seriously I end up a bad day and a good day by jumping on my mattress only to wake up for a brand new morning. A mattress matters a lot in one’s life as Marc warren rightly said “Apparently, if you live until 75, you’ll have spent 25 years in bed, so it makes sense to have a decent mattress”.


Let us discuss about the truth of an old mattress that has been sharing its life with us since a long time.

Life span of a mattress: Certain things grow with the age and become better but that is not the case with the mattress. It undergoes depreciation by all means. On an average a mattress can perform well only up to 6 years and after that it just doesn’t lend any comfort.

Waking up tired: It’s all well until you plunge into the bed and when its sunrise your back starts to ache as if it has gone through a tunnel carrying bags of coal. This happens with most of us and the real culprit is the old mattress that isn’t rendering any support.

Slumped or lumpy mattress: Every mattress starts to sag after a point when it gets tired of bearing all those weights and actions all these years. Apparently it aint some human being to screech at you. But instead it shows some signs like sagging to tell that it is tired and its job is done . Moreover a mattress that has sagging can cause back aches and muscle pain.

Getting good sleep somewhere else: If you feel that you got a great sleep last night in your friend’s house or on that pretty decorated room which you rented while on a vacation then it probably signals that your mattress has something to do with it. If you aren’t feeling good and comfortable on your mattress like those which you felt good then it’s time to get rid of your old buddy for the better.

How old are you? Your age matters a lot along with age of the mattress. It isn’t okay to adjust with an old mattress which is above 7 years old. Your body will be more prone to aches and strains with the increasing age and particularly with an old mattress it isn’t going to get any better. You will need to consider buying a mattress that is ideal for your body and health conditions.

You baby has grown up on that mattress: Don’t tell me that your mattress has been a trampoline and a great place where your little one had a great time spilling everything from urine to eatables. Then it must have worn and torn out by now, losing all its comfort.” Not a bit surprised, why you aren’t feeling good on top of it”. Better get set to fetch in a fresh mattress.

Toss and turns: How many times do you toss and turn to get a sleep that is much required. You are doing this to and fro action only because your mattress isn’t providing your body that comfortable space to sink in. Certain medical conditions may also result in such situations. But if you are in sound health and find this issue happening with you then it’s time to sling your mattress.

Allergy: If you have a problem of allergies or prone to allergy down the lane then it is best to replace an old mattress timely without fail. Your mattress is actually a graveyard of dead skin cells, body fluids, mites and bugs. Even if you clean and wash your blankets that isn’t going to help to deal with allergies until your mattress isn’t clean. So chuck out these uninvited guests along with the old mattress that has been sleeping with you since a long time.

Old inherited mattress: Most of us have this sentiment of sticking to inherited items that has been genuinely passed on to the next and to the next. Well mattress isn’t a best thing that it has to be passed on from one generation to the other. I mean seriously why a person will want to sleep on a bed that has been used for years and by many. It is better to fold it or stack it somewhere if you really don’t want to throw it. But consider buying a good mattress to sleep instead of holding on to it.

Medical condition: When your body changes your approach towards everything changes that includes your mattress too. Your mattress would have been your best buddy over all these years but now your body needs a new companion who would lend support than being more than a luxury. When you have medical conditions like scoliosis, chronic back pain, during pregnancy, post pregnancy and age factors you should consider changing your old mattress to acquire comfort.

Dozens of choices: Yes you heard it right!! There are different types and varieties of materials used to build a mattress to make it a supreme place to rest on. You will actually get confused checking out all the options as most of them are synonyms for comfort and luxury. If you are really ready to chuck your old mattress for a brand new one then visit a nearby store.

So I hope you got enough reasons to deal with your old mattress in a better way. It is true that it has been a great companion all these years and when it’s time to bid adieu do it with honor.

Confused what to do with your old mattress?

Well once you have determined that you no longer need your old mattress then being a better and a responsible citizen discard the idea of dumping it in a landfill. When you dump in a landfill it will pollute the environment and consume huge space only to make things worse. Also understand the fact that most of the mattresses contain chemicals and artificial materials used in it which can seriously cause damage to the environment.

