Choose A Right Mattress For Degenerative Disc Disorder: Are You Prepared For A Good Thing?

Choose a Right Mattress For Spinal Health

Why don’t you change your mattress? Do you know, how your work related stress can affect your spine? Moreover, if you do not sleep on a good mattress, you may end up with a serious spinal issue like Degenerative disc disorder.


What is Degenerative Disc Disease?

To understand this term, initially you should understand the anatomy of your spine. Our spinal column is comprised of individual vertebrae which extend from the base of the spine to the base of the skull (extending from the lower, middle, upper back and neck).

The discs are round, spongy cushions called as inter-vertebral discs. Damage to the fibrous outer tissue of the disc may cause fluid leakage from the inner disc. Repeated damage to this disc can add up to major spinal problems in your future life.

What are the results of a Damaged Disc?

A damaged disc is unable to provide normal support to the vertebrae. Hence it loses normal bend, torsion leading to serious pain. Degenerative disc commonly affects the lumbar and neck regions.

How to Choose a Right Mattress to Help Heal This Problem?

Study conducted by Laser Spine Institute shows sleeping in a stressed position for eight hours can augment spinal and disc problems. Using a medium-firm mattress which balances support can keep our spine in proper alignment.

What Is The Need To Diagnose Degenerative Disc Disease?

The disease can worsen your health if left untreated over time. Degenerative disc disorder can be improved but not reversed. In most of the cases certain complications can arise leading to surgeries. Finding an appropriate solution for the problem can bring a great difference in your quality of life.

Latex Mattress & Inner Spring Mattress For The Disorder

Latex mattress

  • This is an 100% eco-friendly latex foam mattress.
  • Offers superior elasticity.
  • Gives ultimate comfort in any sleeping position.
  • The mattress is healthy and safe. Since it is naturally fire resistant.
  • There is no off-gassing and hence beneficial for people who are sensitive to smell.

Customer Reviews About The Mattress

100% natural latex meets all the criterion suggested by Laser Spine Institute. The mattress gives support to the body. Holds the hips comfortably of side sleepers. Thus avoids painful pressure points. You can find that your spine remains in proper alignment all night.

Mattresses for Degenerative Discs and Spinal Support

Spinal Solutions provides a wide range of assembled orthopedic mattresses, some of them with box springs especially made for orthopedic patients. These mattresses provide pressure relief and spinal alignment points to reduce tossing and turning. Spinal Solutions have innerspring, latex and memory foam mattresses to suit the individual needs of different users.

Brentwood Home, Dream Solutions USA and Spring solutions are some of the other companies which make orthopedic mattresses for spinal relief from various orthopedic ailments.

Customer Reviews

The above mentioned mattresses are perfect for people with Degenerative disc disorder. The overall quality of sleep will be higher than your expectations in these type of mattresses.  The customer reviews for these mattresses are also very good.  These mattresses gives high comfort levels for people who sleep on their back or stomach. Subsequently, they also provides excellent heat dissipation. Hence it is very essential to choose a right mattress  for people who suffer from orhtopedic diseases.


It’s always recommended to use a quality mattress which can protect your back as you sleep. Also, helps to minimize damage from pressure on the inter-vertebral discs. Care for your health now, so you can stay away from worse complications in future life.

How Does Vacuum Mattress Help In Spinal Immobilization

Mattress For Spinal Health

A 50 year old woman happened to meet with a road traffic accident. Thus, she was paralyzed on a long spinal board. On arriving the emergency department she was complaining of slight low back pain. She was very uncomfortable on the board and demanded for the immediate removal. This makes us wonder whether a vacuum mattress is more comfortable? Does it provide better degree of immobilization??

What is vacuum mattress?

Also termed as vacmat. This vacuum mattress is used for the immobilization of patients suffering from vertebra and limb trauma. Also, this mattress can replace the stretcher. Thus, it can be useful for manual transportation of the affected persons to short distances.

How the spine immobilization is done with?

  • A vacuum mattress
  • A rigid cervical collar
  • A stretcher placed under it

What the mattress contains?

Vacmat consists of a sealed polymer bag which encompasses small polystyrene balls (with a valve, straps and handles etc). This is washable and also invisible to the X-rays.

Operation of a vacmat

This mattress is placed on a stretcher and the patient is moved on this bed. Then, the sides of the mattress are shaped around the patient. After this, the air is passed through the valve and it is shut. The added pressure pushes the balls together making the mattress hard and rigid. Finally, the straps are fastened to secure the patient.

