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Online market is like a vast shopping sea inside which the options are simply indefinite! When it comes to mattresses, it becomes very difficult to decide which one is the best and which to go for! Here the reviews come to the rescuer! After going through various reviews on mattresses, the one which caught the attention was the Saatva reviews. Good, awesome, will recommend it to my friends, is the best etc were the remarks given by the users in the Saatva reviews, every customer was simply happy! Saatva reviews proves the mattress to be ‘the best mattress online’! And why would it not be? The price at which it offers an luxurious mattress is simply commendable. Now many WHY’s? and WHAT’s? Might be coming into your mind, give a halt to your skeptical run and Lets get to know what makes Saatva ‘The best mattress online!’

Avocado Green Mattress

The Saatva Mattress in Detail

A mattress is rated mainly according to the comfort it provides. If a mattress is expensive but provides great comfort, then the owner may not regret spending his hard earned money. Price does play a role but then comfort tops the list! Saatva offers great quality comfort, actually luxurious quality comfort to be precise at an affordable price. Saatva mattresses are awesome in the feel , luxurious in their look and cheap in terms of price (cheap as compared to other luxurious quality mattresses!). Now here a ‘HOW’ pops up! How is this possible? Let us have a step by step look into what exactly Saatva is, in the process you will get the answers to all your ‘WHY’s’, ‘HOW’s’ & ‘WHAT’s’!


The meaning of the word SAATVA is ‘Truth’ and the company like its name tells every truth about its product. It is very transparent about its transaction and every other detail. It wants its customers to hold no doubt about the company or its product. Saatva has clearly stated the truth about its ‘high quality low priced product’ on its website. No one opens a business for charity purpose and Saatva is no exception , but what sets Saatva apart from other business-profit driven companies is that it alongwith its profit thinks about the welfare of its customers. (But yes Satava does indulge in a lot of charity works, whenever its fellowmen need its help, Saatva’s helping hand is always present for the service. One of its works include the donation of its 50 luxurious mattresses to the ‘Sandy’ hit victims.)

Why is Saatva mattress cheap? Or how is Saatva offering a luxurious mattress at an affordable price?- because no physical store, no middlemen and no unnecessary expenditure on advertisements.

Saatva does not exist in a physical store state. It is an online business and it consists of only online stores. The Saving process starts from here. Imagine there are multiple physical stores, each store will need multiple employees, a sales person, an accountant, cleaning staff etc. Now salary will have to be given to all these people. Then there is electricity bill, rent of the place etc all these are expenses, expenses that Saatva saves! No physical store, no employees that means no salary, no electricity bill and no such kind of extra expenses which a company with physical store has to incur. These expenses are also one of the reasons for a product’s expensive price.

No middlemen, No middlemen commission!! Saatva don’t use middlemen to reach its users, it don’t believe it needs a mediator between itself and its customers. All the dealings are between the manufacturer and the customer. The customer also finds it very comfortable not to have to go through a second person to reach the company. This has two benefits. Saatva does not have to spend from its pocket for the middlemen commission and the direct interaction will strengthen the relationship between the company and the customer.

Saatva does not use expensive advertisements to promote its products. It follows the verbal advertisement technique. The people who use Saatva are sure to recommend it to their near and dear ones. Saatva speaks through its product. Saatva save the expenses from the advertisement sector also.

All these savings that Saatva is incurring is reflected on the price of the product. Setting up a physical store, then its maintenance, then the salary of the employees, bills, middlemen, commission, advertising charges everything adds up the total price of a product. Business people inorder to get profit, doubles the price of a product, whereas in reality the real price of the product might be half of the selling price. Reaping profits by cheating the customers by selling cheap quality product at a high price is not what Saatva believes in. Saatva saves its expenses and helps the customers to save theirs! Saatva is America’s Best priced mattress.

The Most Comfortable Mattress

Sleep Quality & Comfort

Saatva offers exceptional quality sleep. It is soft at the same time supportive. Saatva mattresses contours easily to the body’s shape and helps the body to get a restful sleep. The quality of the sleep Saatva mattress offers can be described in three words:- sound, restful and peaceful. A sound and restful sleep will refresh you and will give you the energy to deal with the day in a positive attitude. A restless, disturbed sleep has a very negative impact on your personal and professional life. If your mattress fails to provide comfort to you then a good night sleep will become a distant dream and insomnia a close reality. With Saatva mattresses sleepless nights will be gone like the wind. You will not get up in the morning with an aching back and sprained neck.