If your mattress isn’t in that bad condition then consider sending to for donations or call a salvation army who can pick up the mattress if your area is serviceable. You can also consider selling them to furniture stores who sell used items or just donate it to someone who really needs it. Donating isn’t an easy task either as all is concerned about bug infestation and hygiene so it is better to send it to a recycling station where it can be processed.

In a case that your mattress is seriously damaged or not hygienic enough then better send for recycling. The inside of the mattress will be busted out. All the materials will be converted into new products and wastes will be removed in cleaner way.

Conclusion: Let it go… Let it go for the better sleep you have longed for… let it go let it go for the times that are yet to come … don’t hold on more for the mattress can’t bear more… it has done its job for the price you have paid… let it go .. Let it go…be guilt free and let it go…

Get Rid Of Causes Of Back Pain Problems Once & For All

Mattress For Spinal Health

Back Pain

Problems are common in everyone’s life but the way you deal with it shows your quality and defines the complete you. There is nothing in this world that cannot be handled. So whether you chose to sit back in grief or ascend from the pain is exclusively in your hands. So gear up lets deal with back pain with full zest.

Every individual in this globe would have back pain as an uninvited visitor at some point of time. This ailment slowly creeps up into your body through different ways. When this ailment leashes out its wrath no man can sleep peacefully nor enjoy their life to the fullest.


So grab your seats tight and give me just 5 minutes!! You will get to know what to avoid and what are the major reasons that is triggering the back pain.

Lets us start analyzing one by one

How many hours do you get to sleep at night?

Yeah count it genuinely and keep a note of it aside on a paper. It is generally said that a human body requires at least 8 hours of sleep a day or at the minimum level 6 hours. Prior to the advent of mobiles, tablets and phablets people used to sleep early but now they have a habit of clinging to such devices with all those beep sounds rumbling in their bed rooms. Common people, this is not the right way to treat your body and in particular the spine. It aint any piece of equipment that can be replaced but surely can be repaired. So a night full of rest and peaceful sleep is the only remedy to mend the strained muscles, and hardworking cells to get things straight. Don’t take that much deserved rest from them after all they work for your wellbeing.

How many hours a week do you indulge in physical activities?

Keep a note of that on the same paper so that at last you can understand where you stand. So coming to the point, exercise is a common strategy that all should adopt for a better life and healthy body. Routine exercises can help to stretch those twisted and bent nerves, allow blood circulation, and enhance muscle power and burn superfluous fats. When all the core muscles at the back are strong enough they can hold up the spine better and help to prevent back aches. As a rule of thumb at least 4 hours a week must be dedicated for exercises like walking, jogging .If you find these boring then grab a shovel or a spade and start digging in your garden.

How much do you weigh?

Check your weight and note it down. So as you as all know the spine supports the whole body to stand straight and move around in synchronization. It does this all day long when you are awake and gets to rest only while you are at sleep. The whole weight is actually carried by the spine and that is the reason why it gets hit with pain. If you have a BMI that qualifies you as overweight or obese then probably your back pain isn’t going to go away unless you shed some pounds. Call a nutritionist or a fitness trainer right away to shed your stubborn pounds.

How old is your mattress?

Again make a note of that and keep aside. I know you love your old mattress a lot and you should also be aware of the fact that a mattress can stay healthy and in shape only for around 6 years on an average. With the passage of time mattress begins to sag here and there which is the root cause of back pains. If your mattress isn’t able to adjust or bend according to the curvature of the spine then it is sure going to pose trouble.

A “not so firm not so soft mattress” is an ideal choice for maintaining a healthy spine. So chuck your old mattress off to replace with a new one. If you find that your budget isn’t enough to afford a new brand mattress then consider buying a mattress topper to cover up your old mattress.

How demanding is your job?

Do you sit in a chair for long hours if so how much time? Do you carry weights or do the same monotonous task for long periods? Again note them down on that paper.