Why sheet are placed on these types of mattresses?

  • For the easy transfer of the patient at the emergency room.
  • To safeguard the mattress.
  • To prevent direct contact of the skin with plastic (for a sweating casualty).

Details on preparation of the mattress

First of all, the mattress is placed on a stretcher and the straps are put under the mattress along its side. Then the polystyrene balls are evenly dispensed along the length of the mattress. Addition of only few balls will make the area less rigid. You can also concentrate the balls on one area to make it more rigid. Finally, a sheet is put over it, wrapping it in a S-shape. The team member checks the working of the pump.

Ways to put the casualty on the mattress

  • Lift the patient and push the stretcher under it. This involves a team work of five members. But, you should use this only when a spine trauma happens.
  • Lifting through scoop stretcher. This stretcher is put on the mattress and opened to release the casualty.
  • Lastly, the patient is put on the long spine board. Then this board is put on the mattress and the patient is lifted with the help of four members.


  • Works as an alternative for long spine board.
  • Provides great comfort.
  • The person will be more secure.
  • You can also use this mattress like a stretcher with the handles for short distances.


  • The mattress may becomes fragile without a perfectly sealed envelope.
  • More expensive than the long spine board.
  • It takes more time in vacuuming the bag when compared to the traditional spinal board.

Understanding Best Mattress Review For Sciatica Pain

Mattress For Spinal Health

Are you waking up with a severe back pain in the morning?

Sleeping on a bad mattress can lead to worsen backaches. Back pain can occur anywhere along your spine. Its important that while lying down your body lay flat with continuous support from the surface in a constant manner.

What is Sciatica pain

Sciatica pain (back pain) is caused by the sciatic nerve. Sciatica is a large nerve which runs from the lower back down the back of each leg. Injuries in this nerve may lead to pain in the lower back which can spread to the areas (like buttocks, hip and leg).

Tips to look for in a mattress, especially for people with Sciatica pain

  • Whether the mattress is too soft or too firm
  • Too soft: Makes an uneven surface while sleeping.
  • Too firm: Puts much pressure on the body causing lower backaches.
  • Side sleepers: A mattress with slight softness is appropriate.
  • Stomach sleepers: A firmer mattress will be good to keep them afloat.

Here are some high-quality back pain mattress comparison designed to offer relief from backaches

WinkBeds mattress

WinkBeds is a hybrid mattress with five different layers. The mattress provides greater comfort, support and long-term durability.

Firmness and comfortable

The bed measures 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale.

  • Top layer: This layer has a blend of HyperSoft foam and gel. Maintains balanced sink age to create a soft feel. Promotes cooling via gel.
  • Second layer: Promotes pressure relieving flexible support.
  • Third layer: Allows us to sleep on the edge of the bed without sagging.
  • Fourth layer: Increases support under heavier pressure. Evenly distributes weight to the overall body.
  • Bottom layer: Offers great shape.

Customer reviews

A bed which offers less motion transfer. Available at a fair price. The top layer is a blend of firm innerspring with a soft memory foam top. Best for the couples with different comfort preferences.

Tuft and Needle mattress

This is a high quality polyurethane foam mattress made in America. Tuft and Needle is rated among the top rated mattress. Lowers back pain, since its not too firm and not too soft. Offers great pressure point relief and spinal alignment.


  • The mattress is a 10 inch polyurethane foam mattress.
  • There is no usage of memory foam, latex foam or any-type of coils.
  • The top three inches of this mattress is made of a triple-layer blended foam.
  • This is a simple mattress with no frills and comes in an affordable cost.

Customer reviews

The users of this mattress have found it to be very useful in offering a comfortable sleep with a partner. Tuft and Needle is designed with confined bounce. So, the couples can sleep peacefully without getting disturbed by each others movements. Moreover the mattress as a longer life span of about 10 years. There are no complaints about any-kind of unpleasant smell.

Saatva mattress

Saatva is a luxury coil mattress which comes with two sets of coils. These coils is responsible for body contour and prevents sagging.


Brings the same comfort level offered by the finest hotels in the world.

There are three firmness level

Customer reviews

The mattress is perfect for persistent lumbar pain. Mostly recommended by orthopedics and back specialists. The movement is well isolated. Hence, is appropriate for partners. Allows great ventilation. Saatva is a renewable and a feasible product available at the best price.