Saatva mattresses has been made in such a way that the mattress provides a soft touch with a supportive base to the pressure points of the body. Too much pressure on the pressure points cause pain in the body since Saatva mattresses easily contour, the pressure points get lot of relief and are able to rest. Saatva has given special attention to the lumbar area of the mattress. This area is where your torso region rests, your lumbar area of the body is a part of the torso region and one of the important and delicate parts. If this region does not get the proper support and comfort then it results in back pain, sometimes of severe type. The middle portion of the mattress is given an additional padding so as to provide extra comfort and support to the lumbar area. So when you are sleeping on Saatva mattress, you will never have to worry about back pain or ache.

Saatva mattress’s Construction

Saatva mattresses are handcrafted in USA by experienced and talented craftsmen. The are constructed using the coil-on-coil technology. The base layer is made of bonnell coils and is in the hourglass connected shape. On the top portion of the mattress is prepared using pocketed coils that are wrapped in bio-based foam. Saatva has incorporated the patented ‘Spinal zone’ sleep technology in its mattresses. The edges are also encased in foam to make the edges more supportive and soft. The dual edge support system used in the mattress prevents the edges from sagging and offer extra sleeping space. The mattress is covered in organic cotton fabric.

Saatva’s structure in a nutshell

  • Top layer of the mattress consists of individually pocketed coils encased in foam.
  • Bottom base is prepared out of bonnell coils designed in an hourglass structure.
  • Upholstery of bio-based foam.
  • Lumbar region padded with extra layers of bio-based foam.
  • All these covered inside a 100 percent organic cotton cover.

Materials used in Saatva mattress

  • Saatva uses eco-fiendly materials in its mattresses so as to make them safe for humans as well as for the environment.
  • Recycled coils
  • Bio-based foam
  • Natural fire retardant – plant thistle
  • Natural covering – 100% organic cotton
  • Saatva is not 100% organic but is safe. It has got certification from various highly reputed organizations.
  • Options at Saatva
  • Saatva offers only three best options:
  • Plush Saatva mattress
  • Luxury firm Saatva mattress
  • Firm Saatva mattresses


NO discount please! Saatva does not provide discount on its mattresses. So, no matter which time of the year you decide to buy a Saatva mattress, you will get it at the same price. Saatva mattresses price is same for every customer, no partiality here friends!

Customer Service

Saatva treats its customers like kings! Saatva’s customer care executives are highly efficient and knowledgeable. Every question of yours, every doubt of yours will be answered and cleared. Saatva customer executives informs you not manipulate you! They will clearly make you understand what the mattress is, every specification of the mattress. The customer care service has got a 4 star from its users!

Return policy & Trial offering & Warranty

Alongwith a 45-day trail offer, Saatva mattresses comes with a 15 year warranty. According to the 45 day trial policy you can return the product without any problems, if you find the mattress to be unsuitable for you. But you should try the mattress atleast for 30 before drawing any conclusion. The 45 day trial period starts from the day of delivery.

Dr. Breus Mattress Reviews

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Dr. Breus Mattress

The doctor knows it best! Who can know more about a human body than a doctor? Sleep is an energizing and revitalizing requirement that your body needs in appropriate amounts everyday without a miss and a good mattress is one of the main sources, which offers you a great sleeping experience that will leave you wide awake and refreshed. Dr Breus, a clinical psychologist, who is a part of the American Board of Sleep Medicine and American Academy of Sleep Medicine decided to create his own line of mattresses that will give the user an ultimate and unparallel sleeping experience or that was what he promised. But from Dr. Breus Mattress reviews posted by various users it looks like though phenomenal in his profession, Dr. Breus failed to offer what he promised from the performance of the product.