Handling weights/ sitting on a chair for never ending times, all these can create havoc on your spinal cord. It isn’t possible to get rid of these jobs as you survive on the bread they offer. But you can surely take a few breaks to stretch your limbs, stare at some far objects to ease off the strain from your eyes. Walking a few steps or doing something else can help to relax your muscles and improve blood circulation. This is applicable to nursing mothers and homemakers who have to carry weights and do house hold chores 24/7 and 365 days without a break. They really need to take a break in between to get some rest.

Tips For Back Problems

Now calculate all the results that you have noted on the paper and understand what your body needs. Here are a few habits that you need to change to get rid of back pain:

  • Lying on your side with hands supporting your head with an endless inquiry on your tablets or laptops. This is mostly done by all and is the major cause of having neck and back pains. Trust me once you quit doing this you will begin to feel the change.
  • Highly processed foods and junk foods lead to poor nutrition and it results in back pain. Your spine needs good nourishment in the form of minerals and vitamins. So stack yourself with natural stuffs which are plentiful with what our body needs.
  • Replace your shoes periodically when it is torn out and don’t try to save money on that. Worn out shoes or uncalled for shoes can cause back pain and ankle pain.
  • You like to smoke? Well it is so cool that it can actually stop sending oxygen to your cells all around the body. Don’t think that it is just the lungs and heart that gets affected but even your spine can get damaged with low oxygen levels. Still do you like to smoke?
  • Chose to gulp the zero calorie drink “pure water “around 8 glasses a day to keep all ailments at bay.
  • Turn off your mobiles and all electronic gadgets into flight mode so that they don’t beep on your ears.
  • Get into the habit of consuming natural supplements or multivitamins after consulting with your health expert.

Tips For Women

  • Ladies are crazy about hand bags but comprehend the fact, it might be a fashion statement but holding it right there can irk your nerves and kick start back pain and shoulder pain.
  • Again a tip for ladies while selecting a bra, use some common sense instead of going behind a brand or a TV commercial. Buy the perfect one which supports your breast size and has a definite cup which can hold it perfectly. Don’t buy a bra which is too tight or too lose but chose the correct one after trying it out.


Majority of the back pain are caused by carelessness, lack of knowledge towards our health and day to day routines. So if you get these things straight everything will seem to be perfect and in sound health.

Natures sleep mattress

Nature’s Sleep is a mattress maker that provides its customers to enjoy sleep at affordable prices while keeping in mind about customers preferences. Nature’s Sleep mattresses are simply excellent and they respond to every touch you place on them.

Nature’s Sleep Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

About Nature’s Sleep Mattress

They are designed after continuous innovations to create the perfect solution to sleep problems. They claim that those who sleep on nature sleep mattress toss and turn 75% lesser than on an innerspring mattress.  The owner of this company had three surgeries. He had difficulties finding the right bed for his neck and back. So he took things in his own hand and designed a company that offers various types of mattresses to suit different health conditions.  All the mattresses are made of memory foam with open cells that allows sleeping cool without getting heated up.

Different Sizes of memory foam mattresses available at natures sleep are TWIN, TWIN XL, FULL, QUEEN, WIDE QUEEN, KING AND CALIFORNIA KING.

You can also choose from different height ranges according to your preference. They offer a height range from 8-inch to 13-inch.  For those who love to sleep on firm mattress can choose one from various models available. Similarly those who love to sleep on plush mattress can opt for that.  Well those who don’t like either of them can opt for a medium firm one which is best suited for back health and chronic neck pain.

Features, Pricing & Shipping

Nature’s Sleep Mattress provides a lot of choices and options for its customers.  One can choose the best keeping in mind the comfort and the budget as there are over 16 different types of mattresses available.

The mattresses prices ranges from $599 to $ 4000 depending on the size and comforts offered.  Natures sleep mattresses use organic materials in their products that are of high quality and great for those who suffer from allergy.  They use 100% hypoallergenic foam and are certified by CertiPUR-US. Usually it is said that most of the mattress makers add chemicals in their products like flame retardants and others. But natures sleep products are clean and they do not add any such stuffs to their products.