How Coleman Packable Suv Quickbed Can Help In Relieving Back Pain When You Are Outdoors

Coleman Packable SUV Quickbed

Aaahh, Coleman Packable Suv Quickbed!

“Pain is something temporary if one will give up it will become eternal”

A good night’s sleep is an important factor of our life. I read an article about Derrick Favors, who is a basket player of the National Basketball Association. He says “, I missed my 16 games due to serious back and hip injury, the main reason for this is my worst mattress”…….


Back pain is caused by a muscle strain in the back. The reason behind this is our mattress. But we hardly give any importance to our mattress. We think the beds are meant only for sleeping. How many times you might have replaced your bed?? Everyone has a misconception that such disorders are caused due to poor relationships, stress etc. The bed has nothing to do with all this…..

Back pain symptoms

  • Back hardness
  • Muscle spasms
  • Leg numbness and weakness
  • Urinating difficulty
  • Chest pain
  • Severe abdominal pain
  • High fever

“Mina is a social worker. After years she has traveled to her hometown in Iran. She was  ambitious in writing many cultural cookbooks of different places. This time she was about to write a book on Iranian recipes. It was the tradition of her family to sleep outdoors in the yard on summer nights, as a method to obtain peace for both mind and body. Lying on the bed, she experienced the worst moments of her life. Her whole body was suffering from a pain, as if she was about to separate from this world”……

This is the what mostly happens to us when we sleep on the new mattress. Usually when we go to our relatives home or somewhere outside. We can’t sleep easily, all because of the bed.

What is Coleman Packable SUV Quickbed?

As the technology is getting better day by day. There is a solution for every problem, right at our doorstep. Only thing is, we have to explore the resources.

Coleman Packable Suv Quickbed features

  • This is an air mattress which can be carried to anywhere outdoors.
  • Built-in durable inner coils to offer strength and firmness.
  • A soft plush top is there to give extra comfort.
  • This Coleman Packable SUV Quickbed is very comfortable.
  • You can adjust this to 63” long and 41” wide.
  • There is also a built-in Wrap ‘N’ Roll storage system which helps in easy packing and storing.
  • The bed features Coleman’s Airtight system which guarantees no leakage.
  • Manufactured of heavy duty puncture resistant PVC.
  • This quick bed is easy to blow-up and flatten.
  • Good for vehicle emergency kits.

General details on Air mattresses

  • Back pain results from lack of comfort-ability (gaps in support). This stressed position causes pain.
  • Air beds is found to be effective in preventing and reducing pain.
  • Here sagging and loss of support is less compared to other beds.
  • The air chambers present inside this bed offers fair comfort ability. Also, allows adjustable firmness to suit ones personal preference and sleeping position.

Choosing A Mattress For Spinal Issues & Ways To Make Your Mattress The Comfortable Place On Earth Works Only Under These Conditions

Mattress For Spinal Health

I don’t know what to do with my mattress?? My situation has become similar to the story of Goldilocks. Where you need to try a bed to choose the better ones. All the mattress are not of same kind. Some might be too soft, while others too firm. Don’t you remember the three bears……… We all share similar characters to them. Where everyone’s mindset is different and are in need of different types of mattresses. Moreover we cannot ignore the factors like our shape and size.

Why a right mattress?

You spent your valuable time on the bed. Getting not enough sleep will lead to certain spinal issues. This is mainly caused by the damage to the vertebrae. Just standing and sitting straight is not enough. We have to choose the right bedding’s for the dilemma. Always go for a bed that supports the natural curves of the spine.

Different levels of mattresses

  • Firm: Good for people who sleep on their tummy. Firm mattress will keep their spine aligned.
  • Medium: Medium mattress is best if you sleep on your back. Since this will support the spine, back and neck areas.
  • Soft: Best option if you sleeping on your side. Maintains your body’s curves.

Adjustable mattress

This mattress serves as a best choice for persons with back issues like spinal stenosis.

Tips for choosing

  • Explore online resources before purchasing.
  • Take consultation from your physical therapist.
  • Firm mattresses are not always a better choice for back pain.
  • Adjustable beds are a better choice than ever.
  • Ask for both comfort and money back guarantees.
  • Search for warranty.
  • Purchase some waterproof mattress protector.
  • Have a test drive on the mattress.
  • Most crucial point is to shop from a store which specializes in mattresses.

