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The cover of WinkBeds mattresses has an eco-friendly Eucalyptus plant based material called TENCEL. This material is highly breathable and naturally cooling. It also contains a quilted pillow-top memory foam layer

For those who are looking for a firmer foam bed, Aloha mattress from Nest Bedding would be the best choice. Apart from budget-friendly price, the product carries pretty amazing features such as cooling gel, hypoallergenic fabric, and much more. The product is best recommended for those who sleep on their back or on their stomach. This is our complete unbiased aloha mattress review.

Who makes Aloha Mattress?

Aloha mattress is manufactured by Nest Bedding which is a family owned company that specializes in factory direct products. This means they ship the products right to your home without any middlemen who charge additional bucks to fill their pocket.

Apart from manufacturing top-notch mattresses, the company is also well-known for providing high-quality organic sheets, mattress protectors, pillows, eco-friendly certified beddings, and mattresses.

A true American mattress, Aloha mattress offers you a fantastic money-back guarantee of 500 nights trial period. Great customer support, prompt shipping, quality products are few of the prominent reasons why Aloha is one of the most reviewed mattresses in the USA.

Features of Aloha mattress

Here are the key features of Aloha mattress.

  • Sizes available – TWIN (+2 FREE Pillows), TWIN XL (+2 FREE pillows), FULL (+2 FREE pillows), QUEEN (+2 FREE pillows), KING (+2 FREE pillows), and CALKING (+2 FREE pillows)
  • 11” in height
  • Non-toxic and hypoallergenic materials used
  • 500 nights of trial period available
  • Choose between medium to firm level firmness
  • Free shipping anywhere in the USA
  • Manufactured right in the USA
  • Cooling sleep gel foam layer that absorbs excess sweat from the body leaving you cool and fresh

Breakdown of the mattress

The Aloha sleep mattress comes with a total of 11” in height. The base is made using 8” durable foam that weighs around 2lbs. You will also find 1” of ventilated transition foam that provides additional support to the following layers. It weighs around 1.8lbs and provides a deep compression support thus maintaining a consistent weight to inhibit sagging.

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Above the transition layer comes with 2” of cooling gel infused memory foam layer (4lbs in density) that not only offers comfort sleep but also bounces back to the original position once you are out of the bed. While memory foam mattress is slow to respond, over the years, they have gained popularity for their “hug and contour features”. Memory foam mattresses are also known for delivering personal isolation i.e. even if you toss and turn at night, your partner can sleep peacefully.

At the top of the mattress is the cooling fabric that is soft on the skin and cradles you to a peaceful sleep every night.

Overall, the materials used to make the mattress are of high-quality. Each and every foam comes with a good density which means the mattress will last a good lifetime as long as you care it efficiently. This means no pets allowed, no cookie crumbs, and make sure to rotate the mattress every six months.

Aloha sleep mattress is best recommended if

  • You are a back or stomach sleeper. Aloha mattress is a firm mattress so for those who are not looking for pressure relief such as stomach or back sleepers can consider such level of firmness.
  • Your body gets hot at night. The outer fabric of the mattress is adjustable to your body heat. The cooling fabric is designed to absorb the heat from your body while keeping you cool at night. As a result, it keeps your body temperature much in balance so that you can wake up cool and fresh.
  • You are on a tight budget. The Aloha mattress price for Queen falls under $800 which is pretty good for those who are looking for a best quality mattress at a cheap price.
  • You are looking for edge support. This durable foam mattress keeps the edges supportive and strong. You might feel like sinking due to the memory foam layer but the overall edge support still stays strong.
  • You are skeptical. If you do not want to risk your money, then nest bedding offers you a 500 night trial period. Nest bedding does recommend giving at least 30 days to your bed before claiming it “unsatisfying”.

This mattress is NOT recommended if

  • You are a side sleeper. Though the mattress does have a memory foam layer, there are two layers – transition and the base foam which makes the overall bed firmer. This will not give much pressure relief which side sleepers usually look for. Side sleepers need support on their hips and shoulders which are not something available in this mattress.
  • You want the traditional innerspring mattress. Aloha beds are completely made out of foam that does not come with any innerspring or coils. So if you are used to a conventional mattress, this is not for you.
  • You crave for a luxury feel mattress. This is a simple and realistic mattress that does not come with any bells and whistles. Of course, the cooling fabric is a prominent feature but then there are no personalized choices here such as adding a pillow top layer or infusing an extra memory foam for cushion.

Trial Period and Lifetime Warranty

Nest bedding offers you a full 500-night trial period. This means you get more than a year to check how this product works on your body. If you do not like, you can return it and claim a refund. In fact, there are many who claim that Aloha sleep is giving Nectar a good run for their money with the impeccable 500-night sleep trial period.

However, they do suggest that you try the mattress for at least a month before making a decision. This will give you a good amount of time to adjust the body and mattress for proper support.

The company also offers a Lifetime Warranty (i.e. 10 years) on this visco-elastic mattress. Nest bedding says that they will cover any defects in workmanship and materials for the first 10 years. In case of any repair or fault after the 10-year period, nest bedding will replace the bed for half-off a new Aloha sleep mattress for your lifetime, one time.

Shipping and Returns

The company offers FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the USA PLUS $50 OFF. All you have to do is use the discount coupon code “ALOHALIFE” at checkout.

As mentioned above, you are offered with a fantastic 500-nights trial period. If still unsatisfied, you can claim a refund.

Where to buy Aloha Mattress?

Currently, the product can be purchased only from the official website. They are not available at retail sites such as Amazon. However, Aloha mattress protectors and covers are available at Amazon for a cheap price.

Why should you buy Aloha mattress?

Hope this aloha mattress review helped you get a clear idea of what you can expect. If you are looking for a cheap memory foam mattress but with good quality, then Aloha beds are definitely recommended. The mattress is simple and offers decent firmness. A straightforward mattress, the construction is fantastic and made using ecofriendly materials. The cooling layer offers excellent moisture absorption while making it comfortable for those who sleep on their stomachs. There are many honest and unbiased aloha sleep mattress reviews from consumers who have given real testimonials on the internet.

The lifetime warranty and the unbeatable trial period clears any doubt from skeptical buyers of this mattress. Competitive price, door delivery etc. are some of the key features that make aloha memory foam mattress worth a try.

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