They even take great care while shipping the product as they provide vacuum packaging which helps to make the package look pretty small and easy to handle. They use eco friendly materials in all the stages. So that they can stay environment friendly unlike other mattress makers who think only about profit.

In natures sleep they appreciate the importance of sleep as a main component to make a person more productive and sound and due to that fact they have designed unique models of mattresses to suit different requirements of different people.

Nature’s Sleep Mattress – Product details and Comfort levels

Nature’s Sleep products are designed to deliver rest, relaxation and rejuvenation according to their mission statement. I guess they are standing to their claims as most of the customers are giving good feedbacks about their products.

Here are the different types of mattress provided by Nature’s Sleep Mattress

Memory foam mattress

Memory foam mattresses are typically designed to mold according to the body movements when one changes sides and stretches the body.  It contours according to ones wish and bounces back once the pressure is released.  Memory foam mattresses are nowadays commonly used around the world due to the comforts it offers.

Pillow top mattress

A pillow top mattress also known as euro top mattress is actually any mattress that has an additional padding stitched into its top. This padding can be of any material and natures sleep provides memory foam or gel based foam as its padding.

Gel memory foam mattress

It is nothing but gel particles fused into the visco foam to reduce heat trapped inside the foam and to speed up the bouncing process. Gel memory foam is much softer and plush than original memory foam mattress.

Sofa bed sleeper

This is actually a product that belongs to the luxury class. It can be used as a sofa or a bed according to ones wish. This sleeper is a sofa that can be converted in to a mattress. It helps to save a lot of space or accommodate guests in your living room when there is a need.

Customer opinions about Nature’s Sleep Mattress

Most of the people who own a mattress from this brand say that they feel like they are sleeping on the air. It lets them to sink into the world of ecstasy only to forget all the pain and aches that the body has been dealing with.  It is so relaxing for them after returning back from a tedious day and a job.  All the credit goes to the memory foam and the founder of this company whose hard work has paid off in the form of positive feedbacks.

Some customers who feel that plain looking mattresses are bland are fascinated by the stitched designs that natures sleep have incorporated into the mattresses. All the products from natures sleep have a good colour scheme and stitched designs on the edges that make the mattress look stunning and classy.

Why should one buy a Nature’s Sleep Mattress?

You all know that investing on a mattress is a long term affair and one needs to choose carefully.  Nature sleep is a company that represents quality and provides luxury and comfort in affordable prices. They have a good reputation and positive customer feed backs.  So I guess it is better to invest with them for a quality mattress.  After all, one should not comprise with quality and comfort when it comes to sleep.


Moreover they even provide a whooping 20 year limited warranty for all their products. Isn’t it amazing? I guess no other mattress makers provide such a huge time frame. The company insists that their mattresses last longer than any other brand. There are certain conditions on the warranty that you can find in their website. They also ship their products in a unique way by vacuum packing. The process involves sucking out the air completely and fit the mattress into a small box. When it reaches the customers doorstep all they have to do is open the pack and wait until the mattress regains its shape. Their shipping policy is excellent, the whole product takes a lot of manpower and shipping costs to deal with.

Nature’s Sleep website contains all the models along with the price and specs in detail. You can go through each and every one to understand about the products. So that you can purchase the ideal mattress for your room.  The most famous models are emerald gel memory foam mattress, sofa bed sleepers, glacier gel memory foam. I guess every product out there has some unique features that are so tempting.


Sleep is something which one should not compromise. If you really need to replace or buy a new mattress then you can try natures sleep mattress. If you wish to invest money for a long term and want to enjoy all the comforts and luxury then natures’ sleep is the right place for you.

Tuft and Needle Mattress Reviews

Tuft & Needle Memory Foam Mattress

Tuft & Needle Memory Foam Mattress design contains a single firmness which is universally comfortable for all. It comes with square edges and corners. You will find a Tuft & Needle logo lightly woven into its smooth white cover fabric.