Avocado Green Mattress

Well, Dr Breus mattress has got its own share of good and bad reviews. For many the mattress did not turn

out the way they wanted it to be. The main problem that most of the customers have to deal with while using Dr. Breus mattress was sagging and dents. The mattress starts sagging and losing its firmness earlier than it should. From the reviews it looks like the mattress gifted many with bad backs as well! But there have been some really amazing reviews as well about the product, some of the customers found the mattress worth the money they spent. There are rumors that the positive reviews have been posted by the company itself. A totally confusing product! When you look


at the official website of the mattress you feel like it is one of the best mattress you can ever have and then the reviews proves that to be completely wrong! Dr Breus who developed the mattress is a reputed and respected persona in his field. The credentials and distinction that he holds are high which very few psychologists have been able to achieve it. The question is can a man of such great knowledge and experience make such a big mistake by creating a product which fails completely in its purpose, a product that is related to his expertise? For a bad product means a bad reputation! Hope the mystery unravels soon!

If you are planning to buy a mattress, make sure you go through every detail of the product from its making to its warranties and if you are buying it from a retailer and not from the company directly, be sure you thoroughly check the retailer’s customer’s reviews. Mattress is the main ingredient for a great sleep, so make no compromise in terms of quality. It is better to spend a few bucks on your mattress now than have to spend a fortune on medical bills. These mattresses have a 25 year warranty.

Enso mattress review

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Enso Mattress

Most of the Enso mattress reviews are 5 star ones! Enso is one of those brands that offer quality at the best possible low prices like Saatva mattresses [even Saatva reviews proudly holds five stars]. They offer to their users a healthy and enchanting sleeping pleasure. Enso incorporates in its mattresses fresh technologies that go hand-in-hand with the nature. The various effective and safe technologies that Enso uses in its mattresses are:

Avocado Green Mattress

  • Active Charcoal
  • Mineral water
  • Negative ion
  • Aloe vera
  • Silver
  • APR foam (Airflow pressure relief foam)
  • Bamboo

All these technologies together create a mattress elegant, safe and quality filled! The users are all in praise about Enso mattresses. Their comforting embrace and relieving support helps the users in getting a sound and refreshing sleep.

Enso mattresses can be obtained at a descent price and are easily available. Enso mattresses react to the body temperature, and that is why they are able to mould easily according to the shape of the body, making the body to feel at comfort. Sleep is a revitalizing agent and the body needs it desperately after a tiring and hectic day, for rejuvenation and to keep a balance in the working of the bodily systems. The Enso mattresses have been designed to ensure that the users get undisturbed energy reinstating sleep. And well the Enso mattress reviews clearly show that the mattress has emerged triumphant!


The collection of mattresses at Enso has been distributed into three categories

  • Mattresses
  • Pure Gel mattresses
  • Hybrid mattresses

Every category consists of natural technology infused various Enso mattresses. Each mattress is different from one another in terms of making but when it comes to quality and comforts all the types are just the same. Many customers for whom the Enso mattress has been a part of their lives for the past many years said the mattress is still the same as it was when we first bought it. The mattress is able to provide the same comfort and rest even after being used for years. This shows that the mattress well durable and once you have it you will not have to think about buying another one for years to come.

Their official website has full details about the warranty and about the other products offered by Enso. Even the customer care executives of the company are well trained and are well mannered. Customers also loved the customer care services offered by Enso. In short Enso mattresses are worth the price!

Restava Mattress Reviews

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Restava Mattress Review

Reviews are eye openers! Mattress reviews will help you to evaluate the quality of a mattress and how well they work. But it is also a fact that what may sound good to one may not appeal to another. Every individual’s concept of quality and comfort is different. In case of Restava reviews, the same can be seen. While most of the users loved the mattress, a few people faced some problems with Restava mattresses.

Avocado Green Mattress

Restava is an online-only USA based business firm where in the transactions are carried out between the customer and the manufacturer. The mattresses consist of different layers of foams that offer the users with different layers of comfort. The Restava mattresses are infused with cool comfort gel mattress technology which the company says, help in keeping the mattress 4 degrees cooler than the normal memory foam mattresses and 2 degrees cooler than other gel foam mattresses. The Restava mattresses has in it gel memory foam, orthopaedic firming foam and “XF” support foam.

