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Aireloom Mattresses Customer Reviews & User Ratings

Aireloom mattress reviews show about 75% satisfaction from the customers. In the look and price, the Aireloom mattresses are luxurious and the materials used in its making are also of the finest quality but durability is the main issue that customers have complained about. Most of the customers complained that the mattress started sagging just after six months of usage. Many have reported to getting dents in the mattress. The second problem is the price. Aireloom mattresses are very expensive. So, the price is very high and the durability very low. The starting price of the mattresses are over $1000 and the price accelerates with the change in the models and types. Though the mattress is of a no-flip type the owners have to keep on rotating the mattress on a regular interval to delay the sagging and dent forming tendency of the mattress.

The company started its venture in the mattress field in 1940. It has celebrated its silver jubilee in the mattress industry and is heading towards the century. Though price and sagging is an issue with the Aireloom mattresses, these defects have not deterred the determination of many celebrities of the Hollywood of owning the Aireloom mattress. The luxurious look and feel of the mattress paved its way to the bedrooms of various famous Hollywood celebrities like Frank Sinatra, Rita Hayworth, John Wayne etc.More Details »

Positive features of Aireloom Mattresses

  • The problem of off-gassing (chemical filled odor release) is not usually faced with the Aireloom mattress.
  • The innerspring mattress with foam and sometimes a combination of foam and latex is good in silencing the motion. The partners can actually enjoy their sleep without being disturbed by each other.
  • Before the mattress goes to its sagging phase, it provides great support and comfort to the owners. The contouring property of the foam and the support of the springs gives the users a supportive base and a comfortable surface for sleep. So, the mattress can be good for back problem sufferers.
  • The Aireloom mattresses are good in avoiding heat retention. So, the owners will not have to sleep hot and can enjoy their cool and cozy sleep. Usually, memory foam mattresses do have the problem of heat retention, but the Aireloom mattresses are an exception in this case.
  • The users will not experience difficulty in moving on the mattress. The users can easily move on the mattress.
  • The company has been transparent about the specification of the mattresses it manufactures.
    10 years, 20 years and 25 years are the warranty periods of Aireloom mattresses. The warranty period of the mattress depends on the model you have chosen.
  • The BBA (business bureau rating) of the Aireloom mattress is A+, which is actually a top rating.

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Aireloom mattresses are used mostly by hotels. These are luxury mattresses and considered to be a symbol of status. These mattresses are handcrafted and made in the USA. They are mainly Innerspring or hybrid mattresses with a blend of latex and foam on the upper layer of the mattress, followed by natural materials and individually wrapped coil springs. All mattresses are provided with a foundation. All the materials used in making the mattresses are of high quality.

All the Aireloom mattresses have the following features.

  • Motion elimination
  • Edge support
  • Handcrafted
  • Made in the USA
  • Memory foam layer for comfort

Three of the most popular brands of Aireloom mattresses are

Other Aireloom Hotel Collection mattresses include,

  • Hotel Collection by Aireloom Vitagenic Firm Tight Top King Mattress
  • Hotel Collection by Aireloom Vitagenic Latex Luxetop Luxury Firm HL Queen Mattress
  • Hotel Collection by Aireloom Vitagenic Latex Luxetop Luxury Firm HL Twin Mattress
  • Hotel Collection by Aireloom Vitagenic Plush Tight Top Twin Mattress

Aireloom Mattress Reviews 2016 and 2017

The mattress reviews from sites like and have found the mattresses to be of good quality. The has rated Aireloom mattresses to be the best in the category of innerspring mattresses.

The lower priced or discounted Aireloom mattresses have minor stitch errors which are hardly noticeable. These are highlighted by the company itself and the customers can safely buy these mattresses without fear.

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The Aireloom mattresses, however, do not have a CentriPUR-US certification. This means that there will be some amount of off-gassing from the memory foam used. In spite of this, the materials used are of very high quality and it is one mattress which is highly recommended in spite of its high price.


Negative features of Aireloom Mattresses:

  • The sagging process of the mattress starts after 6 months of continuous usage and then within a span of 3 years there might even be holes or dents on the mattress. The problem is present in the innerspring and latex models of the Aireloom mattresses.
  • Price! The price range of the mattress is very high. For the common man, the mattress may not fall under the affordable range.
  • The owners of the mattress will have to rotate the mattress often in order to prevent the mattress from early sagging.
  • Like in price, the Aireloom mattresses are heavy in weight as well. Then you can be happy as you don’t have to flip the mattress, you have to just rotate, I mean it is much easier to rotate than to flip!
  • The SLTD (Sleep Like The Dead) is not that happy with the mattress and the Aireloom mattress has been given only a C+ for this feature.

All in all Aireloom mattress has both positive and negative features. The mattress looks good and is comfortable but high in price and low in durability. The firmer brands of Aireloom mattresses last longer than the softer options.

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