Everything you need to know about tuft & needle

Tuft & needle mattress are the best mattress sellers online especially on the Amazon platform. They pose major threat to all its high end competitors. Read more to know about the company and its product in detail.

Tuft and Needle Company How it all started?

Daehee Park and JT Marin are the cofounders who outlined up this whole firm into a very established organization right from the scratch.  They made it possible to sell mattresses which provides comfort and easy on the pocket products for its customers to keep a hand on.

It all started after Marin got married when he and his wife found it difficult to adjust with the newly bought memory foam mattress. It cost them around $3300 and the salesman claims of fully loaded features and luxury, seemed to be false when the mattress wasn’t rendering to their needs.  When they thought of returning the mattress they had to deal with truth. It wasn’t possible to return the mattress nor there was a positive response for the high end dealer. When Marin shared the story with Daehee they both decided to start up a firm of their own which delivered high quality mattress with affordable price ranges.  And the story thus began.

We will discuss about the story further but before that let’s take a look at the product features.

What is tuft & needle mattress made of?

It is a product made in USA and it is made up of two layers of different densities of foam.  A 3” of 3lbs /ft density proprietary foam is placed over a 7” of 1.8lbs/ft density support foam to make the mattress a perfect place to sleep. To give extra protection to the mattress it is covered using a rayon polyester blend cover.

Durability of the mattress: According to data available online it is said that this mattress has a lifespan of about 6 years. But in general it is not possible to predict and give a clear answer as this product is a new entrant into the mattress segment. They have been into this industry since 2013 so it is just too early to give any review as such. But overall those who own this bed have given good ratings as far as comfort and pricing is concerned.

What is the price range of this tuft & needle mattress?

Price range is actually listed according to the bed size. For a twin bed they cost around $350 and for a king size mattress it costs around $750. Compared to other luxury mattresses online tuft & needle mattresses are way cheaper and economical.  They are priced less due to direct sales to customers from the warehouse.  No middle men play their part in this whole deal as they sell directly through online platform or through their recently opened store at Phoenix.

What do customers feel about the mattress?

The mattress is actually a medium firm one which is best suited for people with back issues.  Even though tuft and needle mattress are made of foam they do not perfectly mould according to the body and give a feel of original memory foam mattress. They are better than other mattresses available online but cannot equal the features given by memory foam mattress like cradling and molding according to the body.  Some people complain that this mattress offer less edge support and it isn’t suitable for sitting or moving around. A minor percent of owners complain that it doesn’t offer much support so they had to purchase a mattress topper.

Is this mattress best for people with back pain?

As far as back pain is considered Tuft & needle mattress can be the best choice to go with as they are medium firm and offer best support for the spine. Normal memory foam mattresses are comfortable but they aren’t any good for the spine. Tuft and needle mattresses actually help the spine to settle down properly and many owners have felt reduced pain after using it. It is also very easy to move around on the mattress without getting pulled inside and it doesn’t make you sink. When you turn around the other person sleeping near you won’t get disturbed by your body movements as it is a more firm than the memory foam mattresses.

How does it feel sleeping on this mattress?

This mattress is actually best suited for people with average body weight and for heavy people they might find it too firm and less comfortable on the long run. For light weight people they may find it too firm and less conforming to their body movements. If you are a back sleeper or a stomach sleeper then this bed can offer you better comfort as it provides medium firm comfort which is required in both the cases. Whether you are a stomach sleeper or a back sleeper the pressure is exerted on the spine so a medium firmness level is a must to ease of the pressure.

For side sleepers this mattress won’t be of much help as they are pretty firm and won’t give that comfortable feel as given by other luxury mattresses.  Tuft and needle mattress is also best when it comes to love as they can provide better support and functionality.  Unlike other memory foam mattresses there are fewer complaints or can say less reports regarding off gassing or heat retention problems with this mattress.  They are also very silent compared to other foam mattress available in the markets.

Is it easy to maintain this mattress?

