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Getting a dream job with a salary hike. Seeing my name shortlisted for the project transition in New York. Getting appreciated by my team-mates for the work I did. Going for a 2-week adventurous trekking, that I have been long striving for. OMG what else? I don’t know how all this happened, but I could say that this truly has a connection with my sleep. Oh yeah, with my mattress as well. That’s where the story begins.

I was a messy girl, who had my own attitude. I was never bothered about people, especially after the break-up with my boy friend Mike. May be I should be blamed on for that, because I was a short-tempered girl. I used to wake up late in the morning, get screwed up in the traffic and reach office half an hour late. Worst part is, I will be the one staying back to meet the deadlines. When all my floor mates get their job done perfect and leave office at the right time, it was I who was lagging. No one liked me for what I was. Actually, I was least concerned about my identity. And the fact is I was a big LOSER.

Life sucks, where you are in the middle of sea and Satan. That’s what I was going through. I even remember the days, where I barely slept for 2-3 hours. I could see the dark circles on my face popping up day by day. One fine Saturday, I got a surprise visit from my old bestie Sherley. I actually had left her when I met Mike. She used to warn me about him, which I really ignored. That was the biggest mistake I ever did. She was literally struck to see the horrible ME and my room. It was a big mess. We broke into tears, hugged each other and made things go right, like it was before. We planned to spend the weekend cleaning the home. She stayed along to help me. After the dusting job, we both came to hit the hay. But I was shocked, we both couldn’t sleep well. We were tossing and turning the whole night. That’s when I realized that the actual problem was not with my attitude, but with my mattress.

It might sound funny and weird. But trust me, if you don’t get a good night’s sleep, you are surely gonna mess up the next day. That’s what happened with me. I never had a good night sleep. I used to wake up every morning, feeling tired and irritated. This affected my relationship, my work and my career as well. I have been using my bed since I was 17, which means it has been more than 10 years!!! Do you think a mattress can give a better sleep after 7 years? Not at all. Because, by that time, your mattress gains weight. It absorbs the dead skin, dust mites, oil and moisture. But if you change your mattress every 6-7 years, you can really feel good, in the night.

When I researched more, I found that a typically used mattress may have 100,000 to 10 million mites inside. Experts also agree that using laptop or electronic gadgets in the bedroom can disturb your sleep. I used to answer work emails late night and hit the sack. This might probably be the reason why I wasn’t good at my work.

So What’s The Solution? Buy A New Mattress?

Yes, absolutely. When you notice that you can no longer get a full night sleep and that you wake up the next day feeling stressed and tired, it’s time to change your mattress. That’s where the actual problem lies. There are a plenty of mattresses available for sale, both online and in stores. I used to scroll up and down seeing the long list of mattress brands in California, online. But what interested me was the Aireloom mattress.

I wanted a mattress that was best in California. That’s where my search for mattress ended. I got this Aireloom – California’s best mattress. The Aireloom mattress price is one reason why many people hesitate to buy. Knowing the fact that these are luxury mattresses that are used widely in hotels, I still wanted to give a try. We all get a very deep sleep when staying on a hotel. Do you remember last time you slept so deeply, after getting back to your hotel room? That’s where the success of Aireloom mattress lies.

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Aireloom mattress is a luxury mattress, designed for both comfort and hygiene. It has its own benefits, which no other mattress has. Best part is that Aireloom mattress proudly enjoys a A+ BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating. People say that investing on a mattress is like you are playing a spin n win game. 70% of the users buy a mattress, which they hear it from their friends and ads. Sometimes the choice can go right and wrong. The aireloom mattress reviews also say that the bed was on the high-end side. Its royal comfort and luxury feel had made the mattress couple-friendly. I knew that the choice of buying a mattress can really cost me so much. If you end up buying the wrong mattress again, then you are screwed up for the rest of your life, like I had. I trusted the hotel folks. They can never go wrong, when it comes to buying a mattress.

And they were right. Aireloom mattress had a luxury setting. It was made with natural fibers. Some models feature wool, cotton, latex and foam. You would love to buy Aireloom mattress, as the design of their mattress provides your body, with support, comfort and durability. Aireloom mattress comes with a long life. These are hand-made mattresses. Their years of craftsmanship can be seen even in the smallest detailing. You can experience an unmatched California-inspired sleep with Aireloom hotel beds.

Why I Love Aireloom Mattress And You Should

After buying Aireloom mattress, it was like, I transformed to a new person. After months of depression, I enjoyed a deep sleep that night. I woke up sharp 7 in the morning. Didn’t get stuck in the traffic, because I was on time. There was a bundle of joy and happiness when I woke up in the morning. I could feel that freshness and energy throughout the day. My attitude towards people changed. My mind was calm and relaxed. I no longer felt the work pressure on me. I hit the deadlines and left the office on time as well. My work was appreciated by everyone.

Though the brand is a bit expensive, you would never regret of buying this mattress. Their comfort layers with latex, cotton, wool, memory foam and regular foam, provides unbeatable comfort. Aireloom mattress is perfect for back painers. It is also found effective for other health issues. Unlike other mattresses, Aireloom luxury mattresses are good for people with sweating problems. You wouldn’t run a marathon or hike a mountain without the right gear. With Aireloom mattresses, you get the right sleep with a peace of mind. Inner peace !!!

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