The collections of Restava

  • The Restapedic gel mattress collection
  • The Caress gel mattress collection
  • The Restava luxury collection

The plus points of Restava mattresses

  • The foams used in the Restava mattress is CertiPUR certified.
  • Comes with a 25 years of warranty
  • Restava mattresses come with a 90 day trial offer.
  • The company provides full refunds if the mattress is not liked by the customer.
  • No restocking fee is charged on the customer and the customer will also not have to pay return shipping costs.
  • Affordable

The complaints that have been reported by the customers about Restava mattresses:

  • Some have reported that the durability of the mattress is just average. For some users the mattress started showing problems after the first month itself.
  • For some the mattress turned out to be too firm and resulted in back pain and for some the firmness problem was there only for the first few days then the mattress shifted to normal firmness.
  • In terms of comfort the mattress is rated to be just average by certain users.

All in all some users had great experience with the company and the product while some had a sour one. For some the mattress turned out to be a blessing while for some it was a bad decision. So, friends, think twice before paying the price!

Best online mattress website

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What do you really expect from a friend? A person who will stand by you when you are right and direct you towards right when you go wrong. A person who will not hesitate to tell you the truth, no matter how hard or bitter the truth is. A person who will not praise you falsely and will not indulge in untrue honey coated talks. So, what do you expect from a website when you search for a product in it? The truth! Right ? You want to read the complete details about the product including the positive and negative aspects of the product. The same is the case when you are searching for a mattress, you want a website that will help you to understand your product or help you to choose the right product.

A website that tells you the truth! If you are looking for the best online mattress website then Welcome to!

Avocado Green Mattress will bring you in face with the reality about different mattresses. We provide you with every tidbit of information that you need to know and want to know about a mattress. Our aim is not to drag you to some sales discussion, or to push you to buy something or leave you confused. Our aim is to bring the real facts about the mattresses in limelight. Our aim is to provide genuine information to you so that you are able to see things clearly, in black & white. Buying a mattress is a tedious process and needs a lot of attention and care, for a mattress is not a piece of decoration, it is a piece of furniture which determines the quality of your sleep and has a great impact on your health. So, it is a serious stuff and not something to be kidded about. So we want that when a customer invests his/her hard earned money, it should be a profitable investment. An investment that will bring satisfaction to the customer and not regrets. We understand that the information that we provide to you might play a great part in your decision making, so we take it as our responsibility to present to you the correct and the precise information. And that is why, while presenting a review we present to you every aspect of the mattress. We neither boast, nor do we downgrade a brand. If a mattress is good we happily put forth to you its details and if a mattress is bad, we don’t hesitate to flash its details either.


If you want to know about a mattress simply check-in to the website and you are not going to be disappointed. And feel completely free to suggest and drop your opinions, for feedback’s are the lessons that help one to improve, and leads to one’s betterment. And if you have any queries or doubt, please don’t hesitate, don’t let doubts and question get locked inside your mind, put them in words and let us know, we are there for you 24×7. A friend in need is a friend indeed! At any point of time, we are here to guide you to choose the right product. 🙂

Latex Mattress Reviews

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Latex Mattress

Latex mattresses are slowly climbing the steps of popularity and success. For now, there are not
many latex mattress reviews available. But the day will not be far when the latex mattress will be topping the charts. Latex mattresses are eco-friendly and pose no harm to human health. Also, it is actually a very good choice for health conscious sleepers. In latex itself there are different types, then there are categories of latex mattresses wherein the mattresses are a combination of latex and other materials like foam.

Avocado Green Mattress

The different versions of latex that is used in latex mattresses

Not all latex mattresses are completely organic. It depends on the type of latex that has been used in the mattress. Some manufacturers mix certain chemicals into the latex to make it more effective. So, while looking for a latex mattress do check which type of latex has been used. The following are the different types of latex:

  • Natural latex (Talalay and Dunlop latex)
  • Synthetic latex
  • Blended latex

Latex is the rubbery sap naturally obtained from trees. The all-natural latex is the best and the expensive one. In the all natural mattresses, nothing is added into the latex (means nothing of chemical sort). Dunlop and talalay are two different processes of obtaining natural latex. The difference between the two latex is; dunlop latex is firmer and denser when compared to talalay latex. That is why talalay latex is used in the surface layers of the latex mattress and the dunlop latex is placed at the base.