Since this mattress weighs only around 50 to 90 pounds depending on the size (twin or king) it is comparatively lighter than the other brands and do not contain any handles. They cannot be flipped and are one sided that means you can sleep only on one side of the mattress.  Usually mattresses need to be flipped to prevent sagging but in the case it is not possible. You can only rotate the mattress to prevent sagging or wear and tear.  Some say having a mattress topper can prove to be useful to prevent sagging and wear and tear issues.

Other aspects about the mattress

The company gives a warranty of 10 years for the mattress and also allows a 100 day free home trail without any money being paid. It also discloses all the specifications well and clearly moreover it provides best customer support throughout. Since it is a newly formed company much cannot be said about it. But on the whole customers are giving good opinions about their service. They have devised convenient return policies so that consumers can return products hassle free and they are shipped in a small box in a compressed form.

NOW coming to the story section, both the partners actually SOFTWARE engineers by profession had talks with many suppliers and dealers and they came to know that mattress industry is such a made up thing that most of the giants in this sector are making huge profits from totally very less investments.  That is when they decided to make a mattress that is soft on the pocket as well as provides comfort. They set up an online store through their website and are doing pretty good since their company’s inception.  Recently they have launched their first store at Phoenix, AZ.  They started their entire business by taking a loan amount of $50000 and reached a revenue point of $1 million within the first year.  To know more about them you can visit their website “

Conclusion: This particular brand is purely an innovation by few likeminded people who wanted to bring out the best for its customers and are staying up to the expectations by large.

Nest Love Bed Mattress Review

Nest Bedding Love Bed

Nest bedding is a mattress maker which devotes time to create the best mattresses that are organic, natural and without any added chemicals.  They have created products that are reasonable as well as comfortable. Nest Love & Sleep Mattress is one of their creations.

Let us discuss about Love & Sleep Mattress from Nest Bedding mattress maker in detail. So stay right here to know more

Nest Bedding The Love Bed Mattress Review

The Love Bed is one of the finest innovations by Nest Bedding mattress makers. It is mainly designed to bring the love life back into track especially for couples. It is made of two foam layers latex foam on the top part and high density convoluted support foam on the bottom. The upper layer provides great bouncing effect and responds to touch instantly. It stays cool and does not trap heat inside. The three inch Latex foam provides top class comfort and functionality by bounce back response during love making.

Well most of the couples really love this product for its fast responsiveness and it is so easy to move around. The lower layer is around 6 inches thick and acts basically as a base support for the upper layer. The convoluted design helps the foundation to be very strong and provides a column like support structure. Two layers are arranged in such a way that it helps proper ventilation in and out of the mattress as well as prevent displacing the mattress out of place when pressure is applied.

To add beauty to the mattress it is covered with quilted polyester which is embedded with bamboo fibers. The bamboo fiber helps the mattress to stay cool during hot weathers and also helps to dispel moisture.  The cover acts like a pillow top as it contains visco foam which is 1.5 inch thick and it gives a plush feel to the mattress. You can stretch and move around to feel the comfort of the quilted top placed above the foam mattress.

Nest Bedding Love Beds – Models

Actually you can choose from three different varieties firm, soft and medium firm.  Mostly people’s choice differ according to health condition and comfort levels. So nest bedding has provided three ranges of the same product and they are as follows

  • Love Bed Firm is for those people who need support for their spine especially for the lumbar region. This bed is really firm and won’t be useful for those with chronic back. It is best for people who love to sleep on the stomach.  In general this kind of firmness won’t be liked by many and it may prove beneficial for heavy build people. If you want to make it bit plusher then you can simply add a mattress topper to make it more comfortable.
  • Love bed medium is the perfect fit for everyone. By that I mean to say that it will well suit people with health problems as well as those who look for comfort. They are both soft and firm so that they provide the optimum comfort level without making you sink inside.  This mattress is best for people who suffer from back pain. It helps the body to settle down well without getting pressurized.
  • Love bed soft is a typical soft mattress and is best suited for people who are lighter or slim. If you are a side sleeper and love to sink inside while sleeping then chose this mattress as it is extra soft and too sensitive to touch.