Methods to make your bed look comfy

  • Hang string lights or normal tree lights behind your sheets: Believe this will surely make your bedroom look like a heaven. If you have kids in your home they will surely love this creativity.
  • Replace your bed sheets with duvet cover: Duvet cover is something made of soft, natural fiber offering you a good night’s sleep.
  • Tuck the covers: One should master to tuck in the covers neatly. This makes your bed look impressive.
  • Add pillows: This will escalate your comfy factor to a great extent. Ultimately, will add on beauty if we use pillows of different cover textures and shapes.
  • Bedside lamp: A bedside lamp is one of the best idea. So there is no need to get up to switch off the overhead light.
  • Foam pads: Add Feature pillow-top pad to soften your mattress.
  • Rugs: Make an habit to keep away the bedside rugs in another area. Which will make things painless for your feet in the morning.

Make your bed regularly

  • Making your bed everyday is very important. It doesn’t have to be perfect. But usually nice beds makes a person feel fresh and motivated.
  • Linen sheets:If you’re willing to upgrade your sheets, go for linen sheets instead of cotton. Linen gives you comfort both in winter and summer. This is made from the fibers of the flax plant and thus its valued for their unprecedented coolness in hot weather.

Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew About Pillow Cases & Mattress Protectors More Important Than You Think

Mattress Pads

Alas, I was fed up with my bed few months before. I don’t know why I was not getting enough sleep…. Moreover the stains, what to do with them. Even my bed was not lasting for longer periods. One day, I happen to visit my friend. I saw her bed which she had bought many years before was still looking new and cool. In spite of her naughty kids. Those kids jump like anything on the bed, play on the bed. But still her bed looks so good. Suddenly, she took off the sheets for some reason, that time I noticed her mattress and pillow cover. There were so pretty still. Then, I realized my carelessness of buying the covers. What’s the use of simply blaming the shopkeepers when the fault is in me?Immediately, I went to the shop and purchased all branded new covers for my bed. These days I feel something like heaven when I sleep on my bed, after a busy days work. Otherwise, on all holidays my first duty was the cleaning of my bed. The idea is so mind-blowing, since this has lessened my days work. I think even you people are suffering from the same situation. Mostly moms have the misconception that only kids pee stains can affect the mattress. Apart from pee stains there are certain kinds of fluids which the body produce. It distracts us in many ways. So, lets see why mattress protectors are really significant…

Reasons why mattress protectors are important

  • Helps the mattress to remain clean: The mattress will look clean and pretty. We don’t know how much oil is produced from the skins. Some people wear makeup while sleeping. All this gets soaked through your sheets into the mattress. This is hardly impossible to strain it away from the mattress. Also, we all shed the dead skin cells. To get rid of all these a mattress cover proves worthy, since this can be taken off and washed.
  • Feels “like new” forever: Mattress cover is important when you have small kids in your home. When they spill the drinks on the bed or any other kinds of moisture. It will tear down the foams in the mattress. Ultimately, which will shorten the life span of your mattress.
  • Prevents dust mite allergies: Dust mite allergies are the main causes of many issues like runny nose, wheezing, shortness of breath and sneezing etc. Since, there might be some dead skin cells in your mattresses. These cells serves as a platform for the survival of the dust mites.
  • Warranty: Mattress cover maintains the warranty of the mattress for a long time.

Importance of pillow cases

We spent our maximum hours quality sleep on pillows. Many times we ignore to buy something crucial like a pillow case.

  • Pillow cover safeguards the pillow from stains, moisture and harmful bacteria. Its easy to machine wash and dry this pillow covers.
  • Pillows hoses different kinds of oil and dirt which stick to our hairs and skin when we sleep. The result is a damaged hair and face. To avoid such troubles a pillow protector is a must.

There are different types of pillow cases available in the market according to ones comfort. Some of them are:

  • Cotton Pillow Protectors: These are in great demand in the market, offering high quality protectors. They also offer dust mite and bed bug proof.
  • Wool Filled Pillow Protectors: This is another type of protector regulating the moisture and temperature control. Also wool filled is machine washable and dryable.

Why The Brand Matters While Buying A Mattress – 5 Things You Never Knew!