The synthetic latex is a combination of natural latex and plus certain chemicals like butadiene, styrene etc.

The blended latex is a blend of organic latex with synthetic latex. In blended latex particles of clay are also added to make them durable and long lasting.

Latex mattresses are usually of firm type. So, some people may find the all latex mattress to be a little uncomfortable. So, mattress manufacturers came up with idea of foam with latex. The following are the types of latex mattresses:

  • All latex: The all-latex mattresses consists of only latex.
  • Latex over foam mattresses: In these mattresses the layer of latex is placed above the layer of foam. [This is the most proffered one and has a larger satisfaction rate than foam over latex mattresses.]
  • Foam over Latex: In these mattresses the layer of foam is placed above the latex.

Among the above three the latex over foam is the one that can be found easily, the other two need a tough search.

The Most Comfortable Mattress

The features of latex mattresses

  • Latex mattresses are great when it comes to relieving pressure. On a latex mattress the mattress gets the support it really needs.
  • The latex mattresses respond to the weight of the body and easily contour according to its shape.
  • Latex mattresses users have happily reported reduced back pain and joint pain.
  • The latex mattresses are very efficient in restricting the transfer of motion.
  • The problem of off-gassing is not usually seen in all-natural latex.
  • The latex mattresses are heavy. Its weight might pose as a difficulty while flipping or turning the mattress.
  • The life span and durability of natural latex mattress is really good and is more than the foam over latex mattresses and latex over foam mattresses.
  • The availability is a big issue with latex mattresses, especially the completely natural latex and foam over latex mattresses are difficult to be found.
  • The latex mattresses are breathable, i.e. Latex mattresses have pores in them which allows air to freely move inside and outside of the mattress.

The latex mattresses are a healthier sleep option. They allow you to sleep well as well the environment to breathe well!

Pranasleep Mattress Reviews

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Pranasleep Mattresses

Avocado Green Mattress

PranaSleep Mattresses

The name ‘Prana’ itself gives a divine yoga feeling. The names of the mattress collection offered by PranaSleep are also related to yoga. The company has been serving people with its high quality products for generations and from the time of its establishment the rules that it has firmly believed and followed are providing the customers with the finest quality mattress at an affordable and fair price and treating its customers the way they will like to be treated. This might be the reason that PranaSleep Mattresses even in the tough competitive mattress market, still holds a special place and high repute.

PranaSleep Mattresses Reviews / Prana Latex Mattress Reviews

The position of the spine while one is asleep is very important, the life energy or prana travels through the spine. The spine’s proper alignment is very essential for proper flow of prana. Pranasleep mattress ensures that the spine lies rested in the perfect alignment so that the flow of energy is not interrupted. The lumbar area is the pillar of strength of the whole body, and so needs lots of care and rest. Prana Sleep mattresses use the finest latex for its mattresses that easily contours to the body’s shape and presents the body with maximum comfort.

The PranaSleep Mattresses Features

  • Prepared out of high quality latex.
  • Contours easily without any pressure.
  • Relieves the pressure points from pressure and helps in keeping the blood and oxygen flow freely inside the body.
  • The mattress breathes! Yes it not only allows the body that is resting on it to breathe properly, but it keep its inside also highly ventilated. The free airflow inside the mattress keeps the mattress cool and free of moisture.
  • The Pranasleep mattress taps the heat and releases it according to the need of the users.
  • The Pranasleep mattress is antimicrobial and doesn’t allow bacteria or mould to flourish inside it. Mildews are also a complete no no!

Pranasleep produces handcrafted mattresses in the United States of America. They also make custom mattresses.

The Pranasleep collection

  • Vinyasa plush
  • Vinyasa firm
  • Super Vinyasa luxury firm
  • Super Vinyasa Super plush
  • Nidra Extra Firm
  • Samadhi luxury plush
  • Wahe luxury plush
  • Wahe luxury firm

Warranty related information is clearly stated in their official website. The customers are very happy with the way the product has turned out to be. The product and the services both have been equally liked by the customers and that is why Pranasleep mattress has got so many positive reviews.

Pranasleep Mattress comes in the category of the highly reputed and quality mattress list. It shares the space with the America’s best mattresses like Saatva Mattresses, Sealy etc.