Love Bed & Sex

Whichever bed you select it proves great for sex as the latex contours and regains shape instantly according to the movements. Unlike other mattresses where the bouncing time is much longer love bed has the perfect timing and most of the couples love this mattress a lot. All the good work is done by the latex layer that is placed at the top of the mattress which provides comfort and convenience.

While love making it is very important to have a mattress that provides better support and helps to move around easily without making you lose your energy. For those who want to enjoy sex and have a great time then love bed mattress is the ideal choice for the same. It adapts quickly to the changes and moves along with your body movements with any lag.

Some people compare the love bed with that of the memory foam as latex foam does not provide body contouring like they do. But on the average, love bed is a mattress that provides support and gives a comfortable feel to those who use it.  Those who have a habit of sleeping on a Japanese futon bed can chose to buy a firm love bed to get the same feel.  Unlike other luxury mattresses that boast of having all features but lack proper edge support, you won’t have to regret having a love bed in that case.  It provides super edge support and no matter where you sleep and apply pressure you will feel relaxed and comfortable all night.  I would seriously recommend this product as it is pretty cool and is being priced reasonably.

Love & Sleep Mattress Sizes

Love bed mattresses are good for sexual performance as the latex foam pushes back making sex more enjoyable. Even though it doesn’t give an effect that of the innerspring mattress. But can do pretty well to give you comfort and pleasure that you have longed for.

Love bed mattresses are silent compared to other foam mattresses. They create very little noise so that others don’t get disturbed.  They are available in the following size: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and California king. The price range itself suggests that the mattress is much economical for the features it provides.

Nest mattresses – Shipping, Warranty, Coupons and return policies

Nest Beddings give a free home trial period of 100 days with safe return policies and total money back guarantee putting customers at full ease.  The company even provides free shipping inside the US and no other additional costs are incurred. Nest bed mattress maker manufactures its products in the US and provides  a warranty period of 10 years. They also provide coupons from time to time so customers can buy the products at cheap rates. In addition to all these they provide a comfort guarantee period where you can actually exchange your present love bed mattress for another love bed.

The nest mattress maker has created love bed after careful study and research about user preferences and needs. I guess this mattress is worth a try. It is both affordable and consists most of the features provided by any other luxury mattress.

Conclusion:  Love bed mattress is an all rounder mattress which can satisfy the needs of the populace who have different perception of comfort and budgets. I would certainly recommend you to buy a love bed mattress for the all the features it provides.

VibraLITE Mini Bedwetting –Watch Review & Instructions

VibraLITE Mini Bedwetting –Watch

VibraLITE mini bedwetting watch is a perfect monitoring device that helps to deal with daytime bedwetting in kids. Bedwetting is common for kids between the age of 4 to 10 and some do it unintentionally due to medical conditions.

Now you can actually train and teach them to attend to their bodily needs and empty the bladders periodically. Parents can actually keep a track on their daytime bedwetting issues. Read More …

Does this VibraLITE mini bedwetting watch aid in training good habits in kids? Read this article to know more about this useful bedwetting solution.

  • VibraLITE Mini Reminder Watch In A Glance
  • Monitors daytime bedwetting
  • Employs vibration and/or sound depending on one’s need
  • Set 12 different daily alarms
  • Easy to program
  • Lock option to prevent kids from tampering the settings accidentally
  • 20-second alarm duration
  • Bright backlight stays while programming
  • Available in various colors and trends

VibraLITE mini reminder watch is a trendy watch that suits your cute little kid’s wrists neatly. It has an extensive set of 12 different alarms, which users can set on a daily basis. Each alarm lasts for 20 seconds either with sound or vibration or sometimes both. It also works as a countdown timer based on hours, minutes, and seconds. The user can program it according to his needs and turn off the alarm when desired.