Are you a crazy person for dresses, modern trends, cosmetics and everything? Then why not for mattresses. How much time do you give in choosing the right bedding’s. Just look into the mirror and answer this question. Obviously, the answer will be a sharp no… who am I to blame, even I used to do the same thing. I used to go for branded clothes and everything selective. But a big mistake was my bed. For that I suffered in the form of disruption of my spinal cord for a long period. 10 years back, I decided to go for a cheap bed costing less penny. But, the bed really played pranks on me. The result was, I had to spend a large amount of money in the hospital. In conclusion, the incident made me feel has if I have seen death near to me.

After all Hippocrates has said “ When in the sickness look to the spine first”

We cannot think sometimes what we consider as silly becomes our enemy.

Spinal cord injury

This affects our day to day regular activities. Spinal chord sends impulses from our brain to all parts of the body. Also the reverse action of sending messages from body to the brain takes place. An injury near to the neck leads to paralysis in the whole body.

Why to choose a branded mattress

  • Happens in many cases: Mostly, we will be in search of a low cost mattress. Usually the shopkeepers take advantage of the situation. They bluff us by giving a mattress which almost costs the same amount to the expensive types.
  • Physical components might not be good: The inner springs and the coils are the ones which give support to the body. In cheap mattresses the coil patterns might be of low quality.
  • Low branded mattress wont support for back pain: A best mattress supports natural curves. Gives alignment to the spinal health. We cannot hope for these qualities in cheaper mattresses.
  • Offers worst damage to the spinal region: Spinal chord is a combination of nerves and other related tissues present in the vertebrae of the spine. This vertebrae are the bones placed on top of each other making up the spine. Resulting in complete loss in mobility and sensation in the affected area.
  • Affects pressure points: We spent our maximum time on the bed. Cheaper mattresses is bounded with thinner padding. Back pain arises due to unbalance in the areas of pressure points.

What a good mattress will offer you

  • Enhances the immune system
  • Relieves back and neck pains
  • Lowers the chances of allergy
  • Exceeding attention skills


There are different kinds of mattresses available in the market namely latex, memory foam, natural waterproof etc etc…. Some people say that foam will be the best option. While, others say that something else will be best. Whatever, the choice is up to you. But what I suggest is don’t play with your health. Bring a change until its too late.

Master the Art Of How To Remove Blood Stains From A Mattress With These simple Tips

Mattress Stain Remover

Removal of old blood stains is a problem for most women. Especially, during the time of menstrual cycles, you will stain a lot. Even we feel embarrassed many times, since we spent our most of the time on bed. Like clothes, we cannot go for washing our mattresses. It becomes more difficult to remove the old stains which require lots of applications. Many cleaning fluids even damage the fibers. Nothing can be made easy with one try. But if we try to our maximum level we can reduce the stains to the large extend.

Some tips to remove the stains

There are certain preparative steps you should do before switching onto certain methods

  • Blotting: You should rub the area with cold water. Don’t use hot or lukewarm water for stain removal as this will set the stain in the cloth itself.
  • Follow the same pattern again: Once again you have to repeat the above step, but this time use a dry cloth instead of the wet ones to absorb the remaining moisture from the dampened garment.
  • Care should be taken: Do not rub; you have to just blot the area. Since rubbing might cause the stain to spread deep into the mattress.
  • Continue the same process: Repeat the same blotting process again and again until the stain is completely vanished.

Do the following steps if the stain still persists

There are different methods for stain removal. But initially it is always recommended to switch to Cold Saltwater method.

Cold Saltwater method


  • Mix 1 cup of cold water with 2 teaspoons of salt and pour the solution into the spray bottle.
    Care should be taken to use only cold water in this mixing.
  • Don’t get worry thinking there is no spray bottle with me. You can just wet a white cloth in this saltwater solution and clean it on the affected area. In case of large stains start from the edges and come to the center to prevent this from spreading.
  • Repeat the same process of spraying and blotting with a dry cloth until the stains are vanished completely.
  • Now rinse thoroughly with a cloth soaked in cold water to clean the remaining solution.
  • Again use the towel to dry the area.

Detergent and Water method


  • Combine both 1 tablespoon of liquid dish washing detergent with 2 cups of cold water in a bowl to form a detergent solution.
  • Dip a clean white cloth to this solution and apply this to the affected area.
  • Now brush the affected area with a toothbrush. But don’t scrub too much as this may cause the stain to penetrate into the deeper areas.
  • Blot the stain with a clean wet cloth.
  • Use a cloth moistened with clean water to rinse the remaining solution.
  • Make the mattress completely dry with a dry cloth.