How to shop for a mattress

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It is a known fact that the more comfortable the sleeping surface the more better the quality of sleep! Lying on a cozy comfortable mattress and getting a restful sleep is awesome. What as a customer do you want from a mattress? It should be comfortable, great in feel, must come within your budget etc. etc. When you get such a mattress it is like winning a jackpot. The most difficult part about a mattress is the shopping process. Once a decision is made of bringing a new mattress into the family, the mind starts shooting question like which? How? What? And with the increasing types and forms the confusion that prevails in mattress buying has just increased. The main question that many have asked is how to shop for a mattress? And the answers to this questions is what you are going to find over here.

Avocado Green Mattress

HOW to SHOP for a Mattress?

There are basically two methods of buying a mattress; one is to buy a mattress from a store i.e physical store, like by going to the store in person and trying the beds and selecting. Then there are online shops from which you can choose. Shopping mattress online is the current trend in mattress purchasing. Here are the steps on how to shop for a mattress.

First point is to decide on the size. Like if you are single and of a average height then full mattress will be enough, but then if you are living with your partner then you will at least need a queen. Also consider the space inside your bedroom. If your bedroom is of medium size and if you will buy California King, then this might create the problem of congestion inside your bedroom. So check the size of the bedroom and also your size before finalizing the size of the mattress.

What kind of a mattress do you want, memory foam, gel memory foam or latex? There are also wool and cotton mattresses. So which type would you like to have? What is your comfort level? There are various firmness options available in the mattress market.


Do a complete research online. Whichever brand you select, make a thorough research on those. Never miss the Mattress  reviews, for they are very helpful, but do not completely depend on them either. Look for the warranties and policy offers. Read every sentence of the return policy, do not miss even a single word for many in the past have suffered for ignoring the return policy rules.

Buy mattresses with return policy. Most of the online stores these days offer return policy with the mattress to gain the confidence of the customers.

These are the basic steps that need to be taken care of, points that should not be missed. Just because your neighbor bought a luxurious king size soft mattress and he/she found it to be really great, does not mean that you should buy the same for yourself, because your requirement might be mid firm or queen size. So, don’t look for what others have bought; look for what is actually needed by you and what is your budget. With the increased competition, it will not be difficult to find a mattress of your choice that comes under your budget. It might take time but don’t compromise with the research point. A little time spent now on research will prevent you from the disaster and regret of spending your hard earned money on the wrong product.

The Most Comfortable Mattress

Organic mattress inc.

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Organic mattress

Avocado Green Mattress

A comfortable mattress is very essential for good sleep, but to get healthy sleep, a safe and healthy mattress is what is required. When we say healthy mattress it means, the mattress should be free of dangerous chemicals. So like all the organic stuffs, organic mattresses are the safest for you and your family. Organic mattresses are made using organic materials and are void of toxic contents. You spend a good amount of time, say eight or more than eight hours from a span of 24 hours everyday, on your mattress. All these hours when your body is resting on the mattress, it comes in contact with the mattress. So, imagine if your mattress consists of chemical substances then, for all those hours that you spend on your mattress, your body will be in contact with these chemicals. So, now you know how dangerous that can be for you and your family. So, go green go organic and go healthy!
‘The East coast Organic Mattress Store has a collection of organic mattress from various reputed manufacturers. It is one of the fastest growing organic mattress stores. Its collection includes mattresses from the following manufacturers:

  • Organic Mattress Store private label (Dunlop latex mattress): This organic mattress line includes the key west alongwith zipper cover, the key largo, the coconut grove and the Bahia honda.
  • Green sleep (Malaysian latex mattresses): This series of organic mattresses consists of The nature’s nest and The Vimala.
  • CozyPure (Dunlop 5 zone mattresses): This category includes the mattress with 5 zones of latex situated at the core.
  • WJ southard (innerspring mattress [wool or cotton]): This section has the “The Waverly” southard mattress of innerspring type.
  • Royal pedic (innerspring mattress [wool or cotton]): This category of The east coast organic mattress store includes The Malibu and The Vegan Ease range.
  • Shepherd’s Dream (all wool mattress): It consists of ‘The Mount Shasta’ range.
  • Heart of Vermont (Futon mattress [wool or cotton])

You will get the size of mattress that you want, from twin to king every size is present in the store. The mattresses available at ‘The organic mattress store’ consists of certified materials. For an organic mattress, the certification standards includes, certification from GOTS (Global Organic textiles Standard), OTCO (Oregon Tilth Certified Organic) and CU (Control union). The materials used in the mattresses present in the organic mattress store fulfills the requirements USDA’s/ NOP(national organic program, which is needed for the GOTS certification.