VibraLITE Mini Reminder Watch Instructions To Use

Setting up this watch is simple and easy. You can do it quickly after a few initial confusion sessions. You will get an instructional manual along with the watch that will help you to navigate easily. The watch has a set of icons on the face, which you can use to confirm your settings. After you have programmed the watch, you can employ the lock feature. This will prevent your child from changing any settings. You can set the alarm to every two hours so that he or she can avoid unwanted bedwetting situations and empty his or her bladder. The VibraLITE mini monitors his or her daytime bedwetting routines. This watch is small and an ideal companion for children.

Can my child use it at school and while outdoors?

Yes, this device is suitable for small children especially when they are at school or outdoors engaging in playtime activities. With 12 alarms daily with 20-second duration, your child will never miss any alerts and follow the schedule properly. He will use the bathroom and on the process he will get used this system. He will naturally adapt to this schedule and develop good habits like emptying the bladder timely.

How is this watch different from other brands?

There are numerous brands available, but the VibraLITE MINI is a total groundbreaking product. The small watch is user-friendly. It works with both vibration and sounds for ease and convenience. This is the smallest vibration available in the markets and fits comfortably on children. There are other sizes available for all ages and you will love its small size for sure. This watch is from a reputed brand and has many innovative products to its credit. This watch follows and meets all the standards.

  • Watch dimensions and available colors
  • Watch Size – 38.5 X 30.5 X 12.3
  • Weight 0.9 ounces
  • Black with a nylon strap and stainless steel buckle: 11.5 -18.5cm
  • Purple and white floral with polyurethane leather strap/ stainless steel buckle: 12cm – 18cm
  • Multicolor, white comes with silicone strap and stainless steel buckle: 12.7cm -18.5 cm
  • Blue, black, orange and pink /nylon & polyurethane hook & loop watch: 14cm -18cm
  • VibraLITE mini warranty: one year limited

Choose your own alert mechanism

VibraLITE mini uses both sounds and vibrations as alarms. You can activate the alerts using vibrate or sound or both according to your need. If you do not love sounds then you can choose the vibrate option. It also allows audible alarm so that parents can also listen to the sound when needed. In this way, parents can monitor the bedwetting patterns easily. The alert will stay around for 20 minutes and you can stop the alert manually by pressing the button. If you want both sound and vibration then you opt for the same settings. The vibration mode is the best mode when you need to set confidential reminders so that it does not disturb or call the attention of others.


The mini uses CR1632 standard 3-volt battery and it comes with the package. The battery lasts long and depends on how frequently you use it. If you use a combination of vibration and sounds then it will consume the power. However, there is nothing to worry as the battery costs less and it is easily replaceable. You can take it to a skilled person to change the battery without damaging the watch.

Is the mini VibraLITE reminder watch waterproof?

VibraLITE mini reminder watch is water resistant but not waterproof. That means that you cannot go swimming and play with the water while wearing the watch. The watch largely remains safe from small water accidents as it has a water resistant O-Ring in its body. This will prevent the water from entering the inside of the watch.

Buy VibraLITE Mini Reminder Watch

You can order the watch from or For queries, you can email or chat with a specialist at the above-mentioned site. You can also place a call at 1-877-834-4107. Check for promo codes and discount coupons for availing this watch at a reduced price.

Customer Reviews

VibraLITE mini is a great pick and many customers have penned down the same at various forums. They say that this product has helped their child to lead a healthy routine and get control over daytime bedwetting habits. There are hundreds of satisfied parents, who recommend this watch proudly to others. In general, this product is worth for the price it comes and works effectively.

Kimberly says, “This watch has helped my son with his medical condition. He gets urine leaks due to bladder damage. With the help of this watch, he urinates every two hours and leads a normal life. I do not have to worry like before and I am relaxed about him now.”

Jimmy says, “My seven-year-old kid is happy using this watch. It is stylish and reminds him his job conveniently. I feel that he is changing and I have noticed that he goes every two hours even when he does not wear the watch.

Conclusion: This watch is an essential piece for growing kids. It helps kids to train themselves and to be independent. VibraLITE mini is a simple device that is easy to wear and sports a great look.