Baking Soda Method


  • Mix one part baking soda and two parts cold water in a huge bowl.
  • Apply the solution on the stains with a clean cloth and allow it to sit for about 30 minutes.
  • Now use a cloth dipped in cold water to clean the remaining solution.
  • Wipe with a dry towel to absorb the moisture and ensure whether it’s completely dry.

Salt and Hydrogen Peroxide Method


  • Unite 2 teaspoons of cornstarch with 1 tablespoon of salt and ¼ cup of hydrogen peroxide in a paste form in a small bowl.
  • With a spoon apply the paste on the affected area. Allow it to dry completely and scrap away the excess dried paste with the help of a spoon.
  • After this step vacuum this area for the complete removal of the remaining dried paste.


  • Use protective gloves while handling blood stains which is not yours as a preventive measure to avoid any blood-borne diseases.
  • Inhaling of ammonia may lead to serious injuries.
  • Avoid using anything hot on the stains. Since the heat will fix the protein in the blood and will not remove the stain permanently.

Everything You Need To Know About Kids Beds As A Source Of Chemical Exposure

Kidz Mattresses

Parents always wish to offer the best things for their children’s. If we are shopping beds for our sweeties, we will always have top prices and great comforts as our top priorities. But there are certain facts behind these Kids mattresses. Hardly anyone knows about these truths. Does anybody have ever thought about the toxicity risks associated with this? Our sweeties spent most of the time in the beds and during these hours they are exposed to different kinds of toxic gases released from most of the beds. Keep on reading to more about Kids mattresses

What materials are there in Kids mattresses?

Fire Retardant Barriers: In order to cope with the standards of the government flammability regulations, mattress manufactures fill fire retardant chemicals to the mattress. Including chemicals like PBDEs, antimony, brominated fire retardants, polyacrylonitrile, modacrylic and many other types of chemicals. We don’t know how dangerous and carcinogenic these substances are. Manufacturers don’t bother about the health issues caused to the consumers. The buyers are kept in dark.

Toxic Foam: We think of buying expensive foam mattress for the kids. But this mattress is filled with most harmful chemicals in order to make the foam malleable. Breakdown of this foam into tiny particles leads to many diseases like irritation of mucous membranes, weakness, nausea, blurred vision and breathlessness. The result is many kids become pray to these chemicals and falls sick. So it’s better to think deeply before buying these beds. You won’t be able to return back these mattress and finally you will be get stuck with this.

Older mattress: Even buying an old mattress is not a good choice. Since many kinds of common fungus and bacteria continues to thrive in these beds. They release high concentration of toxic gases more than the new mattresses.

Why kids are vulnerable to these toxic exposures

About 7-12 hours sleep: Kids spend most of their time in bed. They usually sleep for about 7-12 hours a day. At this time they inhale these chemical gases and absorb harmful toxins through their tender skin.

Easy detoxification is hard for them: Babies cannot easily detoxify and eliminate these chemicals as their excretion systems are still developing.

Their delicate systems are developing: A child’s neurological, reproductive, immune and respiratory systems are in the early stages of development making him more impotent to the harmful chemicals. Of which the major concern is the brain development. Even low level of chemical exposures during the early stages can make more damage.

Think about buying organic mattress containing non-toxic materials

Don’t let your kids to sleep on toxins. Instead opt for mattresses made with natural organic materials.

Cotton: Cotton serves as a best covering and surface ticking material. At the same time this is firm and breathable. 100% certified organic cotton are good for kids mattresses.

Natural Latex: This is a safe material which is obtained from the sap of the rubber plant. GOLS certified organic latex is the best. Natural latex can be allergic, hence doctors recommends avoiding its use for young babies and children’s.

Wool: Wool is non toxic and a safe material used in organic mattresses. But wool is also associated with some allergic properties. So don’t go for allergies if the child has allergies.

Check for GOTS and GREENGUARD Certifications: Mattresses which have GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) are the standard ones. This is a leading organic textile processing company. GREENGUARD is another form of certification meeting highest standards which approves mattresses with zero level emissions of aldehydes, phthalates and formaldehydes etc.

Points to remember

  • Always ask the retailer for fire resistant beds. PLA fiber is flame resistant non toxic material. This provides a soft and comfortable feel to your baby.
  • Check for waterproofing and dust might resistance in the bed.