The east coast organic store mattresses are organic in nature, but very high in comfort and in offering great relief from body pain. Their organic components will help in keeping your rooms environment clean and safe to breath. So, in a way you will not only prevent yourself from getting affected with the chemicals, but also the environment. The customer care services are also good. They have provided their toll free number on their official website, for the customers to contact and clear doubts.

Sleep healthy and safe with organic mattresses!

Sealy Posturepedic Gel Series AP 704 Cushion Firm Mattress

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Sealy Posturepedic Mattress – The Gel Series AP 704 Cushion Firm Mattress

Avocado Green Mattress

The Sealy Posturepedic Gel Series AP 704 Cushion Firm Mattress is an innerspring cum gel memory foam mattress. Sealy has beautifully incorporated in its Sealy Posturepedic 704, softness and firmness in the exact perfect proportion. Sealy is a name that has been shining like a star amidst the competitive mattress market. Sealy started its journey in 1881 from the State of Texas and is now a world known name. Of its century-long journey, innovation has always been a part.

The Sealy Posturepedic 704 series is made using the coil design that makes the mattress softer from the top and stronger from the bottom. The coils used in the Sealy Posturepedic 704 are made of titanium alloy. Titanium alloy is very light in weight but very tough and strong. Being a mixture of titanium and other strong metals, the titanium alloy is also resistant to corrosion and remains strong even in extreme temperatures. Sealy Posturepedic 704 is a type of cushion firm mattress that tends to be a little softer than the usual firm mattresses. And since the gel infused type of memory foam is being used in the Sealy Posturepedic 704 mattress, the user does not have to sleep on a hot mattress which is one of the uneasy problems that a user usually faces with a memory foam mattress.

When a person lies on a mattress, the region of his body that needs the most support is the lumbar region. Sealy Posturepedic 704 has a core support center which takes care of the user’s back and saves it from the pain of backaches. The edges have been made using the SolidEdge technology, which gives a solid edge to support on an edge to edge space to sleep on.

credits: credits:

The exact features of Sealy Posturepedic 704 Mattresses

  • The Sealy Posturepedic 704 consists of 5 layers of comfort which includes the center region with the core support memory foam layer. Then there is a layer of high-performance activeflex of 1.5”, SuperSoft active-flex of 1”, .5” Hypersoft and 1.5” x .5” conv. Hypersoft. Rayon fiber has been used as the flame retardant.
  • No flipping trouble with Sealy Posturepedic 704.
  • Since each coil is encased with foam, the motion gets efficiently silenced. This feature turns to be great for People with partners.
  • The gel-infused memory foam helps in keeping the temperature regulated.
  • Use of SolidEdge Technology.
  • Titanium alloy coils are used in the base of the mattress.
  • You can use it with an adjustable base.
  • Sealy Posturepedic 704 has a warranty period of 10 years attached to it.

Sealy has gone to the extent of hiring reputed doctors, orthopedic surgeons, and clinicians who work as consultants for design making at Sealy. They are the members of the Orthopedic Advisory Board (OAB) at Sealy. These experts use their expertize to design the best mattresses that will offer supreme comfort and rest to the users.

Similar to these mattresses are the Sealy Posturepedic Plus Series Ashton Cushion Firm Mattresses. These are available in different sizes. Ashton Cushion Firm has a tight top construction for superior comfort. The Plus coils in the mattress reduce motion transfer and also gives better support and durability.

The Gel Series Plush Euro Pillowtop mattress has a soft and cushiony effect which gives great support to the body by relieving pressure. There is increased sleep surface for better sleep at night.

The Most Comfortable Mattress

Customers have rated the Sealy Posturepedic mattress to be an above average mattress in terms of durability and longevity. These mattresses have been around for a long time and are a popular brand of mattresses.