The History Of Best Baby Cribs: An Expert Buyers Guide

Kidz Mattresses

Nowadays many moms are working ladies, who are busy in their own world. They hardly give any little time to look after their babies. Usually what all moms do is they keep a nanny to look after their small babies. For majority of moms the prime priority is their lives, their work etc. Many times we leave our baby unattended during night hours. We ourselves will be tired after the whole days work; we are bewaring of the consequences about what if the baby carelessly falls down. In such instances it is better to opt for a safe crib mattress.

Crib mattress

A crib mattress is an ideal mini mattress for your baby. It is also known as “infant cot”. Crib mattress provides a supportive and safe surface for the baby to sleep. Thus, many moms try to buy a crib mattress when they are pregnant itself. A crib works for an average of 24 months. It is better to buy a new crib rather than buying an old one.

This crib mattress is available in different forms

Best Natural Foam Crib Mattress

Soybean Foam Crib mattress

This mattress comes with a stain resistant waterproof cover. Thus, it prevents from night time diaper leaks soaking into the mattress. Moreover, the mattress is supportive, firm and light. Hence, making one possible to change the sheets easily.

Best Dual Firm Crib mattress

Eco Classica III Dual firmness Eco-Friendlier Crib mattress

Here, the mattress is designed in a cleaver way where one side is firm and supportive. While the other part is made softer for extra comforts. Moreover, these sides are marked correctly to avoid the chances of confusion. Your baby can sleep comfortably. Since, this mattress won’t release any harmful emissions out. Also there is a certified organic cotton cover bounded with waterproof backing. In conclusion, the foam in this mattress is made of plant oils.

Best Memory Foam Crib Mattress

My First Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam is something what everyone is wishing for. The mattress is in high demand in market. It contains a removable velour cover, which can be washed in washing machine. Besides, this mattress is hypo-allergic. At the same time, it shows resistance to dust mites, which is one of the major highlights.

Best organic Crib Mattress

Organic Cotton Crib Mattress

One of the most expensive crib mattresses ever, filled with 100% purely organic materials with no chemical flame retardants. Organic mattress is meant for both babies and toddlers. At the same time, it is easy to clean and handy. Specially, good for those who are looking for a perfect natural sleep solution for their babies.

Best cheap crib mattress

Heavenly Dreams White Cribs Mattress

Crib Mattresses are also available in cheap prices. The mattress is light weight protected with a tear resistant vinyl cover. This vinyl cover can be removed just by undoing the zipper and washed according to your needs.

Things to look when you buy a crib mattress

Which type of material are present in crib mattress covers?

You should always check for this factor because

  • The cover gives protection to the mattress core.
  • It maintains the mattresses insides from falling out.

Usually a waterproof crib mattress cover is good for easy cleaning. Besides, some covers contains nylon to reduce the chances of tears and holes formation.

Check for the mattress firmness

Soft mattress creates a suffocation risk. A firm mattress is best for your baby. You can check it by just pressing the center and edge of the mattress. After doing so the mattress should bounce back to its natural form. If the mattress doesn’t bounce back means you can conclude that the mattress is too soft for the baby to sleep.

How to check for hypoallergic crib mattress

Less allergic mattress is more effective for babies suffering from asthma and other kinds of allergies. Sleeping in this mattress will prevent them from irritation.

Is this mattress well ventilated?

Air circulation through the mattress is an important criterion. This prevents molds, mildews and odors from developing inside your mattress. Small plastic and metal vents are located on the sides of the mattress which allows the air to circulate inside and outside.

Always go for light crib mattress

Many parents wash the crib sheets once in a week. Each time lifting this mattress to replace the sheets is a difficult task. The best way to overcome this problem is to choose a mattress which is light weight.

What about choosing flame retardant?

Ensure that you mattress is free from all toxic chemicals. Such chemicals will have a bad impact on the health of the child.

Why used crib mattresses are not good?

  • Used sanitary mattresses are unhygienic.
  • They may hide dust mites.
  • This won’t last for a longer duration.
  • There are greater chances of sudden infant death syndrome.

Tips for crib mattress maintenance

  • First of all, change the sheets on regular intervals.
  • Have a mattress cover.
  • Rotating the mattress is a good practice.

Time to take an action

Babies are the heart of all moms. Those little footprints make a big impression on our hearts. They need utmost care. It’s our duty to give them what they wish. I hope these guidelines will of great use to you in selecting the right type of mattress for your baby.